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  1. It seems the seeding comments are more "recommendations" and things that "should" happen, but maybe not hard and fast rules. For example, this statement is before all the items you listed: The last comment about byes seems pretty straightforward though. BTW FRL today gave themat forums a shoutout on this rule and basically agreed that Dresser probably violated it. Not only were they not random, ISU was "unfairly" (CP did question if the"unfairly" part was true) helped. I saw someone mention on the ISU board that technically they could argue it wasn't ISU being helped, it was the entire Big 12 but that's probably a stretch.
  2. Yeah this was my thinking when it first started being talked about. If anything it's probably a sign that he won't transfer - as him seeking a transfer would be the main reason that he would've wanted to preserve his eligibility.
  3. I just listened to part of it again. Regarding Broderson potentially not entering, he said he "could have done a 7 man round robin." Is that true?
  4. Yes but it's based on the specific person that earned the spot, so if Nevills earned a spot for the B10 and and Kerk goes, the Big 10 loses Nevills' spot and Kerk would then be stealing someone else's. It is a weird system IMO.
  5. Yup I think CP was all over that one saying so why even enter in the first place and even if he was entered why not FF instead of injury default. I guess in theory you could argue that it was the kid’s own decision to default as I don’t believe Dresser technically admitted to dictating any outcomes of matches did he?
  6. BWI (which is probably where Mineo saw it) has “a source” saying he’s in.
  7. Well apparently you are actually allowed to seed however you want. It’s his deliberate placement of the byes that appears to be against the rules (he also admitted to doing this with Colbray in addition to answering CP’s question about Coleman). I do have to give credit to CP for asking some direct questions. The funny thing is he probably could have “seeded” it so that the byes were not “placed randomly” and his guys got the first round matches, but did not.
  8. Are they a podium threat with him? I don’t see it. According to Intermat rankings they only have 2 guys ranked in the top 8 (Carr 3, Parker 6).
  9. True, I guess even “Bye” can beat a guy who injury defaults in 1 second
  10. I don't see any numbers next to the names, do you?
  11. But again, you can't get seeded 16th in a 9-man bracket.
  12. BTW I have a feeling Askren will have either looked up the rule or have seen this thread by the next episode, because he seemed floored that Dresser was claiming it was legal.
  13. I'd say they "seeded" 8 and Stotts was unseeded and "randomly" placed in that slot. You can't be seeded 16 if there are only 9 guys in the bracket, lol Technically the loophole that Dresser may have in this rule is that it says the byes can be placed by "mutual consent." Although Dresser didn't really claim to have that either, and the hangup would probably be on the line saying "no institution is unfairly helped."
  14. So he was seeded 16th in a 9-man bracket? You obviously don't know how brackets work.
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