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  1. Meh, that would have been pretty disgusting to have a big ten champ with one takedown in the tournament, and a cheap one at that.
  2. I want to thank the good lord for giving me the skills and helping to push me into tier 1.
  3. Spencer pinned two guys that were NCAA qualifiers in under a minute. Hall didn’t face any qualifiers in either of those tournaments in 8 matches.
  4. In 28 matches, Griffith wrestled a whopping 10 total NCAA qualifiers and managed two bonus point victories. In 24 matches, Glory wrestled 9 total qualifiers and had 4 bonus point victories. In 18 matches, Spencer faced 13 NCAA qualifiers and won 12 of them by bonus points. It’s not really that hard.
  5. Yes and no. Lee is the most dominant wrestler based on results this year and will likely win the Hodge off his dominance and career thus far. Moore, Griffith and Glory should in no way be ahead of him based off of results this year and past accomplishments.
  6. Not entirely true, they are different forms of the SAME sport.
  7. Spencer Lee was named most dominant with a 5.0 today so I guess the NCAA decided their “stats” cited in this thread were indeed inaccurate.
  8. 10-0 against 2020 NCAA qualifiers (7 decisions, 2 major decisions, 1 fall.)
  9. 16-0 record against 2020 qualifiers (7 major decisions, 6 decisions, 3 technical falls.) 9-0 record against 2020 qualifiers (5 decisions, 2 major decisions, 2 technical falls) 13-0 against qualifiers (5 technical falls, 4 falls, 3 major decisions, 1 decision.)
  10. Lugo had a great year and went 15-1 against NCAA qualifiers with wins over the 2,3,5,7,8,9 and 10th seeded wrestlers at 149.
  11. It’s strange that the NCAA would use it as their stat. In fact, they don’t appear to use the two medical forfeits in their “stats” until the final ranking. On 2/26/20, the rankings before the conference tournaments, Lee wasn’t even ranked because he didn’t meet the criteria of 16 matches (he was 15-0.) Two weeks later, they credit him with 5 additional matches when he only wrestled 3 matches at big tens. 90/20=4.5 90/18=5.
  12. Yes, it’s inaccurate and flawed statistics released by NCAA.com. For some strange reason, they consider Lee’s two medical forfeits at Midlands as matches and give him a total of 90 points in 20 matches. If they aren’t official matches on his record then they shouldn’t count towards any sort of statistic. Spencer Lee scored 228 points in 63 minutes of wrestling this year, nobody was more dominant.
  13. Yep, I think that’s the most. There are several years with 7 as well.
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