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  1. Yeah I found that list odd having not included the Williams brothers. TC Dantzler and the Williams's are cousins? Wow, i did not know that. Adding to the list Jack Griffin-1990 NCAA Champ Jon Llewelyn- 3,3,1X NCAA Champ at HWT. Fun fact, wrestled 155 as a senior in high school. Tony Davis 2x Finalist, 1x Champ Ed Giese Kirk Mammen 4xAll American. Daniel Dennis The list probably go's on but that's it for the moment.
  2. The All star classic match with Vertus Jones in Cael's freshman year was I believe 7-6. There was a late scramble where it looked as though Vertus was going to get the takedown but Cael was able to scramble well until time ran out. I had this event on VHS but I'm afraid I've lost the tape.
  3. I didn't know he planned to wrestle for Iowa back then. Quick search brought up this article: http://wrestlingreport.com/current_news//viewtopic.php?f=11&t=7925
  4. I remember watching a couple of videos of him in 2010-2011 and being impressed with him enough that when the brackets came out that year and he was ranked 4th, I had him making the finals in an upset. I wasn't going on much evidence with that pick, think it was his pace even back then that made me think he could make the finals. whatever that's worth. I watched the fight with Lawler last night and Colby has the pace of a well conditioned featherweight, really impressive. Plus I think he was 2-1 versus Nick Amuchastegui(2x runner up)
  5. Yeah that would be good. I still think with the new 4 point near fall, riding time points should be eliminated as the 4 point NF incentivizes turning on top, without the riding time bonus wrestlers might work harder to turn,if they can't get the turn, they can cut their opponent and work for a 3pt takedown...
  6. never wrestled either...well i tried it and hated it.i thought it was going to be more like pro wrestling(which i loved at the time).when my friend who was on the wrestling team broke down the scoring rules,i seriously asked him how many points do you get for a body slam and how the heck is camel clutch scored...i was 13 at the time,too old to be that kind of idiot:) After sometime,somehow I gained an appreciation for it. I played baseball and the same year I lost interest in that I became a fan of wrestling.I was also a fan of stats,probably bigger fan of the stats then the sports themselves(i'm talking football,baseball cards memorizing)...so baseball wasn't doing it for me,and i'm guessing i have some inherent need to follow stats and wrestling-what with the tournament brackets,the weekly rankings coming out every tuesday,dual meet breakdowns and watching the sport itself, fed that.
  7. Glad to see Nick win. i'm watching the off the mat version of the finals.They had video of his family in the corner...i sure hope nick breaks off a piece of that last laugh and shares it with his dad,not very smiley...i think he was mad at john smith
  8. The 4pt nearfall would be ok with me if they got rid of riding time
  9. I admit as I was reading your post I thought this has got to be a joke but then I saw the photo. He reminds me of someone but at the moment I'm drawing a blank.
  10. I'm pretty much in the same boat, I was about to go out for wrestling when my friend who had a couple years experience told me I wouldn't like it because it's not like pro wrestling, I was under the assumption it was similar to PW.He told me about the weight classes and points and how the matches are 6 minutes, etc....I didn't quite grasp the points thing and I seriously said to him "well I'll just lie about my weight(was a tub of goo back then) and 6 minutes is nothing,..and then i asked him sincerely how many points are camel clutches and elbow smashes(he had already informed me that body slams were a no-no), he grew annoyed and showed me some of the stuff they do in practice...hated all of it. Then had to do wrestling in gym class for a few weeks and gained an appreciation for it. A year later, wanting to lose some weight I asked my buddy what a typical workout in practice was like and i modified what he told me and did a workout after school everyday, dieted and lost about 50 pounds in my jr of high school...and while doing all that everyday I imagined it probably wasn't 1/10th as hard as a wrestling practice, so I gained further respect. I was always obsessed with stats since i was 6 or 7, memorized the back of baseball/football cards. At some point I lost interest in those sports and I've been just a fan or Wrestling and enjoy looking at stats, brackets etc....nerd stuff.
  11. You would have had a second date for sure if you would have just mentioned Jadidi's 2 points off a leg lace back in 96. I couldn't stand my wife before we were married, she didn't like me either. But one day I walked past her at a bar(I was hoping she wouldn't notice me) and she was up in arms about Jadidi not getting 2...we got married that weekend.
  12. Jadidi's two point leg lace was the first thing that popped in my head just as I clicked this thread.
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