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  1. Oh wow. Yeah I wonder then if even Scott could be a possibility (maybe leaving Ramos as next in line at UNC?). I bet COL in Champaign is probably even lower than the Triangle.
  2. So basically it’s all 11 sports or nothing? If they do accomplish the fundraising goal to self-endow all of them, wouldn’t that money need to include the money to hire new coaches?
  3. Any chance Woods or anyone follows him?
  4. He knew they were going on, he apparently didn't know they were ending/over. I don't know the layout of the building, but I'm imagining the actual weigh-ins were in one room and he was likely working out in another area, so probably wouldn't necessarily have visibility to the actual weigh-in area. Maybe he saw people leaving the building when they were done weighing in, but he probably wouldn't have realized they were "over" unless he saw whoever was actually conducting the weigh in leaving (which for all we know could've been what happened to cause him to go weigh in when he did that final time). But I would think if he did see other people during the time he was working out that someone else would've told him they were ending at 8:00... For the record I agree with taking him out of the bracket.
  5. Actually this is probably one of the only arguments in wrestling that is absolute. It's Sanderson.
  6. I agree, thank you for making the argument about why he has no chance of being the college GOAT...
  7. :::whooosh:::: the Cassar GOAT thing was a joke... Like I said, I agree that Steveson has transformed his body - but I wouldn't chalk up Steveson's physique that year to "him being a boy," like you basically said I think he realized he needed to get stronger to take his wrestling to the next level. I mean he basically did it in a year - he was pretty dominant in 2020 too - so it's not like he "grew up" and went from boy to man in a year - he put the work in to get bigger and stronger.
  8. I agree. Too bad that's a different sport than the discussion we're having.
  9. I don't think Cassar "big brothered" Steveson. He outwrestled him IMO (edit: and I agree that Steveson has gotten better and stronger since). Wasn't Cassar only in the 230 range? Again, he had just wrestled 197 the year before. I guess Cassar is really the GOAT, since he beat the GOAT, and was giving up weight to other guys at the weight, right?
  10. He was pushing them on Logan Paul's podcast, maybe some of his followers will buy some
  11. Everyone in college has man strength. The current crop of heavyweights is great, and I love Cassar's story but he was a backup 197 pounder a year before his title at 285. Dake winning a title is certainly better than Steveson losing to Cassar (twice).
  12. Whatever. 4 titles > 3 (except in the case of Uetake who only had 3 chances). End of discussion.
  13. But isn't part of the argument for Steveson were that his losses were as a true freshman? Dake won NCAA's as a true freshman right (I don't believe he grayshirted)? I think that (+ the 4 different weight classes) makes up for taking a regular season loss later.
  14. I'd agree with this for the most part. IF Steveson goes undefeated for 2 more seasons, then yes he'd have the best argument of anyone recent. It'd still be a losing argument though. Edit: Actually no I take that back. I'd still put Dake over him.
  15. What happened? Don’t really remember that.
  16. Snyder wasn’t the best wrestler in college considering he took multiple losses and didn’t win the maximum # of titles. Same with Steveson. The only possible argument is for Uetake who was also undefeated and won the maximum # of titles. Of the 4xers, Dake would be next in line because of the 4 different weight classes and beating Taylor. But he also lost multiple times. All of the recent guys that didn’t win 4 shouldn’t even be in the conversation. Sorry but you can’t use Snyder’s weight as an argument. He should have stayed at 197 then if he was giving up too much weight. Yes, Cael lost as a redshirt but it’s not an official match. We don’t know if that match goes any differently if Cael wasn’t redshirting.
  17. I don't see anything saying he's "headed to UM, not MSU." In fact the main mention of that is that it was written here...
  18. Is UNI a "top tier" program?
  19. I don’t think Mason AA’d, but he was a 3x NQ and then wrestled for awhile on the Senior level. I think he also runs a kids club and even recently launched a wrestling shoe company. Agree with Medina (particularly for Willie’s thing which was slightly different although I didn’t see the list), I think he HEW.
  20. If Koll’s statement is true, Dean could have easily added “coach Koll” and/or “the Cornell wrestling team” to his list of things that were NOT the reason
  21. My guess is the answer to the first question is that no one else was overweight when they first arrived. Now THAT (him being overweight initially) seems like “important context to leave out...
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