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  1. Cinnabon appears to have the resources to post about wrestling at all hours. He has a good command of English. He seems to have research skills. He has flashes of insight and humor. But what if you were his spouse or child? What if you knew that he apparently spent so many of his spare thoughts on random college kids? What if you knew that he apparently spent his so much of his spare time fishing for attention from strangers? Would you be disappointed?
  2. Interesting perspective. Assuming nothing illegal is going on, my view is that people should spend their money however they want, no matter how arbitrary their reasons.
  3. I have no idea what “cancel culture” is, but I think people should be free to spend their money however they feel like spending it.
  4. My guesses... 125- Lee 133- Gross 141- Lee 149- Lee 157- Deakin 165- Marinelli 174- Hall 184- Zahid 197- Moore 285- Gable
  5. I can't predict how their future matches will go. All I know is that they're both incredibly tough, which is why everyone is talking about them.
  6. I believe Olympic gold medalist Daniel Igali competed for Simon Fraser University. But I don't know how good the training opportunities are in Canada today. It may not be good there. Academically, the University of Toronto, the University of British Columbia, and McGill University all have excellent reputations. Obviously, Canada has other great universities as well.
  7. It might be worth looking into college wrestling teams in Canada. I believe they compete in freestyle.
  8. I have no idea what the future has in store for RBY. But I do know he's a very impressive wrestler who continues to improve.
  9. If any topic deserves another thread, it’s this topic.
  10. Two takedowns in less than two minutes seems plenty offensive to me.
  11. I doubt a tap out rule would change the sport. It already functionally happens, as you acknowledge.
  12. I’m certainly not advocating for rule changes that would allow submission holds. I’m simply saying it might be a good safety precaution to allow any wrestler to tap out of a match at any time.
  13. Not at all. I just think it might be worth considering tapouts as an extra safety measure.
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