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  1. Could the fact that Paul has a larger following (and thus more people likely to bet on him) play a role in that? Also probably doesn’t help Askren that he’s best known for getting knocked out in 5 seconds. But he was a champion in both wrestling and MMA, I don’t see any internet celebrities making quick work of him.
  2. I’m not sure if I’d say “a lot.” Sometimes yes (and he does often delete the evidence when that happens)
  3. So then why say F him? He’s apparently the only one with the balls to actually put stuff out there. It’s just wrestling, it’s not war secrets, not sure why everyone else is so secretive with their info. Especially with stuff like this. I could see the argument for things like failed drug tests though.
  4. Paul’s first fight, not sure what I just watched:
  5. FWIW, Mineo claiming Suriano not enrolling this year and training for trials in AZ at Sunkist
  6. Askren might not be a great boxer, but is Paul? Apparently he just started boxing in 2018, and his only other actual fight besides Robinson was against some other YouTube guy. Give me Askren.
  7. Is this the one they talk about on FRL a lot? Is that available anywhere?
  8. I’m about 30 minutes in. This might be the worst movie I’ve ever seen (and not really about wrestling although they showed a few youth wrestling home videos in the very beginning). The kid might be the best actor in this thing
  9. Apparently there is a new (kids?) movie called “A Wrestling Christmas Miracle” on Amazon Prime Video. Don’t have high hopes haha
  10. Is this the girl that lived on some lake? Wasn’t that in Michigan or something?
  11. On what? Has anyone that finished 9th in B10’s ever won NCAA’s? I’d agree that the 9th place guy from the B10 is usually better than the D2/D3 champ (they’re often better than some champs from other D1 conferences for that matter), but it’s probably more likely that a D2/D3 Champ could win the whole thing.
  12. I think I’d take Vision Quest over Reversal, does that help?
  13. Just watched the Last Champion. I’d say it is worth a watch for wrestling fans, but I probably would put it about on par with Legendary. I guess I am a Vision Quest hater but I liked this more than Vision Quest - it wasn’t the fastest moving plot but I didn’t find it super boring - I actually did think Vision Quest was boring at times. The wrestling was decent, but there wasn’t a whole lot of it other than the state finals match. I got the sense they weren’t wrestlers but they probably spent a lot of time making it look like they were. Agree with some of the other comments too. I was doing some work at the same time so may not have been 100% paying attention but I too was confused when it was all of the sudden the state finals, could’ve sworn like 10 seconds earlier it said “Regionals” on the bottom of the screen. And yes it’s not really believable that they didn’t just bump up one of those kids, (spoiler alert) especially if the coach knew the original wrestle off was going to be a sham. And nice work Jason Bryant. You have a future as an actor that plays an announcer (although you did sound like you were rooting for the main kid). Yeah Gable was pretty bad - you’d have no idea he was one of the GOATs, his comments were incredibly obvious, and he didn’t sound much different than the 2 coaches, who didn’t say much more than things like “Get him,” “be aggressive,” and “single leg!”
  14. Curious of others thoughts on this? Flo actually put the Green/Meredith match on Facebook / YouTube. There definitely seems to be a lot of “rolling starts” in FS so I’m kinda surprised stuff like this doesn’t happen more often
  15. They got donors in the form of the government and a PPP loan right?
  16. So Pantaleo competes for the US and not Italy or something?
  17. I didn’t watch the match so don’t have an opinion. Was basically just pointing out that seems to be what he usually says (didn’t say I thought it was right or wrong as I’m not that knowledgeable about FS rules). They discussed this at the beginning of FRL yesterday and some of them said something similar - they were OK with Gross not being put on the clock because there was a lot of action, even though it was all from Gilman’s shots. Which is kinda funny because IIRC there was a similar discussion last year after I believe it was the Gross/RBY dual - PSU fans thought Gross should have got hit for stalling, but I think why the ref didn’t hit him was because he was almost constantly defending RBY’s shots (but if I also remember correctly, I thought he should have been hit towards the end).
  18. Was this the thing where people were saying you could set up a VPN through a different country?
  19. LJB would probably ask, “did he control the center”?
  20. Could have at least told us to fast forward to the last minute. Whole lotta nothing before that. Definitely prefer the new breed of heavyweights... (and I went to a camp where Mocco was a clinician...dude was a monster)
  21. Yup he was good too. I think it was rhe first Blu Ray I ever bought Am meaning to check out the Last Champion though. Earlier I said some of the descriptions sounded kinda like the movie Legendary. Maybe this is crazy but I think I’d even take that over Vision Quest.
  22. Smart. Should sell some Rokfin subs in India
  23. Not sure what the opinions of this site are, but IMO it is the only wrestling movie (not many to pick from) that combines both good wrestling scenes and good acting/plot. The kid who plays the main character was a state champ. I guess I am also a fan of Paul Giamatti.
  24. Have you seen Win Win? A million times better than Vision Quest IMO
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