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  1. I think both studies I posted the conclusion was that it was mostly through the air (for the people sitting at other tables in the restaurant, and the fact that it was primarily one side of the office building that got infected). I thought most of the newer information seems to say touching contaminated things is not as much of a risk as was initially thought. Although there was at least one example I've seen where scientist concluded it was spread by a salt shaker - https://www.npr.org/2020/04/21/840522664/germany-says-it-has-identified-the-first-coronavirus-transmission-in-the-country
  2. What is the timeframe for this prediction? The crappy thing is both ODU and Stanford have cited the % of schools sponsoring. I feel like that's basically a double whammy from Title IX. Title IX caused a lot of the cuts years ago, which resulted in a lower % of schools sponsoring - so now schools are using that as an excuse to cut it now.
  3. Pretty sure the FAQ on the Stanford page said they'd support transfers, so would assume they'd get waivers.
  4. Most estimates have “boogie bug” deaths at easily over 2x that of the flu. And that’s of course with those numbers not yet finished, and with all the lockdown measures that were implemented. So maybe the current death total isn’t worth the economic hit, but if there were no lockdown measures then the deaths would have been much higher which probably would have crippled the economy anyway...
  5. Is it on Flo that you watch those races as well?
  6. Stanford certainly seems to have done more due diligence than ODU, but reading some of that was certainly frustrating, particularly: 1. The only time wrestling was mentioned was by saying it didn’t have the maximum amount of scholarships. And they were still competitive, so what? (Although i guess the mention of Title IX implies that was also a factor for wrestling). 2. Saying it would take $200MM to permanently fund these sports, but then basically saying “nah, even if we got that we’d rather spend it on other sports (COUGHfootballandbasketballCOUGH).“ Why even say a number if you supposedly wouldn’t even reinstate them if you got it?
  7. Northwestern seems like a good fit for Woods I would think? An opening (and presumably some scholarship $) at 141 with Rivera leaving, and apparently he went to HS in Illinois (although I guess was actually from NM). Not sure about Griffith. Wonder if he would go back to the NE and go Ivy (Penn/Princeton/Columbia)?
  8. Agree, although I guess I was also implying that it seems possible to catch it even if distanced if there is prolonged (particularly indoor) exposure - as evidenced by this study in South Korea where the majority of one side of an office became infected - https://wwwnc.cdc.gov/eid/article/26/8/20-1274_article
  9. I'm pro-mask, but one could probably argue you don't know if the workers were getting it from each other (due to their prolonged exposure) or from customers, and I'm not sure if we know whether or not their rate of infection is much if any higher than the general population. To one of dman's comments, I don't think there is a lot of evidence of grocery store shoppers for example getting it much. I think this study of multiple restaurant patrons in China sitting at a different table from an infected and presymptomatic person for less than an hour and still getting infected is the best example I've seen of person to person transmission without symptoms without "prolonged" exposure - https://wwwnc.cdc.gov/eid/article/26/7/20-0764_article So, sure it's probably low risk to go to Home Depot or the grocery store without a mask if you're only in there for 30 minutes or less, but that doesn't mean there's no risk.
  10. Yeah FRL would probably be the main benefit, since it would give them something to talk about (especially right now when there isn't much to talk about). So could get a few more FRL listerners, who may buy the CBD products they're peddling...
  11. Probably true but considering ESPN does not actually broadcast NASCAR events, along the same lines Flo could probably make more money if they talked about more wrestling events that they don't happen to stream. (Note: talk about, not "promote")
  12. I see quite a few https://www.espn.com/mlb/story?id=29088224&_slug_=mlb-show-league-playoffs-broadcasted (April) https://www.espn.com/racing/nascar/story/_/id/29295116/martin-truex-jr-dominates-late-win-nascar-cup-race-martinsville (last month) https://www.espn.com/soccer/australian-a-league/story/4118015/new-a-league-fox-sports-tv-deal-buys-ffa-time-to-plan-a-better-future-for-australian-football (last month) Regardless, most people weren't saying Flo should have been saying "Be sure to tune into Fite TV to watch these matches!" It was simply a desire for them to acknowledge that they were happening, which they did not do until 3 days afterwards. That would be like ESPN never talking about NASCAR at all, which I believe is currently only broadcasted on Fox and NBC.
  13. But again... He didn't leave it out... He said it was fine... It's capitalism... The issue is that CP doesn't admit it... (but Askren does. going off of OP, I have not listened yet)
  14. No he didn't. I think he's agreeing with you:
  15. Don't want to speak for him but I think that's pretty much OP's point. If Flo would just admit that they are much more concerned with running their business than growing wrestling, less people would probably complain.
  16. They don't need to, because ESPN doesn't pretend they don't exist
  17. In regards to Flo, as has been mentioned they are the largest media organization by a wide margin, that's why they are the focus. Same reason more people care about what ESPN does than FoxSports1. There's also plenty of criticism of coaches doing things like ducking, etc. that they are only doing because it's "their job to win for their school."
  18. I think this is a pretty fair interpretation of what is happening, yes. Although I'm not sure I'd go as far as saying they've been wrong more than correct. A lot of the anti-maskers though are super annoying because they say "why were we initially told we didn't have to wear masks then?!?!" So they believed what the "experts" said at first, but not now? Besides, the mask guidance was changed pretty early on and from what I've seen there have been quite a few studies/examples that seem to show their effectiveness. I'm not anti-Trump but I feel his refusal to wear a mask seems to be playing a major role in many people thinking wearing a mask is taking away their freedomz
  19. Eh, most of those people will be dead in a few years anyway
  20. Obesity is a major risk factor for Covid-19 hospitalization, particularly in younger patients - https://hub.jhu.edu/2020/06/01/david-kass-obesity-covid-19/ I think this is one reason the US has been hit particularly hard. Maybe some people will try to be more healthy after this (and stop smoking). Bottom line: once there's a vaccine, if your kid is fat, sign them up for wrestling.
  21. This 100%. It's crazy to me that the people refusing to wear a mask are the same ones saying "we need to reopen for the sake of the economy!" Well, wear you mask and it will be safer to reopen...
  22. There are definitely a lot of political aspects to it, but I don't think this is one of them. I'm no expert, but I tried to look into this as well, and I think the main argument (which is a good one IMO) is you have places like NY and NJ where cases are declining, but still had massive protests. It seems almost all of the places seeing rising cases/hospitalizations were ones that "reopened." But not all states where massive protests happened are seeing rising cases/hospitalizations.
  23. Interesting data point, thanks. Considering he wrestled matches at both 197 and 285 in the same year, yeah I would be surprised if he was ever over like 210 or so - and apparently is only listed as 215 on his Syracuse football page - so probably was never much more than 200 during wrestling season.
  24. Lipari at 149 would make more sense with the Chlebove discussion earlier. Not that he'd definitely start at 149 but seems like he's got a good shot to there. But yeah because he and Crooks are at different weights it is tough to compare via wrestlesat. Crooks and Aragona actually had a couple common opponents though, not that this means alot, but: Crooks: Lost by Major to Parker Filius 14-6 and by tech to Kyle Shoop 17-0 Aragona: Lost in SV to Parker Filius 4-2 and by dec to Kyle Shoop 6-5
  25. He should thank covid for maintaining PSU's winning streak
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