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  1. If we already have weight classes to give smaller athletes a chance at success, why not age classes? There could be the university division — up to age 23 — and then a nontraditional division — ages 24 and up.
  2. The idea that work is necessarily unrewarding is odd. A lot of people find their careers to be rewarding. There is also the issue of a year of missed income and career opportunities and even missed chances to learn about life away from a college campus. It’s a purely personal decision as to whether spending another year on a college campus is worth everything you have to give up to be there. People have to make their own choices in life.
  3. It’s a balance between the cost of losing a year of income and career opportunities — and delaying things like buying a home and perhaps starting a family — and the benefit of enjoying another NCAA season. Hopefully these fifth-, sixth-, and seventh-year students are working on useful master’s or professional degrees. That would be a smart way to compete while simultaneously improving themselves.
  4. Best pound-for-pound wrestler in the world?! What?!
  5. Cinnabon was slipping lately. But he went back to the lab, thought hard, and finally came up with something that attracted responses. The Cinnabon is back.
  6. How about a trial step-out rule where if you step out, you are put on a shot clock?
  7. He allowed Adam to go in his place in 1999 (although it’s possible Adam was actually better). He tried out for the team in 2002 and 2007 but didn’t make it. (Wikipedia says that in 2007 he was dealing with an injury.) But even with the losses, he’s the GOAT.
  8. Exactly. He competes at one of the most competitive weight classes. He competed after the Soviet breakup, which means he faced tougher competition than wrestlers did before 1992. And he competed in an era of reduced weight classes. Further, without that knee injury at 2014 worlds, he could very well be a six-time world-level champ. But five is absolutely astonishing.
  9. Actually, Saitiev failed to medal at the 2000 Olympics and 2006 worlds. He also failed to make the Russian team in 2002 and 2007. Nevertheless, he is currently the GOAT.
  10. Good point. I might cheer for Sidakov or Chamizo instead. I’ve actually always cheered for Chamizo — unless he was wrestling Burroughs.
  11. I re-thought the post and edited my comment. I think we are substantially in agreement. I agree we have to enforce existing rules, but I also think that self-defeating rules must be reformed or replaced.
  12. I saw a Cinnabon thread and I expected more. Sad.
  13. If the idea is to reform or replace a self-defeating rule, I am all for it.
  14. I think it makes sense to give byes to returning medalists. You don’t want a situation where every challenger overly focuses on beating last year’s medalist. And the byes are inherently unfair. I also think there should be flexibility to bend rules that do not disadvantage anyone. For instance, Cox making weight 15 minutes late would not have disadvantaged anyone. It simply would have given him less time to recover. In short, I think it is good to have some engineered unfairness in the process. But I don’t think it would be good policy to allow individual athletes to provide themselves with unfair advantages.
  15. I think the rules — whatever they are — should be followed. But I also think the rules should be changed to address future situations like this, because I don’t think it makes any sense to prevent Cox from competing for a spot, under the circumstances.
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