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  1. With him and McIntosh - who owned Snyder at Big 10's - this is absolutely unexcusable. Will Varner be switching elsewhere to train for 2016 to be able to take down this punk?
  2. He made Thomas Haines his *****. Twice the same year when they were both Juniors. Thomas Haines is a 4 time Pennsylvania State Champion.
  3. Just because you don't like a topic, doesn't mean its trolling. Given the failures of Marsteller and Rogers against high school kids, and Dieringer not even showing up to wrestle for a world team spot - you wonder if Smith is preparing them as well as he used to. The head coach should be feared and respected amongst the team and he should leave no doubt he can and will kick their asses at any time. If they aren't respecting him and he isn't getting out their and teaching them his unstoppable offense, it makes sense.
  4. Gadson had Snyder broken, mind, body, and soul. Pinned him as easily as he would a high school kid. His decision not to do the 2015 US Open, and 2015 World Team Trials gave Snyder confidence and a chance to regroup. What an asinine decision to wait until AFTER this punk Snyder is starting to believe he can win Worlds.
  5. Its a legitimate question - amazing nobody can discuss it. Cox, Gadsen, and Varner all refused to shoot on Snyder - despite the blueprints given to them.
  6. He's allowing Snyder to catch up to him. Its nonsensical after demonstrating extreme superiority at NCAAs. At least wrestling through the 2016 cycle.
  7. Go back from where you came dude. We are talking wrestling here.
  8. Don't like him. Think its fishy that he beats PA State Champions when he's a Maryland guy.
  9. Gogaev shot at will on Snyder's legs and converted takedowns. Why Cox didn't do the same when he is 10 times faster than Snyder is nonsensical.
  10. Somebody needs to STOP Snyder. Once and for all. Gadson never should have quit. Gogaev and McIntosh have given blueprints on how to shoot successfully on Snyder and score at will. More people need to follow the blueprint.
  11. We deserve to know what Hall and Lee's parents are doing with them.
  12. I just can't buy that Hall is willingly doing this rather than other things.
  13. The MN guys have so much film on Mark Hall though - you'd think someone would rise up to do something to stop this guy. Especially when they have a clear blueprint studying what Nickal did. Just like the guy that stopped Cisneros from winning his fourth state title, and subsequently broke Cisneros from future success. I think it would be better for USA wrestling if someone does something to stop overzealous parents like those of Mark Hall and Spencer Lee
  14. Who do you see from Minnesota rising up to stop Mark Hall once and for all?
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