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  1. kionga

    Michigan Lineup?

    I have tons of questions about Michigan's team and was hoping to read some opinions of people more knowledgeable than myself . 125) Drew Mattin is the favorite here, but Austin Assad was the starter until his injury. Who wins the starting spot this year and how will he fare at NCAA? 133) Micic seems like a sure thing here. 141) Will it be Kanen Storr? What about Sal Profaci or Ben Freeman? Could freshman Joey Silva end up here? 149) Will it be Malik Amine? Possibly Storr, Profaci or Freeman? With Retherford and Sorensen gone, could Alec Pantaleo cut down to 149? I think Pantaleo wins this weight if he can successfully make the cut. 157) Most likely Pantaleo. 165) Can Massa come back from that injury that hurt his sophomore season? 174) Myles Amine will seriously challenge for the NCAA title. 184) How well will Jelani Embree do? NCAA qualifier? Possible AA? 197) Jackson Striggow is the favorite, but both JT Carroll and Davidson looked pretty good last season. HWT) Will Mason Parris start as a true freshman? Adam Coon did.
  2. My wrestling experience was limited to sophomore year in high school, gym class. Our normal gym teacher was out with a bad back, so a science teacher filled in for our hour. He had been a college wrestler, and even wrestled professionally against Dick the Bruiser and the Sheik. Since that was about the only sport he knew, that is what he taught us. I started following high school wrestling when my eldest son joined the team. I started following college wrestling when teammates of my youngest son made college lineups : Julia Salata, two-time national champion for King College; Corey Phillips and Anthony Abro, both team captains at Eastern Michigan; and Kevin Beazley and Alec Pantaleo, both all-americans at Michigan.
  3. kionga

    Big Ten Tickets for sale!

    Joe, I am interested. Only need 1 full session ticket, but will take both if that is what you want. charlesrothwell@sbcglobal.net
  4. kionga

    Michigan 2017 Intrasquad Dual Notes

    Where were Zac Hall and Davonte Mahomes?
  5. kionga

    Who is your team?

    Michigan is my favorite team because I am an alumnus. My second favorite is Eastern Michigan because a couple of my son's coaches (Casey Randolph and Cory Mancuso) as well as several of his teammates (Corey Phillips, Anthony Abro, Brent Winekoff, and Ben Griffin) wrestled there.
  6. kionga

    headshuck decommits to Gophers

    Darn, I was counting on you to give us an analysis of next year's team. Your former school graduated six seniors, but only Pfarr and Kroells were starters at the end of the season. Do you know who will step up and fill the huge hole you will leave in their fan base?
  7. The Spartans under first year head coach Roger Chandler were much improved compared to where they were the past few seasons. They were more competitive in duals, and performed better in big year end tournaments. One promising indication that they may again show improvement next year is that they only graduate three wrestlers, none of whom was above .500 this season. Another is that they have a couple promising incoming freshmen in Jaden Enriquez and Nathan Atienza. On the down side is that most of the tournament improvement was due to three wrestlers, Austin Eicher (133), Javier Gasca (141), and Drew Hughes (165); both Enriquez (141) and Atienza (165) are projected at weights that are currently filled by returning tough wrestlers. Here is my very uneducated guess at next year's line-up: 125 Logan Griffin (17-12 last year) 133 Austin Eicher (2x NCAA qualifier) 141 Javier Gasca (2x NCAA qualfier) 149 Jake Tucker (RS FR, former Illinois state champ) 157 Austin Thompson (21-16 last year) 165 Drew Hughes (NCAA round of 12) 174 Danny Kruse (RS FR) 184 Shwan Shadaia (10-14 last year) 197 Jacob Cooper (cuts down from heavyweight), or Angus Arthur ??? 285 Christian Rebottaro (RS FR)
  8. kionga

    keep an eye out for..

    Totally agree. I have watched Myles wrestle since he was a high school freshman and thought he would be on the same level as Pantaleo and Coon. It was a bit of a downer to read the somewhat negative comments about him from other teams' fans, even after the Big Ten tournament. Very happy to see him prove the doubters wrong.
  9. kionga

    Big Ten Dominance

    This past weekend the Big Ten had 36 All-Americans (45%), 12 Semi-Finalists (60%), and 7 National Champions (70%). Three of the top four team scores, and eight of the top thirteen were Big Ten schools. Will the BIG be even better next year? I have read several posts from PSU fans that the Nittany Lions may be even better, especially with a healthy Nick Suriano. Ohio State fans have posted that the Buckeyes should field a stronger team next season. I, and some other Michigan fans, have written that the Wolverines should be vastly improved. What about the rest of the Big Ten schools? I really enjoy reading forecasts such as the one below on Missouri next year. It would be great if fans of the other Big Ten schools gave their opinions on the outlook for their team in 2018. A bit redundant but, I see Michigan having 10 qualifiers next year versus 7 (only 5 were healthy). I think they could have 6 AA (Micic, Pantaleo, Massa, Amine, Abounader, Coon) versus 3, with several of those serious title contenders.
  10. Rulon Gardner vs. Alexander Karelin, 2000 olympics gold medal match.
  11. kionga

    Michigan Next Year

    The excitement generated by this weekend's Big Ten Tournament has got me thinking about how good Michigan could be next year. 125: Austin Assad returns from injury. Probably won't be as successful as Connor Youtsey this year, but still should qualify for NCAA tournament and score some points. 133: Stevan Micic returns and I think he could seriously challenge for the national title. His only loss at BIG was by one point to Tomasello. 141: Sal Profaci returns. It appears he is in line for an at-large invite to NCAA tournament and should be improved next season if he is the starter. or 141: Ben Freeman. This true incoming freshman just won his fourth Division 1 Michigan state title, and was totally dominant in doing so. I know a lot of local high school coaches and they say Freeman is ready to compete at the collegiate level right now. 149: Zac Hall returns and hopefully is finally healthy. A fourth place finish at this year's BIG and automatic NCAA invite was a very pleasant surprise. Should do very well and score points at the NCAA tournament next season. 157: Brian Murphy graduates, but local high school coaches I know say the plan is for Alec Pantaleo to move up a weight. We will see, but whichever weight Pantaleo goes I would expect him to finish top five at the NCAA tournament. 165: Logan Massa returns and should once again be a serious challenger for the national title. Former 165 starter and NCAA qualifier Garrett Sutton comes off his red shirt year, but I don't see where he fits into the starting line-up. 174: Myles Amine has had a fantastic RS FR year, and I think he is AA this year. He should be even better next year. Davonte Mahomes is recovering from his second season-ending knee injury. He has had some big-time wins, including beating Myles Martin last year, but I don't know how he fits in next season. 184: Dominic Abounader should return next year. I look for the returning Big Ten champion and NCAA qualifier to AA next year. This weight will be a huge upgrade over what Michigan had this season. 197: Jackson Striggow had a decent RS FR season, but it appears his chances at an at-large NCAA bid are quite slim. I think he will be improved over next year and make the national tournament. 285: Former NCAA finalist Adam Coon returns for he final season and should challenge for the heavyweight title once again. Another weight class where Michigan will be tremendously better next season. Maybe I am overly enthusiastic, but I think top three in the Big Ten, and top five nationally are reasonable expectations for next season.
  12. kionga

    Frosh Team of the Year--Pre NCAA Tourney--D1

    At 165 I would go with Logan Massa as the top freshman.
  13. kionga

    Sal Profaci

    Secured an automatic qualifier spot for the Big Ten based on his coaches' rank of 28, and an RPI of 30, but finished tenth at the Big 10 tournament, one spot short of qualifying for the NCAA tournament. What are his chances of garnering one of the 4 at-large spots?
  14. Just curious which wrestlers were the biggest pleasant surprise for the team you support. I'm a Michigan fan, and for me it was Zac Hall. I thought Malik Amine would be entered at 149. For Hall to place fourth and gain an automatic spot in the NCAA tournament was a huge surprise.
  15. kionga

    EMU Open

    I'm quite interested to see how Myles Amine does at 174.