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  1. I believe you still access ESPN+ from WatchESPN, but have to pay more. Yeah looks like this will be on ESPN+
  2. Looks like he wrestled an “extra” match today and lost 4-0 to Indiana’s backup Jacob Moran.
  3. Well Hoffman just lost to a guy that was 11-15 last year
  4. How much does Gas Tank Gary weigh? Can he make 197?
  5. If a goal is to make matches more exciting, last point scored makes more sense. And is also easier to remember
  6. UNI/Mizzou on now. UNI leads 3-0
  7. what's going on in Columbus?
  8. You’re just talking about criteria right? Not other rules in FS? When the announcers often aren’t sure what’s been scored, I think it’s safe to say there are some rules that can be improved on.
  9. I agree that criteria doesn’t seem so bad (if not better), and isn’t too hard to understand. It does get a little harder to understand when trying to remember who scored the higher scoring move, so I probably wouldn’t hate if they changed it to simply last score has criteria. But to the point of things being hard to understand, not trying to hijack the thread, but there are quite a few other rules that are harder to understand IMO (I’m trying to get more into FS so not as knowledgeable about the rules) so I feel like criteria is the least of the worries. Grounded, “correct throws,” seemingly arbitrary shot clocks, etc are all harder to understand than criteria IMO.
  10. Suriano dominated the guy that beat Gilman (but Gilman should have beat)
  11. I know, but 97 was 2 round robin groups. Sharifov lost to the Georgian - https://fflutte.smoothcomp.com/en/event/4342/bracket/221557 (wasn't sure if I was reading it right before)
  12. Snyder leads 8-3. The Georgian is going for lot of throws and such
  13. this guy that Snyder's wrestling beat Sharifov right?
  14. looks like several more matches scheduled for Mat B than A. Think they'll move any over?
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