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    The article says he had stepped from the nonprofit group before the crypto crash, and it had been in the works for months. Hopefully he’s still committed to supporting Morgan State wrestling though.
  2. I think firing Smith for this is going overboard, but you bring up a good point… If Chris Perry was the RTC coach and Daton drink out of his water bottle accidentally, do we still think he’d be the RTC coach? Of course the other option is maybe Derek isn’t really the reason Daton tested positive, and they didn’t want to punish him for something he didn’t do…
  3. Not really true according to the report. https://www.usada.org/wp-content/uploads/Daton-Fix-Consent-Award.pdf Page 19: “Mr. Fix reasonably believed he was drinking vitamin water. He has therefore established that he bears no significant fault” later starting on very end of that page: “He had no way of readily determining the water contained ostarine…his level of awareness or attentiveness to potential contamination was reduced at his parents’ home as he regularly visited and consumed food or drinks there”
  4. Did your nephew smoke marijuana that was left easily accessible in your house?
  5. USADA says we should believe it was an accident, right? Nonetheless, Daton is still responsible for what he puts in his body, but they did reduce the length based on them believing it was an accident. To be clear, this thread isn’t really about Daton. USADA punished him accordingly based on what they believed, and he served his time. But based on that story, I feel like Derek should have received a punishment of his own (sorry, maybe this should have went in the international forum then).
  6. Still the RTC coach according to his twitter bio
  7. Left a substance that is banned by USADA in an unmarked bottle in a home frequented by his athlete/son (which I believe is also the home to younger children?). He may not have broken any “laws,” but for one I’d have to think it’s at least frowned upon for coaches to be taking substances which are banned for athletes. And two it’s incredibly negligent.
  8. Wouldn’t Azerbaijan or Georgia be the easiest for the Dagestan guys? Although no clue on the ability to get paid.
  9. I believe it was technically reduced from what it could have been wasn’t it?
  10. A year or so’s suspension of his own at least? What he supposedly did was incredibly stupid and irresponsible, especially considering his role as both the coach and father of an Olympic hopeful.
  11. Was he ever penalized for causing Daton’s suspension (if we’re supposed to believe the story of course)? This tweet reminded me…
  12. I did, and I was the first person to mention ANY potential candidates
  13. Ok you may be right
  14. An update. Seems like what everyone expected was exactly what happened. https://worldfin.news/100-million-new-jersey-deli-owner-hometown-international-just-announced-a-merger-with-a-bioplastics-firm/
  15. How many times has he registered then no showed? They have to be able to stop him from registering after a certain number of times right?
  16. Pure speculation but I feel like I could see Beard bumping to heavy. His body type seems kinda similar to a Cassar
  17. So apparently it is kosher if boosters set up NIL deals for current athletes? I heard people saying all these “NIL Collectives” (such as the one at PSU where David Taylor is on some sort of board) would be illegal, but if they only claim to work with current athletes, it sounds like they would be legal (not to mention I believe the PSU one supposedly says it distributes the funds evenly).
  18. Retiring? He’s probably under 45
  19. Ha the Philadelphia Phillies have actually been known to do that
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