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  1. Um, no. Sure getting existing fans to watch more is great, but that's not "more people;" they're already "exposed," just exposed to less.
  2. I checked a few yesterday. They're all the same yearly price. Grappling was the only other one I saw that did not offer a monthly option - most of those that did were $30 except for Football which was $20 for some reason. I don't know if you can subscribe to football and get everything else though as there is some fine print saying "some discounted subscriptions do not give access to all content" or something, although it doesn't say anywhere that the $20 for football is discounted.
  3. But isn't the argument that wrestling needs more "fans"? Someone that already watches NCAA wrestling is already a fan. IMO, wrestling can be "grown" more by getting people that aren't currently watching really any NCAA wrestling to instead watch some, than by getting people that already watch NCAA to watch international styles.
  4. Where did they say they wanted year-round service? I think they're saying just the opposite. They only want "service" for 5 months of the year. Your last sentence is pretty dumb. If that poster is primarily a college wrestling fan, that's when the season is. For example I'm pretty sure you are only charged for NFL RedZone during the season. The main difference with Flo is that yes they have other content besides matches. So the question basically comes down to how much value do people find in that content for the remaining months of the year. And for people that are primarily NCAA fans, it may not be much.
  5. They said "the Ohio forum." So yes, this forum read it on a different forum who read it on a different forum (and of course that guy could be making it up).
  6. Rumor mill: someone on BWI said they read somewhere else that Snyder is getting $140k (compared to $70k for Taylor apparently)
  7. I'm not so sure. It's just that UNC and NC State are higher profile. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_33rd_Street https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rutgers–Princeton_Cannon_War Also, I bet both UNC and NC State hate Duke more than they hate each other.
  8. Does anyone else think it's dumb that you need to sign in before even seeing the official pricing? It's still $30/month for the monthly option though so even for most of the wrestling season you're looking at $120 anyway. At that point you're likely better off going for the yearly. Actually, I checked a few and apparently FloFootball is $20 for some reason. Note FloGrappling also has no monthly option (which I guess is proof of grappling's popularity?) BTW, note to Flo guys, when you use the "continue with Facebook" option, it still has the old logo.
  9. In other sports sure, I’m not sure if it’s really the case in wrestling. I don’t think Penn/Drexel and Rutgers/Princeton are best friends in general either...
  10. Interesting. That article also says the whole Nebraska WC only raised “in excess of $200k” per year. So if Green gets $30k and they have other expenses, I’d guess JB isn’t making more than $100k
  11. I’d find $250k or anything close to that as a base salary hard to believe, but I guess with NLWC nothing would really surprise me.
  12. One other that would make sense geographically (and where there are already 2 separate clubs) would be NC State/Wolfpack and UNC/Tar Heel.
  13. I think it’d be helpful for young/even college wrestlers to know. Obviously they need to go to school or learn a trade too, but knowing what type of earning potential they could have competing would certainly be good to know. Even if Snyder is “living well,” I’d guess the majority of it is coming from endorsements.
  14. Good lord I think most people don’t want to talk politics on a wrestling forum.
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