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  1. Maybe he should go to OSU. He'll make 125 then.
  2. Like Desanto, Gable may be trying to learn some sportsmanship. 7:45 he gives Hillger a shove and give him a handshake apology
  3. Does Iowa have a 125/133 recruited after Lee/Desanto graduate?
  4. It is kinda funny that his worst sportsmanship while he's been at Iowa is when he wins
  5. I was assuming "1-2" was referring to 125/133 but even if it's not, yeah in bonus point potential I'm not sure there's a consecutive one better than Lee/Desanto. I'm not even an Iowa fan but Marinelli/Kemerer is pretty good too.
  6. Is Rasheed really undersized? Didn’t he supposedly have a tough cut to 184? If that’s the case he should be about average sized for 197 IMO
  7. could just be trolling? I mean technically the statement is true even with Murin. Intermat rankings: Lee - 1, DeSanto - 2, Murin - 7 I don't see anyone better PSU: Meredith - NR, RBY - 3, Lee - 2 OSU: Picc - 4, who's their 133 again?, Gfeller - 10 NW: DeAugustino - 7, Rivera - 5, who's their 141? Wisconsin: Barnett - 18, Gross - 1, Moran - 11
  8. Got ya. For some reason I was thinking it might have involved some #2 being found where it wasn’t supposed to be, but that’s probably wrong.
  9. I wasn’t that interested in the original conversation since like I said I don’t even remember what the person was accused of doing. I do find it interesting if Willie is a suspect though. If it was him heck maybe it could also have played a role in why he left? Besides, the episodes are typically like 1.5 hours long. I think it’s to be expected that there might be some side conversation in there.
  10. Agreed. I know transitive property doesn’t work but McKee did beat Red twice last year.
  11. True, but they definitely were joking about “someone that left the company around Thanksgiving,” making it sound like the listeners were supposed to know who they were talking about. I think it was the 1/7 or 1/8 episode, can’t remember.
  12. Lol this is pretty much saying there’s nothing to do in a nice way. Sure, not “everyone” would say there’s nothing to do there, but a lot would. And again, that makes it even more of a compliment to what Kolat is doing. It’s also a private school that I think is pretty expensive and not sure of the wrestling funding situation.
  13. The FRL guys seemed to be implying that Willie could have been the perpetrator of whatever was going on in the Flo bathrooms. I honestly can’t remember, what was it?
  14. Campbell is pretty much in the middle of nowhere too which makes it even more impressive (well I guess it’s like 45 mins too Raleigh). App State is respectable too. They have a great campus so could certainly see them continuing to improve. I’d like to see Davidson be a little more competitive, they’re kinda bad.
  15. Your last sentence is probably true, but it seems to be more if they win it will be in spite of him. What they’re “losing” is his production 4 years from now where in theory he could be a title contender or something. Giving up that for a potential couple of points this year most likely is certainly a risk.
  16. I think you could argue this is taking a chance. Wilcke was probably the only one of the 3 that was pretty much guaranteed to win at least 1 match, maybe 2 or more. Assad seems to be higher ceiling, but lower floor.
  17. Not that I think Brands is thinking this, but I feel like we’re really only talking about a difference of a couple points at most here. I think chances are the difference will be more than that (win or lose). But getting Assad experience at NCAA’s could help him a lot for next year when they’ll likely need even more points out of him.
  18. That’s weird I do see an article where they’re advertised as $30. What “ticket seller” are you referring to Tommy? Like a scalper? Technically they are “$38” online, but looks like it’s through Ticketmaster with their outrageous fees.
  19. He’s likely getting benched next year anyway, so why not get some starts while he can? I’d assume Seth was on board with “the plan.” You’re probably right about Kerk’s eligibility, but there doesn’t seem to be legitimate confirmation.
  20. Who’s the 3rd “legitimate” AA contender? I’d say only Romero and Smith.
  21. No. 5 Ohio State 22, No. 24 Rutgers 13 Attendance: 4,263 Match Start: 141 Pounds 141: 1/1/1 Luke Pletcher (OSU) over JoJo Aragona (RU) by major decision, 12-4; Ohio State leads, 4-0 149: 6/6/8 Sammy Sasso (OSU) over Gerard Angelo (RU) by major decision, 16-7; Ohio State leads, 8-0 157: Michael Van Brill (RU) over Elijah Cleary (OSU) by decision, 5-3; Ohio State leads, 8-3 165: 13/13/13 Ethan Smith (OSU) over Brett Donner (RU) by major decision, 14-3; Ohio State leads, 12-3 174: 9/9/8 Kaleb Romero (OSU) over NR/19/18 Joseph Grello (RU) by decision, 9-2; Ohio State leads, 15-3 184: Billy Janzer (RU) over NR/NR/26 Rocky Jordan (OSU) by decision, 5-4; Ohio State leads, 15-6 197: 1/1/1 Kollin Moore (OSU) over 19/17/20 Jordan Pagano (RU) by major decision, 20-9; Ohio State leads, 19-6 285: 19/NR/21 Gary Traub (OSU) over Matthew Correnti (RU) by decision (SV2), 4-2; Ohio State leads, 22-6 125: 17/14/14 Nicolas Aguilar (RU) over NR/NR/18 Malik Heinselman (OSU) by major decision, 14-1; Ohio State leads, 22-10 133: 9/11/9 Sammy Alvarez (RU) over. 16/NR/15 Jordan Decatur (OSU) by decision, 6-1; Ohio State wins, 22-13 Looks like tOSU won't be getting many points at NCAA's from 157, 184, 125, or 285 (I know 285 is a backup). Is this really the #5 team in the country? Obviously 2-3 title contenders, but they may end up with "only" 3 AA's (I do think at least one of Smith or Romero will AA though).
  22. Well at least if Nevills gets benched for Kerk this season, he can say he clinched the team win against Illinois.
  23. https://www.thegazette.com/subject/sports/hawkeyes/iowa-wrestling-vs-indiana-score-results-abe-assad-redshirt-decision-20200110 I kinda agree, but judging by this quote, "“We need maybe something to shake, rattle and roll this thing a little bit,” Iowa head coach Tom Brands said. “Where it’s not just, we’re gonna go with ordinary or what everybody’s predicting. We’re not saying that’s why we did it. I’m saying shake, rattle and roll," that may even mean that it's not settled and he could still be trying to light a fire under Wilcke/Brands. But would suck for Assad if the shirt is pulled and he doesn't start in the postseason.
  24. Well looks like McKee may have just lost his battle for the 4 unless he makes the B10 finals or something
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