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  1. Actually I think that's exactly what he was doing (whoever it was)... Well I don't know if they were trying to put together a calendar, but they were probably suggesting for the women to do that in order to supposedly get more exposure (no pun intended). Again the tweet didn't say he was asking for them to be DM'd (which seems to be the rumor with PD3 and potentially younger girls), just to "post" them.
  2. LOL not really, was kinda just evidence that he was off the rails (edit: as I believe that one also happened after his apology....)
  3. I agree he deserved what he got, but did he actually threaten to whoop her ass? I was assuming he was referring to a wrestling match, no? (not sure what it means to call someone a "wet nugget" though)
  4. or just check out Blue Dragons on themat.com
  5. Yes, whether or not they fired someone is a rumor. Her tweet was not, and that was more what I was saying they should address.
  6. And the Redskins didn’t “need” to change their name.... For the record I don’t think they need to tomorrow specifically, just at some point. And if a well-known Flo employee got fired, I imagine they probably would address that too, even if it’s just saying “so and so is no longer employed here.” Just like they did with Willie (although of course that was a different situation)
  7. Even his tweets (such as “women always in they feelings”) were probably worthy of pulling him/getting the boot from NJRTC
  8. Willie says he's in "legit trouble" but didn't really expand on it
  9. I think they're going to need to comment on Salata's tweet somehow. But I'm not sure if there's truly been confirmation that it was Nomad, so they may not address him (or whoever it was if it wasn't him) specifically.
  10. Speaking of Willie, I don't mind him, but I thought this was funny: So really its #2 from your original list then?
  11. Ha so apparently Flo un-retweeted the Downey apology. I do actually feel a little bad for Flo (as a company) here, none of this probably happens if they hadn't created an event for people to watch some actual wrestling...
  12. Yeah I think it's definitely different than the alleged Downey situation, although still not good obviously. It appears a "Flo employee" (has it been confirmed to be Nomad?) was basically suggesting they POST them, not DM them, I presume because he thought that might help their marketability.
  13. I think you’re reading way too much into it dude. I think he’s saying he’s disappointed in Downey, and even though they’re friends, he knows he has to cut ties (maybe there were other people pushing it harder, but even if that’s the case I’m not taking it as Humphrey disagreeing). I can maybe see questioning him for taking PD3 in in the first place, but for that tweet? C’mon now
  14. I think many with second homes went there at the start of the lockdowns too
  15. But anyway, what the heck is going on? PD3 saying he would beat Hildebrandt, then saying he’s withdrawing from the event because there aren’t any women’s or Greco matches. Now Willie saying Downey could be in “legit” trouble??
  16. Wait what? I didn’t see anything wrong with what Humphrey said, and didn’t read it as someone above him necessarily making the call, just that it was hard because they’re “boys.” But, he has since deleted it...
  17. They retweeted his apology, which they probably wrote. Seems like they intend to keep him on there unless maybe the complaints get louder.
  18. I was going to make a comment about them not having any women resident athletes, but apparently they only have 3 total counting Downey? Graff and Ashnault are the only 2 others according to their website.
  19. Stinson might not have been much taller than Pletcher too
  20. He should have known quoting (who he thought was) Hitler wasn’t a good idea. The issue IMO with this comparison isn’t that Downey shouldn’t have gotten the boot, it’s that Jackson should have. Especially considering he’s not that good anymore. But I imagine the Eagles didn’t want to be labeled racists since they didn’t cut Riley Cooper several years back for calling someone the n-word.
  21. I think this is kinda what started it: Which IMO isn’t that bad. But I’m guessing this one might’ve been what did him in: I do find it kinda interesting though that NJRTC seems just as concerned about him bashing Greco than him bashing women (not just women’s wrestling, women in general based on the above tweet).
  22. What do you think it’s about? I think it’s about money. They did contradict themselves by putting a number on it ($200 million) but then said even if they get it they wouldn’t bring these sports back. But I kinda think if they got the $200 million that they’d bring them back.
  23. Askren was more accomplished as a wrestler and arguably moreso in MMA than Caldwell. The match against Burroughs was in between his fight against Lawler and Masvidal. He’s a smart guy, I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t take fights in the UFC if he was out of shape. What year is it? I feel like it’s 2008 again with conversations about Caldwell/Metcalf and people saying Ben Askren is out of shape.
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