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  1. Not really, in the early rounds of the b-ball tourney there are like 4 games going on at once
  2. I like Baldwin, but how are you gonna interview a kid's mom during his match??
  3. Well that's basically the same thing. Based on the data above, since 2015 viewership has been consistently between 650K-750K. So I think it's safe to say if viewership goes down due to the change, much of the difference can be attributed to less non-wrestling fanatics watching. If it goes up it's probably because most of the people watching as a whole are wrestling fanatics IMO.
  4. I'm pretty sure ESPN always gets the better game compared to ESPN2 if they both have college football or basketball on. Sure, "availability" may be the same but much more people watch ESPN than ESPN2, especially among casual sports fans (which most people that aren't going to be watching NCAA basketball probably are). http://awfulannouncing.com/fox/fs1-sees-audience-uptick-2017-espn-espn2-nbcsn-see-decline.html On a related note, comparing to FS1 or 2 isn't really a fair comparison since ESPN, despite declines, has much higher ratings than FS1 or 2. The article even comments that FS1 and 2 are more trying to compete with ESPN2 as opposed to ESPN. I agree with the poster saying it will be a good test to help see what % of the viewership was specifically tuning in for it or not.
  5. I think a lot of guys are cutting in the same ballpark so it’s probably not much of an advantage. Except for maybe some of the PSU guys who are having too much fun to cut weight
  6. He hasn’t wrestled the “top” guys, but taking a quick look he’s beaten at least 5 qualifiers pretty handily 12 seed Hayes 11-0 16 seed Schwarm 11-4 Mattin 7-0 Moody 7-5 (OK this might not have been handily) Pinned Curry
  7. Looks like a locked hands could have been called on Cruz at 4:30 too
  8. Does Kenny Monday’s son Kennedy have a shot against #2 Lavalee? Maybe AJ Nevills against Casper?
  9. Also curious about the “troubled” comment. Seems like a copout to stick by the statement without backing it up with any reasoning.
  10. Well that’s the whole argument, that Rutgers doesn’t really have enough recognition to enable them to get the top recruits that will help them win more. But of course wrestling has nothing to do with their overall recognition anyway. Even when their football team was good for a year and a half or whatever they didnt get much recognition. I think the most press the athletic department has gotten was either when Rush Limbaugh made racist comments about the women’s b-ball team or the men’s b-ball coach throwing basketballs and slurs at players.
  11. Ivies have built in recognition so Cornell isn’t a fair comparison. TCU has Texas in the name. The rest are all private schools, besides I bet a lot of people have no clue where Butler is located.. Are there any other state universities that don’t have a city or state in the name. I agree with those that say Rutgers needs a name change.
  12. True. Didn’t watch the video, but was going off what was posted above. But based on the confusion around what was actually said/not said about Suriano’s injury last year, maybe that should be taken with a grain of salt...
  13. Oh I’m not doubting it’s against the rules and could see a lawsuit against Rutgers come from it, I just don’t necessarily think doing that prayer means religion is being “pushed.”
  14. Wait so a Rutgers coach is shown leading the Lord's Prayer? I do think that is opening itself up to a lawsuit, but that doesn't necessarily mean they are "pushing" religion IMO. My HS team used to say that before matches but that was really the only mention of religion at all.
  15. I know it’s because it doesn’t matter but there definitely seems like a lot of returning finalists and even champs with relatively low seeds who are certainly capable of “busting” the bracket. Lizak 8 Heil 6 Bo Jordan 6
  16. And Lizak could have Bresser in his second match.
  17. He was already quoted as saying he had a title "stripped from him" before the season, if that's what you mean. http://www.nj.com/rutgersfootball/index.ssf/2017/09/nick_suriano_back_with_a_vengenance_to_bring_ncaa.html
  18. Yeah I didn’t realize he was going to tOSU at first. Apparently flipped from NC State after it seems his brother left the team for some reason. Maybe it is selective memory but I feel like NJ guys don’t often pan out when they go to NC State.
  19. Did he have a case over the VT 125 that was 11-14?
  20. Suriano NCAA career vs Darian Cruz: 1-0. 125 will definitely be interesting at NCAA’s.
  21. Isn’t Marinelli a freshman? Saying he “can’t win the big one these days” is a bit harsh considering he beat the defending champ this year. Could he just have had a bad tournament? Joseph got 3rd at B1G’s last year before winning NCAA’s.
  22. I still think complaining about all the MFF’s is pretty much the same thing. Suriano avoided Lizak too. It’s not like he knew Tomasello would even beat Lee. Ya know because Lee had already beaten Tomasello.
  23. What, have you not seen the 5+ threads complaining about the MFF’s?
  24. I know you are trolling but look at a guy like Quinn Kinner. He was 106 as a freshman but could only manage a 5th place finish at states that year. As a Junior and Senior he won back to back titles at 132 and 138, doing so at 138 this year in dominating fashion.
  25. That’s not a relevant comparison since the Big 10 Tournament is a postseason event, not the regular season. This would be like UVa playing one game then forfeiting out of the ACC basketball tournament as the #1 seed because they know they’re getting into the NCAA tournament anyway and don’t want to risk a loss to UNC, Duke, etc.
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