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    Yianni-Zain: Who is favored in the wrestleoff?

    I wonder if Koll tried to get his doctor to examine Zain and say he was fine. In all seriousness, I do think there are some coaches that wouldn’t have tried to push to have it so quickly knowing Zain could be injured. To me, “very quickly” if Flo’s reports are true, does not equal “early enough to be reasonable.” And while all coaches would want their own wrestler 100% as in the Dake situation, I think there are many that wouldn’t have pulled the Spain stunt.
  2. 1032004

    Yianni-Zain: Who is favored in the wrestleoff?

    Which is pretty funny considering Dake/Ringer
  3. This statement does not support the theory in the OP IMO, since in theory one would think “not having that advantage” would lead to there not being as many 4X AA’s. Besides, in D1 your statement is false. 103/106-112/113 pounders maybe, but there aren’t many HS senior 106/113 pounders that end up starting in D1. 119/120-125/126 sure but there are plenty of upperclassmen at those weights. ... But anyway, I’d guess it does have to do with football, but more about specialization and not guys not wrestling in college. A lot of 184-285’s probably played football in high school but don’t in college. Can anyone name more than like 5 guys in the last 10 years that played football instead of wrestled in college and would’ve had a legit shot to win an NCAA title as a freshman?
  4. 1032004

    Spencer Lee talks about freestyle

    I think there was a controversial call in the Bresser match that people complained about. I don’t recall any excuses for the NaTo match though.
  5. 1032004

    Yianni won the arbitration. Next steps?

    At least Joseph was smart enough to bring up a freestyle match. Seems an easy solution for the future here (which I know has been mentioned in these threads) is to add bad time like in folkstyle.
  6. 1032004

    If Rob Koll had become the Penn State Coach?

    How many titles do you think Cael has if he stayed at ISU?
  7. 1032004

    If Rob Koll had become the Penn State Coach?

    Koll might've got 1-2 at PSU, but Cael would probably have had 3-5 at ISU IMO.
  8. 1032004

    Anything from arbitration?

    Have the reasons been mentioned on one of the many other threads on this topic?
  9. 1032004

    Junior Worlds

    $50 for a few days of content? I guess flo doesn't sound so bad now.
  10. Dernlan didn’t claim to have any specific complaints himself. And he did make the same suggestion regarding contacting the NCAA for the coaches that were complaining (which I would think wouldn’t open themselves up to the libel/defamation stuff. I guess it’s also possible complaints have been submitted we just don’t know about them).
  11. 1032004

    Junior Worlds

    I didn't realize that Vito's only losses at NCAA's were twice to Rivera (the #1 seed going in). He did beat 3 other AA's in the tournament - Picc, Foley and Bresser.
  12. True on Askren. But Dernlan did seem to imply that the coaches that were complaining had specific schools in mind, but just didn't want to say anyone specifically.
  13. 1032004

    Do we have any other Russians?

    Wikipedia says Azerbaijan. Also says his medals were at 48kg, so LJB says they don't count.
  14. 1032004

    Junior Worlds

    In juniors or seniors?
  15. 1032004

    Junior Worlds

    Zaur Uguev 2013 junior 50kg champ 2018 senior 57kg champ
  16. The Rudis podcast on this was kinda interesting. Askren basically came out and said people are cheating, but seemed to not know who (not that he didn't want to share, just that he didn't know), so I don't know how he was so confident. Dernlan didn't really express any knowledge of people cheating, but did call out coaches for complaining about it without naming names.
  17. 1032004

    Funding the RTCs

    I think this illustrates NJDan's point then. So "all" of the money is technically going to the RTC? And then can decide on their own how much of it stays with the RTC and how much goes to the college team? BTW, the Missouri Wrestling Foundation should probably spend some of that money on their website. Looks like it's from 1995.
  18. 1032004

    Preposterously Early NCAA Predictions

    Yeah I don't think so either, but more so at the off chance that Teasdale is actually the title threat at 133 that some on HR think he is
  19. 1032004

    Pan Am Games Draws

    Looks like he did take 4th in D3 as a freshman - https://www.d3wrestle.com/williams-leaves-adrian-returns-to-msu/ Was apparently also a cadet world team member prior to college https://adrianbulldogs.com/sports/m-wrestl/2015-16/bios/arthur_angus_vcdn?view=bio
  20. 1032004

    Preposterously Early NCAA Predictions

    Agreed, and I think DeSanto probably beats Murin at 141 too.
  21. 1032004

    Who wins 141 in 2019-2020? (POLL)

    Also because Penn State (half sarcasm)
  22. No but isn't wrestling basically JO and Molinaro's job?
  23. 1032004

    Yanni vs Pico

    Sure but Yianni has beaten Zain too (and yes also lost).