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  1. Schriever lost to Jacob Rundell in Cheesehead Finals his sophomore year, other than that he had medical forfeits his senior year at cheesehead and state.
  2. Then act outraged at your team for having 3rd and 4th year freshman next year.
  3. Get over yourself bro, you have 22 year old freshman.
  4. Yes, but only one of them will have wrestled in 5 tournaments. It’s not 5 for Iowa. Plus, you’ll have a couple 22 year old super duper “freshman” next year.
  5. Oh ok, I’m talking long term and you had a pretty poor rebuttal.
  6. I’m not following, what does that mean? I think you’re confused, Eierman is the only Iowa guy that will get 5. Howard, Joe Lee, Starocci, Beard, and Kerk will all get 5 if they remain starters and use all their eligibility with Bartlett also having the opportunity to qualify. 4 of those 6 will be 25 or 26 year old seniors.
  7. It’s crazy to think that this team will have 50-60% of its lineup have the opportunity to wrestle in 5 NCAA’s if they use all of their available eligibility.
  8. The only HWC guys to compete in the last year are Brooks, Lugo and Jeremiah Moody. I think it’s fairly obvious that lack of funding played a big role in Perry and the women leaving and replacing him with Dennis.
  9. Sorensen has cancer, Clark recently retired due to injuries, Telford and Burak haven’t competed in a couple of years.
  10. Meh, that would have been pretty disgusting to have a big ten champ with one takedown in the tournament, and a cheap one at that.
  11. I want to thank the good lord for giving me the skills and helping to push me into tier 1.
  12. Spencer pinned two guys that were NCAA qualifiers in under a minute. Hall didn’t face any qualifiers in either of those tournaments in 8 matches.
  13. In 28 matches, Griffith wrestled a whopping 10 total NCAA qualifiers and managed two bonus point victories. In 24 matches, Glory wrestled 9 total qualifiers and had 4 bonus point victories. In 18 matches, Spencer faced 13 NCAA qualifiers and won 12 of them by bonus points. It’s not really that hard.
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