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  1. Within the past week was the first time Suriano has spoken about it and I don't really see anything in his comments as evidence that he thought he should've wrestled. "The way my season ended, I wasn't happy with how things were dealt with" could mean various things. Who knows, maybe he knew he wouldn't be able to wrestle and didn't like having to take an unnecessary loss on his record. Or as already mentioned, maybe he was more unhappy with the recommended rehab. What other "evidence" are you referring to?
  2. Why do you keep assuming that was even the issue?
  3. And most of the people that trash it are not from NJ (like most of the cast of Jersey Shore). But anyway, I agree I am excited to see how Rutgers does. In terms of the topic, I would tend to agree that based on the fact that the waiver was granted, there had to be something going on there, and Suriano basically said that - "with the circumstances I had to go through." I guess we'll never know what it was exactly. I don't necessarily think it was not wrestling him in Big10's or NCAA's. My best guess based on the article might be the fact that maybe they were pushing him to get surgery but he didn't want to. I still fail to see how there's any evidence the dad had anything to do with it. In the article Suriano specifically said "this is my choice." I also interpreted the "had a title stripped from me" line to be more because of the injury, not by Cael or anything.
  4. I agree for the most part, but there isn't really a "typical 4X NJ State Champ." Pretty sure there's only been 4. One was Suriano. The other 2 were Mike Grey and Andrew Campolattano. Ashnault has already had a better career than both of them. (Of course this doesn't mean NJ is overrated, as you also have guys like Jordan Burroughs that only won once). While he still has had a great career, I can see how people might think Ashnault underperformed if he doesn't win a title this year. But that has nothing to do with Rutgers IMO.
  5. Immediately eligible http://www.flowrestling.org/article/61363-chance-marsteller-eligible-to-wrestle-entire-season
  6. I'm not going to be the one to do it, but if there's anything in the Suriano saga that deserves it's own thread, it's this. Nice to see an actual quote from the man himself.
  7. http://247sports.com/Article/Sources-Major-Potential-Shift-In-NCAA-Transfer-Rules-107001121
  8. This article reads as if TBar wrote it: https://www.roarlionsroar.com/penn-state-wrestling/2017/09/2778/nick-suriano-transfer-official-rutgers-big-ten-waiver
  9. I don't think skin color has anything to do with it. If anything it's amazing that something like this happened in wrestling when you'd think it would be more likely to happen in football or basketball.
  10. How do you know that daddy decided? Maybe he has a girlfriend, dying grandparent, etc that he wants to be closer to, who knows
  11. Does he plan on actually finishing grad school?
  12. I don't think anyone is saying they would be "overruling Big 10 bylaws," but apparently there is precedent showing that if the former school supports the Big 10 waiver, it is likely that they won't lose the year of eligibility.
  13. "Finishing ahead of" is not the same as "beating head to head." See Nickal/Martin. Unless they wrestle head to head (and even if they do before the semis), it doesn't seem likely that Martin will finish ahead of Nickal.
  14. He's still not listed on the roster if that means anything (probably not)
  15. If only duals had an impact on NCAA finish...
  16. You'd think people would learn to stop picking Heil to lose
  17. Please elaborate. You've got 85 football players on a full scholarship per team (many of which do not make money), but probably one of the top 5 wrestling recruits in the country supposedly doesn't get one. Like I said, I think that says a lot about the state of D1 wrestling.
  18. If a guy like Suriano is not getting a full scholarship (although I don't know if he isn't) then that says a lot about the state of D1 wrestling IMO.
  19. If he was eating a Fat Darrell sandwich maybe he'll be at 141
  20. Maybe not among the all-timers but could have potentially had a few big ones last year: Joseph beating Martinez and ending his quest for 4 titles Hall losing early and ending his ability to be undefeated Suriano getting hurt and missing his chance for 4 (and potentially having something to do with his potential transfer)
  21. According to the link I posted, their profit was $450K in 2014-2015. I assume that is after the coach's salary, which increased by $140K from what it was previously. The article lists 4 other volleyball coaches above $175K, not including PSU's coach who they say is "one of the highest paid coaches in the country." To me that sounds like PSU's volleyball coach makes more than Cael.
  22. According to this, the women's volleyball coach at Nebraska makes $600K http://journalstar.com/sports/huskers/volleyball/cook-got-a-big-raise-and-nu-a-commitment-that/article_2da8a83d-baff-558d-85af-a4eaea0d611e.html
  23. Not saying he is going to any of these places, but: Ohio State Rutgers Illinois UPenn (although not a state school and of course would have tougher admission requirements) would all come pretty close IMO. I also wouldn't be surprised, and wouldn't blame him if he left if some out of nowhere school gave him a huge amount of money, where in addition to getting more money he could prove that he doesn't need to be in PA to create a dynasty.
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