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  1. Didn't he get teched at Junior Worlds last summer?
  2. If not his outright father, I'm convinced that Dan Snyder had Kyle artifically engineered to produce a superior athlete - nobody in Maryland makes the noise Kyle Snyder has without serious financial backing and access to the best coaches. Nobody from Maryland sniffs the jockstrap of Pennsylvania state champions otherwise, much less finishes as runner up at NCAAs.
  3. Agree that he doesn't seem as physically strong and shouldn't be tying up. John Smith showed these guys can't stop the low single though - and Taylor is much faster and a superior athlete to Tsargush. You'd think he would try that strategy.
  4. The Russians don't face the battle and rigor that it takes to win an NCAA Championship multiple times. The scrambling ability Taylor has shown should be second to none, one would think...to those who have only trained freestyle.
  5. Why can't he take down and outscramble Tsargush? Taylor has had superior coaching, conditioning, and skill than Tsargush. Taylor is undisputedly the best scrambler in the world..even Burroughs doesn't want to scramble with him. So what gives against Tsargush? He gets to Tsargush's legs at will, the toughest part. Why can't he finish? Nerves?
  6. True, but the wins were by razor-thin margins...and Tsargush dominated him in the last match.
  7. Why didn't Burroughs come to this tournament? He needs to be able to solve Tsargush before worlds
  8. What's the deal with Tsargush and why can't Taylor finish on him?
  9. Why does Caldwell even bother - he doesn't have what it takes to make a World team
  10. The loss to Heil was during his freshman year at Super 32s
  11. Pico lost to Heil, who isn't even an NCAA Champion. Nearly lost to a Japanese guy at Junior Worlds and got dominated by an Iranian in the finals of Junior Worlds. Do you think he makes a US World team?
  12. Why was the decision made for this kid to cut rather than hit the weights and bulk up for heavyweight - where he is destined. Dude was at 220 all four years of high school. Getting thrown as he did by Gadson suggests perhaps he cut too much.
  13. Isn't Perry the punk who sold out his uncle to go to Iowa?
  14. I believe if you can take down a 5 time World Champion then the guys at NCAA shouldn't have been giving him trouble.
  15. Snyder took down Gatsalov and won a 2013 World Title He got humiliated by Gogaev at 2014 Worlds Gets within 1 pt of Gadson in reg season then dominated in the final. Regression during his time at OSU
  16. How does Snyder handle being humiliated on national television like that? Will he ever be the same wrestler, with the same confidence, moving forward?
  17. Honor. Loyalty. Sacrifice. The program above all else.
  18. Does anybody have footage of John Smith beating down on Marsteller, then Blees, then Rogers, then Dieringer in succession in the room? I want to see footage of the battles between him and them. I want to see how he makes them cry, breaks down what they were before turning them into warriors.
  19. Did Cisneros get mentally broken after the loss to Villalonga at California States?
  20. Nope - just looking to generate discussion.
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