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  1. Regardless if the top man retains control, he has still showed a dominant motion and should be rewarded in some way. We should start awarding 2 for this, not quite the freestyle 4, but enough to reward someone forcing action and taking risk. Inspired by the Cenzo match which I could watch forever.
  2. Hall has been fighting the HEW for a long while now and overachieving. Him going 1,2,2,1 is fantastic considering I feel like he's been burnt out since year 1.
  3. As in Dake has to wrestle the tournament winner. Then the winner of that match wrestles JB. Seems more than fair.
  4. Wouldn't this make more sense if we just gave current World Champions a bye to the Tourney Finals (provided you come from a non-olympic weight)? I don't see why they chose to make this so convoluted.
  5. 1. Desanto was injured. 2. RBY did nothing dirty. For what it's worth, I sure thought it looked like RBY had that position scouted extremely well and executed swiftly. I also thought Desanto's knee popped out on the first cradle. Thought Brands shouldn't have told him to suck it up and shouldve protected his guy. Desanto is a pitbull, he isn't going down if it wasn't legit. Didn't find it dirty at all, just wrestling.
  6. This is brilliant if it's a tactic to get Ringer at off peak schedule.
  7. Would've been even cooler if he had an extra 30 or so seconds in the first so he would've stuck Mueller.
  8. The refs on the mat should not handle their own video reviews. They are biased innately. Why not just have a complete 3rd party do all the reviews? All they see is the action without context and make a call. Wouldn't even be hard to do this.
  9. If time wasn't out, I don't understand how it's possible that wasn't a takedown. Nolf fan, but wrestling fan first. Hidlay had that one.
  10. Hidlay just slayed a beast and had it taken away from him. Respect to Nolf for essentially admitting that, he was shellshocked as though he had lost regardless. He knew he wasn't the better man after that.
  11. How do you not challenge there if you're Mizzou? Is it not challengable?
  12. Pretty easy to be in this mode when Gomez threw himself to his back for 12 points lol.
  13. Delgado was extremely exciting during his first championship season. One of the quicker dudes ever and the only to ever OutMegaludis-Megaludis. He shouldn't be dinged for anything, injuries derailed stuff and he had to win a different way. Career 125s seem to always have shoulder issues, too much power in the frame.
  14. This is what I would classify as "fair." However, I'd also classify settling this with a Redshirt Senior the week of conference tourneys as "disgusting." Say what you will, you shouldn't do your people like that.
  15. I left this fight thinking that Askren was completely superior to Lawler. Askren got a little overzealous in his first takedown attempt, and paid dearly for it. I'd chalk that up to jitters. However, he took Lawlers best shots here, no question lesser fighters would've been done. After a slight recovery he pretty easily walked Lawler into the cage, got his TD and ended the fight. It felt like he could've done that all day. If anything, I think Lawler got lucky as he could've wound up looking worse.
  16. Poeta for me. Always thought he got hosed pretty bad in the final vs Leen. Then the next year he runs into the ascending JB.
  17. An excellent point Russel, my only counter would be none of those post-grads handed Lee agruably his most famous loss. Perhaps it's all nothing though and Sebass has just stepped his game up several levels.
  18. Just a theory man, only looking at the variables and what has changed. Desanto has certainly improved however. Would not be surprised to see him win it at all.
  19. Theory: Desanto being in the room and practicing with Lee has had a negative effect on his confidence and ability. We went from someone being what looked like a transcendental lightweight to just a very good one in a year. Perhaps he is hurt/sick/the field has caught up with him. Or perhaps his growth has been stymied by having the buzzsaw that is Desanto in the room. I'd definitely think if they regularly go at it, that Desanto's relentless nature would have a grinding nature on Lee's overall style. Fan of both guys, I just think there is a weird psychological alpha thing going on here. Discuss.
  20. 125 - This seems to be, by far, the weakest 125 field in years. It's a shame that Delgado is hurt because I honestly believe he would've easily won this weight. Sucks for Megaludis that he redshirted, considering his consistency, he probably would've walked through. Gilman got Slaton'ed. Great story with the two freshman in the finals, I'm personally pulling for Moisey. Not only do I not understand where the kid came from, but he showed great attacks and no fear...gotta love it. What the deal with Waters? You'd figure he'd figure out the gas-tank think by senior year, but he had nothing left in that third against Tomasello. Not that I'm Pro-Tomasello, he actually seemed kinda dirty to me with some eye-pokes and headgear grabs. It's really unfortunate that the great 125's of the past decade or so can't physically hold up all 4 years. The power to shoulder ratios for these guys is just too great, something always gives. Hopefully more of them start taking the Travis Lee rout and moving up after a few years. 133 - Man you gotta feel for the Dardaneses, all that effort and they're leaving on another low note (or at least the note they didn't want to end on). I'd compare both of them to an NBA team that's great during the regular season, but just doesn't have that extra gear for the playoffs. Brewer looks huge and I'm glad he's out there scoring points. I think Clark is probably the more solid of the two, but if Brewer shows up looking about 160 tomorrow I would not be surprised. Great weight for guys who love to attack. Gulibon looks great, had a great gameplan to take Taylor out, but Clark just had all the answers for him. Overall I'm very happy with this weight, lots of attacks and no real "Stall-guy" at the weight. 141 - Nothing at this weight matters except Stieber vs Port. Call me crazy, but it looks like Port may have spent the better part of this year getting 5-10% better on his feet just so he has an outside shot with Stieber. He's looked great from neutral this whole tourney. Maybe it's a vision quest. Logie might tech fall him, who knows. I think this will wind up being the match of the night. Both will be absolutely huge 141's by the time this match happens. How come no one ever talks about how Logan is older than Kyle Dake (that Kyle Dake is just the greatest!)? 149 - God I hate this weight. Tsirtsis is Kellen Russell adjacent (except I don't hate him as much). Ironically, I also believe that Habat probably should've gotten dinged twice for stalling in that semi. Thankfully, the refs had seen Tsirt wrestle before and knew how ridiculous a stall in his favor would be. No one will ever beat Jason after this year, he figured out in the last minute of that match that he could still get his shots off against top level comp. I just see him evolving into a total Dake-Like monster. He had been coasting too much until this on his love of 2-1 victories. Hopefully Houdashelt wins, because he is by far the most offensive of these guys. It's also pretty enjoyable to watch him get so fired up. 157 - Nothing of interest happened at 157. 165 - Am I the only person on earth that thought I-Jo got kinda jobbed in his quarters match. I thought he clearly had a td and probably backs on the edge, at the very least he demonstrated control IMO. After the refs blew it dead he looked just as confused as I was. Why Wisconsin didn't challenge I'll never know. Too bad for Sulzer, he got caught slippin' Happy to see Jackson Morse AA after taking all those Magic-man beatings. Bojo is a monster, I was legitimately scared for Dierigner when he chose down. I'm assuming he doesn't skip leg day next year and moves up to 74 or possibly even 84. Dieringer has evolved past college wrestling. Their semi (barring a headlock) was essentially for the National Championship. 174 - I didn't watch these matches as I was eating popcorn. On my way to concessions I took 34 more shots than the entire class combined. Too bad for Kokesh, he was a victim of seeding and his own timidity. He should've went all out from the beginning, no one can hang with him when he does. I was pulling for Evans, mainly because I enjoy it when gangly-mustacioed men win due to bullying. Like I said with Tsirtsis, he can get in whenever he trys, his shots always look great, good think he never uses them. I'm assuming this is because shots tax his oxygen reserves. I hope Wilps wins but I don't really care. I don't know how this weight class was so horrible when 84-97 and heavy all seem more athletic and offensive. Glad all these guys are graduating. 184 - Avery looked legitimately great, Dean was lucky to escape with a win. Kind of an underrated weight this year, a lot of goers. I was sad to see both Brooks and Dechow get knocked out. Like both of their styles. 197 - THE REASON I SIGNED UP AND MADE THIS THREAD. I'm a lightweight guy, I root for offensive wrestling and can appreciate great tacticians or mat psychology. I just want it to be known I have no horse in this race, or dog in this fight. The Cox-Snyder match was absolutely disgusting and everything wrong with our sport. I have a major issue with the way it was officiated, and for the first time in my life, considered a folkstyle push-out rule sensible. Watching the match I could not believe how Snyder got one early takedown, and then was allowed to flee for LITERALLY 5 ENTIRE Minutes. It's one thing when a wrestler is getting Dan Dennis'ed (pushed violently to the edge with no intent to shoot). But, it's an entirely different when a wrestler is working to create angles, shoot, basically create every action for an entire match while the other is allowed to back up and jump out of bounds at trouble. The stall call at 30 seconds left was offensive. That call should've came sometime in the second, when it would've correctly effected the outcome of the match. You got a guy in Cox, at 197 no less, willing to chase and shoot and work the whole time with ZERO to show for it. I hated it. It encourages passivity when you broadcast to all other wrestlers that you can win with your track shoes on. I hated it so very much. Congrats to Gadson on making a final, his tank looks much improved from years past. Kid from Duke is tough and it would be cool to see him medal even higher next year. He makes wearing a shirt and wrestling cool. 285 - What an athletic heavyweight class! Sad to see Mcmullan go down like that, he was probably the second best wrestler at the weight, as always, his size kinda screwed him in the end. Gwiz, man you have the best mentality for this weight class. It's been great to see how many shots you take. WOW WAS THAT MEDBERY over Marsden call ridiculous. Didn't seem definitive to me on video evidence, but then again, I can also keep track of scores during matches. Well done Telford, good to see you coming back. It always says something about a man's character when he comes back all the way. Hope you manage that 3rd. 157 - For Real(buto), as a board member you should not be bashing the kid at all. He took everything in front of him, took the kid down in an OT (which I realize is fictional) then was unlucky enough to have Ness default to him. He's done nothing wrong and people are going to hold it against him for the rest of his career, that's just plain unfair. It's a damn shame to see the most entertaining wrestler of the last 4 years go down like that. I fully expected Ness to win a championship like his brother, in ridiculous/dramatic fashion! Then again I suppose I also thought that Green would finally show some gas tank/heart (his achilles heel), and instead I got him completely dead in the 3rd thrusting the hips of I-Mar into the championship. What happens if Realbuto wins in controversial fashion in the final? Do we burn him at the stake then and there or wait and make sure he doesn't win another one? Remember last year when the kid tore his acl in the tournament during his great run? Miller's going to eat everyone alive on the way to third.
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