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  1. I was originally going to say "no one" to this thread, but I was assuming Micic wasn't coming back, so with him + Amine back as well as Brucki, I think it's fair to make Michigan a darkhorse especially if you count the Detroit factor.
  2. Seems weird since they also reinstated the only women’s team that was initially cut (swimming & diving). Iowa must have had FloKaren as their lawyer or something.
  3. Awesome news! Couldn't help but laugh at this tweet though:
  4. Keep in mind in 2020 Deakin was undefeated and Rivera won B10’s going through Gross and RBY. Obviously no one knows what would have happened but certainly possible one of them wins in 2020 if it didn’t get cancelled. I don’t think Rivera was winning 141 last year anywhere though. Maybe would have had a shot if he stayed at 133 I guess.
  5. You don’t think J’Den Cox’s hospitalization was ultimately caused by covid? Or you don’t think pneumonia is a common effect from covid in general? or both?
  6. back on topic...just listened to FRL from yesterday (not today)...they mentioned they thought Howe and Kennedy were the only 2 coaches of any sport at Northwestern where this was an issue. I guess it's possible it may not be public for other sports yet, but is that really true?
  7. I don't think it's by far actually. I believe rural whites and inner city blacks have comparable vaccination rates. Not much good data out there though that's not just polls. Here is one that just has racial breakdown, no political - https://www.kff.org/other/state-indicator/percent-of-total-population-that-has-received-a-covid-19-vaccine-by-race-ethnicity/?currentTimeframe=0&sortModel={"colId":"Location","sort":"asc"} That shows total whites as 52% and total blacks as 43%, but of course white Democrats have a much higher vaccination rate than white Republicans. Several states actually have a higher total % of blacks vaccinated than whites - Alaska, Idaho, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oregon and Washington state, with Alabama and West Virginia equal. Many states aren't far off, and there's also no data available for 7 states.
  8. Yeah I think roughly 10x isn't far off. That equates to ~91% effectiveness.
  9. First half of a Facebook post shared by the guy at the end from May of this year:
  10. I don't remember everything that others said. Having to shut down the whole team because of it may be a bit extreme, but one of them giving it to Ryan Deakin, Yahya Thomas, Chris Cannon, Michael DeAugustino, Lucas Davison or anyone else with high expectations a week before NCAA's is certainly possible.
  11. Even if that's not "the messaging," I think most people realize that. Do you think that messaging would have had any impact on guys like Ben Askren, Gabe Dean, Howe & Kennedy getting the vaccine? Instead, when that is brought up the new argument (which even you have used) seems to be "but it doesn't work to prevent infection!" Except it does. Most vaccines aren't 100% effective.
  12. Probably, but I bet if they could take a shot that would make them ~85% less likely to get injured, with a side effect profile that wasn't nearly as bad as actually getting injured, that the overwhelming majority would. And Drake...don't go too far off the rails please
  13. I don't really agree with the mandates, and I also think confirmed prior infection within ~6-9 months should suffice for any mandates. But I think there are multiple reasons that Howe & Kennedy should want to get vaccinated regardless of the mandate. Why are you talking about kids? I've specifically said college students might actually have an argument against the risk/benefit profile of the vaccine. But 32-33 year olds don't. As far as "near zero risk," I'd go back to your earlier quote. I'd say the 0-19 is "near zero risk," but everything above that isn't. And again those numbers are just the risk based on those that have been infected so far, you probably need to at least double that risk especially if we're talking about the risk to an unvaccinated person.
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