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  1. Been hearing rumblings that the team is working on a plan to get reinstated, and that even if they don't many may stick around at this year. But I know there's been lots of talk about Woods and Griffith. I know some of the other guys have been mentioned as well but figured they deserved their own thread. Abas will likely will be the next most coveted after Griffith and Woods, and he'll still have 3 more years of eligibility after next year. He was 23-4 in redshirt with wins over past NQ's Andrew Alirez, Colston DiBlasi, Josh Finesilver, and Mason Smith Jackson Disario at 125 was 21-9 and a NQ as a true freshman in 2020. Best wins were probably over Brandon Kaylor (20-6) of Oregon State and Logan Treaster (20-10) of Navy. No real marquee wins, but not bad for a true freshman. Tyler Eischens at 157 was 21-9 and a NQ as a redshirt freshman in 2020. Did have a win over Colton Yapoujian of Cornell in 2019 Looks like most of the rest of who wrestlestat projects to start will be at least a Junior next year. Any possible landing spots for these guys if Stanford doesn't make a comeback? Edit 1: I know they also have incoming freshman as well, but not really familiar with them. Edit 2: for reference, looks like DiSario is from GA and Eischens is from Minnesota.
  2. I've seen a bunch of people bring up the UFC as a good example of "equal" pay. I'm not that familiar with it, is it (honest question)? Here were the purses of the recent fight: Main Card Kamaru Usman $500,000 Jorge Masvidal $350,000 Alexander Volkanovski $250,000 Max Holloway $300,000 Petr Yan $70,000 Jose Aldo $300,000 Jessica Andrade $105,000 Rose Namajunas $100,000 Amanda Ribas $24,000 Paige VanZant $60,000 Preliminary Card Volkan Oezdemir $90,000 Jiri Prochazka $12,000 Muslim Salikhov $14,000 Elizeu Zaleski dos Santos $26,000 Makwan Amirkhani $22,000 Danny Henry $16,000 Leonardo Santos $24,000 Roman Bogatov $12,000 https://www.express.co.uk/sport/ufc/1308254/UFC-251-prize-money-purses-Usman-Masvidal-Volkanovski-Holloway I hadn't heard of any of them other than Usman, Masvidal and Aldo so I have no idea. I think the women's fight wasn't a championship fight right? But I think I've heard at least one of Andrade/Namajunas was pretty popular? I've seen people comment saying "see, this is evidence of equal pay!" but is it really? Basically just looks like Yan got paid a lot less than the other 5 men on the main card. And a male from the preliminary card made more than the lower 2 women combined on the main card. And even if the UFC is pretty good in terms of "equal pay" for women, it hasn't always been like that right? But I guess that goes back to the women needing to be promoted (like the UFC did with Rousey).
  3. This reminded me...I was going to make a new thread but there are probably enough Flo threads as is... Has Flo ever done a Black Friday/Cyber Monday promotion on new subscriptions? I honestly think that would be a good promotion for them. They could even probably get a bunch of grandma's to buy them as gifts and then charge their card every year when they're dead, which seems like it might be up their alley.
  4. Not that I've seen, mostly just twitter rumors... However, I believe the trolls have commented on it on facebook/twitter posts and as FRL questions to which they've never replied to my knowledge. If they were going to why wouldn't they say so?
  5. Story about this lawyer guy seems to check out though: Quote from his Linkedin (bolding mine): "His practice at Flo emphasizes rights acquisition, strategic transactions, digital rights management and enforcement, and corporate finance and governance."
  6. Uncle bernard said it first. Seems plausible
  7. If by "new" you mean registered in 2013... OP's only other post: Also posted on March 1, 2019 on flo's site by Nomad: https://www.flowrestling.org/articles/6374677-2019-ncaa-tournament-automatic-qualifier-allocations Coincidence?
  8. Is it true FLO won't have Big Ten matches any more?
  9. Hey hey hey, they showed some old Penn State clips and interviewed themselves about them and called it a docuseries
  10. And Pyles is from Md too right? I guess that explains the previous Downey love...
  11. Seems she was not one of the original ones contacted (and I think Hildbrebrandt said the same). So the $1,000 that was thrown around on twitter was from Wrestle Like a Girl, not Flo. So seems like CP is trying to imply they offered more than Wrestle Like a Girl... Honestly I was kinda surprised Dake was getting so much more than Taylor...
  12. I think he talked about some of it on one of Gabe Dean's podcasts - https://podbay.fm/podcast/1501568956/e/1589292596 IIRC (could be wrong), he didn't like competing even when he was younger but was always interested
  13. That link says the study was run by the National Institute of Health, and it got positive feedback from Fauci. Would need to be a pretty elaborate scam.
  14. Is his statement that “his greatest work will not be a wrestling mat” also saying that he won’t coach (I know he apparently has said he wasn’t too interested in coaching previously)? Maybe sticking to motivational speaking or something?
  15. Does it pay real money or rokfin points?
  16. Would give some incentive for Shane Griffith to go to UPenn?
  17. I guess he could always change his twitter profile to his actual name and no one would know he was the "Wrestling Nomad"
  18. I think he’s made it private at various times in the past too. He may just be trying to get people to follow him
  19. Eh, even without the alleged crime, I think most would agree some of his tweets were out of line even by PD3 standards. It was kinda hard to keep up with though because most of them got deleted. If he had only argued about people not wanting to watch women wrestle, I think he’d still have a job and a gig on 7/25. But when he started saying things like “women always in they feelings” is arguably when he crossed the line.
  20. Here’s one interesting point Downey actually made:
  21. They said his tweets were not representative of their beliefs, I think that’s pretty much saying that was the reason why he’s no longer wrestling (but no, we don’t technically know whose decision it was). I would bet a good portion of those complaining about Flo are not actually paying customers.
  22. Would have liked to see him address the “Flo employee,” but at least he addressed the Downey/women issue which is a pretty good start. Is there any sort of schedule for when Nomad is on FRL vs Bratke? It’s possible Nomad is still there and they’re just trolling us by purposely not putting him on FRL.
  23. I think Askren is definitely better on FRL. But didn't Willie actually do other stuff like rankings, articles, etc?
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