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  1. I don't hate these. Making the first to score the criteria would likely solve the issue I mentioned of people often being overly cautious at the beginning of the first period. Although if the criteria is first to score, how does that "incentivize scoring at the end of the match"?
  2. I think I could give or take criteria. One argument I saw from Saturday was that it can definitely be confusing for people that aren't that familiar with the rules. But then again a lot of the rules are confusing anyway... I never really thought of wanting an activity clock until trying to think of an alternative solution for a stepout rule. But I think it would also help the issue of a lot of high level college matches not having a ton of action for the first 2 minutes and 30 seconds of the first period because it seems a lot of guys wait until the end of the period so that they can try to get a takedown + rideout since they don't want to give up the escape point. Of course the other option could be 3 point takedowns...
  3. I don't think this makes it like freestyle. The biggest difference between free/folk IMO is the exposure rules/par terre. I feel like wrestling on your feet is already pretty similar between free/folk anyway.
  4. Just to be clear... Your takeaway from a Flo executive apparently being arrested for assaulting a family member, is that Mineo is a POS? (Besides, in the grand scheme of things Mineo is still fairly irrelevant. However Willie who has 6x the amount of followers retweeted this.)
  5. Of the wrestlers on Saturday, he was probably the least exciting one...
  6. Although speaking of Flo employee suspensions, what’s up with this?
  7. Seems like maybe he got “suspended” or something
  8. I'm confused...is Taylor going up to 97 if this year's worlds happen?
  9. But again, couldn't both guys be doing that and yet still not score? In which case someone still apparently needs to be called for passivity
  10. Not sure...probably every stepout results in a shot clock. Not sure how it would work if you go out during the shot clock though, I guess then I’d have to say if the same guy steps out again, then that’s a point, and maybe if the other guy steps out then that’s a shot clock for him.
  11. So is this your way of admitting that the RBY/Gross situation discussed earlier was ambiguous? Yet you seemed pretty adamant it should have been 0 NF...
  12. Thanks for proving the last sentence of my post 100% accurate. Dude spends time in jail for getting in a fight. Proposed solution: threaten to beat up some more people.
  13. So yeah that seems to make it arbitrary to me... Isn’t it possible that no one is being passive despite no score?
  14. Kinda mentioned this in a different thread but figured I’d start a new one... I don’t really watch a ton of freestyle but in watching last night’s matches, I like how the shot clock forces guys to not wait until the last 20 seconds of a period to shoot. However, I don’t like that it often seems aritrary as to who it’s called on. I know people have also been calling for a stepout rule in folkstyle (and there have been many complaints about the revised out of bounds automatic stalling calls). So what if instead of a point for a stepout, it puts the other guy on the shot clock? I feel like that would ease the concern of matches just “turning into sumo,” but would also encourage more action (both to not step out and then when on the shot clock if you do), and wouldn’t be as drastic of a change as adding a shot clock for “regular” stalling. I feel like the most difficult part would probably be another clock for the ref/table to need to monitor. Thoughts?
  15. So you think refs call it consistently the same way?
  16. I agree, however the difference between Duke Lacrosse and Downey is Downey’s history. He has already pled guilty to at least one crime, been charged with several others, been kicked out of at least one school, attended something like 6 schools between HS and college, etc. He seemed to be doing better at NJRTC, but unfortunately the whole world could witness him spiraling out of control on Twitter the last few weeks. I’ve said I feel bad for him by reading some of his comments from his father, growing up with that guy as his dad didn’t seem to give him much chance...
  17. I didn’t say they were the same thing. I said they were similar, and that many would argue they both are arbitrary. Can you explain how else folkstyle “rewards not wrestling”? The only thing I can think of is riding time.
  18. So folk stalling is arbitrary but freestyle passivity isn’t? Lol ok... (I can agree with both being arbitrary, but not just one)
  19. Just read the UWW rule book. Seems pretty similar to stalling in folk IMO. Don’t you always claim “folk rewards not wrestling”? Do you think stalling in folk is arbitrary? But regardless of the specific rule, although I don’t think it really happened last night, in a lot of the freestyle matches I watch it basically just seems like the ref just alternates who they call passivity on...
  20. Take out the bickering, name calling and endless ellipses and I think this is an interesting topic. At the end of the day, a main purpsoe of sports are entertainment. Many die hard fans can be entertained by high level athletes, but many others can sometimes find it boring if the athletes respect each other so much that they are conservative. So yeah, ideally the rules of the sport will encourage excitement. Not being a die hard freestyle fan, I think the shot clock is a good example. I like that it encourages action, although I don’t like that it often seems arbitrary as far as who it gets called on. Maybe a good compromise for folkstyle where people are also clamoring for a stepout point, is if you step out, you go on the shot clock (maybe a topic for another thread). Dake/Chamizo for example was pretty good, but that was mostly due to Dake. For a purely freestyle guy Chamizo sure seemed to wrestle like a lot of folkstylers—unless I’m mistaken I think he took 2 shots—a reshot (which he scored on), and with 10 seconds left when he was down by 1. But I think Dake did a good job of pushing the action without being careless.
  21. Was it worth $12.50 a month April-June? What if there’s no NCAA season this year or even a much shortened one?
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