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  1. As for the criticism of foreign officials. I was referring to his statement that “living & dying by big moves can be costly, especially overseas.” That statement expresses a resentment toward foreign officials that will off-putting to a lot people who are just casually reading his post (whether his resentment is justified or not). Just the way it is. But my bottom line point is that a lot of people will find his post to be unpleasant. If you think the post is benign or even inspiring, that’s completely fine. I’m just commenting on how plenty of other people will feel about it. And with that I’m leaving this thread.
  2. Let's go through the post, shall we? He begins by calling out foreign officials. It may or may not be justified at this point in UWW's history, but for a person casually reading an instagram post, it comes off as abrasive and aggressive. Then he writes: "to the haters, trolls, naysayers & communists.. KEEP YALLS SAME ENERGY" Again, for a person unfamiliar with his personal quarrels, it simply comes off as abrasive and aggressive. (And like I said before, I actually wondered whether he was suffering from psychosis.) Then he writes: "if you're not with ME when I'm down, iont wantchu when I'm UP." As someone who is generally unfamiliar with Downey, this does not feel like he wants my support. It feels like he has already taken an oppositional stance toward me. Even if you don't think this post comes off poorly, I can tell you lots of other people will.
  3. I don’t know much about PD3 and I don’t care what his politics are. But I can tell you that a lot of people will feel that that post comes off as confrontational, aggressive, and unpleasant. And it’s too bad because we are all looking for reasons to cheer for our world team members.
  4. I think you are reading way too much into the political angle. To a lot of people, that entire post will come off as incredibly abrasive. Simple as that.
  5. This actually helps a little. I wasn’t sure if he really thought people from North Korea and Cuba were attacking him in some way; or if he was taking a shot at some US fans. I don’t watch cable news and I don’t use social media so I didn't know that “communist” was an insult people still used, and I didn't know that anyone cared about his political opinions. I actually thought the reference to communists could be a sign of psychosis so I’m happy that it’s likely not.
  6. Katie

    Yasar Dogu Saturday results

    Punia was about to score on Downey, so Downey grabbed Punia and rolled without either stopping Punia's momentum or changing his direction. As I understand the rules, that should not be points for Downey.
  7. Katie

    Yasar Dogu Saturday results

    I’m a huge Bo fan. But let’s be real here. There’s no evidence he’s top 5 in the world. Every time an NCAA star is in the same weight class as a US medalist, everyone assumes the NCAA star is at the medalist’s level. It’s almost never true. Not even Gable was a medalist-caliber wrestler upon graduating. He couldn’t get past 1970 bronze-medalist Bobby Douglas. There are levels to this game.
  8. Katie

    Yasar Dogu Saturday results

    What? He won worlds last year.
  9. Katie


    If I were Askren, I would retire. Sparing myself from more head trauma would be my top priority. Askren does not need to fight in order to have a great life. That said, for my own selfish reasons, I'd like to see Askren fight Maia -- even though Maia is past his prime. That would be one of the few fights I'd pay to see.
  10. Reminds me a little of Grajales-Alton.
  11. Katie


    I can see why pip is on my ignore list. I do not enjoy comments that seem both sensitive and aggressive.
  12. Katie

    Yasar Dogu

    I hope they reenact their last match. Just to see how it is called.
  13. Katie


    I’m not sure why anyone would consult your intuitions about the “intent” of a sport rather than hard data about the consequences of a sport. Lawn darts, for example, were banned because they sent 762 people to the ER per year, not because someone disapproved of the game’s “intent.”
  14. Katie


    I agree that intent is an element of many crimes. I also agree that intent plays a role in many of our moral judgments. But what I do not understand is what all your discussion of intent has to do with the regulation of sports.