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  1. Well I specifically called it a rumor in my earlier post. Besides, Willie tweeted about this particular rumor also (and as mentioned, Pyles certainly seemed to hint at it as well), so it’s not like it’s just coming from anonymous message board posters. But again, since Blue Dragons is PD2, maybe he’ll enlighten us as to why Downey was removed from the card and put the rumors to bed.
  2. Well if they already knew for sure he did it there wouldn’t need to be an investigation... But if not for that or his tweets, why was he removed from the card then?
  3. I bet RBY can make 57. But of course Lee is there too...
  4. I do agree with this, that snippet seemed to be more about bashing Flo than talking about the event. BTW, I did find it funny that on Thursday’s FRL Chael Sonnen said he didn’t know about Rumble on the Rooftop until after it happened.
  5. According to Thursday’s FRL with Chael Sonnen filling in for Askren (a good listen BTW), Pyles said Downey being removed from the event had nothing to do with his tweets and that he’d tell Chael about it later, perhaps adding credibility to the criminal investigation rumors.
  6. Grayshirting does not lose a year of eligibility. If it happens after you first enroll, the “5-year clock” for the NCAA still runs, but in Brucki’s case he has a year to spare for that (and if for some reason needed yet another year, could probably apply for a medical waiver). I think what’s confusing is some may only consider a “gap year” between HS and college as a grayshirt, while others may also consider taking a year off school as a grayshirt (also referred to as an “ivyshirt” in a prior post). If Brucki does not plan on wrestling this season, his options are basically: 1. If he wants to wrestle at Princeton in 2021-2022, take a year off from school since Ivies do not allow traditional redshirts 2. If he doesn’t want to take a year off from school and still wants to wrestle in 2021-2022, he will need to transfer. (And seems he should be able to graduate next year if he stays in school)
  7. Agreed. Reminds me of how everyone was so pumped for Dake/Ringer and then most people thought it was pretty boring. At least this has some other matches, so ya gotta figure at least 1 or 2 should be good (who knows, maybe Dake/Chamizo will be one of them).
  8. yes, you're right, the View is a "bigger" show than Iowa/PSU
  9. I'm sure a lot more people will have watched that
  10. OK back to Brucki... Where do we think he ends up? From IL. I think I heard he was from the same area where Bormet had a club (although no idea if he went there), so seems Michigan may be a leading contender.
  11. His Instagram (although not sure if updated) says “Princeton Wrestling/Structural Engineering ‘21” According to Willie, he was planning on missing this year anyway due to surgery. So seems he’d rather go to school and graduate (assuming he hasn’t already) than take a year off school if he wanted to preserve his Ivy League eligibility. (Which makes sense since this way he can go for a grad degree sooner)
  12. Agreed....if anything a win bonus would incentivize them to be more conservative. ”Match of the night” bonus might not be a horrible idea though
  13. Are there other rugby streaming sites, and if so are they better than Flo?
  14. Yeah, isn’t it also weird to die of natural causes at 54? RIP.
  15. Looks like he might be onto something https://www.wsj.com/articles/sunscreen-chemicals-accumulate-in-body-at-high-levels-11594978201?mod=e2fb&fbclid=IwAR0pUIo55DdmbEUS7i7BoLjneWHi6asm8VzQEldaom8gSX6nBbXcRW04Ea0
  16. Agreed. I thought the "Real Pro Wrestling" league from 10-20 years ago or whenever that was sounded cool, as they had teams. But then they didn't even do duals and just did a tournament format.
  17. I don’t think anyone is saying he’s wrong. Mostly because 99% of people of have no idea what he’s talking about. But he certainly comes across as trying to sound more intelligent than he probably really is.
  18. I feel like there’s a Burroughs joke in here somewhere
  19. I’m confused when you say “if something else didn’t come into being that was similar.” I think that was part of my theory - if we didn’t have Flo, we might have a different company that was similar - although of course it’s certainly possible that company could’ve been worse than Flo. Like you I really only follow wrestling so don’t really know the answer to your question. Part of the issue is that Flo has a lot of sports so was probably the first to start streaming many of them more extensively. But taking a quick glance I see ESPN+ appears to cover a lot of lacrosse (although not sure if it’s more than Flo has of wrestling). Is lacrosse comparable to wrestling in terms of fans? Maybe there’d be more wrestling on ESPN+ without Flo? And ESPN+ is $4.99 a month, or $12.99 combined with Hulu and Disney+. I think most would agree that $12.99 for those 3 services is probably a better value than $12.50 for Flo... And even with Flo, you have other wrestling streaming/TV available on Track, ESPN+, UWW, BTN/other conference networks, some of the schools have their own streaming, even the NCAA has free video of the D2/D3 finals, many states show their HS finals on tv/online, etc. it’s possible that Flo showed there was interest in it and caused other companies to participate, but it’s also possible that we may have had it even without Flo, again we’ll never really know the answer.
  20. Wait. what? I could maybe see a potential argument that wrestling would be better without Flo, but that would only be because a different company came in to do essentially what Flo does, but we don't know if that would have happened. I don't really buy the argument that "thank God for Flo, because back in the day all we had was newspaper box scores and waiting a month for the Intermat magazine!" ... Back in the day we also didn't have Netflix/youtube/hulu/Amazon prime/etc. I think it is plausible that there still would have been extensive streaming of wrestling without Flo, but we'll never know. However. People "walking away from the sport" because of a media company makes no sense.
  21. True. Could maybe combine some based on geography?
  22. I think the RTC’s should dual each other
  23. But as ugarte said do they really need an arena if there are limited/no fans? If there’s no vaccine by then I honestly think it should be outside, and really all you’d probably need is a football field somewhere warm. Maybe Flo could “host” in Austin which at least is somewhat centrally (east to west) located.
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