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    Pico shoulda stuck with Wrestling

    No clue how he would do in wrestling now. But I think a lot of people including the ones that paid him thought he’d be doing better in MMA.
  2. 1032004

    Cox in MMA would be unstoppable

    QB isn’t a fair comparison. There have been sprinters that played WR though, and Bolt apparently had offers to http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000708429/article/usain-bolt-received-offers-to-play-wr-in-nfl
  3. 1032004

    Who will be the next Cael (as a coach)?

    Dake is already among the best in the country at complaining to refs.
  4. 1032004

    Who will be the next Cael (as a coach)?

    This. Think he stays at Iowa?
  5. 1032004

    Top Freshman 2019/2020

    Sasso’s gotta have a pretty good shot at 149 having beaten Lugo and Pantaleo last year. Is Teemer going 157?
  6. 1032004


    I guess they do have a case here but Dake does definitely complain about refs a lot
  7. 1032004

    Can Wrestlers profit from websites?

    Advertising mostly. Haven’t looked at the site that closely but at first glance it doesn’t appear to have much if any. It does sell T-shirt’s though
  8. Nice, looks like you also beat Randy Cruz twice
  9. 1032004

    Which college coach is the best developer of talent?

    I had looked at just this year after NCAA’s
  10. 1032004

    Any word on Kyle Conel, Cassar or Rasheed?

    I think Conel’s tournament could’ve been a fluke (and am doubtful he beats Beard), but not Wilson. Conel had 11 losses that year, and by my count only 3 were “good” losses (Machiavello, Darmstadt, Weigel). He was also already a redshirt junior so had a longer history. Wilson on the other hand was just a redshirt freshman. He did have 10 losses, but 6 were to 3 people (2 being a teammate). The other 4 were in the finals against Gross, Brock, Pletcher and Bridges, and he majored both Brock and Pletcher at NCAA’s and then beat Bridges this year. The Konrath loss was bad this year but that was it, he was more just a victim of a loaded weight and coming back from injury.
  11. 1032004

    Gross to Wisconsin *almost* a done deal

    doubtful unless he's breaking up with his girlfriend or wants a long distance relationship
  12. 1032004

    Gross to Wisconsin *almost* a done deal

    Apparently Gross is saying he’s going 133
  13. 1032004

    Which 2019 champ is most likely to repeat?

    I think I’d swap Suriano and LEwis but other than that I agree
  14. 1032004

    Highest Quality Rivalry

    Of IMAR/PSU rivalries, I think I’d put Joseph/Imar ahead of Nolf. Zahid/Hall pretty good too
  15. 1032004

    Wrestle Documentary

    thought it was pretty good, except that they called it "state"
  16. 1032004

    Wrestle Documentary

    Thanks for the heads up! Looks like it’s on at 10PM. I first tried searching “wrestle” but it didn’t come up since the official name is “independent lens”
  17. 1032004

    Where is Gabe Tagg going to college?

    His Instagram says “UNC ‘23” and he posted a photo on 4/27 saying “Go Heels”
  18. 1032004

    RIP Wrestling Programs

    Maybe the former Kansas Wesleyan team can transfer to Iowa Wesleyan to give their roster a start. Looks like a 7 hour drive.
  19. 1032004

    Gross transferring & SDSU Issues

    According to BWI, Gross has a younger brother that may be going to either Augsburg or Minnesota which is why he is apparently considering Minnesota.
  20. 1032004

    Rutgers is the key to ending the PSU dynasty - T/F?

    According to the New York Times in 2003, 60% of the wrestling team was on scholarship compared to 40% overall (apparently the tuition has over doubled since then). https://www.nytimes.com/2003/05/04/nyregion/education-wrestling-is-king-at-blair.html
  21. 1032004

    RIP Wrestling Programs

    No, I think that was the point in regards to that Campbell (D1) does have wrestling scholarships.
  22. 1032004

    RIP Wrestling Programs

    Campbell may be pushing the fact that they are spreading awareness of the school to other parts of the country (and world apparently) who may have never heard of Campbell which is pretty much in the middle of nowhere (OK it's at least 45 minutes from Raleigh). Their roster consists of guys from NY, PA, Iowa, Kentucky, Mongolia, Montana, SC, VA, NJ, OH, Michigan, Vermont, Finland, Alaska, MD, FL, Nebraska, California, TX, WV, IL, MO, RI, OK, IN, NC and GA.
  23. 1032004

    Rumor - Beau Bartlett will flip to Penn State

    On FRL Tuesday they said he was a "silent commit to Princeton but a lot of people knew about it"
  24. 1032004

    Any word on Kemerer getting a 6th year?

    So are you saying people should be allowed to compete in college as long as they’re enrolled? I mean it’s gotta be for competitive reasons. This would be more relevant to non-revenue sports (because I assume they’d want to go pro in the revenue sports) , but if say there’s a stud volleyball player that wants to stick around for 10 years, then basically that team is guaranteed to be good for that entire time.
  25. 1032004

    Rutgers is the key to ending the PSU dynasty - T/F?

    I mean if they get a full (or partial at some schools) scholarship somewhere else it would pretty much cancel out the HS cost