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  1. Did he claim to have any inside knowledge of it or was he just making a prediction? He specifically said "he was told" info about what the committee said regarding the Dake situation. I don't know if anyone else reported something similar to what Pyles did about the committee originally not wanting Dake to compete before the match with Ringer, but others did corroborate the story about the 4-3 vote.
  2. I mean unless you're getting info from Dieringer, Dake, his doctor or lawyer then that's probably the best you're gonna get.
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    Check out this smoke show

    Small world though...apparently the previous coach at Northwest Tech is now the coach at North Idaho college - where the longtime coach was fired and is claiming the school violated the ADA among other things. https://www.cdapress.com/sports/20190604/nic_hires_sebaaly_as_wrestling_coach
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    Check out this smoke show

    That is a very detailed Wikipedia profile. Not sure why someone would make up a 7th place finish at the Pat Shaw invitational in Guatemala, but you never know. It does look like he was actually the club coach at ISU, which of course is totally separate from the NCAA team (although his son might’ve been on the actual roster for a couple years) - http://www.iowastatedaily.com/sports/iowa-state-wrestling-club-finishes-season-on-strong-note-at/article_702d955a-195c-11e7-9f2a-dfd17018fc62.html But apparently he also coached a HS team in California during the same time he was coaching the club team at ISU? - https://www.kcra.com/article/high-school-coach-rebuilds-wrestling-program-leads-team-to-success/8974746 BTW, looks like Northwest Tech (which I’d never heard of before this post) is in the NJCAA anyway, so it’s not like he got a high profile job.
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    What was the previous time record? Obviously 5 seconds is really short, but I feel like almost every time I watch one of the high profile UFC matches (admittedly not too often), it’s over in like less than a minute.
  6. Pyles said it. He knows more about the situation than anyone on this site.
  7. http://content.themat.com/forms/2019-WTT-MFS.pdf and http://content.themat.com/forms/2019-WTT-Procedures.pdf It says "delay due to injury or illness." It doesn't say "delay due to needing to knock off the rust." As mentioned previously, the committee apparently put in specific wording when the delay was announced saying that they didn't want him to compete prior to 8/17, but someone(s) also apparently changed their mind. (I know #3 of what I posted has no "formal basis in any rule" since only 48 hours is required, but considering this was an old injury and if it's apparently common knowledge that he should be able to compete in something else first, I think that's part of why people are so annoyed by the situation).
  8. Because the delay is for recovering from injury. There are various levels of WTF going on here IMO: 1. Wrestling live matches in practice is fine, but you shouldn’t need to compete in something else in order recover from an injury 2. Even if you do need to compete in something else first, that shouldn’t have to be 6 weeks before the match that got delayed 3. If you did need to compete in something else first, you should have announced and agreed to that sooner
  9. Wrestling live matches in practice is not the same as wrestling official competition matches. Otherwise I doubt he would have even done it.
  10. He can “knock off the rust” in practice, which again most people didn’t have a problem with. If we knew he had to enter a competition 6 weeks before the match with Dieringer to “knock off the rust,” then they should’ve announced the delay earlier than right before Final X, since everyone knew he hadn’t wrestled an official match in awhile.
  11. No it doesn’t, he was supposedly injured before and now (once he wrestles in Spain) he’s not. The point is to recover from injury, not “get the rust off.”
  12. Sure, but that’s why I said “most” people. Was there a 13-page thread about it?
  13. You keep lumping in the “even in practice” phrase when pretty sure most people would have no problem with him wrestling full matches in practice. It’s just the fact that he’s entering an official competition which people think is wrong.
  14. One additional note here...has it been confirmed that Dieringer actually “agreed” to the date? Based on two articles I posted straight from the horse’s mouth (USA Wrestling), the wording would actually suggest that he did NOT “agree.”
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    Teasdale Interview

    Wait wut? Teasdale has arguably more serious issues than Long??? Unlike Long (dating back to his ISU days), to my knowledge Teasdale was never arrested. Basically it seems the issue(s) with him are smoking and maybe not going to class. If he wasn’t a 4X PA state champ, no one would care since that’s a similar story a ton of college freshman have.
  16. The difference is that while physically for Dake it may not be much different, “competing” in an official event is different from wrestling live in practice. Someone earlier mentioned that Ringer needs the Dogu to help his potential seeding. If Dake loses (even by injury default) in Spain, could that hurt his seeding for future events?
  17. Not sure if we’ll ever get the answer to #1. The answer to #2 might be out there but I don’t know what it is.
  18. I guess it goes back to what the doctor’s note said, but as others alluded to I’d bet it says “compete.” If that’s the case, anything but #6 and #8 above would not be competing (assuming the mini-tournament in #5 is “unofficial.” I don’t think it being overseas has anything to do with the outcry. Just that he’s wrestling an official match(es) that isn’t against Dieringer.
  19. This is probably the most reasonable argument in Dake’s favor. I agree, wrestling live matches in practice probably wouldn’t be much different than wrestling in the tournament in Spain. However, it’s just the fact of wrestling “official” matches is what rubs people the wrong way, and is apparently what the committee originally wanted to prevent from happening. Obviously we don’t know what the note says, but I’d agree with what Regulator wrote above, I’d guess the original note likely just said “compete” and did not include “for Final X.”
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    Teasdale Interview

    BWI seems to care. Their thread is longer than HR’s.
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    Fewer PA weight classes

    You’re right, they are different worlds. I’m not saying to get rid of heavyweight, but let’s be real, it doesn’t take much skill set to be fairly successful at heavyweight in high school (college, different story). There was a kid on my HS team that probably won 20 matches without getting a takedown or a pin/nearfall. Again, I’m just saying that age shouldn’t be the baseline for varsity letters, wrestling ability should be.
  22. I’m not so sure Dieringer “agreed” to the date: https://www.teamusa.org/USA-Wrestling/Features/2019/June/04/Dake-delays-series-against-Dieringer-due-to-injury ”If a delay is granted, the national coach and the two athletes involved shall determine the date...If an agreement can not be reached, then the style-specific sport committee will determine the date.” https://www.teamusa.org/USA-Wrestling/Features/2019/July/02/Dake-v-Dieringer-in-Austin-on-August-17 ”The date and city for this Final X Special Wrestle-Off were determine by USA Wrestling’s Freestyle Sport committee.”
  23. Unless there are quotes from Dake, Koll or the doctor, "the Flo guys" are pretty much the best you're going to get. They're reporters. Do you not believe any NFL free agent signings until the official team press conference? Also from "the flo guys" but according to them, Derek Fix (Daton's dad and OSU RTC Coach, and Seth Duckworth (covers OSU), it was: 4 in favor of allowing it (from Fix and Duckworth): McCoy, Reiland, Foxen, Greg Strobel 3 against (from Pyles): Jordan Burroughs, Coleman Scott, Jamill Kelly
  24. Then why even bring up your example if it wasn't relevant?
  25. Were the dates of any competitions your wrestlers were “tuning up” for ever pushed back to accommodate your wrestlers?