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  1. Anyone know each's current walking around weight? Has there been a definitive weigh-in schedule? 1hr is so different than 3hrs.
  2. I like Z and definitely wish him the best, but it is time to pump some energy into the program. I attend any meaningful duals/tourneys in Corvallis, but they are few and far between. Hopefully the new coach can 1.) recruit really well (lock the state border) and 2.) get good schools on the home schedule
  3. You misread it JB. "They" = the athletes. And they are the reason flo (and other media) exists. I respect what you've been doing and know its been for a long time. Props Jason.
  4. Adding Ben was positive. He does dominate most topics and everyone gives him too much space. I hope they settle into a groove where they don't argue as much and get through more topics. Hopefully CP can take a more forceful role as host. Ben brings a great perspective and is certainly entertaining, but the other guys have solid, researched and valid perspectives, too. (internationally way more so than BA) Ben should slow down and try to only take 1/3 of the airspace. Whoever says Nomad should be cut is insane. His take is always super interesting and valid, even if not popular. And he's quick on his feet in a conversation. EVERYONE needs to respect the young amateur athletes a touch more. These are just young men and women and don't need to be attacked so much. They are THE reason this podcast/website/business exists. But definitely love the podcast.
  5. Anyone able to find the mat layout? My DVR recording must have started later and didn't show the layout preview. Post a pic if you can snap one. Curious to see layout.
  6. Still looking for (2) All Session tickets for NCAAs- lower level. Holler if you're looking to sell.
  7. I'm looking to attend my first NCAAs, too. haven't bought tickets, yet. Definitely nervous about being too far from the mats. Anyone know how the mats will be setup and/or have good seats they are looking to sell?
  8. Can someone please explain how this happened?
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