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  1. I’d find $250k or anything close to that as a base salary hard to believe, but I guess with NLWC nothing would really surprise me.
  2. One other that would make sense geographically (and where there are already 2 separate clubs) would be NC State/Wolfpack and UNC/Tar Heel.
  3. I think it’d be helpful for young/even college wrestlers to know. Obviously they need to go to school or learn a trade too, but knowing what type of earning potential they could have competing would certainly be good to know. Even if Snyder is “living well,” I’d guess the majority of it is coming from endorsements.
  4. Good lord I think most people don’t want to talk politics on a wrestling forum.
  5. To be fair I think he would say it was God’s plan either way. But I don’t think God has a preference for where he trains.
  6. Yeah, talk about a recruiting advantage for PSU, they even have God telling people to go there now
  7. I guess in theory you could call OH/PA/NJ/NY/MD a "region" as they are all technically connected and are just 5 of 50 states which would account for 7 of the 10 guys you listed (and still would if you replaced Downey with Taylor). Of course those states are some of the highest populated ones as well so not really comparable to Russia.
  8. According to UM student directory, yes.
  9. Yeah I guess you're right. I guess when you add up some of the weak southern states (Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, Kentucky), New England (Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine), sparsely populated western states (Dakotas, Montana), that does probably add up to Maryland being around middle of the pack.
  10. And Ryan Anderson supposedly didn’t get into ISU right? I’m somewhat amazed if so and yet Echemendia could (nothing against Echemendia, I just imagine it would be tough to take college coirses with only a year of so of English)
  11. It is kinda crazy to have 2 Maryland guys since they’re probsboy a bottom 10 state or so overall. Of course some may not want to “count” Downey...Taylor is Ohio right? Which of course is a traditionally stronger wrestling state.
  12. OK so why can the Brands be at HWC but not the fictional "Black and Gold" club referenced above?
  13. I mentioned earlier that I think you can. It seems red was always the FloTrack color, and Mark was a track guy. Maybe if Martin was still around maybe he tries to make everyone green instead of red.
  14. He never placed in NJ states, and didn’t qualify for D3 nationals the 1 year he wrestled in college. Don’t get me wrong, his stats were better than mine and yes he was “pretty good,” but there are a ton of guys likely better at him in wrestling. I’m just saying I’d guess you’re putting a little too much emphasis on his wrestling “advantage,” and I’d have to assume he was able to quickly develop some other skills that helped him be so successful in BJJ. Is there any money to be made in BJJ? I guess my point is if it was that easy for wrestlers to transition, wouldn’t BJJ just be dominated by former elite wrestlers?
  15. So that pretty much answers the question of what’s the point of being an official RTC right? It allows the college coaches to legally be present?
  16. I’ve never seen this guy “grapple” but I find it hard to believe that he wins based on his wrestling ability considering it seems he wasn’t much more than an above average high school wrestler. Sure wrestling helps, but you need more than that. Otherwise the elite wrestlers would be dominating UFC, etc. Instead it seems like it’s a lot of guys that were pretty good/very good, but not necessarily elite at wrestling but are better at whatever the heck else you need to be successful in MMA (Usman, Covington, etc. Of course you do have Cejudo representing elite wrestlers).
  17. I don't think people actually expect some sort of rules change that blocks stuff like this from happening, just more of a debate about what people think "should" be the case. It goes both ways too. Didn't US Soccer teams in the past have a bunch of players that were born and raised in Germany but had American parents or something?
  18. Great post and agree for the most part, however honest question, do many of the people that train BJJ actually watch high-level competitions of it? Actually doing a quick search about ADCC, it does seem like a lot of people watched that at least: On reddit, there were several threads with a ton of comments (Day 1 - 1.5K, Day 2 - 2.2K, plus another 200+ post thread about the results). I'm not a reddit guy so not too familiar with it but doing a quick search, I don't see any thread about Worlds with more than 50 posts. The NCAA Finals thread was up there but was still less than 900 posts.
  19. I agree with the statement but I don’t think the US can claim Echemendia, hasn’t he only been here like a year?
  20. Yes, some may consider that to be a problem, but it’s a different problem than at Michigan, where in theory those guys “should” actually be representing the US. For example, did any of them start training at CKWC before announcing that they would be representing other countries?
  21. Pretty much this. I don’t get the hate for the PD3/Rodriguez match. Best case scenario it got some grappling fans to watch a wrestling match or maybe even a few. Worst case scenario people probably used it as a time for a bathroom break. BTW the social media stats are weird...FloGrappling actually has more Facebook likes than Flowrestling, but Wrestling’s twitter followed dwarf grappling’s. That said, rhe rules basically gave Rodriguez no chance, so kudos to him for taking the match. Yes he wrestled, but I believe I read he never even qualified for states in NJ.
  22. I’m fine with them choosing, but think it might make more sense to wrestle all matches of one style first (except the 4 man bracket I guess)
  23. Seems weird to be basically alternating free and folk like that, probably confusing to the folks in attendance
  24. Will do. Considering Warner himself was already an AA as a freshman which is more than a lot of “blue chips” can say, this has the potential to be an all-time bad take.
  25. Well even based on the story part of the reason the sister chose Coe was to be closer to Spencer once he chose Iowa, so I think that’s believable.
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