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    Pitt is just a train wreck

    So you are including NJ to count for near to Hofstra but not OH to count for near to Pitt?
  2. 1032004

    "He Punched him in Face, He Punched him in Face"

    Here is the YouTube video - happens at about 11:25 After seeing the Meredith video then looking back at this one it does look like he's using the same form, and clearly waiting until there is little or no time left to do it (actually in the Meredith video time appears to be out). Because he was just standing there leading up to it, I'd definitely agree with at least an unsportsmanlike call. I understand the refs not wanting to call it initially to decide the match, but when they do a review you'd almost have to call it. Agree that there's no one to blame but Ashnault.
  3. 1032004

    "He Punched him in Face, He Punched him in Face"

    Is there a better angle than the video on YouTube? Can hardly see. Definitely didn't look like Jack enjoyed winning it that way though. Wouldn't have mattered if he could have got out from bottom though.
  4. 1032004

    Do you view all NCAA titles equally?

    There may be less people "in general" at the lower weights, but because wrestling is one of the only sports where you can excel despite being smaller than average there is certainly no shortage of people in my opinion, particularly in college where 125 is the lowest weight so you essentially have HS guys from pretty much 4 weight classes all wrestling at 125 in college (not that there'd be many 103/106 HS seniors that could get big enough to win an NCAA title at 125 - off topic but I'd be curious if that has ever happened since 118 was removed). But to answer the question in the OP, I'd still say yes.
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    Yeah the article said they had 5 NCAA qualifiers in his 12 years. I get that they have good academics, but that stat isn't not too impressive...
  6. 1032004

    College Wrestling Map

    Cool map. Just noticed one thing-there are two York Colleges, one in PA and one in NE but the map lists both in PA
  7. 1032004

    University of Delaware to add wrestling?

    One of his brothers was actually a 2X district champ and state qualifier in NJ, Joe could actually be somewhat of a wrestling fan.
  8. 1032004

    There is a lot going on with this story

    If true, I thought it was pretty clear that the motive would've been an attempt to protect the kids from having a criminal record, not to just stay on the team. Obviously it seems dumb now if that is what happened but I'm sure he thought no one else would find out...
  9. There's not much depth but there is talent in NC. I agree with you that college programs likely aren't going to help HS participation a whole lot but I think the fact that UNC and NC State still get a fair amount of NC walkons (and the fact that App State has had some success with NC starters) shows that there are good NC wrestlers that want to wrestle in state. And whether or not they recruit in NC they seem to be doing okay (like you said even with a good number of D1 programs in the state) so I think my point is more that if they can do it then I think Clemson can too, and they wouldn't have to have a huge travel budget. Sorry forgot about Citadel, just thought of Newberry since it's not too far from Clemson.
  10. There have been several threads on the NC wrestling board about the college teams and the fact that particularly in the past UNC and NC State especially wouldn't really recruit much in state. I think NC State has done some more recently, not sure about UNC but they both have a fair amount of NC walkons. App State has done a bunch of recruiting in NC and had a pretty good year this year. I think Clemson is the obvious choice as the best chance to add wrestling. It's actually about the same distance from Charlotte as most of the NC schools which is the biggest metro in the state. You also have D2 Newberry in SC which does pretty well in D2 I think.
  11. 1032004

    Is there a name for this move?

    Yeah mousetrap is usually to counter a Peterson but it's pretty much exactly the same position as in the video.
  12. 1032004

    The Faces of College Wrestlers...

    I'll agree with the "cauliflower ear is bad" argument, because other than that I bet most of these guys are pretty normal looking. Maybe it would've been better to have their normal picture and then "this is what you look like after wrestling in the D1 National Championships." Hopefully people can tell they also used lighting/filters/etc. to prove their point but I'll also agree that no press is bad press though.
  13. This. I don't think he had control as he was almost perpendicular to Megaludis. If he was more parallel and the hand(s) was down that'd probably be control. situation #2 is a common misconception in HS and I would imagine is the same in college. You can "grab" less than 4 fingers, you just can't pull back on them.
  14. I know thanks to this board last year that college doesn't have fleeing the mat anymore. However with HS fleeing the mat, it's not fleeing if back points have been scored, so not sure if that would translate to the college stalling rule as far as the Martin/Nickal situation.
  15. I don't remember many times when it should have been called and wasn't. The only one I can think of was Nickal/Martin when Nickal was just hanging on on top and they called a stalemate when it probably should have been stalling.
  16. Maybe not at the exact moment that it was called, but he was backing up at 5:50 (and was backing up a good bit at 5:30 as well). Yeah this was questionable but I thought the refs in the finals were at least pretty consistent with being relatively quick to call stalling. Which probably helped make these finals one of the best in awhile.
  17. 1032004

    All Homegrown DI team

    Drexel/Penn (may have missed people and hopefully I am calculating these points correctly): 125: don't think anyone but Cruz is ~50 miles (4 pts if that would count) 133: Deutsch 0-2 0 pts 141: don't think anyone but Cruz is ~50 miles (8th, 7.5 pts if that would count) 149: Cimato 2-2 2 pts 157: Walsh 5th 13.5 pts 165: don't think anyone 174: Martin 1st 21 pts 184: don't think anyone but Renda is ~50 miles (3rd, 15.5 pts if that would count) 197: Harner 8th 9.5 pts 285: Stolfi 1-2 2.5 pts 78 if you expanded the boundary to 50 miles, but 51 otherwise. In googling some of the guys from some of the PA schools, seems like Pitt would be a contender here.
  18. 1032004

    Jason Bryant

    I don't know the whole story, but I read some articles saying Parry was credited with helping save Brown's program...is that not true? I believe he was retired for several years prior to taking the job at CSU, initially on an interim basis. However in regards to some of the earlier "1%er" comments, he probably was one since he had been retired.... I was originally curious why he would go from Butler or Brown to CSU but sounds like CSU convinced him to come out of retirement.
  19. 1032004

    Shoe on other foot...

    But isn't a big part of the reason that football is the enemy is because it is a Title IX nightmare? Yes I know cost is a factor as well. Yes it is, but if not for Title IX they probabiy would not have cut anything. And now once wrestling did get cut in order to bring it back because of Title IX they need to raise enough money to support both a wrestling team and a women's sport which is silly. I wonder if the coach will be able to find some students who want to start a women's track team or something in order to help the cause.
  20. 1032004

    Cleveland State Fundraising Page

    I thought the numbers that were released needed to save the wrestling team included funding a women's sport as well.
  21. That's fine but you would think if adding a women's sport was actually part of the original plan, they would at least be sure what sport it would be. The original news article says women's lacrosse or track and field...they probably could have at least put those on the ballot. edit: By your last sentence do you really mean you don't believe he really is concerned about adding women's anything?
  22. 1032004

    Is this really as bad as some think?

    So for those saying to add a pushout rule to OT, would you want it eventually in place in regulation? Because just putting it in OT doesn't really help what some argue the issue here is of not much action. In fact the point was even made that there were a lot of matches that ended 1-1 in regulation but were won in overtime when they knew all they had to do was score a TD to win. I'm thinking maybe a TD should be 3.
  23. Agree, that question probably does more bad than good. When the students vote against it that's evidence that "the student body has spoken." If the vote was would you rather have wrestling or lacrosse, which is basically what it comes down to then that might be a closer vote. But with the question as "would you pay $75 more per semester so we can have a wrestling team and a TBD women's team" I don't think there's much of a chance. On that note, why do they not even know what women's team they would add?? Doesn't seem like they really put much research into that one.
  24. Yeah it doesn't seem like this guy hates wrestling and he does actually appear to have been a very successful AD, just looks like he wears some lacrosse-colored glasses (and yes I know that doesn't make sense). He did help revive wrestling while at Brown http://www.brown.edu/Administration/News_Bureau/Databases/Encyclopedia/search.php?serial=W0380
  25. I wasn't comparing the sports themselves. I was just pointing out that in my experience the men's lacrosse team is usually friends with the women's team and they often go to watch each other's games. But with no women's team (and not many in-state students that have played lacrosse in the past), I'm not sure how Katie thinks there would be "hot chicks everywhere."