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  1. Whoops, totally read that post wrong. I thought he was just saying Cox didn’t say that until he was asked.
  2. Looks like they didn’t really have any more inside info there. Although I guess it’s good if they don’t delete threads when they get off track. I saw there was a tweet claiming Gabe “refused” to wear a Spartan Combat singlet at the Last Chance, but after Gabe’s follow up tweet not sure if there was actually any truth to that.
  3. I don’t remember the exact wording but I thought it was pretty close to what D White wrote (can’t find interview now). I don’t recall if it was a separate question, I thought he basically said “I was informed of a different time by a USA Wrestling employee...[pause]...that happens to be my coach.” Also (not a question to you Vak) when he said something like “I don’t think I was afforded the same opportunity as others” was that referring to Burroughs?
  4. I know what he’s saying. I’m saying essentially blaming the US’s lack of international success in Greco on the referees is ludicrous. I don’t doubt they may call things differently. But if that’s the case, coaches should teach their guys to wrestle like it’s an international referee. If they’re losing domestically because refs call things slightly differently, I’m sorry but they were probably never going to have international success. If anything, it’s the other way around. We need more good Greco wrestlers (or maybe just more Greco wrestlers) in order to get better Greco referees.
  5. So little style differences from referees are why the wrestlers haven’t had much success? Gotta say, that’s a new one for me.
  6. But RTC’s have no affiliation to the school! /sarcasm So yeah, if CKWC or something hires him it wouldn’t be much different than things in the past. Does MSU have an RTC? Can’t really think of situations with family members actually being employed by the school prior to committing though. I know Ashnault’s brother Billy was Director Of Wrestling Operations at Rutgers for awhile but not sure of the timing (and he also wrestled there).
  7. Wait...Wait? We won’t have good Greco wrestlers until we have good refs? Seriously?
  8. I know this is a Jimmy troll thread (pay your debts)... but he’s 100% right here. Just alternating who they call it on 99% of the time is ridiculous. Anyone that thinks passivity is less subjective than folkstyle stalling is kidding themselves.
  9. And if any of his post-college career includes coaching, another season would help his earning potential if he can add national champion to his resume. Not to mention if he can add another degree. I know he was already listed as a grad student last year, so he wasn’t just taking a bunch of Basket weaving classes for 6 years. I haven’t checked HR in a minute but I think I remembered reading that a main part of why him coming back was in question was because I believe he was planning to finish this year with whatever grad program he was working on ...but he could always do or at least start another if that’s the case.
  10. Not sure why it’s only on the Harvard site (unless maybe it’s just a Harvard decision) but what about this - https://gocrimson.com/news/2020/11/12/general-harvard-athletics-student-athlete-faq-as-of-nov-12-2020.aspx Says if you were on a winter sport roster in fall 2020 you get a 6th year on the clock. Although I guess Yianni, Vito and Dean were not. I feel like it’d be pretty big news if those 3 couldn’t wrestle as seniors at Cornell. Even if they need a waiver there has to be an assumption it will get granted right?
  11. Fair enough, although I was more thinking along the lines of football and basketball, which is pretty much all most AD’s care about, including Muir. Also weren’t some of those Learfield Cup titles helped out by sports they cut?
  12. OK, I can agree that Stanford doesn’t want to be Duke. But it doesn’t seem that Muir’s job is in jeopardy is it? Although I guess from a strictly athletic POV that Duke would be a step up from Stanford. Side note but of course as wrestling fan definitely hoping that doesn’t happen since many seem to think Duke’s team could be on the chopping block.
  13. It was hard to understand because you were writing 10 paragraph posts with contradictory points. At least this post was more clear - you don’t know. Of course financials and brand are linked, but not always. That’s what they’re trying to do, but we don’t know for sure that Stanford will succeed in “driving better financial performance while also upholding Stanford’s brand.” Apparently one of the sports they still care about is swimming - hopefully they don’t admit another Brock Turner as I’m sure that wasn’t good for their brand. In regards to one of your earlier points I know it’s been brought up in other threads about the possibility of Stanford just not bending admission standards for athletes in the sports they don’t care about. It seems the consensus was that would likely result in a team that’s not competitive which of course Stanford doesn’t want.
  14. https://ivyleague.com/news/2020/11/12/general-ivy-league-outlines-intercollegiate-athletics-plans-no-competition-for-winter-sports.aspx Is “athletes will not lose a season of eligibility whether or not they enroll” not essentially saying that they get a year extension to the 5 year timeline?
  15. Vito will fit that description in a year right? I thought the Ivy League did give everyone an extra year on the timeline for this year, no? So really, he/Dean are no different than anyone that took a regular redshirt and then an ORS in 2020, they just couldn’t compete this year and thus didn’t get the free year. So I agree with Billyhoyle in that it’s not really an issue compared to other D1 programs, but it does seem to be circumventing the Ivy rules. Yes, other Ivies have RTC’s and some guys grayshirt, but Cornell is the only one with a system in place where like 90% of the recruits grayshirt. Yes it’s each person’s choice but I think you’re kidding yourself if you don’t think Koll “strongly suggests” it.
  16. Fair points on the rich people sports, but after all those words I’m not really sure what your overall point is. You think the main reason Stanford dropped these 11 sports is because they wanted to open spots for people that would lead to more future donations, correct? I’d argue that wouldn’t always be what’s best for the “brand” which is what it looks like you said it’s “all about.” Side note but I’d think Duke probably isn’t a bad comparison for Stanford, as they are also a top academic school, and I think it’s clear Stanford wants to be good in football and basketball (yes I know Duke isn’t that great at football). Interestingly it’s been rumored that the current Stanford AD Bernard Muir is a candidate for the same role at Duke.
  17. I think he started a youth club? That’s probably the most realistic of some of the big names. I think Burroughs said he didn’t want to coach at least not in college. Not sure if Snyder does either. And slim chance that Taylor leaves State College.
  18. Well the topic of the thread is who has the best coaching staff, not who the best team was. The best team doesn’t always have the best coaching staff. For example Iowa’s second highest point scorer was a transfer that had already finished 5-4-3 at NCAA’s, I don’t think Iowa coaching had much to do with his success. I mean I guess if you want to argue against PSU having the best coaching staff, the best argument is somewhere like Mizzou that consistently turns non top recruits into AA’s (even though they get overseeded at NCAA’s). While PSU’s guys were not expected to do as well as they did, they were pretty much all top P4P recruits (except for maybe Starocci).
  19. I agree with Plasmodium that I think the biggest reason is that athletes (and their likely lower academic credentials) make up too much of the student body. Note this doesn’t mean that everyone has to have a 1600 SAT...just that they may not want anyone except for the football and basketball team to be less than 1100 or whatever that number is. In relation to the OP and as I think you alluded to, if it had anything to do with “SJW’s” wrestling (and probably field hockey) should be kept because they have more likely to come from underprivileged backgrounds. And if it were about the overall school “brand” I don’t really buy that since NCAA championships and Olympic medals help the brand too, even if they’re in niche sports. I would guess those academic credentials tend to correlate with what you talk about in terms of future donation potential which could certainly be a factor and yes could potentially have more value than a $12M endowment. But then what I’m confused about is why would they cut fencing, rowing, squash and synchronized swimming? Aren’t those rich people sports likely to create future donations (and maybe even have people that could meet the academic standards of their other students, although maybe I am overestimating the “richness” of those sports)? Note I didn’t include sailing because I’m sure Operation Varsity Blues may have had something to do with that.
  20. Would the “average WWE fan” who didn’t already know who he was, have just learned about him and started following his twitter posts in the last 2 weeks?
  21. 6:50-7:00 in that video especially is definitely stalling. He’s not trying to break him down, he’s literally sitting on his ankle while Romero stands up and just waiting until he comes back down because he can’t go anywhere since his foot is trapped. The sitting on the ankle thing doesn’t really seem to set up near fall. I think the closest he got to NF in that match was when they were basically out of bounds and I wouldn’t say he used the ankle thing to set that up. Not to mention immediately following that he employed the also now common (which Marinelli does too), “lay on the opponent and do nothing while the opponent is completely out of bounds but I keep a toe in” technique. I think refs should be able to call that OOB when the top guy is clearly doing nothing but trying to get a few more seconds of RT.
  22. I’m not an Iowa fan. Did you miss where I said Marinelli’s spiral is stalling too? You never answered my question...how does sitting on an ankle help in “working for a turn” (your words)? Or even, what makes that any better than Marinelli’s spiral for example? Honest questions. I don’t recall people saying Zain stalled. He turned guys. I also don’t really recall message board posts from 2014, or much of Tony Nelson’s riding style for that matter. I just watched some dual of him vs Telford and looks like he does something similar to the Marinelli spiral stall ride. Yes that’s stalling too. I mean you don’t have to technically “outlaw the ride,” although I do think adding sitting on the ankle to the list of 5 counts wouldn’t be a bad idea. Just call stalling when it happens. I think OP’s point which I agree with is that guys (lots of them, not just PSU) are not getting called for stalling when they should be, so saying “well they didn’t get hit with stalling!” is kinda the point of the argument..:they should’ve been.
  23. Hasn’t he already basically said that though?
  24. I think what's a tad annoying is he posted "Big announcement coming tomorrow" but apparently all it was was the tweet saying "I'm going to be the biggest star the WWE has ever had" It would have been considered an "announcement" IMO if he said he either was or wasn't returning for another season of NCAA wrestling...everyone already knew he wanted to go to the WWE, not sure why he called that a "big announcement"
  25. OK so your position is stalling should never be called from top then, correct?
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