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  1. Hall has been fighting the HEW for a long while now and overachieving. Him going 1,2,2,1 is fantastic considering I feel like he's been burnt out since year 1.
  2. As in Dake has to wrestle the tournament winner. Then the winner of that match wrestles JB. Seems more than fair.
  3. Wouldn't this make more sense if we just gave current World Champions a bye to the Tourney Finals (provided you come from a non-olympic weight)? I don't see why they chose to make this so convoluted.
  4. 1. Desanto was injured. 2. RBY did nothing dirty. For what it's worth, I sure thought it looked like RBY had that position scouted extremely well and executed swiftly. I also thought Desanto's knee popped out on the first cradle. Thought Brands shouldn't have told him to suck it up and shouldve protected his guy. Desanto is a pitbull, he isn't going down if it wasn't legit. Didn't find it dirty at all, just wrestling.
  5. This is brilliant if it's a tactic to get Ringer at off peak schedule.
  6. Would've been even cooler if he had an extra 30 or so seconds in the first so he would've stuck Mueller.
  7. The refs on the mat should not handle their own video reviews. They are biased innately. Why not just have a complete 3rd party do all the reviews? All they see is the action without context and make a call. Wouldn't even be hard to do this.
  8. If time wasn't out, I don't understand how it's possible that wasn't a takedown. Nolf fan, but wrestling fan first. Hidlay had that one.
  9. Hidlay just slayed a beast and had it taken away from him. Respect to Nolf for essentially admitting that, he was shellshocked as though he had lost regardless. He knew he wasn't the better man after that.
  10. How do you not challenge there if you're Mizzou? Is it not challengable?
  11. Pretty easy to be in this mode when Gomez threw himself to his back for 12 points lol.
  12. Delgado was extremely exciting during his first championship season. One of the quicker dudes ever and the only to ever OutMegaludis-Megaludis. He shouldn't be dinged for anything, injuries derailed stuff and he had to win a different way. Career 125s seem to always have shoulder issues, too much power in the frame.
  13. This is what I would classify as "fair." However, I'd also classify settling this with a Redshirt Senior the week of conference tourneys as "disgusting." Say what you will, you shouldn't do your people like that.
  14. I left this fight thinking that Askren was completely superior to Lawler. Askren got a little overzealous in his first takedown attempt, and paid dearly for it. I'd chalk that up to jitters. However, he took Lawlers best shots here, no question lesser fighters would've been done. After a slight recovery he pretty easily walked Lawler into the cage, got his TD and ended the fight. It felt like he could've done that all day. If anything, I think Lawler got lucky as he could've wound up looking worse.
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