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  1. I would bet that’s driven by transplants originally from the Northeast or Midwest. They may not have been from the cities or suburbs where they were from originally, but they tend to move to cities and suburbs of cities (in places like Dallas, Atlanta, Charlotte, Raleigh, etc.). Haven’t read the article yet, seems interesting will check it out this week.
  2. http://intermatwrestle.com/articles/20189 Starting in 2019-2020.
  3. Aren’t there only like 60 D2 schools? So 7-8% of them are in Missouri?
  4. 1032004


    If he truly is from poverty, isn’t there a ton of financial aid available that wouldn’t need to be paid back? He could also go to junior college and kill 2 birds with one stone - get a cheap 2 years of college and get some wrestling exposure if he does well at nationals.
  5. I don’t know why but when I saw this thread title I was expecting it to say something like that he was happy DeSanto didn’t go there
  6. Fair enough (if that’s what happened)
  7. If there was confirmation of this, I’m sure there’d be discussion about it. There was plenty of discussion about what the Drexel coaches should or shouldn’t do during NCAA’s. That said, it would seem a bit odd that the coaches thought his offenses were bad enough to “invite him not to return,” but they weren’t bad enough to pull him from the tournament.
  8. took 2 weeks but I finally got a picture to load
  9. Isn’t that essentially what’s being said in regards to Roberts? Yes, the claim was of a longer-term issue, but there was no other specific mention of much else that Roberts did, despite for example there being specific mention of comments made by Zalesky. I do think there is some relevance to the past instances (which BTW Alshujery talked about some of them himself in the article), but it’s not to prove that he’s “not trustworthy,” I think they’re trying to imply that since he seems to have over-reacted to other instances, maybe he over-reacted to this one too. Interesting that after reading the same article some people think he is being smeared and some think he is being made out to be a genius scholar. I mean the article pointed out that he currently lives in his parent’s basement, I don’t think it was trying to say that he was a genius.
  10. Assuming you’re referring to Zalesky, I agree. Mostly referring to the urging of him to wrestle on a torn ACL, but also his alleged comments during practice, while not really termination-worthy IMO were inappropriate and I think sound worse than what Roberts allegedly said. Considering how long the article was, I’m curious why they didn’t seem to ask Zalesky about the alleged essentially blackballing of Ali after Roberts was fired. Also, $108K to be an assistant seems pretty good...
  11. So is the thought that Sean Russell will go to WVU?
  12. But if you don’t know who the other team is sending out from the beginning, aren’t most teams just going to wrestle their regular lineups? Not to mention that “announcing” prior to every weight would be a logistical nightmare
  13. Margin of victory points don’t sound completely terrible, but “action points” do. So a 15-8 Win would be worth more than an 10-0 Win? That seems silly. If Team A wins 5 matches by scores of 15-8 and Team B wins 9 matches by scores of 2-1, Team A still wins 21-20.7. That’s crazy considering those are all regular decisions.
  14. How is this really any different from locked lineups (which is a terrible idea IMO, by the way)?
  15. If Pepsi were next door to RC Cola, sure
  16. Why? It’s a much higher profile school and I’m sure he got a nice raise. Plus his new job is less than 3 hours away from his old one.
  17. Did you have to walk uphill both ways to the match?
  18. Yeah from the article I don’t see anything legitimate against Bell. The assistant coach probably though.
  19. Here is the bottom 10 at NCAA’s and their coach’s college (not counting Fresno St since they’re new and CSU since their job is open): Oklahoma - Edinboro (edit: well to be fair they were tied with 5 other schools, none of which were coached by alums) Binghamton - American Cal Poly - UTC Air Force - Upper Iowa Buffalo - Buffalo Gardner-Webb - Gardner-Webb Michigan State - Indiana Ohio - Northern Iowa Southern Illinois-Edwardsville - Missouri Citadel - American So, 2 were alums. So maybe being an alum doesn’t necessarily correlate to more success, but it seems to give you a leg up to get the job. But maybe wrestling for American isn’t a good sign of coaching success :-)
  20. 4 PT NF makes it “easier” to get a tech, but it’s not really “easy.” I’d be curious to see if there were more TF’s at NCAA’s compared to before the change.
  21. 30% coached by alums is kind of a lot IMO...
  22. https://www.thedailyjournal.com/story/sports/2017/01/27/mat-pack-q-delseas-nick-bennett/97140224/ Looks like being competitive might have been part of the reason that kid celebrated 2nd - two of his cousins had placed 3rd and he wanted to do better than them. He also lives on a farm and can build a log cabin, which is different from most kids his age.
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