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  1. Indeed, in 2014, JB won a bronze medal with a sprained MCL, losing only to Tsargush. I believe that was Tsargush’s only win over JB, too. Very impressive for JB to win a world medal while injured. Definitely the US 74 kg GOAT.
  2. Is this the tournament where Dake placed fifth? Tough tournament IIRC.
  3. Speaking of Cassar... I felt really bad for him when he hurt his shoulder and could no longer pursue his NCAA and Olympic dreams this year. But then the pandemic ended all of that anyway. He may have even dropped out of school before the spring semester and saved money as a result. (If I remember correctly, Cassar graduated a year ago.)
  4. What’s his next career step? MMA?
  5. I believe Stanford, like many universities, is a non-profit organization that receives federal subsidies.
  6. Is Stanford going to online instruction only? If so, they may be facing the prospect of losing international students and all the money they bring in. Huge uncertainty right now at so many schools.
  7. If I were a Stanford wrestler in this economy, I would strongly consider options to stay at Stanford (unless I could land a spot at a school like Princeton). Wrestling is fun and all, but a good education can open doors when you're trying to pay bills in a few years. Missing out on career opportunities early in life can put you in a hole you'll never quite recover from.
  8. As long as you recognize there can be consequences for a wrestler who endangers an opponent who has left his feet.
  9. His tax returns are posted, too?!?! Is this a common practice?
  10. Does that website really make a claim about a particular person’s net worth? (I didn’t click on the link.)
  11. If a wrestler does something to endanger an opponent who has left his feet, consequences can absolutely follow — including unnecessary roughness, unsportsmanlike conduct, flagrant misconduct, civil assault/battery, and criminal assault/battery.
  12. I guess to me that suggests it was an unsportsmanlike action.
  13. Didn’t the NCAA D1 wrestling committee reprimand Metcalf for the shove?
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