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  1. Several of the flo events have been at hotels. I don't mind it, also smart of hotels whose business is way down right now. However this particular room seemed too small. The walls were way too close to the circle, especially in FS where they can keep wrestling outside of it
  2. Was great to have B10 wrestling back but sad there was no Micic, Alvarez, or Myles Amine. With the dropoff after Lee, Ragusin could be a finalist. VanBrill came very close to knocking off Storr. Kudos to Colucci for not defaulting after he seemed to get injured against Parris.
  3. Evan Henderson got taken down and nearly tossed by a D3 guy. Eventually pinned him though I believe
  4. Top 20 heavyweight for Northern Colorado Dalton Robertson appears to be injured but still wrestling. Is there not a limited amount of injury time? Seems like it took a while (if he defaulted would have tied the team score, not sure who would have tiebreaker)
  5. It's just the undercard. That said I'm not terribly interested in Dake/McFadden, but Dean/Macchiavello and Yianni/Ashnault should be good IMO
  6. nice throw with some NF by Lamont, now leads 9-3
  7. thanks. stream looks good Northern Colorado vs UVU on now. Ranked matchup Robison leads Lamont 1-0 in the 2nd
  8. You don't think Flo had any say in what day/time it took place?
  9. Interesting that Flo is putting their Dake card head to head against some BTN matches...
  10. Yup looks like Michigan/Rutgers is on TV at 7:00 tonight then Minnesota/Nebraska at 9:00 (Eastern) Illinois/Indiana 12:00 on Sunday
  11. Yes but there aren't that many of those either and of course they are all FS
  12. edit: whoops posted in wrong thread
  13. That doesn’t make sense to me. They’re hardly going to get any matches to begin with, why have guys sit out unless they’re hurt (particularly early in the season where if they test positive, they still have time to come back)? Especially since it seems a lot of teams are planning to have a lot of exhibition matches, so they can’t really use the excuse of getting some other guys matches.
  14. Aragona wasn’t very good at 141 last year, probably not a surprise that he wouldn’t beat out a solid guy bumping up a weight
  15. If basketball doesn’t have fans, wrestling definitely won’t...
  16. I like how he basically says wrestling should be OK with covid because they take showers after practice Edit: for the record Brands gives the best interviews of any D1 coach IMO
  17. I think the Serbia chart shows they ultimately made the right call, but they didn't really know it would end up looking like that. When they made the decision, their cases had barely even started increasing and were only at about 250 per day, and they were only averaging about 1-2 deaths per day (that is not a typo).
  18. I thought the same thing, wasn't really sure what he meant either. Maybe just the fact that opposing fans like to hate on Iowa?
  19. That’s what he’s being paid by India?
  20. Not sure if it's not completely updated yet, but was just looking at the calendar on Flo, and it doesn't seem like they have many duals this year. Looks like it's mostly just some Big 12 duals but not Oklahoma State. Then they have the EIWA's but that's about it. Am I missing anything?
  21. I don't know if "the Grind" is officially part of App State but looks like all they have on their social media pages is App State wrestling stuff so it may be
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