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  1. Frankie edgar is a big time match up problem for mcgregor. Anyone who watched the mendez v mcgregor fight saw the blue print for beating mcgregor. Mendez ran out of gas, Frankie won't! I'm pretty sure mcgregor's trainer doesn't want that fight. He dana white after the fight that it was his last fight at 145. 3
  2. IMO there are many factors contributing to his lackluster performance. The major factor being the weight cut. Which adds to the other factors. Anyone who has cut serious weight knows that you sacrifice quality practice. Couple that with wrestling the best 165lber in the country, if not the best pound for pound wrestler in the nation. I'm pretty sure Chance isn't getting many takedowns in the room and not having very much fun wrestling this year. It's difficult to be confident when you're getting pounded every day. Throw in the family issues, and that is a recipe for failure. I just hope this doesn't ruin a potentially promising career. Ultimately, he may need a change of scenary to get him out of this funk. 6
  3. Can i please have some of whatever it is you're smoking? 6
  4. Geno definitely deserves the nod at 165. He beat hammond and rasheed and that should earn him the spot. If rasheed out places him at the scuffle then he gets the spot back. 3
  5. I don't disagree with what you have written, but I would say psu has 5 legit finalists in Megaludis, retherford, nolf, nickal, and mcintosh. To go along with gulibon, conaway, and mccutcheon potentially placing anywhere from 5th to 8th. They are going to be tough to out score. You have to also consider that nico, zain, mm, and nolf will most likely score bonus in the first two or three rounds. I'm just not sure any other team can match their point potential. I guess we will see. 6
  6. Look, hammerlock watched batman begins and tried make himself sound intelligent, but used the word incorrectly. What is that old saying, it's better to be thought a fool, than open ones mouth and remove all doubt. 6
  7. Haselrig went to Johnstown HS, who at that time did not have a wrestling team. He could not compete in regular season competitions. He could, however wrestle in the post season. He won districts, regionals, and states and finished his high school career 10-0. 6
  8. Just asking, weren't Chertow, Abe, and Kolat somewhat successful internationally? 6
  9. Mocco spent 4 years at Blair, ruth and evans only went for their senior years. Neither ruth nor evans placed higher than 3rd at PIAA's. 6
  10. Off the top of my head... Ed Ruth Josh Koschek Phil Davis Mike Evans
  11. I too could not disagree more on the friend / teammate thing. Our team was tight. Tight to the point that incoming freshmen were told if you're on this team you won't join a frat. Our coach instilled in us. The wrestlers that came before us were that way and those that followed were too. There aren't many bonds stronger than the ones formed with pain and suffering. 1
  12. Jon Jones is scumbag. He loves telling the press and public how strong his faith is. He could never fight again and it wouldn't be long enough. 5
  13. 6 Bo Jordan is an absolute savage, and I think he beats Marstellar handily. That said we'll have to wait and see if they meet. If you're going to make this argument fairly, you've got to consider the wrestlers injury free. Kindig at 100% makes the habat match a toss up. I would also put a healthy Alton at 157. A lot of people forget he was 3rd in the nation as a RS frosh. He beat Realbuto this past season before reinjuring his shoulder. Injuries destroyed his career. Minotti was PA's 3rd best 157lber not redshirting at the beginning of the year. Austin Matthews was the 5th ranked 157lber in the nation before his injury. 4I truly think the PA preps underacheved big time. Mcmullan, evans, horan, warner, myers, Kindig, beckman, beitz, riddick, mccutcheon, and conaway all underperformed at ncaa's
  14. 5 Megaludis v. Tomasello Schopp v. Taylor Retherford v. Stieber Kindig v. Habat Nolf v. Brascetta Marstellar v. Jordan Evans or Wilps v. Brown v. Riddick v. McMullan v. That would be PA's best.Currently in college.
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