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  1. He should thank covid for maintaining PSU's winning streak
  2. I don’t think it’s much different than most offseasons. If anything I’m more interested in wrestling offseason discussion because there are basically no actual sports going on.
  3. George incident - Looks like he is a director of sales now
  4. 21-year old PSU student dies of covid complications. https://news.psu.edu/story/624840/2020/07/02/administration/penn-state-student-dies-covid-19-complications-allentown I think I’m at the point that I wouldn’t be surprised to see no NCAA sports until second semester. But I’m somewhat optimistic there may be a vaccine by then
  5. I never realized bridges were bad, although I guess I could see how flipping back and forth might not be ideal. Maybe hip heisting would be a more wrestling-related way to alternate. Maybe throw in some reverse pushups
  6. If you’re referring to the sports being cut this spring/fall, wrestling is probably doing better than expected so far. According to Jason Bryant’s list, ODU was the only D1 team dropped, and not counting entire schools closing, only 2 other NJCAA teams were dropped. Men’s tennis on the other hand is getting crushed, already losing 8 D1 teams. But as you said, how do you define “support itself”? If it’s safe to assume the majority of the kids on these teams would not be there without these teams, then I think you should be able to count tuition towards revenue. Maybe you increase the academic admission standards for non-revenue sport athletes and/or decrease the number of purely athletic scholarships, but even a $25k average (probably low) for only 20 guys is $500k. I bet that would be able to support most teams not counting any other sources of revenue.
  7. Who cares. It might not have technically been a slam but there’s plenty of other penalties it could have been called - unnecessary roughness, unsportsmanlike, etc
  8. Didn't even realize there were 2 Koontz's. See the other beat Bryce West and went 2-1 against Jack Medley in 2018,
  9. I get what you’re saying, but I disagree. In Delvecchio’s 3 years as a starter, he was 71-36 (.664) and qualified for NCAA’s all 3 years where he finished 6th, R12 and 0-2 and I’m not seeing that he had any particularly good draws. To finish 6th, in addition to DeSanto he beat Scott Parker a former AA among others. When he finished R12 AND when he went 0-2, his only 2 losses were to the guys that finished 5th and 6th. In Lipari’s 2 years as a starter, he was 25-21 (.543). He only qualified for NCAA’s once (did not this past season), where he went 1-2. His win was against Chris Sandoval of Northern Colorado who was 8-12 that year and 0-2 at NCAA’s. Lipari lost to Yianni, but also to Ian Parker who’s only win at NCAA’s was Lipari. According to Wrestlestat, Lipari has never beaten a top 16 guy, while Delvecchio best 5.
  10. Have there been any HWT’s at any school cut to 197 and do better there?
  11. Scott? That’s an odd comparison since if he was he probably would have started at 133 in 2018. And Delvecchio’s results are much better anyway.
  12. So what do you think he was doing then?
  13. I don’t think he decided “kimura,” but I think he decided he didn’t really care if he injured Micic
  14. I would disagree, I think he decided that with about 20 seconds left. Side note, I can’t find the full video any more but this one shows the end. I believe this video starts right after he was penalized for basically punching him in the head. Then he doubles him after the whistle, does the cartwheel/head kick, then the Kimura. I think people forget about all those other things and only remember the kimura. But yeah, the past 2 years his worst antics were actually in wins (and all pale in comparison to the Micic match).
  15. This right here is pretty much why hospitalizations (note I did not say cases) are rising in several states...
  16. According to this recent article (which is making some similar suggestions Wrestling fans are) , about 15 of 300 teams - https://www.omaha.com/sports/cws/raise-revenue-or-cut-costs-one-solution-could-do-both-and-save-college-baseball/article_43ebc05f-80ee-5bea-98b2-e2b990612064.html Hard to find much on wrestling #’s by school, and even saw there was a thread last year on the topic that didn’t have many answers. According to this from 2016 (page 26), the median wrestling team at FBS schools lost about $580k (but the median baseball team lost over $1mm - and the median baseball HC salary was just about 2x the median wrestling HC salary) - http://www.ncaa.org/sites/default/files/2017RES_D1-RevExp_Entire_2017_Final_20180123.pdf
  17. I think if you transfer twice in D1 you have to sit a year? But Lipari is a grad transfer which I believe is exempt
  18. Well my point earlier was Downey could have an (albeit small) chance to pin him despite being down 10+. But I get hammerlock's point that he may not want longer periods.
  19. Why wouldn't it help his chances? It's not like Downey would tech Taylor
  20. I mean judging by how nomad was complaining about modified rules, I’d believe it. I also don’t really think Downey would say no, if anything it probably helps him assuming there would still be falls since he could still get a fall if down 20-0. Is it really much more embarrassing to lose 20-0, or 10-0 in 30 seconds?
  21. Other than the stupidity of Kustra, another way to look at this is if wrestling was never dropped for baseball, it probably would have gotten dropped now, right?
  22. Well look at Utah Valley - looks like their closest opponent is Wyoming at 6 hours, then Northern Colorado at 8 hours.
  23. I agree, I think the NCAA rule makes sense, but could certainly see some try to challenge it. I followed the case of June Eastwood in XC/track a bit this year, which is the first instance that I'm aware of of a D1 male athlete transitioning to female and then competing on the female team. She ended up winning her conference in the mile (but had taken 9th in 2016 as a freshman male, so I think it's not out of the question that he could have ultimately won as a male as well). In reading some articles I believe her times did seem to be pretty much in line with what one would expect for a male to female comparison in terms of percentiles, although some claimed that she was tanking (and she did stick out quite a bit on the starting line). High school is where it gets even trickier because you can't exactly require kids take certain medical treatments, hence the case of the 2 sprinters in CT that simply identified as female, which is a completely different situation than Eastwood IMO.
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