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  1. Could this 2-week ban be lifted? I hope so. https://www.mlive.com/wolverines/2021/01/coalition-of-university-of-michigan-athletes-want-reversal-on-decision-to-shut-down-for-two-weeks.html
  2. I do like that idea. It certainly seems that since this season is so different from past ones, that the NCAA tournament seeding should be changed to accommodate.
  3. I was thinking about heavyweight in the Big Ten, given the success of Luke Luffman on Sunday. Last week, 6 of the 7 top rankings went to B1G heavies by most services; now they have to work in where Luffman goes. Because the B1G only wrestles intra-conference duals, all other heavyweights have no opportunity to go against what may be 8 of the 10 best 285-pounders in the country. I can envision wrestlers like Elam of Missouri, Stencel of CMU, or Andrews of Wyoming coming in with undefeated records --- where will they be seeded compared to 1 or 2 loss guys like Steveson, Parris, Cassiopi, or Kerkvliet? What will happen to a guy like Tate Orndorff? He now has losses to Luffman and Hillger, and is scheduled to wrestle Parris, Cassiopi, and Kerkvliet in duals. He could conceivably end up with a losing record when the B1G tournament is over. He was seeded 15th at the 2019 NCAA tournament and 8th last year. Could he be left out? Just wondering how the 2021 scheduling aberrations might affect the way NCAA tournament seeding is done this year.
  4. kionga


    How disappointing was that performance by MSU? I thought the Spartans would win that dual. Foley, Tucker, and Hughes losing were big upsets in my mind.
  5. The Terps lose to Michigan State 42-0, then follow that up by losing to Minnesota 48-0. I would imagine winning only 1 match out of your first 30 would dampen their enthusiasm for this season.
  6. I had asked this earlier and someone responded that BTN would show last year's BIG tournament. I would much prefer if they could have arranged to show Michigan State vs. Minnesota in that time slot.
  7. I have to admit that the reality of the dual we saw last night was no where near the dual forecasted by the Wrestlestat projection. Way too many starters out and the backups who did wrestle did not appear impressive --- with the exception of Parkinson in top position. I was hoping to see first time performances as we did last weekend with Boo Dryden and Hardy. As 1032004 states, very odd to not send out all one's starters with such a short season.
  8. This is looking like a very close, interesting match. Wrestlestat has NW winning 17 to 16. Devin Schroder vs Michael DeAugustino should be very good. Griffin Parriott vs Yahya Thomas at 149 may be the pivotal swing match. I am guessing Parriott wins this, and Purdue takes the dual. If Wrestlestats matchups are correct, we should see a lot of first time wrestlers, which I think adds to the excitement.
  9. Sure would be nice to see him and Jelani Embree out there regardless which weight they occupy. I am excited about the possibilities for this year's squad and worry that injuries or focus on the olympics could inhibit Michigan team success. Similarly, want to see Micic wrestle on Sunday as well.
  10. With the postponement of the Penn State vs Rutgers dual, BTN will have an open slot. Does anyone know if the network will fill it with another wrestling match?
  11. Thanks for the input. I really like this concept of "extra matches" and believe it could be helpful to incorporate in the future. For example, a few years ago Kevin Beazley was having a great year, but got injured in the Big Ten Tournament and missed the NCAA tournament. If his back-up, Jackson Striggow, would have had a solid record and some impressive "extra match" wins, perhaps the selection committee would have given the opening to him instead of the 34th seed.
  12. I was looking at the roster and noticed some kids I followed in high school were no longer listed. I see Ben Freeman transferred to Buffalo, but what about his brother Nick? What happened to Mike Mars and Noah Comar? With Covid issues threatening to deplete rosters at any time, I would think teams would want as many "extra matches" as possible to build up resumes of their back-ups. I was surprised, therefore, that Kurt McHenry, Reece Hughes, Bobby Striggow, and Gaige Garcia saw no action this past weekend. Anyone have insight into why they did not wrestle? Is Jelani Embree healthy? The BTN announcers gave no insight into why he was not in the line-up. Who is Michigan's starter at 125?
  13. It would be a shame if Silva did not make it. I think he is definitely one of the top 33 133-pounders right now. I still have hopes for his chances because only 3 wrestlers who won AQs at that weight lost their spots according to SetonHallPirate's website.
  14. Just wondering which Big Ten wrestlers will make the NCAA tournament as at large selections. Forum members have predicted Evan Wick and Caleb Young. Specifically, I am wondering about the 3 Michigan wrestlers who finished 1 spot behind the Automatic Qualification allotment. Joey Silva (133), Cole Mattin (141), and Jackson Striggow (197).
  15. I hope Michigan has a much better session than they had for session 2.
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