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  1. 1032004

    Should I quit?

    He’s right. Well maybe it’s more like running three 800m races with a couple seconds rest in between
  2. 1032004

    Straps controversy

    This. If it happened simultaneously seems kinda rough to penalize them twice for the same thing.
  3. 1032004


    For the record, I don’t know if it would. But it couldn’t hurt. Obviously a name change for such a large university would be extremely expensive though.
  4. 1032004


    Nothing, or “next to” nothing? Next to nothing might get them into the top 10
  5. 1032004

    Gfeller v. Ashnault

    Fair enough. What about Scarlet Knights?
  6. 1032004

    Desanto Team Point

    I saw that, but don’t think that’s in any way conclusive.
  7. 1032004

    Desanto Team Point

    I don’t think this is evidence of the actual spit, but it definitely looks like the ref is signaling for the unsportsmanlike right after that, so it is seeming likely. I think the bigger question is hopefully someone wiped the mat after that.
  8. 1032004


    Exactly my point! If stupid Americans can't even get Indiana University right instead of calling it University of Indiana, should we really expect everyone to know where George Mason is?
  9. 1032004


    OK I'll give you Purdue and George Mason, but neither of those are THE state university as Rutgers is. But again, the argument for changing the name is to increase awareness. I'm sure more people are aware of the University of Indiana and the University of Virginia than Purdue and George Mason. I won't give you the PA ones though because those are all towns. "Trenton State College" rebranded itself as "The College of New Jersey" and I believe that has worked out well for them. It's definitely not really an uncommon argument among New Jerseyans IMO.
  10. 1032004


    I was laughing at Army and Navy being included because those aren’t random names, everyone knows what they are (and not because of athletics). Of your list, I’d say only Duke, Notre Dame, and Gonzaga are known because of athletics, and I bet a lot of people don’t know where Gonzaga is. The rest are more known for their academics. Maybe Wake Forest but even a lot of people in NC probably think that’s in Wake Forest, NC (it’s not).
  11. 1032004


    The name is the least of the problems, just saying it couldn’t hurt: But LOL at putting Army, Navy and Boston College on that list. The rest I believe are all private schools so thank you for agreeing that it’s weird for a public school to have a random name.
  12. 1032004

    Stoll #1?

    So is Colucci not scary enough for Stoll to possibly wrestle Friday?
  13. 1032004


    This. That’s not a wrestling thing, just a general statement for some reason. So basically they get the 2nd tier NJ recruits for the most part, yet their roster is made up primarily of NJ guys. I think that speaks to the quality of NJ wrestling that they are still a potential top 10 team. But recruiting outside of NJ is probably a good idea. Wrestling in the B1G at a large school with pretty good academics that’s an hour from NYC is certainly attractive to a lot of people. I do think a name change couldn’t hurt, particularly in getting out of state recruits. I bet many HS seniors outside of the northeast have no clue where Rutgers is. Don’t think that’s happening though. Wasn’t this year’s recruiting class supposed to be decent (Aguilar, Janzer, Robinson, Benner)? And 2 of those guys are from out of state (if you count Robinson who went to Blair). Yet they only have 2 other guys on their roster from out of state (both also freshmen). They did have DeLuca for a year from Oregon. They’re also apparently pretty good at getting multiple guys from the same HS in NJ: Bergen Catholic x4 Clearview x3 (yes 2 brothers) Bound Brook x2 St Peters Prep x2
  14. 1032004

    Kurt McHenry

    Actually looking at one of the photos from the Beast his hair was probably in violation of the rule (below his eyebrows)