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  1. 6 minutes ago, nom said:

    VENZ vs BROOKS -

    Brooks front headlock position, Venz down to mat.  Whistle.  Venz goes for it low and gets to an ankle and captures both and 2!   Brooks out and  fires, has leg up.  Near edge.  Gets the 2!  3-2 Brooks.  Venz posting up.  B heavy on left side.  V fire a bit quelled here.  Brooks doing nothing on top at all.  No attempt to do anything.  Venz head down, now up, now down.  THIS IS WHY PEOPLE DON"T LIKE FOLKSTYLE.  Venz trying a bit here.  But not much.  

    STALLING ON BOTH.  Brooks literally doing nothing.  Venz ok to let him lay on top of him.

    Brooks down.  Venz threatening banana split.  Brooks threatening but Venz in contol.  No more as Brooks get left leg free, turn around Venz and gets reversal.   Great.  More of nothing?  Venz to feet. Turns in to get a leg, Brooks lifts it away and they separate.  Esc.  Venz does a bad shot, and Brooks gets behind.  7-3.  VENZ flat on belly and has NO interest in building up.  None.  Stalling.  But no call.  Don't get it. 

    3rd period.  Venz posts up but then turtles up again.  head down.  Brooks doing NOTHING on top again.  Just pressing forward.  Thigh grab press foward.  Stalling on Brooks.  Finally.  My god refs. Come on!!  Restart.  Venz to feet.  And out.  7-4.  1 min to go.  Venz shoots but bad position as Brooks gets behind.  Brooks let's him up. 9-5.  26 sec.  Front headlock position for brooks.  Stalemate.  And then .. done.

    Brooks wins 10-5 with RT.



    Seriously.    That second period for about a minute and a half was about as textbook double stalling as you can get.  If that wasn't double stalling then I don't know what is.

  2. 42 minutes ago, Housebuye said:

    OU is a slight favorite to win it, but OSU is right there, especially if Fix can bonus and there aren’t any upsets against OSU

    for OU, Assuming they lose vs Fix, they just need one of Demas and Moore to win. Without bonus, that puts them at 124.

    Unless OU loses all 3 matches and ISU loses at hvwt (assuming Carr wins), OSU needs to win all 3 finals. They are favorites in all 3. Assuming Fix pins and nobody else bonuses, they will beat OU  126-124  

    WYO needs everything to go right and some bonus. They could theoretically go 3/4 and win, but it’s very unlikely  

    ISU and chances lie at 141. If ISU loses, it is very unlikely they win, even with 2 pins in the finals (would have 121.5)




    Didn’t Ford Focus lose to Adams their last match?

  3. 24 minutes ago, LordNelson said:

    No they didn't.  The official 5 swiped it, then let action continue because he thought Young could score from the bottom.  You can see on the Video he points to his watch to let the timer know to cut the RT.  Doesn't happen that often but in that case they called it right, if anything the RT for Young could've been more.  IF the official allows action to continue after the swipes for the top man coming off the hip then they cut RT same as they would if the top man bodylocks. 

    Ah you’re right, thanks.  So that’s referring to the very first TB with Young down, which starts around 56:30.   

    Also, who is Brands yelling at to “get your referees in shape!!”  I guess they weren’t as confident in Young getting out of that situation and wanted them to stop it sooner.

  4. Just now, Crotalus said:

    It's been brought up a number of times this season, but Mekhi Lewis would be the first guy with a chance at 5 titles, if he were to win this year (but so far doesn't look like a guy capable of pulling it off). If Yanni D had wrestled this season, he could have done it a year earlier than Lewis. Looking through the rankings at the freshman, there are only 5 guys that I think have any kind of chance at winning this year: O'Toole, Starocci, "5 on 2" Ferrari, Beard, and Rocky Elam. But it is more likely that any of those guys would miss the podium than stand on the top.

    I think it’s more likely that 1 of those 5 guys (maybe throw in Kerk too) wins it than Mekhi does especially if he’s not 100%

  5. 6 minutes ago, TBar1977 said:


    It is hard for me top get past the idea that guys like Glory, Suriano and Arujau are all wrestling at b125 right now but none of them are doing so at this upcoming NCAA tourney, and that Daton Fix will wrestle at 125 Trials and he too is not wrestling 125 at the upcoming NCAA Tournament. Right now you can make a case that at least 3 of those 4 guys are basically world class wrestlers with NCAA eligibility and Spencer doesn't have to face a one of them.

    Now, Spencer maybe beats them all, but they are good enough to take away the virtual certainty of him winning it. If they all wrestled this year at 125, he'd have at least one Big10 match he could possibly lose, then he'd have at least two matches at NCAAs he could potentially lose. Not that he would, but he could. 

    Yeah 125 would definitely be better with any of those guys.  I just don’t think it’s “bad” as it is.

  6. 4 minutes ago, nhs67 said:

    Wtf are you talking about?  My summary was what happened you fckn idiot.

    Semantics maybe, but it wasn’t actually 23 seconds of RT though.   Should have been about 17 or 18, they gave Young 5 seconds more than they should have.  

  7. 10 hours ago, TBar1977 said:

    Agree. Lee lost to the wrestler from Oregon, to SeaBass 2x, got pinned vs Okie St., and lost to Nato. Even if we hand him the NCAA for this year, it is watered down and the weight has basically cleared out so thinly that people thought Ragusin could make this year's final. 

    He still can, as can pretty much anyone ranked about 2-18.

    I don’t think 125 or NCAA’s for that matter are “watered down” in general, but I guess you can’t really argue that it’s not the “most” watered down since I don’t think entire conferences have pulled out before.

    But as for 125, I think the parity after Lee is more just evidence that it’s deep, not that it’s weak.   Schroder was seeded 5th at NCAA’s last year but was seeded 7th this year in the B10.  I think Foley was the only actual returning AA not counting last year, and he was seeded 5th.  You also have Camacho who beat Mueller last year (who dominated Flo’s #1 157 lber Rivera), and Latona who beat Camacho.

    I think this year’s 125 bracket will be looked at a lot more favorably in a couple years, with guys like Latona, Camacho, Ragusin, Howard, McKee, DeAugustino, Barnett, etc still having 3+ more years of eligibiliy (not that they’d stay at 125 for all of those years).  But depending on who all stays at 125, if Glory and Vito wrestle 125 next year it could be one of the toughest brackets in awhile.

    I mean I’d say 125 is better than 133 right now.   After the top 5 or so it’s a bit of a dropoff especially without Alvarez.   Not to mention the prohibitive favorite lost to the guy Lee beat.  


  8. 11 hours ago, lost said:

    Yeah, that's completely wrong.  You're also not even calling the wrestlers by the right names...


    TB1 both get rideouts, 0 RT

    TB2 Young gets the rideout and is called for a stall point making it 2-1 lee.  Somehow his 30 seconds of riding give him 35 seconds of RT entering into Lees rideout

    I think you’re right that they screwed up the RT clock, but it doesn’t matter since Young escaped and Lee didn’t he would’ve had more RT regardless.

    You can see starting around 58:15 of the Mat 2 video just posted on YouTube that Young has 1 second of RT with 5 seconds to go and ends with 5 seconds of RT after the first TB.  Honestly right around 1:00:00 you can even hear Brands yelling “THAT’S MORE RIDING TIME!”  Not sure how the MN coaches wouldn’t notice if they didn’t, although I’m sure they would have if it would have made a difference...honestly it looked like at one point the assistant ref directs the table to set it to zero but doesn’t seem like they did.

  9. 8 hours ago, Antitroll2828 said:

     Literally 3 full years of young not doing anything for 90 percent of his match 

    Which is the same way Berge wrestles...

    I think they need to make the first takedown 3 points.    A lot of these 1-1 matches late into the 3rd period or SV/TB are boring.  I love a 1-1 match with some good scrambles, but I feel like in some of these the guys barely even attack at all.

  10. 9 hours ago, Le duke said:

    Beau Bartlett. He had a pretty good showing but I think the B1G only gets 6 at 149.

    Bright future ahead of him. Giving up a lot of weight to true 149lb guys. But might not make the big dance this year.

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

    So close losses count as a “good showing”?  He pinned a winless wrestler and lost his other 2 matches.  If he qualifies it’s a gift to Cael IMO

  11. 44 minutes ago, Show_Me said:


    Agree that Woods has already earned a spot via 2nd @ Pac 12.

    However, they are not awarding Woods the AQ.  And, what about both wrestlers getting 2 matches vs the SAME overmatched opponents for the sole purpose of increasing their Win Pct ?   That is the part that smacks "gaming the system".


    Yeah, IMO it is worse than the Last Chance Open, for one because of all the flack Dresser got for that, and at least it was somewhat of an actual tournament with multiple teams and at least happened before the conference tournament.  This was just the same 2 guys x2 wrestling twice.

  12. 23 minutes ago, Drake_Mallard said:

    I just want to see a video of him deliberately doing these things. BWI people are claiming they thought they saw him bite brooks several times, yet Aaron nor the ref did anything. Its funny because now that PSU doesnt contend for the title they have just adopted full victim mode; trying to act like moral victors as a consolation prize.

    Yeah one guy said he saw him bite him on the “forum”

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