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  1. Well yeah I think some of these things are admitting that there's some subjectivity to it, but I don't necessarily think they're being inconsistent. The national tournament obviously matters, and it appears they give more weight to making the finals than finishing 3rd if you lose to the guy that got 2nd. Wentzel beat O'Toole in getting to the finals, giving him a win good enough to jump Mekhi/Marinelli. But O'Toole himself didn't really have a great win. His best win was probably Wittlake, who split with Ethan Smith at the tournament, who Marinelli has never lost to. I don't think their rankings are perfect (I disagreed with them having Brooks #4), but it seems you're just arguing to argue. But it seems like most of the arguments were about the "eye test" with guys like Brooks originally, or some of the freshmen. But if you're going off the "eye test" which is how most people do rankings, I think a lot of them would still put Lewis and Marinelli ahead of O'Toole...
  2. Obviously the defaults make it trickier. Taking a quick look at most of the other weights they seem to mostly follow NCAA finish, with a few outliers of other guys who didn't wrestle each other, like Murin and Andonian at #8 and #9 ahead of Millner who finished 8th. If you are a PSU fan you should be happy that Berge is 7th despite only finishing R12 (following similar MFF logic as Mekhi/Marinelli), and Kerk is 6th despite finishing 7th. Considering that Mekhi was a prior national champ and his only loss was to Wentzel who beat O'Toole, and that Marinelli's only loss was to Griffith who won the bracket, it's not crazy to me to put them above O'Toole. The logic could also have something to do with the fact that Wentzel lost to Bullard earlier in the season. If Wentzel was undefeated going into the finals and he was the only guy to beat O'Toole, O'Toole probably has a better argument to jump Mekhi and/or Marinelli. But Bullard had 7 losses this year...Marinelli has only had 4 losses in the last 3 years and they were to Griffith, Joseph, Lewis, and Marstellar
  3. I wouldn’t be surprised if other services have Marinelli and Lewis ahead of O’Toole too. Of course if he didn’t do that then he’d be accused of going “against the oath” No need to get so worked up about it though. I’m sure O’Toole would rather have that 3rd place finish than a higher ranking.
  4. I wonder if they trimmed the roster size this season due to covid?
  5. Loved Carr’s interview too...”I iust want some gummy bears” was great
  6. For anyone that's not a PSU or Iowa fan, the audible "Keep Stanford Wrestling" chant from the minimal fans in attendance was definitely the best moment of the tournament. It was almost better that Pitt had that challenge since it gave the commentators more time to talk about how crappy Stanford is. ESPN also tweeted about it as did some big names Oh and the store is open again, reasonable prices too:
  7. For Campbell, here's who is listed: Seth Lambers: not on current roster, no matches on wrestlestat Joshua Scott: not on current roster, listed as a RS SO in portal but doesn't even appear to have a wrestlestat page Josh Wilson: not on current roster, no matches on wrestlestat Austin Almaguer: not on current roster, no matches this year, 7-7 as a redshirt last year with most of his wins against non D1 guys Michael Ferree: not on current roster but was 5-0 in extra matches this year, 25-14 in opens in 2019 and 2020 Jack Ervien: not on current roster but was 2-2 in extra matches this year, 4-5 as a redshirt last year Ethan Baney: not on current roster, no matches on wrestlestat Austin Kraisser: 24-9 last year but 1-5 this year and 0-2 at Socons; he's also listed as a redshirt senior and grad transfer and probably worth noting that who I assume is his brother is NOT in the portal despite being a sophomore that was a postseason starter for them in 2020 but not 2021 Robert Pryhocki: 0-2 in extra matches this year, 9-23 career record Diavantae Reddick: 1-0 in an extra match this year, 7-16 career record Basically, Kraisser is the only notable name and it's likely so that he can go to grad school. It is interesting that guys that wrestled in matches this year are already off the roster though. But I imagine some (most?) of these are because they were pretty far down the depth chart. Other notable names: Kizhan Clarke Gas Tank Gary Jared Krattiger
  8. Based on seeds, I think Mizzou definitely underperformed more than Iowa. Iowa had 5 guys finish below seed - Eierman, Young, Marinelli, Kemerer and Brands, with 2 of them seeded 1st and finishing 2nd.
  9. Yeah I was surprised he even said # of AA’s was important before, I thought # of champs was all that mattered!
  10. Sorry didn't see that. Cool, I'd be interested in that data, thanks for doing the work.
  11. Well at least you admit to being a troll...
  12. Yeah this is kinda what I was getting at. How could Hollywood "not have made it up" when they've literally done the same or better before? I guess I could be accused of "creating a narrative" but I'm not trying to diminish what PSU did as it was a great performance. But given their/Cael's history, it's not that surprising.
  13. What do you mean "Hollywood couldn't make it up"? They had a 1 seed, 2 2 seeds and a 3 seed win the title, that's not that surprising considering what PSU has accomplished in the past. Shane Griffith...now that's a Hollywood story.
  14. A guy with the handle "MSU" isn't an Iowa fan is he?
  15. I'm sure any potential pushout rule would only be from neutral. I'm sure there could be some pushout points from guys with a high single, but if someone is just pushing in general, there is an easy way to not get pushed out of bounds: take a shot
  16. That’s not the problem IMO. The reason that you can’t get all refs to enforce it the same way is because it’s a subjective call. Why should the ref have to decide whether or not someone is backing up or just being pushed? A step out rule removes the subjectivity. Only issue I see is I could see a lot of challenges to determine who stepped out first. But I think the hopeful goal of a stepout rule is that it makes guys actually stay in bounds.
  17. PSU fans (and mostly just those on themat.com, BWI wasn’t as bad) built the narrative
  18. Didn’t they call that same situation a no TD in one of the later matches too? Drawing a blank on which one now...maybe Hidlay/Brooks?
  19. I can’t remember, who won the Cox/Snyder folkstyle match? (I believe they only wrestled once right?) Also, Cael
  20. Ha I saw that! I thought those Grapplers got banned or something because they were too low?
  21. False. They had Joe Lee ranked #23 and he went 0-2. They had Howard ranked #12 and he finished R16. They had Beard 12th and Kerk 10th and they finished 7th, that’s not crazy off. No service should have ever had RBY & Starocci #1, and no service should have had Lee #1 after losing to Eierman at B10’s. The only legitimate gripe from a PSU fan’s perspective is Brooks, and as Spey pointed out most of them were picking him to win. I do think there was enough “data” to move him to #1 though at least after the conference tournaments.
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