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  1. McIlravy is not teching Green. Not even close. Also, Dake is a great wrestler -- he really is -- but he's not superhuman. He's had a few bad matches in the last six years: teched by JB in 2015. lost 1-9 to Mahamedau in 2016 (up a weight). lost 1-8 to J'Den in 2016 (up a weight). lost 1-8 to Gadzhimagomedov in 2018. teched by Kadimagomedov in 2021. Dake, of course, came back and teched Gadzhimagomedov less than a year after losing to him, and I suspect he might beat Kadimagomedov if they wrestled again.
  2. Katie


    According to recent news reports, the demographics of college campuses are shifting. In 1970, males accounted for 57% of college students. Currently, males account for only 40.5% of college students. Currently, there are 1.5 million fewer total college students enrolled as compared to five years ago. Males account for 71% of that decline. The trend of decreased male enrollment is expected to continue. Within the next few years, there will likely be two females for every male. For male college-bound students, there's good news: If you apply for college, you're going to benefit from affirmative action for being a male. And once you get to college -- in all likelihood -- you will have more dating options than you otherwise would have. On the other hand, there's also sobering news: If you pick an unwise major -- and there are plenty of those -- or if you drop out -- which is what 40% of college students do -- then there's a good chance you also picked up tons of pointless debt.
  3. “Over [Jackson’s] tenure (2017-21), the USA development program had its best world results in its history. Jackson led cadet and junior world team athletes to 43 of 73 possible medals (55 percent), while 40 percent won gold medals.”
  4. It seems to me that not every foreign women’s wrestler competes under the same conditions. For instance, are the conditions in Canada that much different than here? Or what about a country like Germany, where (I believe) college is cheap or perhaps nearly free, but difficult to get into. Wouldn’t a scholarship offer at a good US college sound good to some Germans? You see guys from other countries at the NCAA tournament from time to time. I don’t know why that trend wouldn’t be somewhat more prominent for women’s college wrestling if women’s college wrestling picks up steam (and if they stick to freestyle rules).
  5. According to a Forbes article from a few months before the pandemic hit, high school girls’ participation in wrestling grew at a rate of 250% in the preceding decade. (That’s pretty notable, especially since overall high school sports participation rates fell slightly.) Hopefully Iowa’s embrace of women’s wrestling will help this trend continue.
  6. I don't recall anyone saying there would be a "flood of top world level talent coming here." What I actually said is still in my OP: "Because women compete in freestyle, it allows for competitions with Canadian collegians, and it allows schools to recruit wrestlers from other countries." It's a fairly modest idea.
  7. It’s October 8. By when does he have to enroll? Seems like a lot of universities are well into the school year.
  8. If more Power 5 schools besides Iowa go in on women’s wrestling, it has the potential to get really interesting. Because women compete in freestyle, it allows for competitions with Canadian collegians, and it allows schools to recruit wrestlers from other countries. Seems like an incredible opportunity to capture some initiative in the development of women’s wrestling.
  9. As someone else pointed out, Gatsalov is a one-time Olympic champ and five-time world champ — just like Burroughs. I agree with you that both Gatsalov and Burroughs are “big guns” who are among the greats. Of course, unlike Gatsalov, Burroughs competed almost exclusively in a different style of wrestling until he was 22.
  10. Gio thinks six-time world-level champ Gatsalov is a “big gun.” So I assume he would concede that Burroughs is a “big gun” as well.
  11. Tsargush is a three-time world champ and Olympic bronze medalist. It's absurd to call him mediocre. Also, complaining that JB is "very limited" is ridiculous. His style is to make sure he uses his physical advantages -- really long arms, quickness, strength, explosiveness. It would be silly for him to model his style after people who do not have his physical gifts. At any rate, JB has six world-level gold medals now. The only American we can compare him to is Smith.
  12. Taylor should train with JB. JB is not going up to 86kg, and they are in similar weight classes. They also both train in Pennsylvania. It just makes too much sense. As for Snyder, his only problem is that Sadulaev is well on his way to being the all-time GOAT. Not sure anything can be done about that.
  13. Well, there were zero opportunities for a medal in 2020, and then two opportunities for an medal in 2021 for Olympic weight classes only (and only one opportunity in 2021 for non-Olympic weight classes). Of course, there wasn’t even a challenge tournament for the 74kg world team spot. If there had been a 79kg world championship in 2020, JB may very well be a 7x world-level champ right now. But that was wiped out. As for challenges with WTTs and OTTs, I don’t know what they were like for Smith. It very well may have been an advantage for JB. Another advantage JB may have had is more opportunities to earn income from wrestling.
  14. IMO you can’t fairly compare Smith’s record to JB’s. Smith wrestled in the Soviet era (as you note) and at time when there were ten weight classes. JB wrestled in the era after the Soviet breakup, and during increased migration of wrestlers to other countries. He also competed from 2011 to 2017 when there were only seven or eight weight classes, and he competed exclusively in an era of six Olympic weight classes. They are just both legends from different eras as far as I’m concerned.
  15. Memorable performances for me over the years: 2011 gold — He was so new to freestyle that he said he had to study freestyle rules on the flight to Istanbul (IIRC) 2013 gold — competed with a broken ankle 2014 bronze — competed with a sprained MCL 2021 gold — competed at the age of 33, only nine days or so after the birth of his fourth child, and mere weeks after tearing his calf muscle — that’s some grit After watching Mijain Lopez win an Olympic gold at the age of 39, I’m hoping JB can stay in top form through 2024.
  16. IIRC, they decided to put all undercards on a subscription service, smaller main cards on ESPN or something, and major main cards on PPV. Anyway, I genuinely don’t care about MMA anymore.
  17. The programming most similar to UWW worlds, I think, are major boxing and MMA cards. I have never watched boxing, but I watched UFC cards until that company decided to put all their undercards on a subscription service. Then I bounced. The UFC made a business decision, and I made a decision as a consumer. Simple.
  18. “Coach, I can pay that! I saved up some mowing money last summer. But what time should I start watching?” ”3 AM.”
  19. You can kick up all the dust you want. But the issue for me (and apparently for others) is that the cost of watching worlds went from free, to $40 with Track, to $150 with Flo (which includes a yearlong subscription I don’t want). Pretty simple.
  20. Flo made a business decision. I’m making a decision as a consumer. Other consumers will do likewise. It’s kind of how it works. Nevertheless, my opinion on the matter is my opinion.
  21. In order to watch worlds in the US live, you have to pay Flo $150. That’s factually true. And it’s an absurdity.
  22. Yes, I’m a dude. What can I say.
  23. As far as I can recall, the Flo site says there is a $150 fee up front. Whether Flo decides to allow you to cancel early and get a prorated refund is not a published policy, as far as I know. I definitely will not pay $150 to watch worlds — which I believe is *free* in almost every other country — and it seems like others are of the same mind.
  24. This must be what it feels like to be Russia. Hopefully we can keep the success going.
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