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  1. Mpchillin

    Best backups?

    Jeren Glosser, Kaleb Young’s backup has 3 wins over ranked wrestlers (Barone 2x, Van Brill) and another over fringe top 20 Weiland while also wrestling tough matches against Deakin twice each of the last two years and close losses to Pantaleo and Austin O’Connor last year.
  2. Mpchillin

    Desanto's In-Match Antics

  3. Mpchillin

    Desanto's In-Match Antics

    No, I don’t think he was assaulting him but the time to say “stop” was when Berger was running his mouth during the last match while his team was getting beat.
  4. Mpchillin

    Desanto's In-Match Antics

    Your last line is hilarious.
  5. Mpchillin

    Why do people hate Cael?

    Most of the time, you talk in circles so I wasn’t sure.
  6. Mpchillin

    Why do people hate Cael?

    Minus that, of course.
  7. Mpchillin

    Why do people hate Cael?

    He’s not wrong.
  8. Mpchillin

    Why do people hate Cael?

    3. I’m pretty sure that Hall sitting out tonight is satirical in response to Brands/Lee. You’re really wasting your time here, these people already have their mind made up.
  9. https://www.fdlreporter.com/story/sports/2019/01/30/lomira-wrestlers-shovel-snow-for-morning-workout/2714132002/
  10. Mpchillin

    Wrestlers in the Superbowl

    Here’s an article on Blythe, also some tidbits on Lee and Warner in there. https://www.hawkcentral.com/story/sports/college/iowa/wrestling/2019/01/29/iowa-wrestling-mailbag-high-school-star-austin-blythe-super-bowl-hawkeyes-williamsburg-spencer-lee/2710682002/
  11. Mpchillin

    Does The Bull stall?

    YES, emphatically, I would say a very high number of wrestlers stall at certain points in a match without getting called.
  12. Mpchillin

    Is Desanto being in the room hurting Lee?

    Yes on B10, no on Nationals right now. Maybe someday we can get together for a beer and talk wrestling during a tourney. I know most of HR gives you a hard time, but you seem like a good dude. Welcome to the board, you should fit in well here.
  13. Mpchillin

    Is Desanto being in the room hurting Lee?

    You plan on going to B10 or Nationals?
  14. Mpchillin

    Is Desanto being in the room hurting Lee?

    Probably, but at least I’m able to keep the same name buddy.