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  1. Mostly the fact that they tried to get Martin to admit to the existence of the NLWC event, even though it had nothing to do with Willie which is what the hearing was about. Reminded me of A Few Good Men except it didn’t get to the point of Martin needing to say “You’re G.D. right NLWC is streaming an event live on Rokfin!!” And I don’t think Martin ever said live events aren’t streamed on Rokfin, just that it’s not their business model.
  2. Did you watch the hearings? They are clearly scared of Rokfin, and rightfully so based on the NLWC announcement.
  3. Sure that’s possible, but based on the numbers, it seems these people likely had a similar chance of getting it elsewhere, particularly since if they attended this event they likely weren’t taking too many precautions to begin with. I don’t think they should have had such an event, but I would say 290 out of 300k or whatever is pretty good news IMO. To meet the CDC’s recommended positivity rate of 5% and rounding up to 300, would mean that 6,000 people or more would have had to get tested and reported attending the rally (just 2% of total attendees if it was 300k).
  4. Most of the other stuff (ignoring events they don’t broadcast, stream issues, alleged unfair treatment of women, misleading marketing to name a few) are just minor annoyances, but there are several of them. What they are doing to Willie particularly evident in these last 2 hearings crossed the line for me, and I’m not even a big fan of Willie. Yes, he signed a non compete, but most people will sign anything you put in front of them in order to start a job. That doesn’t mean it’s enforceable, which it seems a lot of people agree that many non competes in general are unenforceable and this one in particular maybe even moreso. For one, Martin is the one that signed Willie’s original non compete (I think part of the reason Rokfin is involved). He’s no saint, but he seems to care about Willie and I don’t think he would have let him come on board if he thought this would happen. I bet part of why Martin probably thought it wasn’t violating it was I believe the original non compete used the term “sports video industry.” Because Willie isn’t producing events, they probably thought they weren’t violating it. Which the judge basically agreed with for the most part, essentially saying he could “write and rank again.” So to be clear, Flo isn’t even just “enforcing the non compete.” That was before. Now, after the judge stated what Willie was allowed to do, Flo filed an “emergency” motion claiming he violated it, essentially because he used the terms “Big Board,” “crystal ball,” and greatest [brain emoji] in [wrestling emoji]. Doing some of my own googling, the first like 10 results are about a woman who tried to leave Law360 for Reuters but was fired from Reuters because of the non compete. Law360 later removed the non compete in a settlement with the attorney general - https://www.cjr.org/business_of_news/non-compete-agreement-journalism.php At the company I work for, we’ve had 4 or 5 people go work for our leading competitor (in our market niche, there are really only about 3 legitimate competitors). Only our executive VP who became the CEO of the other company was subject to a non-compete. So like Willie’s lawyer said, if Willie was making millions maybe they’d have an argument. But right now they just look extremely petty IMO, and these legal proceedings are doing exactly what they’re accusing Willie of doing, probably moreso.
  5. Are you saying hospitalizations are a month delayed from the start of symptoms, or from when they get infected? From time of infection maybe, I didn't think it was that long from start of symptoms though.
  6. Isn’t it unlikely Scuffle and Midlands will happen at all this year?
  7. The allegation was that "tens" of Flo subscribers left to join Rokfin instead. I'm sure they've had plenty of people cancel in general...
  8. That doesn’t even crack the top 10 for me. I’d go something like: 1. Karen asking Willie if he runs the FloLegal parody twitter account and Willie’s response of “you should take a look at twitter and see what’s happening” 2. Karen making sure to clarify that some Flo guy was arrested for hitting his wife at home last year, not at a Flo party this year 3. Karen trying to get the livestream shut down because of internet trolls 4. Karen accusing Willie of crashing the 7/25 Flo stream because he tweeted a picture of a cord being cut 5. Martin’s eye rolling and gestures before he was called to testify and then his utter disdain once he got going 6. Karen not knowing how email works 7. Karen calling Cael “Kyle” 8. Karen asking Willie if he was going to take advice from twitter for the hearing 9. Willie being sure to say exactly how many twitter followers he has 10. Judge Livingston basically telling them to settle this stupid case because the original order expires in like 2 months anyway
  9. While I'm sure plenty of people did not purchase Sunday's Wrestling Underground event, I didn't see any complaints about the price. Both UFC FightPass and Rokfin offer clearly labeled $9.99 monthly options, as opposed to FloWrestling's yearly $150 billing which they misleadingly advertise as "$12.50 per month."
  10. I didn't get a chance to watch but heard there were some good matches. There were a lot of high quality photos recently posted on their facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/WrestlingUG I guess you could argue for or against the cage, but it certainly seemed like the cage made singlets look out of place. Really hope the 2 piece trend continues, and good to see a couple of the top level guys wear them. Also of note is that I'd say one evidence of the "growth of wrestling" is that we even have multiple wrestling-focused apparel brands several of which were featured in these matches (Ruids, NearFall, TakeDown, ScrapLife)
  11. Flo has a contract with USAW right for streaming OTT and such right? Although I see USAW just hired its first ever General Counsel...maybe to either help get them out of that contract or protect them from the inevitable lawsuit if they go elsewhere
  12. In the world sure, but has there really been much else to whine and complain about in the wrestling world for the past 5 months? I’d say the Iranian wrestler being sentenced to death but that news just broke like 2 days ago. And in case you missed it, the guy that created the company is certainly not a fan of Flo right now. They definitely have done a lot for the sport, no doubt. The argument now is that they’ve apparently gotten too big for their own good, and seems like they will sue anyone that poses a competitive threat to them. No hard evidence, but certainly some indications including the aforementioned PSU doc that he wasn’t even in, and the fact that his RTC will be streaming an event live on Rokfin, which was a subject in the hearing and Cael basically announced a mere hours later. I’m no lawyer but as with all legal things the issue seems a bit complicated. Based on what I’ve read, for one apparently non-competes in general are often hard to enforce. This particular one may be harder than most given the small pool of possible employers in the wrestling world combined with the broad scope of them basically wanting it to cover the literal world. Seems they also need to prove damages which based on Flo’s own numbers in the hearings the alleged subscribers that left Flo for Rokfin (prior to the NLWC announcement) may be in the tens at best. One interesting thing is apparently his rankings were cited in the original complaint. And yet when the judge issued the injunction, it specifically said he could do articles (about “future wrestling events”) and rankings. I could maybe see people not wanting to call Flo the “bad guys” for the initial complaint, but IMO for them to file an “emergency motion” claiming he violated it because of a couple retweets and things that were posted prior to the injunction even happened is pretty ridiculous IMO.
  13. I also don’t think Flo needs to be “taken down” like Karen alleges Willie is trying to do. But competition is usually a good thing. Part of what makes the NLWC/Rokfin development interesting to me is that while Martin said live events aren’t Rokfin’s thing, he basically gave the history of Flo and said something to the effect of “when we started doing events, we realized that’s where the money was.” If that’s the case, it seems logical that he’d try to bring events to Rokfin as well. Of course the caveat being that “Rokfin” isn’t actually the one putting on the event, NLWC is, so even if Karen tries to use this somehow in the case, Martin can always go back to his prior testimony of basically saying the “content creators” can pretty much post whatever they want.
  14. You have to admit, your own “Flo is the devil” sarcastic line is becoming more and more true by the day. And it’s not just a few people on a message board whose opinion of Flo is souring, we’ve even started to see actual known wrestling people tweeting in support of Willie at minimum. I think one could logically conclude that the NCAA GOAT (Cael) isn’t exactly pleased with Flo currently. Flo’s lawyer didn’t even know his name, c’mon now. For the record, I don’t think Pyles, etc. are “the devil.” This is on Flo the corporation. Spending over $1m apparently (per the video) to sue Willie and the CEO’s own brother, while at the same time getting criticized for stream issues and pay for women....not a good look. So LJB, whatcha think about the 9/19 card?
  15. Cael vs Damion Hahn Kolat vs Bono Tom Brands vs Mark Manning
  16. To be fair to the guy who said “to hell with this I’m going to ask a question” (Martin’s personal lawyer), he basically sat around for 8 hours so that he could talk for 5 minutes about how Mark told Martin he could have his 12 year old Flo emails which he kept in a separate account from his Rokfin emails. I am not a lawyer (or judge) but I thought the judge was very competent and kept her cool despite the actions of the attorneys (mostly Karen). She didn’t even flinch when Karen said the trial should be taken down from YouTube because people were making memes of the judge (but mostly Karen). I thought Willie’s lawyer (Carlos) did a decent job last week, but he did seem a bit unprepared this week. The Rokfin lawyer (Martha) seemed to know about law, just not how to work zoom meetings. The only reason she was afraid the judge would hurt her (which she said jokingly), was because the judge was understandably annoyed with the same questions being asked over and over again (mostly by Karen).
  17. Yeah the 1 year non compete is interesting. I'm sure most if not all of the personalities don't like what's going on but now they know they don't really have many options if they leave, plus of course they also risk being sued if they do...
  18. Logan Paul as the TBD against Abounader for the 9/19 NLWC event?
  19. So Rokfin offers monthly memberships right?
  20. FloKaren's suspicion confirmed: https://www.nittanylionwrestlingclub.com/news/nlwc-set-to-host-freestyle-event-live-on-rokfin-september-19 Nickal vs. Ringer Snyder vs. Machiavello Nolf vs. McFadden Zain vs. Pantaleo Gilman vs. Cruz Kerk vs. Hemida Nick Nevills vs. Jordan Wood Jennifer Page vs. Desiree Zavala Jane Valencia vs. Lauren Louive Cenzo, Abdurakhmonov, Malik Amine, Abounader opponents TBD
  21. Paraphrasing here but yes Flo is suing Willie for breaching his non-compete and Rokfin for I guess encouraging him to do it. Willie had previously got a (1 year?) temporary injunction placed on him where basically the only things he was allowed to do were rankings and "editorial content about future wrestling events." There were 2 "emergency" hearings because Flo claims he violated the injunction by using the terms "Big Board," "Greatest Mind (or Brain emoji) in Wrestling," "match notes," and writing about recruting and fantasy wrestling as well as leaving up a few videos he had posted prior to the injunction, and that he conspired with people to bring down Flo and accused him of running the FloLegal parody twitter account. The hearings were live on youtube, but then taken down shortly after. Recordings here (not by me): Day 1: Day 2 (no video): Pretty good recaps here:
  22. Flo's lawyer accused Martin of having knowledge of "Penn State" (AKA NLWC) working on a live event that will be broadcast on Rokfin, asking if he had talked to "Kyle" Sanderson about it. Martin denied knowledge, but I think most seem to think Cael's tweet is confirming it.
  23. Bormet tweets same date. Maybe a NLWC/CKWC dual?
  24. In trying to keep today’s events on YouTube relevant to this board, one comment that got a little buried was the allegation that “Penn State” is working on a live event that will be streamed on Rokfin. Didn’t take long for Cael to seemingly confirm it (without implicating anything Karen can use in court of course in typical savage Cael fashion). Seems pretty obvious that Martin likely knew about it, so hopefully it happens. But he basically stated it was false because FloKaren claimed “Penn State” was putting it on when in reality it must be NLWC (which her PowerPoint assistant probably told her about later when she rephrased it). Granted, it was among a multitude of things Karen didn’t seem to understand (fantasy sports, Twitter, email, calendars, who Cael Sanderson is, where the term “Big Board” originated, among other things), but I think a lawyer not understanding the difference further highlights the gray area between RTC’s and universities. Oh yea, and FloSports is incredibly petty, which it seems Judge Livingston may agree with.
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