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  1. Katie

    Chamizo's Weight Had Me Thinking

    Franklin Gómez — who won a world silver at 60 kg — just gave JB all he could handle.
  2. Katie

    WTT Trial Finals Thread

    JB's eight-plus year run at 74 kg has been incredible. 173-7 (with one of those losses being while injured to Tsargush) made the team 8 years in a row over the likes of Howe, Dake, Taylor, iMart five golds and two bronzes in a killer weight class It's easy to forget that in the two decades before JB emerged, we had only won one gold at 74 kg.
  3. Katie

    Steveson vs Gwiz

    Why didn’t Cassar compete for the spot?
  4. 57- Fix 61- Colon 65- Yianni 70- Green 74- JB 79- Dake 86- Taylor 92- Cox 97- Snyder 125- Cassar
  5. Katie

    Predict the world team

    Here's the Final X lineup: 57- Gilman vs. Fix 61- Graff vs. Colon 65- Retherford vs. Yianni 70- Green vs. Deakin 74- iMart vs. JB 79- Ringer vs. Dake 86- Downey vs. Taylor 92- Nickal vs. Cox 97- Gadsen vs. Snyder 125- Steveson vs. Gwiz
  6. According to Wikipedia, Georgia has a population of 3.7 million.
  7. Georgia and Mongolia are both small, lower-middle-income countries, and they both regularly produce world class wrestlers.
  8. Throughout history, countless wrestling styles emerged and then disappeared. Even today lots of obscure, regional wrestling styles still exist. I think it would be impossible to talk about the best wrestling in world history. If you're talking about freestyle, then that would only go back to the 1800s. Although the US imported different wrestling styles from the UK, Americans eventually adjusted and combined those styles to create freestyle. (When Americans created freestyle, it was actually the same sport as folkstyle. The reason they are different today is they evolved away from each other over time -- one under international leadership, and the other under national collegiate leadership.) Freestyle was first contested at the Olympics in 1904. And Team USA in 1904 was the best there ever was. We won gold, silver, and bronze in every single weight class. So to answer your question, the greatest freestyle nation of all time is Team USA. WE'RE NUMBER ONE!
  9. Katie

    US National Team 2019 Scenarios

    79kg this year is incredible. We have Dake, Ringer, and Zahid. 74kg next year will be incredible too. Burroughs, Dake, iMart, Lewis, and Nolf. Wow.
  10. Katie

    Our guys lift weights too much

    Who here hasn’t maxed out on wrist curls while wearing fashionable flip flops?
  11. Katie

    Predict the world team

    Wow the 2020 OTTs at 74kg could be brutal. Burroughs, Dake, Ringer, Nolf, iMart, M. Lewis
  12. "The problem is that 99.9% of you have no idea what the right things are, and the other 0.1% ignore the info because it isn’t easy[.]" - @kyledake444 (2:56 PM - 30 Apr 2019) Link
  13. Wow so when I posted about Otoguro in the past I didn’t yet know he existed ? I must be awesome.
  14. I don’t feel like doing the research, but I thought Taylor was an undefeated world champ last year, which would put him ahead of anyone who lost. I didn’t realize Otoguro was undefeated in 2018 as well. Not sure what he did in 2018 before worlds but he very well may have topped Taylor. EDIT: after a quick search, I’d still put Taylor above Otoguro. Taylor won titles at Yarygin, Pan Ams, and Yasar Dogu. Otoguro was less active, only winning the All-Japan Invitational.
  15. Correct. Aside from Sadulaev, who had a better 2018 than Taylor? I can’t think of any off the top of my head.
  16. Burroughs is cutting it close on being too old for a serious MMA run. Cormier was 30 for his first fight and Romero was 32. Burroughs, meanwhile, will be 32 when the Tokyo Olympics begin. If he wants to train for a few years for a one-off novelty fight in the UFC, that would be another story. Plenty of time for that.
  17. He may compete through 2028 (when he'll be 32).
  18. When the other guy called them "boys" he was just trying to say he thinks they will get heavier and stronger in the future. That same guy also said he thinks Sadulaev will eventually be the best wrestler of all time.
  19. Katie

    What college produces the best freestylers?

    He's a troll who spams anti-PSU posts. This one is one of his better efforts.
  20. Rogan talks about everything with a lot of emotion. He's a media personality. Rogan had only heard of Burroughs because he's not a wrestling fan. He's an MMA fan. The other guy was talking about Snyder and Sadulaev. Rogan was correct that Burroughs has a great blast double, and that BTS needs to think more about wrestlers' safety. I am very happy that Rogan talked about freestyle wrestling. Our sport can use exposure like that.
  21. Katie

    What college produces the best freestylers?

    The NLWC produced Varner, Gomez, and Taylor — all senior world-level medalists.
  22. Katie

    USA freestyle a fans dream

    I think a few things have helped us improve: Internet resources like Flowrestling have helped youth coaches and young wrestlers with technique. The regional training center system has been a success. It just fits our overall development system much better. There’s now more money available to wrestlers, including from endorsements, Living the Dream, camps, etc. It helps our top guys extend their careers.
  23. Katie

    USA freestyle a fans dream

    Take it easy on us. In the US, second place behind Russia feels like first place!
  24. I loved Rogan’s take on safety at BTS. You can’t have conditions that could put someone’s health at risk! It’s interesting that when it comes to freestyle, Rogan apparently has only heard of JB (and not Snyder or Sadulaev). It seems that JB has positioned himself as the most well known American wrestler right now. It’s no accident either. He’s fun to watch and he has a social media presence. It was also really cool of Askren to raise the profiles of BTS, JB, and freestyle. Very good man.
  25. Katie

    What college produces the best freestylers?

    Good one.