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  1. Men's indoor volleyball is clear #1. I used to play for the University of Michigan's Club team in the 1970's - U of M did not have a varsity men's team. As many have already posted, the Olympics is an exception to what I typically enjoy watching. Gymnastics, Swimming and Diving, Track and Field, Beach Volleyball, Boxing, and Water Polo are sports I try to catch all the televised action. I never watch any of them outside the olympics. I typically don't like to watch olympic wrestling --- I find it boring. However, I will try to follow the matches of Myles Amine and Stevan Micic.
  2. I don't see how Intermat promoting the BIG affects my question. I think all 9 first place rankings were deserved and with the exception of perhaps Marinelli, they performed at NCAA as one would expect --- a #1 losing in the finals, or a #1 with only one loss and placing 3rd is expected to occur in any wrestling tournament I think. Intermat also only ranked 28 BIG guys top eight when 34 or 35 actually placed that high, so it certainly does not appear that Intermat was biased towards the BIG based on that metric.
  3. I am a fan who apparently is influenced by what I read on this forum and by the ranking services. I thought the team I support, Michigan, and the Big Ten in general would perform much better than they actually did. I went back and reviewed Intermat's latest rankings and compared them to the NCAA championship final results. Intermat had 9 BIG wrestlers ranked #1; the BIG won 6 weights. Intermat had 28 BIG wrestlers ranked in their top 8; 34 were AAs. Based on an earlier post, the BIG having 6 champs would have been more expected than 9. What about the 34 AAs? That is 42.5% of all AAs from one conference. Michigan underperformed in my mind mainly due to the absences of Stevan Micic at 133 and a healthy enthusiastic Jelani Embree at 184. I am interested in the opinions of other fans. How do you think the BIG conference and your specific team did versus your expectations?
  4. As a Michigan fan, it seems that they can't get a break. Mekhi Lewis is out, so Wittlake gets a pass to placement rounds. Valencia is severely hurt, at least it seems that way to me, and was totally ineffective after the injury. Cam Amine gets to go up against the #1 seed in an effort to AA. Oh well, that's life. I'll be rooting for Amine to advance.
  5. Heartily agree with this sentiment. My homer pick, in addition to Ragusin mentioned above, is Cameron Amine, another 11 seed.
  6. Medley beat Decatur in the dual. I don't see any justification for Decatur getting in over either Tucker or Medley. Another thing to consider is that the BIG field was weakened by the non-entry of Alvarez from Rutgers. Added to the loss of Decatur to the field, those who determine the at large bids will want to argue against adding someone from the BIG.
  7. CMU bounces back in the last 2 rounds, winning all of their matches (not counting the match for true 2nd at 165). All ten wrestlers placed top seven. Hildebrandt (125), Simon (141), and Stencel (285) placed first. Johnny Lovett (157 ) and Alex Cramer (165) placed third, and the other wrestlers placed seventh. Four automatic qualifiers with Cramer having an outside chance to be an at-large selection.
  8. Well, CMU had a very tough round today. It is now quite likely they only qualify 3 for NCAA.
  9. CMU is having a pretty good tournament so far. Drew Hildebrandt (125), Dresden Simon (141), and Matt Stencel (285) have already locked up automatic bids to the NCAA tournament. All other wrestlers are still alive for as high as third place. The MAC only gets 2 AQ at 165, but I would imagine Alex Cramer would receive an at-large invite if he places third since the MAC seems to be under represented in AQ allotments
  10. Well, it seems that when Ragusin has made 125, he has wrestled there and Medley at 133. Medley has gone 125 when Ragusin has not made weight. I guess it depends on if Ragusin can maintain 125 or not.
  11. I just saw on the Umich twitter page that Micic is out of the BIG (and NCAA) tournaments. Quite unfortunate and I hope he is fully recovered for the olympics. I wonder which of Ragusin and Medley will be at 125 and 133.
  12. Great job! Thank you very much for doing this. It is plain to see that it took a tremendous amount of thought and effort to accomplish this.
  13. That is my understanding, which is why I said I have grave doubts about him wrestling at all this year if he does not wrestle tomorrow.
  14. Below are some thoughts about tomorrow's dual. 125: Jack Medley vs Rayvon Foley should be a good one. Foley started the year quite slowly, but has wrestled much better of late. If Ragusin can no longer make 125, this will be a very important match for Medley to win. 133: The Michigan website lists Stevan Micic or Dylan Ragusin at 133. If Micic does not wrestle, then I have grave doubts of seeing him at all this season. 141: I think the Spartans send out Matt Santos here. He beat D"Emilio of Ohio State, who in turn beat Drew Mattin of Michigan. This is an important match for Mattin to win for BIG seeding purposes. 149: Peyton Omania has looked good at times for MSU, but I think Storr has no problems here. 157: Chase Saldate beat Elijah Cleary 4-0. If Will Lewan does not find some offense, he is going to lose this match. 165: Jake Tucker can be tough, but Cameron Amine is wrestling really well right now. I think Amine wins comfortably. 174: Will Massa tech Hughes again? 184: The Michigan website lists Jelani Embree or Jaden Bullock at 184. It will be really interesting to see which one the Wolverines send out against Layne Malczewski. I would imagine they would like both to wrestle Malczewski, but I can't see MSU wanting that. 197: Myles Amine vs. Cameron Caffey should be the best bout of the evening. 285: Another bonus point win for Parris.
  15. Only one more dual before Big Ten Tournament and still questions about the starting lineup. 125: Will it be Medley or Ragusin? 133: Will it be Medley, Ragusin, or Micic? 184: Will it be Embree, Striggow, Walker, or Bullock? After the matches this weekend, I would like to see them go with Jaden Bullock. I like how he went right after Brooks.
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