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  1. I thought this was the question but wasn’t sure. I like your picks and will steal a couple. I’d go: 125 - Lee/Vito 133 - RBY/Alvarez 141 - Yianni/Lee 149 - Eierman/O’Connor 157 - Hidlay/Coleman 165 - Marinelli/Lewis 174 - Kemerer/Starocci 184 - Brooks/Assad 197 - Adams/Darmstadt 285 - Steveson/Gas Tank Gary
  2. HR also noticed McD no longer listed on the team website (he was still there when I made my prior post), so I guess that makes his leaving officially official.
  3. Austin Gomez’s dad has it. https://www.thegazette.com/subject/sports/iowa-state-cyclones/isu-athletics-department-announces-positive-covid-19-result-20200603?template=amphtml
  4. Totally agree. The phrase being talked about on FRL which for some reason Pyles didn’t want to say, is “talent gives you an advantage to achieve success.” But no, it doesn’t guarantee it.
  5. Will they still make bank if they produce millions of doses of a vaccine that doesn’t work? (Not saying it won’t work, just curious)
  6. Yeah, sounds like there are several other candidates not far behind the one that is furthest along in the process.
  7. I mean are you talking about in like the 15th century? In this day and age, if you are "one of the greatest artists in the world," you'll probably be able to make some money off of it. Unless maybe you're a drug addict or something...similar to how not all talented athletes achieve success.
  8. Gross listed as Asst Coach in Wisconsin Directory, no entry for McDonough (Bono and Reader in there as well) https://www.wisc.edu/directories/person/?q=SETH A GROSS&email=sgross8%40wisc.edu&savedQuery=gross seth&returnPath=%2Fdirectories%2F https://www.wisc.edu/directories/?q=mcdonough Pretty sure McD's twitter bio used to say "Badger Wrestling coach" but doesnt anymore https://twitter.com/mcdominate17
  9. https://mgoblue.com/sports/wrestling/roster/stevan-micic/20539 2015-2016 listed as ORS according ot Michigan roster. He was also listed as a graduate student in 2019-2020 (so seems like he was still enrolled?). So he's only "behind" in athletic eligibility (not saying you were saying otherwise). Hopefully he'll actually finish his grad degree - it seems like some guys do the 5th year grad transfer thing but then don't actually finish the grad degree.
  10. No way, behind at least Cornell, Nebraska and probably Iowa.
  11. Didn’t Micic or someone else take an ORS prior to 2016? I thought 2 ORS’s were possible at least if they were taken in preparation for 2 different Olympics, just wasn’t sure if it was ever confirmed that you could do 2 years for the same games.
  12. I mean "winning" is an example of success. "Success" in art would probably be the ability to make money off of your art.
  13. According to wikipedia, Brent Metcalf's mom was an all-state gymnast and state champion in track & field
  14. And in English - https://intermatwrestle.com/articles/23620 of course Mark Palmer wrote the first google result. Says he was from Dagestan
  15. But the point is what they weighed in high school. Saying they weighed it “at one point in their life” is irrelevant.
  16. Obviously will never know what would’ve happened this year and he still needs 3 more years of results, but Sasso was a title contender as a freshman...
  17. This didn't really go into much detail since the discussion was focused on something else (interestingly enough, stopping weight cutting which is something that Askren also is strongly in favor of), but Gabe Dean had a dietitian on his show, and right around 20 minutes in he said (paraphrasing): "Of course there's the physical aspect, talent, that's obviously undeniable; But the mindset of them is what separates them" https://www.thedeanslisttalkshow.com/post/stop-youth-weight-cutting Side note: Gabe Dean talks like more of what you would expect a Cornell grad to sound like. Dake not so much.
  18. I agree no one is “entitled” to be varsity as a freshman, but the best athletes in their sport absolutely should be and are, and that includes football/baseball/basketball. I’m sure there are a lot of NCAA champs that never weighed less than 105 or so in high school... (Full disclosure I do think a 99 class is probably unnecessary). I kinda like the NY/PA proposals (they’re pretty similar IMO).
  19. Was it confirmed that guys that took an Olympic redshirt in 2019-2020, can also take one in 2020-2021? Flo seemed to be assuming they could, theorizing that Michigan could redshirt a lot of guys again, due to a combination of still preparing for the Olympics, coronavirus’ impact on the season and maybe even partly because apparently 2021-2022 NCAA’s are in Detroit. But I don’t recall seeing it confirmed that they can ORS again?
  20. I agree that "talent exists," but I don't get why Pyles wouldn't admit that it gave people an advantage "to achieve success" or whatever the wording was. Not all people with talent achieve success, but having talent certainly gives you an advantage to having success.
  21. Is this really true or just a matter of them being more suited for B1G success? Looking at 2017-2018 when they won B1G's: Tomasello B10 champ, NCAA 3rd (losing to Lee) McKenna B10 champ, NCAA 3rd (no B10 wrestlers finished ahead of him) Moore B10 champ, NCAA 4th (no B10 wrestlers finished ahead of him) Snyder B10 champ, NCAA Champ Pletcher B10 2nd (lost to Micic), NCAA 3rd (lost to Micic again who was only B10 wrestler ahead of him) Micah B10 2nd (lost to Pantaleo), NCAA 6th (did lose to Berger in consi semis, this was the year Nolf MFF'd out of B10's) Bo B10 3rd (lost to Amine), NCAA 5th (only behind Hall and Amine from B10) Martin B10 2nd, NCAA 2nd (Nickal) Yes, you can say Moore underperformed, but other than that the only guys that finished behind guys at NCAAs that they finished ahead of at B10's are Tomasello (Spencer Lee) and Micah Jordan, who lost in SV to Berger.
  22. I bet many of them will get a potential COVID vaccine though...
  23. There was one post suggesting that as a possibility due to his recent twitter follows, but I think even the poster that said that said I seemed unlikely
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