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  1. I don't know I don't really follow UFC, just find it hard to believe that it's "never" happened
  2. There’s never been someone retire in UFC then not come back?
  3. http://www.ncaa.org/about/resources/media-center/news/di-council-extends-eligibility-winter-sport-student-athletes
  4. When did Khabib stop wrestling?
  5. Here was an email from Cunningham sent to PSU fans that was posted on BWI on 10/15, which is basically the same things that have been discussed on here Penn State Wrestling Fans!!!!!!!!!! It has been a little while and things have begun to open back up since our last message, so it seems like a fitting time for an update. We are officially back in Rec Hall (with a lot of safety measures and protocols) which is great news. It has been a slow process over weeks of gradually working back into the building, but we are back and are able to wrestle now on a consistent basis. Our guys must undergo weekly testing, social distance with those who are not their wrestling partner, wear mask on campus and in the facility, get in and out of the facility before the next group enters, social distance outside the wrestling room to name a few but to be back wrestling in the Lorenzo Wrestling Complex it is well worth it to the guys. Overall, we have a very young team, but it is a group of guys who love to be on the wrestling mat and who we are excited to watch compete this year. We do not yet have our schedule set with all the moving parts, but it will be a second semester start. The NCAA has announced that this year will not be counted against anybody that chooses to compete. So, if like last year and the National Tournament is cancelled then the athletes will get the year back. They have also said that if there is a national tournament then they will still get the year back which makes things interesting. We feel bad for our seniors who did not get to compete in their 4th national championship last year, but it is good to know regardless of what happens this year guys will not lose the opportunity to compete going forward. Hopefully that all makes sense, but the point is there is no negative consequence for competing this year. Athletes will be able to get their 4 years at the National Tournament and in some cases now may get 5. In other exciting news the NLWC hosted its first wrestling event on Rokfin last month. The NLWC is set to host another one next Tuesday night at 8:05pm on Rokfin. The great thing about this next event is a lot of our college guys will be competing this time. Our college guys have been excited to compete since last March and longer for some of them so it will be fun to see where they are at. It will give everybody a chance to see some of our new and older guys compete against quality competition in the same event. I will include the article with the link to sign up, but it is $10 to watch and that allows you access to everything on the site for 1 month. We are going to be trying to put up interviews, some clips of practice, etc. so get signed up and support the NLWC. If you are already signed up then thank you for the support as it directly impacts our post grads who live and train here full time. Thank you GO LIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Greco team member comments - https://fivepointmove.com/usa-greco/national-team-not-going-20-worlds/?fbclid=IwAR2KCOIKC24xJ6HlnRc7EyCU0JMKXS3wA7Wg73FjVEYWxtnnFkM8F2ZuaEo Brady Koontz (60 kg, TMWC/Ohio RTC, 5PM #12) — 2019 World Team Trials Champion, ’19 Final X runner-up, ’19 U23 World Team, ’18 Junior World Team “When I first saw it I was pretty upset. I know that as long as UWW (United World Wrestling) is taking the right precautions with COVID that everyone should be fine. I don’t think there were any issues at Senior Nationals or any tournaments that are going on. I was upset that they decided not to send anyone because I know that we’re starting to do better in Greco-Roman internationally, starting with Max (Nowry) getting fifth at the Worlds last year. I think it’s disappointing that USA Wrestling decided not to send anyone because I think it is important for us to get that international competition instead of just wrestling other Americans all of the time. And it is a lot harder to do that when you can’t go overseas.” Max Nowry (60 kg, Army/WCAP, world #3 at 55 kg, 5PM #3) — 2019 World Team, two-time US National Champion, three-time Pan-Am Championships gold, ’12 University World Champion “When we received the email with the survey asking us about this year’s Worlds and if we would participate, I wrote a clear ‘strongly disagree’ across the board. Whether I’m injured or not injured, with Serbia’s (COVID case) numbers spiking, I don’t think wrestling needs to jump into that. If Tokyo is a big thing in everyone’s minds, then I do not think we should be jumping into this as a sport. “We just had a tournament that was done domestically and USA Wrestling did a very good job of controlling a lot of factors to ensure there was no spread and that everything went smoothly; but when you are talking about an international competition, there is travel and a lot of other things USA Wrestling and UWW can’t control. It wasn’t safe for our athletes. It would suck if it did go on and our athletes can’t compete in it, but I think down the road the bigger picture is Tokyo and that is what we should be looking to make sure happens instead of a World Championships that happens between now and then. "The biggest thing is the travel. When USA Wrestling held the US Nationals, they controlled a lot of factors and it was a smaller setting. This whole situation sucks. Everyone wants to wrestle. The US Open was the first (Senior) tournament since the Pan-Am Olympic Qualifier. People are starting to go crazy, and hopefully, this sh*t comes to an end.” Ray Bunker (67 kg, Marines, world #11 at 72 kg, 5PM #3) — 2019 World Team, ’19 US National Champion, ’20 Pan-Am Championships gold “I really didn’t think about it. I had a feeling that the rest of this year would be cancelled. Something that we learn in the Marine Corps is to hope for the best but always expect the worst. That is kind of how I live my life, regardless of the circumstances with COVID-19. I appreciate USA Wrestling’s decision because they are looking out for the health and wellbeing of the athletes and the coaches. It is upsetting, but I do feel that they made the right decision.” Ellis Coleman (67 kg, Army/WCAP, 5PM #1) — Four-time World Team, five-time US National Champion, ’12 Olympian) “I thought it was a pretty good decision for USA Wrestling to not send a Team to Serbia. I think it is the fairest way across the board. Everyone has a fair chance. There were a lot of people pushing for it (to go) for different reasons and from different perspectives, and I can see why. I feel for those people, too, who want to have the chance to go to a World Championship and try to earn a belt. But — we left off at Olympic Trials. That was the most important thing at the time before COVID took off, and that is where we should pick it back up. When the NBA, MLB, and NFL started their seasons back up, they didn’t start their seasons with the intent for teams that didn’t have great records to have a better record just so they could make the playoffs. They started their seasons back up with everyone having a chance. Baseball even shortened their playoffs in the first few rounds. “We left off at the Olympic Trials. I would love for people to have the opportunity to earn a World title, and I wouldn’t mind doing that, too. On behalf of those people, it is tough to find a middle ground because there are a lot of athletes who just very recently got back on the mat. Even if there were a World Team Trials tournament, it would be tough because people haven’t been training. Like us (Army), for example. We just got back on the mat, and I am sure there are other athletes who have been dealing with the same thing; and then there are other athletes who have been training the whole entire time and competed at the Nationals. I feel for those athletes. “But the most solid ground for everyone would be the Olympic Trials. That’s where we left off, and it would give everyone enough time to see how COVID goes and how it responds within these next few months coming up, how well our economy is doing, and how all of these other countries across the world are doing. That way, we won’t get caught off guard like we did when it first happened. We will definitely be better prepared for it and all of the athletes will have more time to train and prepare for the Olympic Trials.” Jamel Johnson (67 kg, Marines, 5PM #4) — 2019 World Team Trials Champion, ’19 Final-X runner-up, ’12 University World bronze “To be honest, and this could be seen as arbitrary or uncommitted to the survey, I voted ‘neutral’ on just about everything. My opinion on the decision not to go is still neutral. Because, what did they say? They said if they decided to send someone that it wouldn’t count for anything; they said if they decided to send a Team and someone earned a medal, there wouldn’t be a Living the Dream medal fund bonus. Of course, yes, yes, everyone who wrestles does so for the pure love of the sport. But at the same time, wrestling is like the ‘gentleman’s poor man’s sport’. Like, yes, we love it, we love the fight; but we’re also trying to feed our families, we are trying to sustain our lives. “During this weird time of COVID, when you say things like that, when that is the deciding factor whether or not we go to this tournament? Then it’s like, Fine, if that’s the case then I don’t really want to go. Yes, everyone would love to win a World title. Everyone. Everyone would love to bring back a medal, whatever it may be. But when they say things like that, it takes away from the glory of winning it, and the incentive of winning it because, again, this is the gentleman’s poor man’s sport. People are trying to support themselves right now, and I don’t know if they know, but people aren’t doing so well right now. Of course, we, the military, have a different lifestyle and we get paid on the 1st and the 15th. But I’m definitely not going to jeopardize my health on top of not having any type of incentive for going to this tournament.” Ben Provisor (77 kg, NYAC/BVRTC, 5PM #3) — Two-time Olympian, two-time World Team, three-time US National Champion “I understand the decision but I think it sucks. I think it became political as far as what we were going to do, and I don’t like that just because everything, especially now, has become political with the election going on. There is just a big divide in our country and I think if we would have had the chance to wrestle, it would have provided the chance for Americans to be together on something, especially during COVID, instead of apart. Not only is it COVID, there is also the election. I haven’t seen a split like this in America during my life, and I am sure not in a lot of people’s lives. “So, I think that would have been good. But I also saw an article that John Stefanowicz posted and I guess the arena for the Worlds in Serbia was made into a COVID quarantine station. If they are quarantining people in that building who have COVID, then I understand USA Wrestling’s decision not to do it. It obviously still sucks not being able to wrestle and make some money for my family. I’m not going to say it doesn’t.”
  7. Does Conel still wrestle? Based on what he did last year, I don't think he's beating Rasheed. Of nhs's list, I'd say the only guys Rasheed probably beats are Nolf, Joseph, Beard, Lee, Berge,
  8. So basically this has been in the works and JB/Taylor are trying to manufacture twitter drama. I don’t hate it though... But based on the 1 month+1 or a few days formula, I’d bet we’re looking at the week between Christmas and New Year’s. Seems like a no risk situation for JB, since he’s probsbly expected to lose due to the weight difference. I do wonder if he’s testing the waters for Trials though...
  9. Yeah, hopefully NCAA’s happen and it will likely be a pretty close race for the title
  10. Well that was a little different because some of those kids either never even played the sport or were not any good, and also used mainstream sports like USC football, but yeah the premise is pretty much the same. The kids in that other article were supposedly good, the issue is that they are competing for such a small # of spots, and even less now with teams being cut. Howver, I didn’t realize Stanford Sailing (2 of the 11 cut sports) was involved with the Lori Laughlin/Operation Varsity Blues thing, so I do wonder if that had any impact (the coach was fired and charged). Apparently a Chinese family paid $6.5 million (of which the head scammer guy took $6, and the father who was a pharma guy had previously been accused of bribing someone at China’s FDA who was sentenced to death...) but the girl wasn’t even listed as an athletic recruit, yet supposedly her sailing accomplishments helped her get admitted. And apparently they attempted to get other Stanford coaches involved in the scheme but were unsuccessful - https://abcnews.go.com/US/varsity-blues-ringleader-recruit-stanford-coaches-investigation/story?id=67489718
  11. Yup I had read that which kinda goes along with what I was saying. Interesting article. Wrestling is interesting because there is a lot of money in people going to clubs, etc. But it's also popular in blue collar areas of course as well. As we know wrestling did survive the cuts at Brown.
  12. Interesting data point. Have there been many other amateur international events actually happen with competitors coming from all over the world? I did a brief search and didn’t find much (although apparently it seems track & field only hold championships every other year and did in 2019). The weightlifting championships will be online apparently - https://www.insidethegames.biz/articles/1097734/iwf-youth-world-championships-cancelled Swimming was moved to 2021 (although I think was scheduled for earlier this year) - https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-coronavirus-swimming-idUSKBN22X1IZ
  13. Don’t let them fool you, Stanford (and Brown/Dartmouth) didn’t cut those sports because of money. They did it because they want athletes to be a smaller percentage of the student body. For the Ivies especially, I think the recent Harvard lawsuit filed by Asian-Americans played a role, since they essentially admitted (what we all knew) that athletes got preferential treatment in the admissions process and allow students into the school with worse academics than most of the rest of the students. I think the one hope that the Stanford wrestling team has of being saved is that the team is diverse. Most of the other sports cut are for “rich white kids,” so if they can successfully argue that wrestling helps diversity at the school I wouldn’t count out their return. This is basically the opposite of what OP is suggesting. Schools like Stanford don’t need sports to get people to apply to the school. But lesser-known schools often use sports as a way of attracting students.
  14. LOL, I was also going to add to my post, well no **** Covington is best case scenario, wasn't he a champion and currently ranked #1? I doubt anyone other than Blue Dragons/PD2 really expects Downey to be a champion. But it wouldn't surprise me to see him be a middle of the road/above average UFC guy.
  15. Fair enough. But there is also a difference between D1 talent and D1 AA talent, and even more of a difference between D1 AA talent and senior level talent. Even going back to just D1 AA’s, maybe there have been hundreds of D1 AA’s try to make it in MMA, but not thousands...UFC is 27 years old...80 AA’s/year x 27 = 2,160 and that’s not counting multiple time AA’s so I’m sure it’s less than 50% that have tried.
  16. No my understanding was the 30% yes and no was only among people that responded. I forget the exact terminology but I think the remaining was either not sure or "need more info"
  17. This makes sense...I mean it's basically the D3 model outside of 4-5 scholarships. But if you have a roster of 20+ you will more than make that up. And D3 seems to be where the growth has been recently. Maybe they should add wrestling at this place - https://www.forbes.com/sites/kurtbadenhausen/2020/10/19/colby-college-defies-downturn-with-200-million-facility-and-a-pledge-for-sports/#79008d3c1d82
  18. I only listened to the first 10 minutes of that press conference so far but they did address the "survey." They also offered up that the recipients were only given 3 days to respond. Yes, of the respondents she quoted about 30% yes/30% no. However seems like it's a strong possibility that many did not see it or weren't quick enough to respond within the 3 day window given.
  19. Press conference for those interested:
  20. NLWC vs guys from NJ Gilman vs Suriano RBY vs Rivera Lee vs McKenna Zain vs Ashnault Cenzo/Nolf vs Mekhi Starocci vs McFadden Bo vs Martin (have they wrestled in FS)? Gomez vs Burroughs is always fun
  21. I’ve heard people say Serbia has a travel ban on people from the US. Is that true? Never heard of this website but according to this article from 5 days ago, Serbia “has one of the most relaxed entry requirements in the world”: https://www.traveloffpath.com/serbia-covid-19-entry-requirements/
  22. Yeah I knew Askren wasn’t a good comparison, but I don’t follow MMA much either and he was the first person I thought of after thinking of Masvidal. You could argue guys like Caldwell, Jenkins and Palmer were better wrestlers, and while successful in MMA, I don’t believe were ever in the UFC. However I believe someone earlier said Downey would never make $100k cumulative in MMA? That certainly seems doable even in an organization other than the UFC. Of the top active UFC fighters, who was the best wrestler? Colby Covington? Could he be considered comparable to Downey? Highest NCAA finish was 5th, had to transfer and apparently had several legal issues? He’s also currently 32 years old, but appears to have started MMA right after college.
  23. He took 5th as a sophomore at 197. While not unprecedented by any means, I think that might qualify as "special." He'd be one of the best wrestlers (maybe the best active if Cejudo doesn't count, I don't really follow that closely), plus apparently has all that streetfighting experience. Like Ben Askren meets Jorge Masvidal (no pun intended)
  24. So which is it, he enjoyed getting in street fights, or he was just defending himself?
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