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  2. potentiallydangerous

    Senator Birch Bayh Title IX author died today at 91

    You know, like when politicians are bribed by multinational corporations and pass legislation that adversely affects The People. An extreme example which post dates Birch Bayh's career would be the Trans Pacific Partnership which would have been shoved down our throats except for a few twists of fate. Bayh was that type of sell out politician. Just because he died doesn't make him a saint suddenly.
  3. potentiallydangerous

    Tommy and Terry 4th is the new 1st

    Kirk Ferentz, Fran MacCaffery, Tom Brands, they're cut from the same cloth. It works for Iowa.
  4. potentiallydangerous

    Senator Birch Bayh Title IX author died today at 91

    I heard Birch Bayh speak when I was in college during the Vietnam war. He was a typical lying phony who used virtue signaling to distract from his loyalty to corporate sovereignty.
  5. potentiallydangerous

    Songs that represent your 2019 teams....

    For the new Wisconsin coach:
  6. potentiallydangerous

    Let the coaches wear track suits

    When a winning wrestler jumps in his coach's arms after the match, I feel bad for the cleaner.
  7. potentiallydangerous

    Let the coaches wear track suits

    If baseball managers wear the uniform, wrestling coaches should wear singlets.
  8. potentiallydangerous

    Seeding 165 at NCAAs

    Wick will beat Marstellar in the quarter and Shields in the semi. I could accept that.
  9. potentiallydangerous

    Spencer Lee did not have riding time.

    C'est la vie!
  10. potentiallydangerous

    Caption this...

    Check out @brucelee’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/brucelee/status/1100089572078247937?s=09
  11. potentiallydangerous

    Big Ten Session 2 Thread

    What is the rationale for having two consolation quarterfinals losers re-wrestle the guy they already beat before entering a four man 9th place bracket?
  12. potentiallydangerous

    Battle for the B1G Bottom Gents Minkel Award

    If Barry Davis hadn't been shown the door them Badgers would be compeetin for the prized doormat trophy but there new coach he's short of stature but a reel hard worker. Even them Barry Davis apologists up to Madison have stopped makin excuses and started enjoying the world's oldest and gratest sport again.
  13. potentiallydangerous

    How Title IX Destroyed SEC College Wrestling

    Wrestling has a low carbon footprint and should be part of the green new deal®.
  14. potentiallydangerous

    Predict your team's seeds at NCAA

    141 Moran 8 149 Martin 16 165 Wick 3 174 Christensen 19 184 Reinhart 22 285 Hillger 8
  15. potentiallydangerous

    Qualifiers have been released

    At-large much?
  16. potentiallydangerous

    Lee Threads (combined)

  17. potentiallydangerous

    Your favorite wrestler who never won it all

    Jimmy Cinnabon
  18. potentiallydangerous

    Iowa in Stillwater

    If an athlete is mocked in the interwebs and never sees it, did it happen?
  19. potentiallydangerous


    Stoll shot himself in the foot in that match
  20. potentiallydangerous

    Battle of the Italians

    Logan "St Valentine's Day" Massa(cre)
  21. potentiallydangerous

    Common Sense in Big 10 scheduling

    Why don't they have protected match ups that happen every year between rivals, similar to football?
  22. potentiallydangerous

    WI State Champ out of states for 2 unsportsmanlikes

    State court, genius.