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  1. Does make me wonder if this was the “contact tracing” that postponed Taylor/Burroughs. Hopefully it doesn’t impact the other NLWC guys wrestling this weekend too...
  2. Must be taking Askren’s advice and having covid parties
  3. FRL today they said Taylor is not going (although he was on their graphic yesterday)
  4. Just listened and I noticed this as well. Did he even say Flo at all? The thing was 3 hours long and I think he only talked about the Taylor match for like 2 minutes (don’t get me wrong I enjoyed it though).
  5. Yeah I think these 2 things go hand in hand. This event may be more about retaining current subscribers than getting new ones.
  6. Well there’s only going to be 3 years between the Olympics
  7. RAE token seems to be doing well. Up to $4.209 according to Rokfin site - https://rokfin.com/rae/dashboard
  8. Oh yes, I do recall some conversation about skin checks, can't remember if that was officially confirmed?
  9. BTN puts most of their big matches on youtube within 24 hours. Which is probably the best of both worlds IMO. Available for free eventually, but if you want it live you need to pay up.
  10. Yup, but I (nor Pyles apparently) could really follow the scoring
  11. I think AHamilton was being facetious. I believe they're just called "Spartan Races," not "Spartan Combat Races." Isn't there some sort of "league" for Spartan races that pays money? I'm sure wrestlers fit a lot of their target audience. But apparently "Spartan" is now selling wrestling/jiu jitsu gear and will be hosting a wrestling tourament - yay, another "Nationals"!
  12. PSU vs. Zahid last year comes to mind. IIRC Rasheed was injured but they also had a healthy backup, but presumably didn't want to throw him to the wolves. In high school some people argue they don't want to give up "momentum," I guess that could be the same argument in college with a backup vs. a stud. But yes it is rare
  13. Yeah this is probably true. I’m not sure PSU got “much” better, but they probably did get better. Which is kinda crazy since they had 2 national champs graduate. Starocci may not be much dropoff if any from Hall, but 165 will be. However they upgraded 285 with Kerk, and maybe slight upgrades if Bartlett is at 149 and Howard 125. Really too bad there was no tournament last year, since we’ll never know how close it would have been (or of course who would’ve won).
  14. Yeah I wasn’t sure if maybe they were looking to see if NF should have been awarded but that wouldn’t have really made a difference
  15. Cardani with the takedown off a good scramble in the last 5 seconds to win it 3-1
  16. Luffman wins by major for IL. Top 16 matchup at 125 with Hudkins/Cardani. Scoreless after the 1st. I believe they awarded Hudkins with a TD on the edge but then waved it off after review (I agree with no TD).
  17. Illinois/Indiana on BTN now. Starting at heavy
  18. Just watched Minnesota/Nebraska from Friday, man that was full of upsets Dryden over Thomson at 133 Hardy over Blockhus at 149 Sparks over Robb at 165 Haas over Webster at 184
  19. I don’t think anyone is surprised that Echemendia didn’t ride much or struggled from bottom (but he also didn’t get turned as I believe some thought might happen). The more surprising thing IMO is that he only had a 2-1 edge in takedowns. Yes, he’s basically going to be giving up a point every match if he chooses neutral and the other guy chooses down, but he’ll basically need to have at least a 2 TD advantage to win. Good sportsmanship from him at the end as well. Didn’t realize D’Emilio was a 4x OH state champ. Maybe it was moreso people underestimating him than overestimating Echemendia.
  20. Is this really any different from the Rocket Mortgage ads people used to complain about?
  21. I did think of that, I’d like to think that most if not all of the people in attendance had been tested but who knows. At one point Koll also talked about how the team was basically traveling all across the East Coast. Good thing most of their guys are not enrolled otherwise they’d probably be putting a dent in Cornell’s impressive covid data.
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