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    That’s correct.
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    But despite getting “rocked” against Lawler, he didn’t really seem close to being knocked out.
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    Fair enough, but seems he probably did help make the UFC some decent money (and press) with the last fight...
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    Quick google search shows Jon Fitch was knocked out in 12 seconds by Johnny Hendricks, yet finished with a 14-3-1 record in the UFC.
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    For all the Zain/PSU Homers

    I assume reversing the outcome would be pretty unprecedented so highly doubt that happens. Imagine best case scenario which is still doubtful is the second match is re-wrestled, no?
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    Isn’t there a pretty big difference between those 2 things?
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    Wrestlers in business

    Comes in handy for air travel
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    NCAA approves shorts

    Sure it can help a kid buy like 4 books but that’s about it. Of course not everyone is a full-ride wrestler, but $500 is about 1% of a scholarship at a lot of schools.
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    NCAA approves shorts

    Yeah I'm sure that ~$2,500 will go a long way towards scholarships...
  10. Fair enough, I can accept that as plausible. The only evidence contrary to that I've seen was that Willie suggested there were 2 notes. (Granted, I would consider Pyles much more credible than Willie).
  11. Why do you think the doctor's note said anything about "Final X"? Any doctor worth their salt wouldn't clear you for one official competition but not another. Or are you suggesting the note said he was cleared to compete by 8/17, but chose to compete earlier (IMO, saying "competition would jeopardize health" is not clearing him)? I guess that is possible. I don't think the argument is that the doctor "misrepresented" the date. Just that he might have initially said one date, but then later moved it up (according to Willie @ Flo).
  12. I showed that it was reported that USA Wrestling did in fact "set rules" on what the wrestler can do during the intervening time. For whatever reason, at least one of them changed their minds.
  13. Yes it is by determining the date of Final X. I'm not taking anything as "fact," but based on the "Content Director" of the biggest wrestling website there is, the implication was definitely that in determining that date, it was based on the committee believing that was the earliest (edit: or at least soon after) he was cleared to compete (since they did not originally want him to compete sooner).
  14. My point is you're saying "Dake's camp is asserting his rights" based on "the rules." But the rules also say the committee has a say in the date if the participants can not agree, so they can in fact "dictate how he gets back to form."
  15. Of course we don't know, but I think the most likely wording was the note said he could not "compete" before 8/17. "Wrestling a live match" is not competing.
  16. I think it did. You're saying it depends on your frame of reference. My frame of reference was kids of that age. Those wrestling for their local middle school are not very good compared to the kids spending more time on the club circuit. If you're problem is with the term "garbage," OK then I'll stick with "not very good."
  17. According to the rules, the date is not up to Dake and Dake alone, and specifically states if an agreement is not reached the committee will set the date. http://content.themat.com/forms/2019-WTT-MFS.pdf
  18. Well as I said earlier, there are a lot of good middle school aged wrestlers, so I don't think I'm downplaying the skills that kids at that age can have. It's just that the best kids seem to mostly be wrestling for club teams at that age, and not their local middle school.
  19. OK I get it, we must think of the children. How about if we say most middle school coaching is garbage? I wonder how many middle school coaches actually have wrestling experience.
  20. You seem to be contradicting yourself a bit by basically saying "Dake is not breaking the rules" but then saying "why should USA wrestling dictate how he gets back to form." The rules you are hanging your argument on were created by USA wrestling so USA Wrestling can most certainly dictate it. While not an official rule (yet), it was reported that USA Wrestling specifically did not originally want Dake competing prior to the match with Dieringer, and only gave in after Dake's team pushed back citing the "law" (whether or not it actually involved lawyers). If you don't want to believe those reports, fine.
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    NCAA approves shorts

    Gwiz going shirt over the singlet at the airport. But I think it's pretty safe to say the senior world team is not who allowing shorts is targeting (younger athletes & viewers mostly).
  22. Calm down dude, it's an internet message board, I'm pretty sure everyone here knows anyone that is talked about here has accomplished way more than 99.9% of the people posting here. That doesn't mean they are immune to criticism. I guess no one should report on any sporting events unless you were a Hall of Famer because after all most people writing about sports will never accomplish anything near what the person they're writing about has. And what do you mean "we know better than he does" anyway? Of course delaying the match is what's best for him, that's the whole argument. He should be allowed time to recover from his injury, but shouldn't need to take his sweet time in doing so.
  23. Did he claim to have any inside knowledge of it or was he just making a prediction? He specifically said "he was told" info about what the committee said regarding the Dake situation. I don't know if anyone else reported something similar to what Pyles did about the committee originally not wanting Dake to compete before the match with Ringer, but others did corroborate the story about the 4-3 vote.
  24. I mean unless you're getting info from Dieringer, Dake, his doctor or lawyer then that's probably the best you're gonna get.
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    Check out this smoke show

    Small world though...apparently the previous coach at Northwest Tech is now the coach at North Idaho college - where the longtime coach was fired and is claiming the school violated the ADA among other things. https://www.cdapress.com/sports/20190604/nic_hires_sebaaly_as_wrestling_coach