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  1. You must drive pretty fast to get from OBX to Lake Lure in 25 mins!
  2. Rumbling Bald Resort? Yeah I’ve stayed there before, it’s a pretty good spot IMO. However I’m not sure what amenities are currently open (I know they have a gym, restaurants, beach, golf, etc)
  3. Not hidden at all. Gets pretty busy in the fall and summer typically. Nice area though.
  4. Isn’t the boundary stalling rule basically fleeing the mat it’s just a stall warning instead of a penalty? I think fleeing the mat is a good rule for HS but also not called enough (so when it is it is almost always argued),
  5. I believe at least Griffith, Woods and Tyler Eischens were junior world team members
  6. No one argued with changing the hair rule after "the incident." I don't think there was much pushback on at least allowing two piece uniforms at the HS level and below. The biggest issue seems to be cost, which of course is an issue with lower income schools.
  7. Agree well done. If anyone needs a good cry, listen to Real Woods in particular in this interview: This group of guys definitely know what they're doing at https://www.keepstanfordwrestling.com/ . Even have suggestions for how to write an email to the school: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1V_-r2pf-V3B11EJwiOJG04TdSuX2tURrXDROOtiMm6Y/edit
  8. Does the link (behind paywall) say anything about Griffith? Haven't seen him to RU anywhere legitimate.
  9. But again, some of those arguments are not specific to the any particular population. And I disagree that wrestling is doing the same old things. In the past few years you have had the expansion of two-piece uniforms, the modification of the hair rule (of course that was reactionary but the result is still good in terms of not hurting participation), as well as the continued growth in girl's wrestling. You also continue to have many of the top MMA fighters coming from wrestling backgrounds and praising wrestling as why they are successful. Sure more can be done, but it's a start. Although I guess your point is because (boy's) wrestling is shrinking, they should be looking more to populations that have typically not participated as much in the past?
  10. You keep speaking in vague generalities. Can you give some specifics? What are your top 3 reasons? I have some guesses but I think most of the ones I'm thinking of (such as singlets, skin diseases, and weight cutting) are not specific to gaining more black participants, and are just barriers to gaining any more participants at all. ...Ok fine, you can probably get some of the kids that don't make the basketball team. But you usually don't get the ones that could make the basketball team if they want.
  11. As mentioned earlier in this thread, I think you're a bit off base as 30% of the 2019 men's freestyle world team was black. There are plenty of "those other people" that are already elite. But anyway, seems like you're rambling a bit here. So basically you're blaming the current "state of wrestling" for not growing wrestling in other areas? Obviously those areas could use some help in growing the sport (as BTS seems to be doing a decent job of doing), but to be fair, the people in those areas also need to want to participate. Jordan Burroughs even admits that in his town (which was mostly blue-collar, maybe towards the lower end of middle class but not really poor or anything IMO), wrestling wasn't "cool" and most of his friends played football or basketball - https://www.jordanburroughs.com/blog/beat-the-streets-nyc-the-story-behind-the-event Maybe this is a generalization, but I think the biggest issue with growing wrestling with the black population is that it's the same season as baskeball. Maybe covid will turn wrestling into a spring semester sport at least at the college level. But I tihnk if it wasn't competing with basketball for athletes, that would greatly help participation amoung black students.
  12. I thought he came off pretty well. However he did contradict himself a bit (both vs other parts of the interview and his tweets). 1. Saying he understands why the women would turn down the money they were offered. But then bragging about how he’d do it for free 2. Saying Flo forced him to apologize (which I did find was interesting), but dropped him anyway, despite him at one point saying that he dropped out on his own 3. Confirm he will be at OTT despite at one point tweeting he was quitting wrestling
  13. I don’t believe the current push out rule is working. It seems to be one of the most argued calls, and that’s with the highest level refs calling it. What part of the shot clock is arbitrary? Who the passivity gets called on? If so I agree, and that’s why my proposal was to start the shot clock on the stepout instead.
  14. You think football is “likely” getting canceled? IMO the Power 5 at least has at least a 50% of happening if not more
  15. Sorry I was more just referring to in terms of college accomplishments, not necessarily “best,” in response to the suggestion to “take the medal score of tbe 3 best years.”
  16. But haven’t you also said you think there will be a vaccine by the end of the year? I think most people agree that if there is a season, it won’t start until the 2nd semester, hopefully allowing some more time for a vaccine.
  17. I don’t think Uetake has an argument over Pat Smith (and yes I know these rankings are just based on math). Regardless of the circumstances, 4 titles is better than 3 even if the guy with 3 never had a chance for 4.
  18. How about compared to Downey?
  19. Doesn’t Amine supposedly have better common opponent results than a lot of those guys?
  20. Whoops good call on Cox. Yeah I guess Downey is probably the best non-NLWC American 86, especially after just seeing Martin vs Taylor. Although if Flo is putting it together Askren would probably want to see how Myles Amine does against Taylor. They haven’t wrestled have they?
  21. Wow so OSU has had 14 3x champs? That’s gotta be the most of any school right? Who would be next?
  22. Moody may not have gotten a scholarship, but maybe he was promised some slush fund money after graduation right? :-)
  23. How does that mean the football team killed it though?
  24. Maybe it’s senantics but I’m not sure if I’d call a lot of those people “rich.” Middle to upper middle class sure. I’ve always got the impression that while there are certainly a lot of families that spend a lot of money on wrestling, they don’t necessarily have much left over after that. I think the increased domination of private prep schools has more to do with them drawing from a larger geographic area than in the past and more poaching from kids that previously went to public school (NDGP, LHP, etc) than “private school kids” being a high % of the elite wrestlers. Plus schools like Blair (and likely even some more “traditional” private schools) offer scholarships.
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