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  1. Seems odd that so many guys are “resting” with such a short season and a long layoff from last season
  2. Looks like he might be on the bench this year
  3. I don't watch much freestyle, is the do a tripod while sticking your head in the opponent's back in order to get a gut wrench a common tactic? Seems like a bunch of the US women were doing it.
  4. Winchester with the takedown and turn to make it 5-4 with 10 seconds left. Came close to another but no dice. Gives up a desperation go behind at the end to make it 7-4 final
  5. yeah the handshake at the end didn't look particularly friendly IMO
  6. 1-1 now after a shot clock point for Molinari, but then Mensah Stock gets in on a shot right after it ends to take a 3-1 lead
  7. have an announcer now for the finals. if you speak French, you're in luck
  8. Miracle/Kilty and Molinari/Mensah-Stock will be the next 2 matches after the current one finishes on Mat A
  9. Fearnside going for Bronze now on Mat B. Maroulis finals match on deck
  10. I think he is probably pretty smart in general. But has had some bad takes on covid.
  11. nevermind just saw this. looks like all US semifinalists won and another going for bronze
  12. women's FS going on now. I don't see this on FloArena? Looking on UWW website too and results link doesn't work. Looks like Mensah Stock vs Molinari in finals at 68, Maroulis wins as well. Don't see results from the rest Blog from UWW site: The 2021 calendar is officially underway, as action at the 47th Annual Henri Deglane Grand Prix of France kicked off in Nice, France. Women's wrestling takes center stage and is highlighted by Rio Olympic champion Helena MAROULIS (USA) and reigning world champions Jacarra WINCHESTER (USA) and Tamayra MENSAH-STOCK (USA). 3:41: It'll be an all-American gold-medal match at 68kg. Mensah and Forrest MOLINARI both claimed victories in their semifinal matches and will meet for gold later tonight. 3:19: Rising star Macey KILTY (USA) scored the upset of the day thus far. She defeated '14 world champion Yulia TKACH (UKR), 4-1. 3:01: Olympic champion Maroulis is wrestling on another level today! She moved into the semifinals with her second 13-0 victory of the day. Maroulis has now outscored her three opponents 36-0 en route to the 57kg finals. 3:00: The semifinals are underway! 2:03: The semifinals are set! USA leads the way heading into the semifinals after having nine wrestlers competing for a spot in the finals. Meanwhile, Germany has eight wrestlers in the semifinals, while Argentina, Austria, France, Italy, Sweden, Turkey and Ukraine all have at least one wrestler looking for a finals berth. 50kg SEMIFINAL - Sarah HILDEBRANDT (USA) vs. Jonna MALMGREN (SWE) SEMIFINAL - Evin DEMIRHAN (TUR) vs. Lisa ERSEL (GER) 53kg SEMIFINAL – Jacarra WINCHESTER (USA) vs. Annika WENDLE (GER) SEMIFINAL - Sofia MATTSSON (SWE) vs. Angelina PURSCHKE (GER) 57kg SEMIFINAL - Helen MAROULIS (USA) df. Johanna LINDBORG (SWE), 13-0 SEMIFINAL - Laura MERTENS (GER) vs. Josefine PURSCHKE (GER) 62kg SEMIFINAL - Kayla MIRACLE (USA) vs. Luisa NIEMESCH (GER) SEMIFINAL - Macey KILTY (USA) vs. Yulia TKACH (UKR) 68kg SEMIFINAL - Forrest MOLINARI (USA) vs. Luz Clara VAZQUEZ (ARG) SEMIFINAL - Tamyra MENSAH STOCK (USA) vs. Eyleen SEWINA (GER) 76kg SEMIFINAL - Francy RADELT (GER) vs. Pauline LECARPENTIER (FRA) SEMIFINAL - Enrica RINALDI (ITA) vs. Martina KUENZ (AUT)
  13. Same here, although a better question may be was there a bonus for winning. I imagine Burroughs may have gotten more to “show”
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