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  1. I believe there are some women’s college wrestling teams in Canada. It would be interesting to see a team like Iowa enter a Canadian tournament (assuming such tournaments exist).
  2. What would a p4p ranking look like based on current level of ability (as opposed to best resume)?
  3. Tremendous. I think women’s wrestling will prove to be more popular than some other women’s sports, thereby making wrestling as a whole more viable.
  4. Haven’t followed this story at all. Are the finalists just Iowa, Ohio State, and maybe PSU?
  5. You believe that “scientists and medical experts” are supposed to get together in their free time to operate a public relations office that responds to Facebook memes? Seems reasonable.
  6. I’d go with Taylor simply because the Olympics are the pinnacle of the sport.
  7. My shock announcement was going to be that you were capable of writing an intelligible sentence. But I’ll have to cancel it for the time being.
  8. According to reports, lots of geniuses out there are refusing the taxpayer-funded $20 vaccine. Then, after they get sick, they are getting monoclonal antibodies — which cost taxpayers $2100 and are experimental. These same people are already pumped full of other vaccines.
  9. I, too, will be sharing earth-shattering news on Monday. Stay tuned.
  10. If none of the other 74kg medalists from Tokyo will be competing at 74kg at Oslo, it seems like Dake’s chances of gold are very much improved. Personally, I’d like to see Dake against Kadzi again, and against Sidakov finally. Oh well.
  11. How do you know that Sidakov is sitting, and that Kadzi and Bekzod are moving up? (I’m sure I’m out of the loop here.)
  12. I simply cannot imagine that to be the case, probably because our jobs are very different.
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