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    133 - Meatgrinder of Parity

    The winning record thing is a little misleading because the highest ranked guy he beat is Paetzell of Lehigh who has a losing record. Paetzell has wins over #10 Erneste and #11 Bridges. Half of his losses are to Micic, DeSanto, RBY and Lizak; his only losses to someone not in the top 20 were to Terao and Thornton of Purdue. (So even the bottom half of the 133 rankings are a mess too). Micic does potentially have Pletcher, RBY and Suriano coming up so hopefully we see all 3 of those matches. I have a feeling he drops at least one of them but no idea which one. Keep in mind Micic lost to both Pletcher and DeSanto early last season before beating them both later (Pletcher twice). I don’t think I’d be surprised if any of the top 10 guys (Micic, Fix, Suriano, Phillippi, Pletcher, Wilson, DeSanto, Lizak, Gomez, RBY IMO) wins it all in March.
  2. 1032004

    Pitt Vs okie state

    Who’s Wyatt Sheets? He beat #12 Rahmani 9-3
  3. 1032004

    Rutgers vs Iowa

    Yes I did see that after the fact, thanks.
  4. 1032004

    Stoll #1?

    Yes. I’m saying that high school snapdown isn’t going to work against this year’s top guys.
  5. 1032004

    Suriano screwed up

    Their 2018 recruiting class was ranked #12 by intermat and looks like 2019’s ranking should be similar. Goodale said Aragona is actually the first time they’ve signed a guy who was #1 at his weight. https://scarletknights.com/news/2018/11/14/wrestling-signs-loaded-2019-recruiting-class.aspx Didn’t realize he actually lives in PA despite going to a NJ school. A technicality but I guess that breaks up the NJ monopoly at RU
  6. 1032004

    Suriano screwed up

    He was an NCAA finalist last year and beat the defending champ to get there, it’s not like he went down the crapper since transferring. But I do agree he seems afraid to lose against some of the top guys. Hopefully now that he has he’ll learn to open up a bit. And might need to work on the gas tank a bit for DeSanto.
  7. 1032004

    Stoll #1?

    Apparently not. I think that was the least impressive 10-0 Win I’ve ever seen. Does Stoll ever shoot? All I’ve ever seen him do are those snap downs, which he got 2 TD’s off of against Colucci and one off a sprawl, plus 3 stalling points because Colucci couldn’t get out from underneath 285 pounds. Don’t see any way he beats Gable, Cassar or White this year.
  8. 1032004

    Rutgers vs Iowa

    The timing of the double stall in DeSanto/Suriano seemed odd IMO. There was definitely some double stalling going on in the first 2 minutes, but when it was called they had both recently made real shot attempts. That said, definitely shows that it could’ve been called in the Fix/Suriano match.
  9. I know it’s based on an algorithm, but trying to decipher 133 and it doesn’t seem to make sense: 1. Suriano 2. Micic 3. Desanto 4. Lizak 5. RBY 6. Fix 7. Pletcher 8. Gomez https://www.wrestlestat.com/rankings/starters H2H results seem to have little bearing. Main issues: 1. Fix at #6 despite beating #1 and #4 2. Lizak ranked ahead of 3 guys he lost to 3. DeSanto ahead of Gomez who he lost to 4. Philippi down at #14 despite beating #7 and #4 5. RBY at #5 despite losing to #8 Gomez and his best win coming against the #17 at 125 according to their rankings. The only thing I saw in the FAQ was that margin of victory seems to be a factor, so maybe that explains RBY, but Fix for example has a lot of bonus wins as well...
  10. 1032004

    Best Start to a Freshman Season

    Hidlay last year beat Lavallee (2nd 2017), Micah Jordan (4th 2017) and Tyler Berger (5th 2017) all prior to the conference tournament.
  11. 1032004

    Best Start to a Freshman Season

    Fix has beaten 2 former finalists in Suriano and Lizak
  12. I can see the “body of work” argument to keep Lee at #1, but what math has Glory at #2 ahead of Rivera (in addition to the RBY over Fix example above). Rivera beat Lee who Glory lost to 2X and is undefeated, whereas Glory also lost to Picc (don’t believe Rivera and Picc have ever wrestled). Rivera had 8 losses last year - Lee 2X, Suriano 2X, Cruz, Tomasello, Lizak and LaMont. I like Glory, but his best wins are Connor Brown and Travis Piotrowski, I doubt he’s beaten anyone that beat Rivera (unless they are counting redshirt years and even then I didn’t really see any bad losses from Rivera). Glory majored Brown and Rivera teched him this year. Ooh I think I found it! Glory majored Piotrowski this year but Rivera decisioned him last year. That’s literally the only result that I could find where Glory’s was better than Rivera’s. But on that note, being able to find the results is pretty good on wrestlestat...
  13. 1032004

    Steveson workout video

    Whoops, just realized there is at least one example of this this year. Josh Hokit of Fresno State, now ranked #16 at 197 after beating ISU's Miklus, also plays RB on the football team.
  14. Well that still doesn't explain how there are actually quite a few freshmen (especially those with losses) ranked higher than they probably should be: Glory #2 despite losing to #6 (an upperclassman) and no top ranked wins Vito #5 despite no top ranked wins yet RBY #5 despite no top ranked wins yet and a loss to a lower-ranked guy Warner #4 despite just a 6-2 record Are they including pre-college or FS results as well???
  15. Arizona State/Oregon State on Sunday. Bresser/Milhof should be good. Supposedly there has been a little friendly trash talk by both of them
  16. They have several freshman in the top 5 though - Glory #2, Vito #5, RBY #5, Mitch Moore #5, Austin O'Connor #4, Gfeller #5, Warner #4, Gable #1, Mason Parris #3
  17. Definitely looks like they just need to give H2H more weight. 125 also still has Lee #1 despite his loss, and Glory #2 despite losing to #6 Picc 141 has Eiermann #1 despite losing to both #2 and #3 149 has Jordan #1 despite losing to #3 Ashnault 157 has Berger behind both Hidlay and Deakin who he beat
  18. 1032004

    The All-Transfer Team

    That is a pretty solid team. I don’t think I’d say it’s “too many” (yet), but I’d be curious how it compares to the number of high level transfers in non-revenue sports. Basketball probably isn’t comparable since the best players all leave after a year or 2. Football has a few but it doesn’t seem to be out of hand from what I’ve seen.
  19. 1032004

    Steveson workout video

    By “wrestler,” do you mean someone that wrestled NCAA D1? Can’t think of any right now, but that did remind me of Ryan Goodman who wrestled and played football at Nebraska and NC State and was a 2X ACC champ. Looks like he is now a football coach at Coastal Carolina. Heres also a cool article about Carlton Haselrig, who won 6 NCAA titles (3 D1 and 3 D2) and seems to be the reason D3 and D2 wrestlers aren’t allowed st D1 NCAA’s anymore, then played in the NFL - http://www.ncaa.org/champion/6-time-ncaa-wrestling-champ-jumped-nfl-having-never-played-college-download
  20. Ok sorry that makes sense, guess I read it wrong.
  21. Sounds interesting. My main concern is I feel like you’d probably have guys that warm up the whole time because they’ll only have 1 match notice.
  22. 1032004

    Seth Gross Still Out.. will not be at Midlands

    This seems to be the rumor, and also apparently that he might transfer to Wisconsin. I understand it if he stays at SDSU, but I might doubt the legitimacy of the injury if he transfers.
  23. 1032004

    Who is college wrestling's top heel in 2019?

    They were certainly unsportsmanlike, but are not at all comparable to the Micic match last year. For the record, really only 2 things were bad on Sunday - the spitting and throat slash. Weak handshakes, trash talk and face mushes are fairly common, and he stopped the face mush as soon as the whistle blew. Even the Tucker match last year, while bad, is something I've seen other people do. I think he should've gotten a flagrant misconduct after the Micic incident and been booted from NCAA's, but to say that Iowa shouldn't have accepted him as a student seems to be a bit much. I do think Desanto's actions have been worse than Steveson's this year though. The difference is that what Steveson does seems to be a conscious choice which ups the dbag factor IMO. What Desanto does seems to be more in the heat of the moment, so he's more unpredictable.
  24. 1032004

    Fix/Suriano - worst ncaa match of all time?

    Sure, but neither knew which one that would be. I don’t think they wanted it to go to double OT. They just didn’t want to take a bad shot worse.
  25. 1032004

    Fix/Suriano - worst ncaa match of all time?

    My point was I would’ve thought there’d at least be more action in Sunday’s OT since especially with those 2 the rideouts are pretty much a crapshoot. Maybe that means a double stall in the first period wouldn’t have changed much, but I still think it was warranted.