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  1. No, I’m saying the definition of a stalemate is neither guy is improving their position. That can be evident in 5 seconds
  2. Assuming you mean faster, then that would imply quick stalemate calls should be even more acceptable now than back then...
  3. I know that was from neutral but the point is...5 second stalemates happen fairly often
  4. Ok check out 7:19 then. About 5 seconds
  5. No idea how this came up in a YouTube search, but check out around 3:45, stalemate called in about 2 seconds:
  6. No video, but apparently Rob Koll had the same thing happen to him in the NCAA semis: http://board.themat.com/index.php?/topic/20755-zain-yanni-outcome/page/4/
  7. He was hand fighting, but he wasn’t improving IMO. I’m sure I can find other examples of a 5 second stalemate. Give me a minute.
  8. Eh, again I’d say Paul is the favorite due to that but I don’t think he’ll get his arse handed to him since they’re both about the same amount of years removed from actual competitive wrestling. So the difference may come down to what sort of shape they’re in currently.
  9. I don’t see much movement between 15-10 seconds on the clock... The main definition of a stalemate according to the college rule book is “neither wrestler is improving their position.” Which looked to be the case to me there.
  10. I mean there was basically no movement from either guy for 5 seconds. I've seen less than that called a stalemate in regulation
  11. Obviously the headgear non-call got more attention, but this was probably almost as controversial. Yesterday Willie called it an "all-time horrific call." I personally thought it was a good call. What say you now 1.5 years later?
  12. Ok, but I’m still pretty sure that age division is for 8th grade at the oldest. Could they have graduated early? If that was posted in July seems plausible. Everyone on that list whose name I recognized was either a first or second year college student in 2019-2020. Which if they were in their second year they would have graduated HS in spring 2018 (then wrestled 2018-2019 and 2019-2020).
  13. I don’t know when they graduated HS, don’t really know who they are. I believe that age division should have been 7th or 8th grade though
  14. Just noticed that link I posted has the brackets at the bottom. Doesn’t seem he was much of a point scorer, here were his matches: 2-1 win in rideouts 2-1 win 2-1 loss 4-2 win 1-0 loss
  15. Doing some research, seems like it could be a match. I guess the Dolans didn't wrestle in high school, but they're younger than Paul so they're both probably about the same amount of time removed from competitive wrestling. Although of course Paul placing in HS in OH is better than some middle school achievements, so I think he'd have to be considered the favorite. Not sure if there's a size differential. Looks like Grayson placed 4th in youth states in 2014 - https://cdn1.sportngin.com/attachments/document/4059-1939610/2014USAW-NJ_Intermediate_resultsbrackets.pdf#_ga=2.122811723.1159292322.1598388111-1634800657.1598388111 Looks like the guy who took second (Sam Wustefeld) was Columbia's 197 starter last year, going 18-16. Dolan did place ahead of Quinn Hadadd though who was a D3 regional champ. (Ethan placed 6th that year and finished behind 3 guys currently on D1 rosters: Billy Janzer - NQ for Rutgers, Matthew Dallara - SoCon runner-up at Campbell, and Wade Unger - 10-17 as a freshman starter at Duke).
  16. He did give an interview a few weeks back saying he was planning to wrestle this year. But considering he actually did qualify for the Olympics, the covid uncertainty, and now the Brucki news I wouldn't be surprised to see him redshirt again (assuming it's been confirmed that guys that took an ORS last year can take another).
  17. According to US News, Princeton, Harvard and Columbia (plus Yale who doesn't have a wrestling team).
  18. Even Clemson cutting salaries (including Dabo): https://www.thestate.com/sports/college/acc/clemson-university/article245201375.html Although of course one thing that sticks out there is that they apparently have 15 people in the athletic department that make over $400k a year. I could see the B-ball coach, AD, Dabo, and a few other football coaches. But that seems like a lot...
  19. I think there is a minimum # of sports requirement, but not the specific sports
  20. Can’t tell if you are being sarcastic
  21. I don’t think he said he definitely wanted to transfer, just that if he did he’d want to go to an Ivy League school. And so if he went to an Ivy League school, wouldn’t discussing financial aid packages be relevant?
  22. Yup, meant to quote Tobus, sorry
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