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  1. So if he would be out until basically the conference tournament, is the assumption that he will take another ORS?
  2. I think Bolt would be OK, but if we’re talking track and field I think I’d rather see someone like Carl Lewis (same high school as James Green)
  3. Zero chance the US is the worst IMO. If the US could “stay ahead of the rules,” wouldn’t we see more of these 5+ year old positive tests that we see elsewhere?
  4. So you're saying Fix is not intelligent?
  5. How noble of Flo, leaving a niche market in a dying industry up for grabs
  6. Oh I'm definitely not questioning the ability to fight it and get it reduced. I'm just surprised by the ability to have no public trace of it happening for 6+ months.
  7. Who have been the last few US wrestlers to get suspended? The Zahid news broke pretty quick. Looks like news of JO’s positive test in 2017 was only about 2 months behind.
  8. Is “publicly charged” a thing? Is it normal for suspensions to be announced 6+ months after they’ve already started?
  9. According to webMD, “the FDA considers ostarine illegal”
  10. The rumored drug was wrong, as well as some claims that he was trying to get a backdated prescription for said drug. Anything else? Still odd that according to that document he was “formally charged with an anti-doping violation” in March, was even suspended for a pretty significant event, and no one that calls themselves journalists (or Flo) said anything about it?
  11. Good on Flo for at least acknowledging it. But let’s be honest, they basically had to. They couldn’t call themselves a wrestling company if they totally ignore something which has caused Cael’s Tweets to triple what he’s posted in the past 2 years combined, and like the man said, contains 8 NCAA champions.
  12. Like I said, I’m not saying it won’t happen, but it’s really not based on anything other than them thinking it will spread more in winter when no one really knows if that will happen or not. Your prior post references “declining vigilance of the public,” but that has already been happening for months, so yeah maybe I’m overly optimistic but I don’t think daily deaths will triple from where they are now. I also find it hard to believe that ~900 deaths per day (about where we are right now) for the remainder of the year is “best case scenario if we achieve universal mask wearing” as that estimate claims.
  13. He’d be a heavyweight. He’s one of the best athletes in the world, I think he’d do OK
  14. Lebron Gronk Mike Trout J.T. Realmuto (John Smith’s nephew) Ashton Eaton (2x Decathlon Olympic gold medalist, according to Wikipedia he did wrestle as a kid)
  15. I’m definitely in the Covid is serious camp, but that 400k death number is just trying to get attention IMO. They aren’t basing that on anything other than they think it will spread more in winter, but we really have no way of knowing that right now. For example, that source even says we will have 288k deaths even if we achieve “universal mask wearing.” To get to that we’d have to stay consistent with what the daily deaths have been recently, and we haven’t achieved universal mask wearing now, plus the deaths have been trending down for about the past month. Edit: I’m not saying it won’t happen, but that just seems to be a bit of fear mongering to me. Based on the current rate of virus spread and the sports that have been happening, I’m fairly (maybe 75% or so) confident there will be a season.
  16. Furman just cut baseball and Men’s Lacrosse in May
  17. It did cross my mind that “how do we know he didn’t do it,” but based on what I’m reading it certainly seems like all signs point to he didn’t do it: https://irannewswire.org/iran-sentences-tortured-protester-to-death-2-brothers-to-81-years-of-prison/ -the fact that his 2 brothers also got 81 combined years of prison -apparently one of his brothers and another protester involved were not provided lawyers -executing protesters seems to be a common practice over there as one was just hanged in August
  18. I thought that was someone else maybe? But yeah, I think it said zero PSU student-athletes had it
  19. Ha. I'm a little behind on my FRL's. I do think it was interesting that FRL brought Chael on a few weeks back and then he goes and produces a wrestling event. I think FRL did somewhat acknowledge the existence of Wrestling Underground, but I wonder if Pyle knew about it when they brought Chael on the show (maybe they did and said he couldn't talk about it on there)
  20. Speaking of today, I'd really like to see JB vs Dake in folk
  21. Yeah, it basically said it was wrong but wasn't clear on what the true number is.
  22. 9.99 real bucks (for a month). Getting paid in real money and paying out in fake money does seem like a bold strategy.
  23. I don’t think the judge made any specific rulings honestly. At one point I think she said she didn’t feel any of it was “an emergency,” so I guess some may consider that being “shot down.” It basically ended with her urging them to settle otherwise they are going to trial, and made sure to point out that the original ruling expired in November anyway.
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