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  1. On 8/16/2019 at 2:51 PM, jchapman said:

    The 125ers have wrestled against 14 and 15 year olds for most of their high school career.  Heavier weights have wrestled against guys who are their age or older.  Once in college, the 125s are all developmentally mature and that advantage they had in high school is gone.  

    This statement does not support the theory in the OP IMO, since in theory one would think “not having that advantage” would lead to there not being as many 4X AA’s.  

    Besides, in D1 your statement is false.  103/106-112/113 pounders maybe, but there aren’t many HS senior 106/113 pounders that end up starting in D1.  119/120-125/126 sure but there are plenty of upperclassmen at those weights. 


    But anyway, I’d guess it does have to do with football,  but more about specialization and not guys not wrestling in college.  A lot of 184-285’s probably played football in high school but don’t in college.

    Can anyone name more than like 5 guys in the last 10 years that played football instead of wrestled in college and would’ve had a legit shot to win an NCAA title as a freshman? 

  2. 3 hours ago, Dondante88 said:

    Again, I honestly don't remember hearing or reading excuses for the 2018 losses, although I do know every fanbase has its crybabies.  SL was a true freshman getting used to the grind of college wrestling, and he lost to a tough wrestler in Bresser and a VERY good wrestler in Nato.

    I think last year was different because of the stuff I mentioned earlier.  Rivera and Picc are not Nato, yet both were able to erase major deficits against a world-class wrestler in a very small amount of time.  That's enough to make any wrestling fan wonder what was going on, let alone Iowa fans.

    I think there was a controversial call in the Bresser match that people complained about.  I don’t recall any excuses for the NaTo match though.

  3. 1 hour ago, TBar1977 said:

    I doubt Koll would have won a single title at PSU. I'd be rooting for him, but sadly it would all be in vain. 

    His father Bill was an incredible wrestler given his history on the mat, but as a coach he was about average for PSU standards. Koll coached from 65 to 78 and had 5 EIWA or EWL titles. No NCAA titles. Rich Lorenzo followed Bill Koll and coached 1 more year but had 11 league titles. No NCAA titles from Lorenzo either. Winning NCAA titles is damn hard. 

    Given Rob's coaching record I would expect he'd have outperformed his father in the coaching category, but I just don't see any NCAA titles under him. 

    Cael Sanderson is on a different planet coaching wise. He is the reason Penn State churns out titles the way they do. I agree PSU was a sleeping giant, but it took a Cael Sanderson to win all those titles. Not just anyone, even a really good coach, was going to waltz into PSU and run the table the way Cael has done. 

    How many titles do you think Cael has if he stayed at ISU?

  4. 3 hours ago, gowrestle said:

    Been in contact with 2 folks that are both very knowledgeable of the rules and are close to those making the decision. For reasons no one has mentioned on this thread, both are doubtful the results will be overturned. However both said nothing would surprise them. 

    What I think is interesting that a decision has not been made yet!

    Have the reasons been mentioned on one of the many other threads on this topic?

  5. 1 hour ago, TBar1977 said:

    I paid $49.99 and get Cadets, Juniors, and Seniors. At least you can watch the archives when you get up. And I have perfected the art of finding those videos without knowing the result beforehand. 

    $50 for a few days of content?  I guess flo doesn't sound so bad now.

  6. 3 minutes ago, TBar1977 said:

    If Dernlan knows of some names then I hope whomever he heard those names from that he advised them to contact the NCAA. 

    Dernlan didn’t claim to have any specific complaints himself. And he did make the same suggestion regarding contacting the NCAA for the coaches that were complaining (which I would think wouldn’t open themselves up to the libel/defamation stuff.  I guess it’s also possible complaints have been submitted we just don’t know about them).

  7. 8 minutes ago, LJB said:

    to be fair, there has not been one junior who ever won 50kg and then went and placed as a senior on the world level...

    not one...

    winning a child's weight in juniors means absolutely nothing for senior level success...

    just an FYI for the kids here...

    Zaur Uguev

    2013 junior 50kg champ

    2018 senior 57kg champ


  8. The Rudis podcast on this was kinda interesting.   Askren basically came out and said people are cheating, but seemed to not know who (not that he didn't want to share, just that he didn't know), so I don't know how he was so confident.   Dernlan didn't really express any knowledge of people cheating, but did call out coaches for complaining about it without naming names.

  9. 3 hours ago, tigerfan said:

    If you want to support Mizzou wrestling, you are instructed to make the check out to the Missouri Wrestling Foundation (RTC).  They are free to use that money in whatever way the coaches feel will best help the program. I suppose donations through the University still happen occasionally, but most wrestling supporters know how it works.


    I think this illustrates NJDan's point then.   So "all" of the money is technically going to the RTC?   And then can decide on their own how much of it stays with the RTC and how much goes to the college team?

    BTW, the Missouri Wrestling Foundation should probably spend some of that money on their website.   Looks like it's from 1995.

  10. 14 hours ago, nhs67 said:


    He was supposed to go to Michigan State but ended up enrolled at Adrian then somehow back at Michigan State when the Adrian HC went there. No actual competition from him though.

    Looks like he did take 4th in D3 as a freshman - 


    Was apparently also a cadet world team member prior to college


  11. 48 minutes ago, Housebuye said:

    Best guess is lee is far more consistent. Lee also takes way fewer risks (he takes risks, but Demas is crazy). I think head to head Demas is likely to win, but Demas is also more likely to take a random loss than Lee 

    Also because Penn State (half sarcasm)

  12. 33 minutes ago, spladle08 said:

    I was just saying theyre all about the same. If we are carrying over Molinaro when he was in his absolute prime (almost beat Chamizo for Bronze)

    Are we carrying over Zain, who Pico beats like he stole something.

    Sure but Yianni has beaten Zain too (and yes also lost).

  13. 18 hours ago, MDogg said:

    Given how open 141 is and the Olympic weight class configurations I think it’s likely we see one of the studs at 133 move up. I’d take a number of them over the current 141 field.

    Who else?  The list above already includes the 5th placer (DeSanto) and the champ from 2 years ago (Gross) plus Wilson.

    I don’t see Suriano, Fix or Micic moving up and I don’t think I’d pick anyone else to win 141 if they did.  And Micic is a likely ORS and Fix possible right (I can’t keep up with the ORS speculation)?  If some guys move up and some take ORS’s then 133 may be somewhat cleared out.

    I think I’ll go with Gross for now.