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  1. I think the RTC’s should dual each other
  2. But as ugarte said do they really need an arena if there are limited/no fans? If there’s no vaccine by then I honestly think it should be outside, and really all you’d probably need is a football field somewhere warm. Maybe Flo could “host” in Austin which at least is somewhat centrally (east to west) located.
  3. Snyder/Gwiz to increase speculation of Snyder moving up if he won
  4. No denial of being OP... Kidding. Seems a bunch of the Flo lawsuit stories originated from TR Foley. Not saying he’s making them up, but maybe he is the OP?
  5. Doesn't Alvarez have multiple wins over Robert Howard who was a world champ? Alvarez was a 3X finalist in NJ, with his 2 losses coming against the same guy (Princeton commit Anthony Clark). Yes Vito is more accomplished and I think he wins also, but who knows. Alvarez was also at a higher weight than Vito (and of course when Vito was at 133 he lost to Chaz Tucker too).
  6. Yes but we're really just guessing as to what they weigh. "Closer to 160" for Caldwell and "at least 150" for Pletcher could mean they both might be around 155.
  7. Yes this would be my assumption, that any plan to bring wrestling back would at least involve also adding women’s wrestling (or one of the cut female sports)
  8. Which still may not be a huge size advantage over Pletcher. I imagine he walks around at least 150 probably more right?
  9. Yes I saw that. But my guess is that may have been more of a dare. Guess we’ll see
  10. Of course not. But I'm sure if the team came up with a large sum of money the school may reconsider (even though they claim it's not about the money).
  11. Wait isn’t OP the guy that may or may not be nomad?
  12. Apparently in 2015 he said he “walks out of practice at 146,” so maybe he won’t have a size advantage https://mmajunkie.usatoday.com/2015/05/bellator-title-aspirations-prompted-darrion-caldwells-drop-to-bantamweight
  13. Because he won NCAA’s 11 years ago at 149?
  14. The more I think about it the more I am excited about the Pletcher/Caldwell match. I think it’s funny that Caldwell said he didn’t know who Pletcher was previously (but said he looked good after watching video), and Pletcher said all he had really seen of Caldwell was Metcalf. The style/generation clash is definitely interesting, and you know Caldwell especially will let it fly. And Pletcher did let it fly this year too, honestly even the 5-0 loss to Lugo at Rumble on the Rooftop had a good bit of action IMO. Pletcher did seem to struggle with Lugo’s size though, so if Caldwell has the same weight advantage, that could spell trouble for Luke.
  15. I never realized Trevor Melde was a 3x NQ. Thought he was gonna be a stud, but don’t remember hearing much about him after HS. 3x NQ (and 100 wins apparently) is pretty good though. Edit: John Trumbretti being a 2x NQ is impressive too. Didn’t he suffer a serious neck injury in HS?
  16. To be fair, NZ has about the same population as Alabama
  17. Can’t find anything else about them suing OSU specifically, but also according to Foley they sued Track because they wanted to put the Iowa/OSU dual on NBC. Don’t think I’ve heard that before, not sure if it was more known. https://intermatwrestle.com/articles/17848
  18. According to a different thread on here which claimed TR Foley as the source, yes: Which in response to the prior post, would be a pretty specific allegation, right?
  19. Mostly the second part. Depends what you mean by “fill” for the first part. I would think not all teams are at their roster limits right?
  20. Got ya, thanks. I probably don’t understand it correctly, but as far as I can tell I agree with IronChef, I feel like it could probably be moreso a way for bigger schools to get more kids on scholarship. But hopefully it results in more guys on college rosters, which would be a good thing.
  21. Was there something preventing schools from offering “need and merit-based aid” previously?
  22. I don’t think the college guys (Vito, Alvarez, RBY) are being paid. I think they talked about it specifically on FRL when someone suggested Amine to replace Downey.
  23. NCWA is the one that still held nationals after covid right?
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