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  1. I did notice that but it looked like all the people that still had college eligibility listed were ASU guys
  2. ASU? Speaking of ASU and the transfer portal, I noticed Taylor Lamont was listed as a wrestler for Sunkist Kids. He wouldn't go to ASU with their logjam at 125/133 would he?
  3. I don't believe there are many multi-time national champions that are currently coaching and may still be training, are there? Maybe missing a couple, but I feel like the options are (in my order of who I think it could be, pure speculation): Jesse Delgado - would probably be my guess due to Beckerman leaving? although not sure if he still trains Gwiz IMar Heil - did he even coach this year? Cenzo - doubt it Ruth - doubt it as his brother is going to where he is Stieber - doubt he'd leave tOSU, and don't think he's really training anymore
  4. Attempting to contact every single D1 team doesn't count as journalism?
  5. 1032004


    How could he not have lost money (at last compared to what it had been worth) unless he sold most of it prior to the decline?
  6. Why were there school inflicted limitations though??? NJDan is stumped
  7. And 6 schools didn’t even bother to respond ?? Kinda a shame that 6 of the 7 D1 schools in NC (NC State the only one not listed) don’t track attendance… Thanks for this JB
  8. According to the original article it seemed it was his decision so that he could spend more time with his family.
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    Calling yourself middle class Vak? Aren't you a lawyer?
  10. 1032004


    I don’t see the problem with it, as long as you realize it’s pretty much just a speculative asset, and not the future of currency or whatever. Definitely some pyramid scheme-y aspects to it though, especially in the lesser known coins. Which to keep this thread wrestling related, I might include RAE in. Still seems sketchy IMO to collect subscription fees in USD, but pay content creators in RAE…
  11. 1032004


    Hmm, are you a PSU fan? Maybe we found the million+ donor from 2017…
  12. 1032004


    Hmmm. Maybe this may not be Cinnabons after all. Never took Jimmy for a crypto bro, unless this is part of the act
  13. 1032004


    Because 50% of the sentences that you posted from the article (with no quotes btw) were wrong. We know you didn't make the error, but you should accept that the error changed the dynamic of the story.
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