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  1. Logan Paul as the TBD against Abounader for the 9/19 NLWC event?
  2. So Rokfin offers monthly memberships right?
  3. FloKaren's suspicion confirmed: https://www.nittanylionwrestlingclub.com/news/nlwc-set-to-host-freestyle-event-live-on-rokfin-september-19 Nickal vs. Ringer Snyder vs. Machiavello Nolf vs. McFadden Zain vs. Pantaleo Gilman vs. Cruz Kerk vs. Hemida Nick Nevills vs. Jordan Wood Jennifer Page vs. Desiree Zavala Jane Valencia vs. Lauren Louive Cenzo, Abdurakhmonov, Malik Amine, Abounader opponents TBD
  4. Paraphrasing here but yes Flo is suing Willie for breaching his non-compete and Rokfin for I guess encouraging him to do it. Willie had previously got a (1 year?) temporary injunction placed on him where basically the only things he was allowed to do were rankings and "editorial content about future wrestling events." There were 2 "emergency" hearings because Flo claims he violated the injunction by using the terms "Big Board," "Greatest Mind (or Brain emoji) in Wrestling," "match notes," and writing about recruting and fantasy wrestling as well as leaving up a few videos he had posted prior to the injunction, and that he conspired with people to bring down Flo and accused him of running the FloLegal parody twitter account. The hearings were live on youtube, but then taken down shortly after. Recordings here (not by me): Day 1: Day 2 (no video): Pretty good recaps here:
  5. Flo's lawyer accused Martin of having knowledge of "Penn State" (AKA NLWC) working on a live event that will be broadcast on Rokfin, asking if he had talked to "Kyle" Sanderson about it. Martin denied knowledge, but I think most seem to think Cael's tweet is confirming it.
  6. Bormet tweets same date. Maybe a NLWC/CKWC dual?
  7. In trying to keep today’s events on YouTube relevant to this board, one comment that got a little buried was the allegation that “Penn State” is working on a live event that will be streamed on Rokfin. Didn’t take long for Cael to seemingly confirm it (without implicating anything Karen can use in court of course in typical savage Cael fashion). Seems pretty obvious that Martin likely knew about it, so hopefully it happens. But he basically stated it was false because FloKaren claimed “Penn State” was putting it on when in reality it must be NLWC (which her PowerPoint assistant probably told her about later when she rephrased it). Granted, it was among a multitude of things Karen didn’t seem to understand (fantasy sports, Twitter, email, calendars, who Cael Sanderson is, where the term “Big Board” originated, among other things), but I think a lawyer not understanding the difference further highlights the gray area between RTC’s and universities. Oh yea, and FloSports is incredibly petty, which it seems Judge Livingston may agree with.
  8. It looks like all of those guys are listed in the student directory. Edit: However I see classes don't begin until 9/2 so that may change
  9. Not sure what that has to with what I posted, although I have considered that but don’t know if I’ve had covid. Do they test you for antibodies if you volunteer to do that?
  10. I mean it can’t hurt right? I think the NCAA finals get something like 500k viewers. Seems like this will be at least double that...
  11. Well you were part of the argument 7 months ago, so I guess you’re included among the idiots? The only reason I bumped this thread was because the spiral was mentioned in the Suriano/Fix thread (yes that was also about an old match but just trying to create some conversation during a time where there’s not much wrestling to talk about). I maintain my previous position though. Marinelli, Lovett and DeSanto were stalling but White wasn’t. I think I counted 6 times that White got to his feet including when he did escape. To answer my question from before, I didn’t see a time where Marinelli broke him down flat other than with a mat return. And the two times I mentioned where Marinelli IMO was stalling by stretching to keep his foot in but not doing anything else, they were basically already out as the result of a mat return or takedown, so I wouldn’t really say White was “crawling out of bounds.” I don’t think the spiral is always a stall, but in this match it most definitely was. I think what Marinelli does here is similar to what Fix usually does with the double boots. You’ve got the top guy putting an enormous amount of pressure on the bottom guy, so it’s not exactly easy for the bottom guy to work up, even though White was able to on several occasions.
  12. Interesting, can't seem to find video. Here's an interesting one I came across by googling. It's just a random HS match in VA or something but somewhat similar situation. Top wrestler has 1-0 lead at the beginning of the 3rd period. Keeps putting in double boots and 3 stalemates get called in the first 1:40. The first 2 the bottom wrestler was flat, but not the 3rd one. After the 3rd stalemate, there is a restart with 21 seconds remaining, then with 5 seconds to go top gets hit with a stall warning. (And I think the only plausible argument against the stalemate in the Suriano/Fix match is that it should have been stalling instead, which still would have resulted in a restart) Not relevant to this thread but then top gets hit with a caution which I'm not sure I would've called, then bottom escapes within the final 5 seconds for the win.
  13. bump. so between Marinelli, White, Lovett and Desanto, who was stalling?
  14. I'm OK with riding time, however I do think guys should be hit with stalling more from top if they're not doing anything but riding. Although, oddly enough while the HS rule book specifically says "It is stalling when the contestant in the advantage position: a. does not wrestle aggressively and attempt to secure a fall," the college rule book doesn't actually say that, and the closest it comes is saying "Offensive and defensive wrestlers shall make an attempt to sustain active wrestling and remain in the competition circle" and "Action is to be maintained throughout the match by the wrestlers staying near the center of the mat and wrestling aggressively in all positions (top, bottom or neutral)." So maybe the college rulebook should add that... I agree, a claw spiral is often stalling if they're not trying to break the opponent down. But again, I think the difference here is that even if we say Fix would have been OK in this OT period if he was "riding," I'd argue he wasn't actively "riding," IMO he was just hanging on because he got high. And although Suriano was handfighting, he wasn't really making progress, hence what I feel was an accurate stalemate call. The spiral comment did remind me of the thread we had about Marinelli/White - if you're bored here's a refresher (and I will say I probably shouldn't have said the "onus" was on Marinelli to work for the fall, however I still think he was stalling much worse than White was).
  15. LJB, I will give you though, watching some Fix matches, he's probably the best example of being "rewarded for not wrestling." The amount of times the bottom guy got hit for stalling with Fix laying on him and not doing much more than waving his arms around is crazy to me. Does Fix have any par terre offense in freestyle?
  16. Follow up question for the bad call crowd: Is there an additional amount of time in that same position that you would have been more accepting of the stalemate call? As it was, on the restart there were 9 seconds remaining and Suriano got out in about 2, so even if the stalemate call is made another 5 seconds later, you could have had the same result (although obviously we'll never know).
  17. 1) I said 7 or 8 seconds of little movement. He spent 20 seconds moving his arms around pretending like he was doing something. I apologize though I misread some of the earlier posts, I see you were actually saying that it is common for stalemates to be called with guys flattened out. 2) Yeah kinda like the video in the OP. Neither wrestler was improving. Again, there is nothing in the rule about "effort" to improve. It's about actually improving. They weren't. Not really, he was likely fine where he was as long as he hung on as he was doing. However if he did his typical arm waving to pretend like he was actually using the legs, then the result might have been him being in a more vulnerable position. Again, agree to disagree that Suriano was improving his position. He was trying to handfight, but wasn't improving.
  18. That didn't happen in this match though
  19. Allright here ya go. I started with Fix matches because I was hoping to find a similar situation, but did find this on maybe the 4th one I watched: Shortly after 3:00 a stalemate is called with Fix riding double boots and Schmitt flat (maybe 7 or 8 seconds or so from when most of the movement stopped). 6:30 and 8:30 - neutral stalemates called after about 5 seconds of minimal movement (I hope most would agree that is pretty common, but again I think that speaks to the fact that a stalemate can be evident after 5 seconds regardless of position)
  20. And in the video in the OP they did say they wanted it to be legitimate (and in singlets).
  21. Exactly (even though it's not called a "rideout" period, it's called the "tiebreaker," so thank you for noting that) I would agree with the comment that if Suriano was flat, that probably doesn't get called. The difference here was that Fix was too high so really wasn't doing much. I just watched a few of his other matches and while he doesn't typically do a whole lot with the double boots, he usually at least moves around and makes it looks like he's doing something. Here he was clearly just hanging on because if he did anything else he was at risk of Suriano coming out the back. Side note - did Fix turn any top 20 guys with the double boots? The only one I saw was Erneste during 2019 NCAA's and he probably should have been called for a defensive pin.
  22. That’s not the definition. It’s not when they “can’t” improve, it’s just if they’re “not” improving. Suriano was handfighting, but he wasn’t improving IMO http://www.ncaapublications.com/productdownloads/WR19.pdf
  23. It said they stopped when they moved wherever they live now (California I assume?) to become YouTube stars. Seems to have worked out for them based on their car/house...
  24. I wrote 5 second stalemate in a YouTube search and that came up. I’m sure if I watched some NCAA finals I’d find some too, maybe I’ll do that this weekend or something. I think the fact that there weren’t many instances of people complaining of fast stalemates is evidence that it probably happens pretty regularly (and is accepted as the correct call)
  25. Just watched this video and the one in the OP. I think I may be shifting my odds towards Dolan. -He wrestled for 11 years vs Paul’s 4 (although that would mean he started when he was like 3 so the first 3 or 4 probably don’t really count but still) -Paul didn’t even know what freestyle wrestling was, Dolan seemed semi-knowledgeable -Paul didn’t seem very serious about training although Dolan did But yeah, the number of followers these guys have is insane (on instagram, Paul-18m, Dolan-9m, Jordan Burroughs-633k). They made a couple comments about this being the most watched wrestling match ever. Makes me want to cry a little bit but it’s probably true. Which begs the question...what is currently the most watched wrestling match? Doing a quick search, here are a few (not necessarily all of the top ones): 2012 66kg Olympic Final between Kumar of India and Sahin of Turkey: 8.2m views (I’m guessing many of them from India as his semi match and someone else winning bronze had over 4m) Brock Lesnar vs someone from Penn State: 5.2m views Snyder over Sadulaev: 2.4m views Rulon vs. Karelin: 2.2m views Burroughs vs Askren BTS: 1.7m views Burroughs vs Dake: 1.7m views Bo Nickal vs MyMar: 1.4m views
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