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  1. If nothing else, the move should help Snyder against Sharifov. Taylor knows how to beat him.
  2. Slight correction. Sharifov is 1-0 versus Snyder. Interestingly, Sharifov is also 1-0 versus Cael and 2-0 versus J'Den.
  3. Just to clarify, Puerto Ricans are US citizens because Puerto Rico is a US territory. Puerto Rico just happens to have its own “national” Olympic committee. A handful of other non-sovereign territories also have “national” Olympic committees, including Bermuda and the US Virgin Islands.
  4. Good points. As far as the bracket goes, it’s almost as if the 86kg bracket was drawn in a way that would give the Kazakhstani the best chance to qualify the spot for Tokyo.
  5. Getting woken up all night every night, changing diapers, feeding them, bathing them, dressing them, going to doctor’s appointments, buying car seats and food and toys, etc. That’s a lot. And kids are so wonderful they change your priorities. I don’t know for sure that a newborn (plus two small kids) will negatively affect his performance. But I wouldn’t be surprised if it did.
  6. Apparently JB’s. Some things are more important than wrestling and it’s great for JB and his family. That said, juggling three small children might be a factor in his training. For KD, getting his weight down and staying healthy might be factors. I think he has a small child of his own, or maybe soon will. Who knows, maybe Mekhi ends up representing us in Tokyo.
  7. JB is at a weight that’s in the middle of the normal weight distribution. He competed in an era with fewer weight classes (except 2017 and 2018). He competed after the Soviet Union disbanded and after Russians started competing for other countries. He didn’t compete in 2010 due to injury and he injured his knee during 2014 worlds. All things considered, he has to be our #2 p4p wrestler ever. Hard to top six straight, but I think it’s fair to be more impressed with JB. (disclaimer: I’m a huge JB fan.)
  8. Two aspects of JB's draws over the years are interesting to me. After nine world/Olympic tournaments, JB has been the champ or on the same side of the bracket as the champ eight times. The only exception was the 2016 Olympics when he lost to Geduev, who then lost to Yazdani by a score of 6-6. JB has been on the same side of the bracket as Russia eight times. In 2017, he met the Russian (Tsabolov) in the finals. (Edited after JH's correction.)
  9. In my uninformed opinion, Cox should go to the weight he would perform better at. Then let the chips fall where they may.
  10. I found it interesting that the following nations have already secured a spot at the 2020 Olympics in men's freestyle: 57kg: Serbia 86kg: Colombia, Switzerland, San Marino 97kg: North Macedonia 125kg: Syria Personally, I'm super pumped about San Marino. It's the size of a sleepy farm town!
  11. I was speaking of a generic and general "you." I didn't mean to me mean.
  12. Personally, I agree that taking politics to sports is dumb. But at the same time, for the sake or clear thinking, you have to separate national policies on the one hand, and internet people hypocritically trying to claim some sort of imaginary moral high ground on the other. Two different types of stupid.
  13. It's a simplistic world where: You are fine with your government have deep military ties to Pakistan -- a country that doesn't recognize Israel. You are fine with putting gas in your car from Saudi Arabia -- another country that doesn't recognize Israel. You are fine with your country having deep economic ties to Qatar -- another country that doesn't recognize Israel. And you are fine with your country launching a war to protect Kuwait -- another country that doesn't recognize Israel. But you super outraged by Abounader wrestling for, and then quitting, Team Lebanon. It's really amazingly moronic.
  14. His career is probably over, and now internet people are jumping down his throat in order to score online moral points.
  15. I thought they were giving medalists from non-Olympic weights byes to the semis. But I could be wrong.
  16. I believe Dake gets a bye to the semis. That would mean you have iMar, Nolf, Lewis, Carr (and others) fighting for a chance to wrestle a fresh Dake. then the winner faces JB, like he’s Mike Tyson in Mike Tyson’s Punchout. (edited to correct mistaken info)
  17. KAZ managed to qualify every weight but 86kg and 125kg. And all they had to do to qualify 86kg was beat the Colombian. But their guy couldn’t do that.
  18. They benefited from very fortunate brackets. (For example, at 74kg, compare JB’s quarter to the KAZ quarter.) They also benefited from miraculous officiating. (Watch the Bajrang-KAZ semi for instance.) Their luck was so good that they managed to place two guys in the finals who promptly got teched.
  19. If the rules allow you to represent one of two countries, why wouldn't you pick the country with less domestic competition? Doesn't it just make sense?
  20. If you read his Twitter post, you'll learn: He chose to represent Lebanon because he's proud of his heritage He didn't want to be in the situation of having to forfeit to a wrestler over politics He sees wrestling as an expression of brotherhood He will no longer be representing Lebanon in the future
  21. I cannot be objective about it because I am a huge JB fan. Of course, I know he's not guaranteed to win the spot. You?
  22. I don't know much about Downey. But one of his old coaches said "If you're following Pat on Twitter, you shouldn't."
  23. Yeah its extremely impressive. I cant deny it. Hes great Sidakov beat Burroughs and Chamizo, back to back, both last year and this year. I'd say that makes him one of the best wrestlers on the planet. Plus, he is not a dirty wrestler, and he seems respectful. Nobody is criticizing him, and I can't imagine that anybody will.
  24. Just for reference, here are the ages of the 2019 world champs so far: 24 23 21 23 24 25
  25. Tomorrow I expect everybody to come out in full force for San Marino. Don't be a hater.
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