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  1. Of course you can, especially if you’ve never even competed at the weight. He needed a 9-man bracket, brought up two guys that never wrestled the weight and another one that was injured in a car accident earlier in order to do so but he got it done.
  2. Two things are apparent here. Dresser is sly and some wrestlers don’t actually like to wrestle.
  3. It’s completely understandable that he needs the 4 matches and did wrestle a tough schedule. The issue being questioned is the 4 injury defaults instead of actually wrestling those matches.
  4. So everybody should have cheered for the Minnesota and SDSU wrestlers to win if they wanted to see actual wrestling continue in the next round?
  5. He was in the bracket but never actually wrestled I believe. There were only 5 total matches actually wrestled in the bracket. I can understand wanting your guys to get more matches but don’t get why you have backups injury default to your starter.
  6. They weren’t at the dual? The head coach, assistant coach and half the starting lineup just completely ducked a dual with a long-time rival? How is this not bigger news?
  7. It seems pretty strange to have your starter sit out a dual while having him accept 3 forfeits to teammates at a tournament in Ames.
  8. It’s probably because you already have a bias against them. I read all message boards and see the same stuff on each and every one of them from all different fanbases.
  9. You’re getting soft. In all seriousness though, good luck this Friday, it should be a hell of a battle. One of the best people I’ve communicated with outside the boards is a PSU guy and I have a great respect for him.
  10. You should make the trip out with your friends to yell stalling like you do at Rec Hall.
  11. I’m not real sure how Murin’s felt ducky. It’s not like he injury defaulted out of a tournament earlier in the year, missed multiple duals and has had a shoulder wrap on or anything.
  12. I just like pointing out the asinine predictions some people make on this board.
  13. Is Echemendia wrestling for ISU this semester with a national championship in his sights?
  14. At least Iowa will maybe get three shots at O’Connor.
  15. Cory Clark would probably be considerably tougher than Glory.
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