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  1. I don't get people saying he took a dive. If he took a dive why would he stand right back up? I guess there was a bit of a wobble but seemed like it was a pretty quick call, although I don't really know anything about boxing.
  2. What do you mean “fighter”? He was certainly at least “good” in MMA. Maybe not great.
  3. If there’s one thing Askren doesn’t do, it’s make excuses
  4. Well to be fair I think even Askren himself basically said the production was a joke. And honestly I think on FRL leading up to it he didn’t seem impressed with Triller. But he also pretty much already said he was just planning on going back to coaching wrestling either way. He even said he gets made fun of by his wrestlers for Masvidal anyway, so it’s not like this would change much. Pretty sure he was never planning on going back to MMA especially to compete. No clue if he wants to commentate either but I doubt last night would have ruined that. He has seemed interested in possibly doing more wrestling matches though, so if there was any downside to last night it may be that he might’ve hurt his value for that. In case he’s actually still good at wrestling, probably gonna be tough to find an opponent who’s not afraid of losing to the guy that got knocked out by a YouTuber. Yes, I thought he’d do better but people saying “he embarrassed the wrestling community” are silly, boxing is a totally different sport, and while MMA is a little closer, everyone knew he wasn’t known for his striking. Hopefully Paul fights a real fighter next that isn’t coming off hip surgery.
  5. Well yeah I already said he was a punchline in the UFC due to the Masvidal fight, I still think that will be remembered much more than this. I don’t really care what “the MMA community” thinks, he beat Lawler. If nothing else they should have learned from that fight that he can take a beating and keep going (he certainly didn’t lose that fight that’s for sure). But if they don’t consider that a win then I guess they don’t consider last night a loss? I’m no boxing expert but it certainly seemed like another questionable stoppage. But honestly I thought “the MMA community” (not just the casual fans) did respect his Bellator and One FC titles. But unfortunately he was past his prime by the time he got to the UFC. And it’s not like he was “an embarrassment” as a whole in the UFC IMO...Masvidal has went on to pretty big things, and then it’s not like he was “embarrassed” in the Maia fight. I wasn’t necessarily even trying to say his credentials were similar to Pujols, but in (college) wrestling they probably are. Now that I think about it, that’s probably a better comparison for his match with Burroughs since that was actually the same sport (well free vs folk but won’t go there). I can’t think of many other people that played multiple sports, so maybe his MMA career is more comparable to Deion Sanders playing baseball. And last night would be like if Deion played basketball after retiring from both and getting hip surgery.
  6. I mean there is probably a greater risk of death in boxing especially if you don't really know what you're doing. Honestly I bet his wife didn't even want him to get up after that hit.
  7. I wouldn't fight Jake Paul because he has like 50 pounds on me, but if I was his size and had 3 months of training or whatever, yeah I probably would have for $500K. Probably would have upped my life insurance policy first, and definitely would've been more likely to be the guy that faked getting hit in the nuts than Askren getting rocked in the head.
  8. You assume correctly, but I liken this for Askren more to something like Albert Pujols batting .224 last year. No one will really remember it when they look back on his career IMO. And most people will probably mostly just make fun of him more for the Masvidal knee anyway. And let's be honest, most of the people in attendance there didn't know who he was in the first place. Even Michael Buffer called him a "Big Ten Champion." He did do tons of interviews before the fight and was getting a lot of positive feedback from them, If anything he might've picked up a few fans for his other like 10 (non-FRL) podcasts and such that he does.
  9. where can we sign up for getting embarrassed for $500k?
  10. No clue, he did get hit pretty hard there but didn't think they'd stop it (karma for his Lawler fight I guess).
  11. it's crazy how many people are watching/trying to watch this. multiple links on youtube getting up to like 100k watchers but then coming down
  12. He did beat Lawler even though it was controversial (and managed to stay conscious himself proving that he could take “varsity” punches). And I believe the Maia fight was close. People are really putting too much emphasis on one nasty knee from Masvidal. Askren was a legit fighter. If anything the complaint should be about how he was retired and coming off hip surgery.
  13. I think FRL said PSU was out for Griffith since he’s planning to go up to 174
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