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  1. Seriously. That second period for about a minute and a half was about as textbook double stalling as you can get. If that wasn't double stalling then I don't know what is.
  2. When was the last time OSU didn't win?
  3. Didn’t Ford Focus lose to Adams their last match?
  4. I think it’s only weights that have at least 8 AQ spots. 149 doesn’t have one either
  5. Ah you’re right, thanks. So that’s referring to the very first TB with Young down, which starts around 56:30. Also, who is Brands yelling at to “get your referees in shape!!” I guess they weren’t as confident in Young getting out of that situation and wanted them to stop it sooner.
  6. Yeah I guess Lee didn’t like Gilman saying he was boring and even gave a decent interview answer - “he basically pinned himself”
  7. I think it’s more likely that 1 of those 5 guys (maybe throw in Kerk too) wins it than Mekhi does especially if he’s not 100%
  8. I’m not sure if you can rule out Beard at 197
  9. Yeah 125 would definitely be better with any of those guys. I just don’t think it’s “bad” as it is.
  10. Semantics maybe, but it wasn’t actually 23 seconds of RT though. Should have been about 17 or 18, they gave Young 5 seconds more than they should have.
  11. He still can, as can pretty much anyone ranked about 2-18. I don’t think 125 or NCAA’s for that matter are “watered down” in general, but I guess you can’t really argue that it’s not the “most” watered down since I don’t think entire conferences have pulled out before. But as for 125, I think the parity after Lee is more just evidence that it’s deep, not that it’s weak. Schroder was seeded 5th at NCAA’s last year but was seeded 7th this year in the B10. I think Foley was the only actual returning AA not counting last year, and he was seeded 5th. You also have Camacho who beat Mueller last year (who dominated Flo’s #1 157 lber Rivera), and Latona who beat Camacho. I think this year’s 125 bracket will be looked at a lot more favorably in a couple years, with guys like Latona, Camacho, Ragusin, Howard, McKee, DeAugustino, Barnett, etc still having 3+ more years of eligibiliy (not that they’d stay at 125 for all of those years). But depending on who all stays at 125, if Glory and Vito wrestle 125 next year it could be one of the toughest brackets in awhile. I mean I’d say 125 is better than 133 right now. After the top 5 or so it’s a bit of a dropoff especially without Alvarez. Not to mention the prohibitive favorite lost to the guy Lee beat.
  12. I think you’re right that they screwed up the RT clock, but it doesn’t matter since Young escaped and Lee didn’t he would’ve had more RT regardless. You can see starting around 58:15 of the Mat 2 video just posted on YouTube that Young has 1 second of RT with 5 seconds to go and ends with 5 seconds of RT after the first TB. Honestly right around 1:00:00 you can even hear Brands yelling “THAT’S MORE RIDING TIME!” Not sure how the MN coaches wouldn’t notice if they didn’t, although I’m sure they would have if it would have made a difference...honestly it looked like at one point the assistant ref directs the table to set it to zero but doesn’t seem like they did.
  13. Which is the same way Berge wrestles... I think they need to make the first takedown 3 points. A lot of these 1-1 matches late into the 3rd period or SV/TB are boring. I love a 1-1 match with some good scrambles, but I feel like in some of these the guys barely even attack at all.
  14. So close losses count as a “good showing”? He pinned a winless wrestler and lost his other 2 matches. If he qualifies it’s a gift to Cael IMO
  15. Didn’t former PSU wrestler/current Life U assistant Matt McCutcheon say he’d enter Midlands next year or something if Life won?
  16. Yeah, IMO it is worse than the Last Chance Open, for one because of all the flack Dresser got for that, and at least it was somewhat of an actual tournament with multiple teams and at least happened before the conference tournament. This was just the same 2 guys x2 wrestling twice.
  17. 133 bracket is a bit blown up. 2 seed Sullivan of WV lost by inj. default to Skudlarzyk of UNI, and unseeded Madrigal of Oklahoma beat both 3 seed Price of SDSU and 6 seed Greenwood of Wyoming
  18. Jarrett Degen lost in the first round to Parco of Fresno State
  19. Yeah one guy said he saw him bite him on the “forum”
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