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  1. What I find interesting is how multiple sources have been stating these NIL deals are way more lucrative than we previously thought. I'd love to see some numbers there. Also, kind of fun we have almost a yearly free-agency period now.
  2. Devil's Advocate, you would not want to take this private if you were Pat. You can get trapped, recorded, screengrabbed, whatever without having your own original copies. Just the world we live in in 2022.
  3. I am all for the eyes and attention Mineo is giving wrestling, we need some kind of presence like this on social that isn't Ben Askren. I definitely don't agree with a lot of what he says, but having this kind of offseason engagement is an overall positive. Totally get the criticisms however, he does poke one fanbase pretty constantly.
  4. It's good offseason fun anyways, keeps the fans engaged. Got to do something until the US Open and Trials!
  5. Not a massive obsession, just think Barlett is plenty capable of taking 6th at 141.
  6. How much better do we think Real Woods is than Bartlett at 141 regardless of this rumor? I would not be shocked if Bartlett was slightly better.
  7. Pay no mind to this, what's happened to Askren is just a shame.
  8. 149? Kind of a lateral move if he comes in at 141.
  9. In Folkstyle people are really underestimating how easily RBY takes this. This would be Dake/Taylor where Dake was actually the larger guy.
  10. Is there a least pts allowed version of this? I'd love to see that.
  11. This is actually a pretty good comp. The only major difference I can think of is early Dake was such a force because he was excellent upper body as well, it really forced people to attack his legs, which is historically proven to be a bad idea. That and Dake being the largest 149 ever in year 2.
  12. None of these guys are taking out Dake/JB unless they finally age.
  13. Folkstyle is great, it will aways be a few tweaks away from perfect, but that's just the evolution of the sport. We'll probably see some rules about top stalling come into effect soon enough, and I'd be shocked if the OT rideouts stay the same, but other than that I don't really have a complaint.
  14. Does he have any more collegiate eligibility or not? Says he's a redshirt junior on Wisconsin but I thought I heard this was the last ride.
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