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  1. You'd think people would learn to stop picking Heil to lose
  2. Please elaborate. You've got 85 football players on a full scholarship per team (many of which do not make money), but probably one of the top 5 wrestling recruits in the country supposedly doesn't get one. Like I said, I think that says a lot about the state of D1 wrestling.
  3. If a guy like Suriano is not getting a full scholarship (although I don't know if he isn't) then that says a lot about the state of D1 wrestling IMO.
  4. If he was eating a Fat Darrell sandwich maybe he'll be at 141
  5. Maybe not among the all-timers but could have potentially had a few big ones last year: Joseph beating Martinez and ending his quest for 4 titles Hall losing early and ending his ability to be undefeated Suriano getting hurt and missing his chance for 4 (and potentially having something to do with his potential transfer)
  6. According to the link I posted, their profit was $450K in 2014-2015. I assume that is after the coach's salary, which increased by $140K from what it was previously. The article lists 4 other volleyball coaches above $175K, not including PSU's coach who they say is "one of the highest paid coaches in the country." To me that sounds like PSU's volleyball coach makes more than Cael.
  7. According to this, the women's volleyball coach at Nebraska makes $600K http://journalstar.com/sports/huskers/volleyball/cook-got-a-big-raise-and-nu-a-commitment-that/article_2da8a83d-baff-558d-85af-a4eaea0d611e.html
  8. Not saying he is going to any of these places, but: Ohio State Rutgers Illinois UPenn (although not a state school and of course would have tougher admission requirements) would all come pretty close IMO. I also wouldn't be surprised, and wouldn't blame him if he left if some out of nowhere school gave him a huge amount of money, where in addition to getting more money he could prove that he doesn't need to be in PA to create a dynasty.
  9. If he doesn't grant the hypothetical release, I don't think it would be about the time that Cael put into it. More about the possibility of a national title contender going to a conference opponent.
  10. So Martinez didn't show up for the picture?
  11. Even if "it's not about weight," isn't it still possible that he goes 133 if he stays at PSU? In which case if he transfers it's possible he goes 133 there too.
  12. He did go to a Catholic high school
  13. But if many are there for 5+ years due to red shirting, that should already make it possible to take a lighter course load during the season (yes, I realize Suriano did not redshirt).
  14. He's not taking summer classes is evidence of a possible transfer? Do most d1 athletes take summer classes?
  15. Again, this is what you said earlier: So are you saying wrestling fans are unwilling to pay similar money as fans of other sports? Or are you saying wrestling fans are unwilling to pay similar money as fans of other sports....well after you consider endorsements, sponsorships, advertising,merchandise sales, number of subscribers, etc?
  16. I'm not missing your point(s), I'm just saying you made 2 arguments that directly conflict with each other. NFL sure, but I'd bet the average MLB fan doesn't go to more than like 1 or 2 games a year. Even if they spent $180 on "MLB related expenses," Flo would still be half of that which I wouldn't consider a "small fraction."
  17. So why would you say "you cant' compare costs" when you literally just said: I think a better comparison than HBO is the major league sports packages, since that's what you're saying Flo is only a "small fraction" of. FloPro: $150/year MLB Extra Innings: $120/year NHL Center Ice: $159/year NFL Sunday Ticket: $200/year ($300 w/RedZone) NBA League Pass: $200/year So not only is that not "a small fraction," it actually costs more for FloPro than for MLB Extra Innings.
  18. When did Iowa state move to the Big 10?
  19. I don't think "the medical community" agrees with BMI. Doing a quick Google search it looks like there are many scientists who disagree. http://www.businessinsider.com/bmi-is-bogus-best-way-to-tell-if-youre-a-healthy-weight-2016-9
  20. Out of state wrestlers. See schools like NC State/UNC/Duke who don't rely much on in-state wrestlers (although while the HS numbers in NC might not be improving, I think the quality is). And with their football program Texas should have more resources available. Wasn't one of the Cleveland State AD's arguments that the lacrosse team would bring in more out-of-state students? If that is something schools are looking for, might as well try to actually use it in wrestling's favor.
  21. Yeah can't believe someone on a wrestling forum actually tried citing BMI. Also, this thread is worthless without pics.
  22. If this is the case, would they not have at least the same salary already in the budget? I've got to assume (yes I know what happens when you assume), that the holdup is that he wants (and deserves) a raise.
  23. I would think wrestling for Texas would be very appealing to someone from Oklahoma (or a lot of other states really)
  24. What conclusion that I drew from what you said was incorrect? Who is "them" that is trying to pick Cael's assistants? You also claim Barbour had money "disappear", which is a pretty bold claim for someone that was still given a different job at the same school, and another incorrect statement you made was about how Barbour's tenure ended at Tulane. All indications are that the school would've been better off doing what Barbour wanted.
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