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  1. Why would Anthony want to redshirt? He dominated IMar, and IMar went undefeated.
  2. Who in Minnesota is going to step up and stand up to this punk and his dad next season? He must not be allowed the state title.
  3. When will someone from Minnesota stand up to stop this guy?
  4. If you are selected, you have a choice of declining?
  5. It just makes zero sense. Snyder beat Kilgore who is a NCAA champion with much more experience and knowledge. Something is fishy with this guy.
  6. Because Gadson broke Snyder mind, body, and soul in the NCAA finals.
  7. How come more people don't shoot in on Snyder's legs?
  8. Who is Minnesota is going to stand up to Hall? Somebody has to stop him and his crazy dad.
  9. Why didn't more people try shooting on Snyder at the US Open? Macintosh showed how to do it Disappointed Gadson didn't show.
  10. Where is Isaiah Martinez? Wasn't he supposed to be going for Sr World team at 154?
  11. Snyder doesn't deserve to be here after getting broken by Gadson
  12. Thought that Burroughs would have pushed Kokesh and Green over the top to a title.
  13. Dlagnev and Burroughs should be there - they shoud be preparing for battle.
  14. He is an amazing wrestler though - nearly won California States 4 times. But things got tough in college and after the loss to Villarreal.
  15. How do you know he doesn't walk around at 190-200 before cutting for competition?
  16. Burroughs could take Tebow down easily and at will.
  17. Is there absolutely zero chance Lee or Hall could be upended next season by an unheralded wrestler?
  18. When adversity strikes a man, he either quits or becomes stronger. Cisneros quit wrestling when he began to struggle - plain and simple. Its hard to think he won't quit when adversity strikes him in other areas of life as well. Real warriors never quit.
  19. Any chance he makes a comeback to regain dominance?
  20. He should go to World Team Trials and represent the USA at Worlds instead. I truly believe that when healthy, he can beat Metcalf at will. One has to wonder if the loss to Tsirtsis when Tsirtsis was a high school kid broke Caldwell mind, body, and soul...even though he wasn't in prime condition when it happened.
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