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  1. Did the Russians (or anyone) ever find a counter to the low single? Seemed like Smith always had a counter to every counter and don't know if I've ever seen him scored on after a bad shot the way the Russians normally seem to do. Interesting that he never trained Tyler Caldwell and alot of the other OSU guys on how to do it the same way.
  2. Its incredible to watch video of him in his prime...and how nobody to this day can do the low single and high crotch at the international level for the US and convert it.
  3. That's a shame. Do you think he's wary of getting injured?
  4. Would any Russian want a championship they didn't earn?
  5. How did this guy get so good out so fast out in Kentucky? Who has Kentucky produced before Hall?
  6. Does Smith still take it to Dieringer, Rogers, Brees, and Marsteller daily in the room?
  7. You gotta admit Dan at least probably financed his training and early coaching. I do think Dan was heartbroken and angered when Kyle gave up football though. One thing is for certain - a Maryland wrestler DOES NOT make it to NCAA finals as a freshman without some outside help.
  8. Any upddates on Cisneros and his regimen not to let his failure in high school states senior year to destroy him mind, body, and soul?
  9. Love how some people can't handle opinions that are counter to theirs. Snyder is from Maryland and Maryland is a soft wrestling state despite the financing from Dan.
  10. I think Gadson broke Snyder and Snyder will not be a threat to win NCAAs again.
  11. Dan Severn and Mark Coleman did it in the early days of UFC.
  12. Do you think it would ever be possible for a wrestler to be so dominant in freestyle wrestling, that the could use that skill and transfer it to MMA and control fights to the extent where they may not always get submissions, but dominate control of the fight? Or is MMA so specialized nowadays that someone like Burroughs would get put in a kimura or other submission hold against a solid opponent, despite their wrestling skill?
  13. This SHOULD NOT be happening. A change must be made, and at the top. No way, should our country, be getting beat by a backasswards country like Iran.
  14. Doesn't going through the challenger bracket train and make the wrestler tougher for the best of 3 final at WTT's?
  15. Has Metcalf gotten any better since college? How is it that Burroughs was able to go straight from college to dominating at the world level, where the rest of our guys have trouble with the top Russians and Iranians?
  16. Why wouldn't Burroughs enter and try to dispel any ideas that any of these guys have of being able to beat him?
  17. Isaiah Martinez - went from being pushed around by Bo Jordan and Anthony Valencia to a national champion within months.
  18. Why would we want to help Cuba? Our wrestlers and training are superior.
  19. How can an impoverished Cuban get that kind of strength
  20. Do you think the loss his final year in the California State Finals when he was going to be a 4 timer broke him - mind, body, and soul?
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