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  1. Also, Dake wrestled Tsargush in 2013 - the year Tsargush didn't even qualify for Worlds. Not sure if he was as on his game that year - especially since the other Russian (who beat Tsargush) didn't medal at Worlds.
  2. For being upset that we don't have home crowd advantage in our own country? Wow.
  3. Didn't Slay say he thinks its important not to rush to the Senior level and planned to have Cadets and Juniors go through the process? If Pico doesn't make Sr Worlds, he can still represent us at Jr Worlds, right?
  4. Who is? Hall or Lee? Didn't Hall lose to Bo Nickal? Who is no slouch I know but not someone I'd consider a threat to dispatch Ed Ruth, Keith Gavin, or Clayton Foster for 2016 unless he improves significantly. With Lee - yes he won a Cadet World Title but who has he beaten on the senior circuit?
  5. If they are Iranian descendants, who are either US citizens or here with greencards, and rooting for Iran over the USA, while waving Iranian flags on US soil while working in this country, there is an issue.. Gotta respect their passion though.
  6. Maybe improve seeding for the challenge tournament as well and get a bye in the first round?
  7. It will be interesting to see what happens. During his state finals match, the announcer mentions his 3.96 GPA. So the kid was no slouch in the classroom in high school. Does Cornell give athletic scholarships? (I've heard Ivies do not). But I wonder if Cornell has boosters that help coax promising recruits (as Cisneros once was) to go there. My parents would have kicked my ass if I walked away from what he seemingly has. Will be interesting to see what happens.
  8. This is a really good post. If I ever had kids, I'd feel torn - would want to give them the best opportunities, but I also see the potential for burn out and a feeling of failure if/when the dominance gap is lost or decreased....for example Kolat after his losses to Jaworsky and Mohammadi his first 2 years at NCAAs. He did rebound and get to the top of the ladder for his weight, but it took him some time as well as transferring schools to do so. I'm such many thought he would be a 3-4 time NCAA champion and multiple gold medalist at worlds and Olympics (granted he was screwed against Talaei) given his dominance in high school.
  9. Good to know what's going on - but I wish the question had been asked that everybody wants to know - "Did the last second collapse against Villarreal in the state finals your senior year break you when it comes to your confidence and ability to wrestle at the the NCAA Division I level?"
  10. Were there more Iranians cheering for Iran in Los Angeles than Americans cheering for the US?
  11. What will it take for someone in Minnesota to rise up and stop this guy next year from automatically winning states?
  12. Didn't/doesn't Gable put the beatdown on whomever is foolish enough to wrestle him in the room? When he was coach at Iowa didn't he used to break down punks who thought they were good before rebuilding them in his image?
  13. What makes Lee able to turn people so easily? Is it all technique?
  14. Thanks for the clarification - its been awhile since I saw the video and it doesn't seem to be on youtube anymore, but I just remember an inside trip that was incredible...and had never seen Joe Williams get handled like that.
  15. Do any of these top Flowrestling ranked wrestlers ever get knocked off the perch by people within their own state? In other words, is it a mere formality that Mark Hall wins a Minnesota state title next year?
  16. Do you think Gable is why Tom Brands still has a job at Iowa?
  17. Didn't Williams get pinned by Saitiev on an inside trip?
  18. I'm only trying to spur discussion on the topic of whether being borderline obsessed (both children and parents) in high school translates to future world and olympic championships at the highest level as adults in this day and age in particular. You look at people like Dake and Burroughs who had relatively quiet high school careers and wonder.
  19. Didn't Kolat's father order him to do extra workouts from a young age?
  20. Carr made a world and Olympic team, but lost at the state meet? That is nuts.
  21. You don't think his dad is forcing him to do this?
  22. According to Flo - someone is driving this Spencer Lee kid from PA to Ohio to spar with Logan Stieber. Do you think this is healthy and good for overall development- or will he burn out much like Marsteller, Mario Mason, Alex Cisneros, etc
  23. Surprised he doesn't seem as pissed after losing to Slay at the Olympics
  24. You'd think he'd want the training aspect of it, and to mentally prepare for whatever he faces at WTTs
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