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  1. Who wins in the OSU room when John Smith spars with Dieringer?
  2. Do you think he is in Koll's doghouse?
  3. Will Cisneros start for Cornell next season?
  4. Most of the guys from Iran are Muslim, but Russians are either without religion or Orthodox Christian for the vast majority.
  5. I honestly don't know. Particularly after Slay beat Saitiev, supposedly the best wrestler of all time. You wonder if many are intimidated somehow when we go overseas.
  6. I think with the lack of knowledge of proper nutrition and conditioning overseas, and alcohol use - we should have more of an edge than we do against these guys.
  7. A takedown is a takedown. Both are awarded 2 points now. You takedown, and don't get taken down...you win regardless of folk or freestyle. The rule change to two 3 minute periods, versus the best of 3 system should also be helping us much more than it is as well. We should be taking these people down at will who have relatively soft training regimens.
  8. How are these Russians better at defending then our NCAA champions with superior training and endurance?
  9. Derrion Caldwell has given Pico a souting guide on how to destroy Metcalf. Will he use it though?
  10. Darrion Caldwell can take down Metcalf, at will. Darrion Caldwell lost to Jason Tsirtsis when Tsirtsis was a high school boy. Pico can beat Metcalf.
  11. I can see your points here. When Burroughs beat Tsargush using the blast doubles - I don't know if there was any defense possible...he was just that much more athletic and timed it just perfectly. I really thought Taylor was our best scrambler at 74 KG, and the situations he was in against Tsargush would always favor him...had never seen him get out funked like that.
  12. Cardio conditioning and nutritional awareness and diet for starters.
  13. Georgia doesn't have anything comparable to NCAAs
  14. I'm actually looking to generate good pertinent discussion here. Our athletes are unquestionably the best trained in the world. Look at Metcalf for example. No other country has a university athletic system that we do that has the demands of NCAA's...7 minute matches, riding time, etc. So where are we going wrong when guys like Taylor aren't able to outscramble Tsargush, despite a style of wrestling (folkstyle) that puts a premium on this?
  15. Tsargush was not the beneficiary OF A FULL RIDE DIVISION I SCHOLARSHIP TO PENN STATE UNIVERSITY! Tsargush has second rate training facilities, in a country that's is a mess and in shambles. Why we aren't wiping the floor with them with some of our superior wrestlers like Taylor is a big mystery.
  16. I'm not - we have the resources to dominate these guys. We give Division I scholarships to our best athletes, train them, put them through the rigor and conditioning needed to compete at the NCAAs. The foreigners have no business beating us in most cases.
  17. Yes, simply based on the facilities and resources at his disposal at Penn State.
  18. How can a Russian, who hasn't been through the battles of an NCAA season in folk style, be as good or better than the best scrambler the US has ever produced?
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