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  1. Mpchillin

    2018 NCAA tournament scoring leaders

    Yep, link didn’t work.
  2. I believe both guys have 12 wins over qualifiers with White having won head to head.
  3. Mpchillin

    Talk about turning program around

    Ethan Smith, now at Ohio State and Jake Allar at Minnesota both decommitted after the coaching change.
  4. Mpchillin

    9-5 Sam Stoll is going to NCAAs!

    It doesn’t though when you have more quality wins and your only other losses are against top 15 guys.
  5. Mpchillin

    9-5 Sam Stoll is going to NCAAs!

    He also beat #10 Jennings in the dual pretty easily and had another win over qualifier Gremmel. Aven was 11-21 with his only quality win over Stoll.
  6. Mpchillin

    Spencer Lee did not have riding time.

    Dude, it’s Billy Madison. In the spirit of BTFB in this thread. I’m right, you’re wrong. I win, you lose.
  7. Mpchillin

    Spencer Lee did not have riding time.

    I stand corrected, see how easy that is to admit when you're wrong. Your pettiness against Iowa is a bit ridiculous and childish. Honest question, would you be this worked up if it were to happen to any other team's wrestler?
  8. Mpchillin

    Spencer Lee did not have riding time.

    Yeah, I saw that picture somewhere, both wrestlers completely out of the cylinder. It’s amazing in BTFB’s second by second breakdown of the video that this was missed.
  9. Mpchillin

    Hands to Face

    You’re one of those posters. I would feel the same way had this happened to any Penn State, Ohio State wrestler or if it were to happen the other way around. You, on the other hand have an actual unhealthy bias against Iowa and have admitted it on a routine basis so your opinion is invalid here.
  10. Mpchillin

    Hands to Face

    Imo the takedown in regulation doesn’t happen without the hands to face call and restart. Rivera won fair and square with the rule in place. I have a feeling at least a few of these posters would feel quite differently if it happened the other way around or if it was one of their guys involved in the match.
  11. Mpchillin

    Big Ten Session 2 Thread

    Jimmy Gulibon was the worst.
  12. Welcome to wrestling. I’m not sure what you edited in that post but you should keep trying.
  13. Mpchillin

    Spencer Lee Barstool Interview

    He’s not, he threw out the first pitch at a game last spring.
  14. Mpchillin

    Kyle Dake lost twice his sophomore year

    Burke left Iowa shortly after his dad passed away. Here’s a cool article about him from last year. https://www.thedailynewsonline.com/bdn01/two-thousand-miles-and-six-months-warsaw-native-completes-appalachian-trail-20180115&template=mbdn