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  1. kionga

    Coaches Ranking and RPI

    The following is from an article on the NCAA site by Shannon Scovel dated February 12, 2019. "NCAA tournament allocations are set to be announced later this week, and athletes will have their eyes on conference tournaments as they fight for national championship spots and higher-ranked seeds with just over one month remains in the 2018-2019 wrestling season."
  2. kionga

    Coaches Ranking and RPI

    Thank you for posting. I am anxious to see the allotments by conference as well. Those should be coming soon I understand.
  3. kionga

    UNC beats Pitt and no one cares

    Fans for these other teams need to speak up. That, at least, would let the readers of this forum understand that someone out there care about UNC , Pitt, and other smaller schools. I read the box score for that dual and noticed the heavyweight result, but since I have no tie to either school I kept my thoughts to myself.
  4. kionga

    All- American Potential!

    125 Mattin - 2 & 2 last year, 10% chance 133 Micic - virtual lock 141 Storr - inconsistent, 50% chance 149 Amine - dark horse I am rooting for, 33% chance 157 Pantaleo - 2x AA, 99% chance 165 Massa - 75% chance 174 Amine - virtual lock 184 Embree - very talented, but injured most of the year, 20% chance 197 Striggow - I think he qualifies, 5% chance 285 Parris - great freshman year, reminds me of Coon's freshman year, 10% chance
  5. kionga

    Missing in Action

    What about Jelani Embree? I heard several weeks ago that he was close to coming back. Will we see him tomorrow against Penn State?
  6. kionga

    2019 Senior First Time AAs

    Malik Amine
  7. kionga

    Michigan State vs Rutgers

    Rutgers wins 22-20. Where were Chase Beard and Austin Eicher for Michigan State? I think the Spartans would have won this duel if both those guys wrestled.
  8. Can MSU beat Rutgers? If they wrestle at least as well as they did last Friday against Michigan, I think they can. 125. Foley over Metzler, md 133. Suriano over Tutolo, md 141. Eicher over Lipari, dec 149. Ashnault over Enriquez, tf 157. Van Brill over Tucker, md 165. Olivieri over Hiles, dec 174. Hughes over Grello, dec 184. Caffey over Gravina, dec 197. Wilton over Correnti, dec 285. Beard over Colucci, dec MSU over Rutgers 19-16 Lots of very close matches here, especially 141 and 174-285.
  9. kionga

    UM vs. MSU Last Night

    In addition to his quickness, I was impressed with his excellent balance. He seemed quite slippery as well.
  10. kionga

    UM vs. MSU Last Night

    I attended this meet 4 years ago in East Lansing. There seemed to be less than 100 fans in attendance - despite what the "official" attendance was listed at. Michigan State won only 3 matches, scoring 9 team points. I was brand new to collegiate wrestling, but the Spartan squad did not seem very competitive to me. Last night was strikingly different in many ways. The portion of Jenison Fieldhouse in use was largely full - the official attendance of 2229 seemed accurate. Four years ago most fans were Wolverine supporters. I think the same held true this year, but the percentage of Spartan fans seemed higher. MSU has two standouts, Rayvon Foley and Cameron Caffey, who have a great shot at becoming AAs. They also have some first year starters who look promising in Brad Wilton and Chase Beard. I am not a fan of Drew Hughes because of his defensive style of wrestling. The final score, however, was similar to last year; MSU won only 2 matches, scoring 10 team points. This is more a reflection of Michigan having a stronger team than four years ago. Looking at the Spartan roster shows two redshirt seniors and no juniors. They have a very young team, and if they can replace those seniors with a couple studs, and perhaps upgrade at another weight or two they should be very competitive.
  11. kionga

    Indiana vs Maryland - Wow, just wow

    I am not sure about Michigan State. I would really like to see them improve significantly, but they seem to be losing out on top level recruits, even within the state of Michigan. They would be much stronger with guys like Devin Skatzka, Trent Hilger, Nate Limmex, Cole Weaver, Steve Bleise, Ian Parker, etc. One would think if these instate wrestlers had full confidence in the MSU coaching staff at least half of them would have chosen to remain close to home. On a positive note, I do like how Rayvon Foley is improving, and Brad Wilton and Cameron Caffey seem like they are going to be real good.
  12. Indiana defeated Maryland 36-3 yesterday. To add more perspective, on Friday, Ohio State defeated Indiana 43-3. That seems to be a much larger disparity than I would think realistic for one division of one conference. Is this 2018-2019 Maryland team weaker than the last few Michigan State teams under Coach Minkel? I know Hemida is ranked, but he has not looked impressive to me. And Bannister is not looking very good either.
  13. kionga

    New Flo Rankings

    Disappointed that Flo has apparently stopped their commentary when updating the rankings. Does anyone know why? I liked it even more when they allowed for comments at the bottom of each weight's rankings. Simple lists of numbers 1-20 are quite boring to me. The rationale for a ranking change is much more interesting the the rank order.
  14. I am a fan of Michigan Wrestling and like to follow the reserves as well as the front line wrestlers. Over the past several years it has become clear to me that only a handful of backup wrestlers are entered into a given open tournament. For example, only 9 of 22 such wrestlers participated in the Cleveland State Open. Obviously, illness, injury, or school work are reasons why one would not be entered, but it seems to me that there is more to it than that. Could some of you more experienced fans provide greater insight? This is a broad request, not specifically about the Michigan program.
  15. kionga

    Michigan Lineup?

    I have tons of questions about Michigan's team and was hoping to read some opinions of people more knowledgeable than myself . 125) Drew Mattin is the favorite here, but Austin Assad was the starter until his injury. Who wins the starting spot this year and how will he fare at NCAA? 133) Micic seems like a sure thing here. 141) Will it be Kanen Storr? What about Sal Profaci or Ben Freeman? Could freshman Joey Silva end up here? 149) Will it be Malik Amine? Possibly Storr, Profaci or Freeman? With Retherford and Sorensen gone, could Alec Pantaleo cut down to 149? I think Pantaleo wins this weight if he can successfully make the cut. 157) Most likely Pantaleo. 165) Can Massa come back from that injury that hurt his sophomore season? 174) Myles Amine will seriously challenge for the NCAA title. 184) How well will Jelani Embree do? NCAA qualifier? Possible AA? 197) Jackson Striggow is the favorite, but both JT Carroll and Davidson looked pretty good last season. HWT) Will Mason Parris start as a true freshman? Adam Coon did.