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  1. He probably would have benefited under the current rules, wasnt he active during the wonderful ball grab era?
  2. Has that literally ever happened to Nolf? Not even the tech, but getting tossed like that...even for Dake that was crazy impressive.
  3. And my wife tells me I'd be a bad gambler.
  4. I think there's a 0% Nolf could take Dake in a best of 3, but a one match steal...I'm just apprehensive about it. The people need to see JB vs Dake lol! I expect Nolf not engaging and making Dake chase a bit, similar to how Starocci wound up beating Kem.
  5. As a Dake fan this Nolf matchup scares me. PSU has been so fantastic at gameplanning recently. Feels like Nolf will try and keep it close and steal something late after wearing him down with Nolf-Cardio. The initial matchup a while back now seems like a purposeful test of the waters.
  6. Spencer Lee seemed annoyed today which was new. Could not tell if he was irritated with Brands for that phony hat thing that seemed purely to look good on tv. Also could be because he was sacrificed for an Iowa team title and his Olympic dreams took a hit at least for this cycle. Either way it sucks to see him not chipper and healthy. Personally I would've rather seen him at the trails during a redshirt than having that 3rd title, but that's only because I think he'd medal. I've never seen a team title win like this, Iowa seems very unwell despite the success.
  7. What? If a random person tells you casually they're going to kill you it's not exactly normal. Given everything else we know about the dude..cmon man.
  8. Regardless if the top man retains control, he has still showed a dominant motion and should be rewarded in some way. We should start awarding 2 for this, not quite the freestyle 4, but enough to reward someone forcing action and taking risk. Inspired by the Cenzo match which I could watch forever.
  9. Hall has been fighting the HEW for a long while now and overachieving. Him going 1,2,2,1 is fantastic considering I feel like he's been burnt out since year 1.
  10. As in Dake has to wrestle the tournament winner. Then the winner of that match wrestles JB. Seems more than fair.
  11. Wouldn't this make more sense if we just gave current World Champions a bye to the Tourney Finals (provided you come from a non-olympic weight)? I don't see why they chose to make this so convoluted.
  12. 1. Desanto was injured. 2. RBY did nothing dirty. For what it's worth, I sure thought it looked like RBY had that position scouted extremely well and executed swiftly. I also thought Desanto's knee popped out on the first cradle. Thought Brands shouldn't have told him to suck it up and shouldve protected his guy. Desanto is a pitbull, he isn't going down if it wasn't legit. Didn't find it dirty at all, just wrestling.
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