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  1. 3 hours ago, lu_alum said:

    By the time he's finished, Micic will have completed an eight-year collegiate career...

    Year School Overall NCAA
    2014-15 (RS)* Northwestern 19-3 --
    2015-16 (ORS) Michigan 0-0 --
    2016-17 Michigan 29-7 4th
    2017-18 Michigan 26-3 2nd
    2018-19 Michigan 19-1 3rd
    2019-20 (ORS) Michigan 0-0 --
    2019-20 (ORS) Michigan 0-0 --
    2021-22 Michigan TBD TBD
      Career 74-11  

    * RS season not included in career record.


    According to Michigan’s website, Micic earned a bachelor’s degree in 2019, and is currently working on a master’s degree. 

    When you add in all the traveling and international experience he’s gotten, it sounds like a pretty epic seven-year ride. 

  2. Iowa's team has six seniors, two juniors, and two sophomores. They also have four #1s and nine wrestlers ranked in the top 7.  Only one wrestler is from Iowa.  This is as spectacular and seasoned a team as you'll ever find.

    Now, look at Penn State. They have six freshman, a sophomore, two juniors, and a senior.  This is a very young team, especially when you consider that the six freshman have had a shortened season this year.

    Finally, with the exception of 184, every Iowa wrestler outranks their Penn State counterpart (according to WrestleStat).  Further, with the exception of 141 and 184 -- where Iowa's and Penn State's wrestlers are in the same class -- Iowa's wrestler is more seasoned than their Penn State counterpart.  Like a lot of people keep saying, anything less than a brutal Iowa blowout this year will have to be seen as an outrageous and program-defining embarrassment.

  3. If Iowa does anything less than dominate the team race, it would be a shocking and bitter disappointment. 

    These past few years, Iowa did everything right. They abandoned the so-called Iowa style of angrily pushing forward with no real offense. They stopped all the juvenile mean mugging. And they imported a whole stable PA wrestlers who can actually wrestle and who behave like adult humans.

    There is some good decision-making going on in Iowa City, that I can tell you. 

  4. 3 minutes ago, Jimmy Cinnabon said:

    The coaches don't even need to show up.  Short of 50% of their starters being out with COVID Iowa wins in a LANDSLIDE of historic proportions.

    You might be right. At this point the coaches might be able to just sit back and watch as the Keystoners show the country how it’s done. 

  5. The Iowa coaching staff likely took a good, long, hard look at Iowa’s talent, and then wisely booked a flight to PA.

    And thanks in large part to PA talent, it would require a massive coaching failure for Iowa to not win a title this year. 

  6. I think it can be smart to attend an elite school if you can get in. But I also think that the advantages are overstated.

    A lot of professions require a graduate degree, and the name on your college diploma alone won't get you in a good graduate program.  What matters is your college performance.  Your school's reputation will provide context to your college performance, but will not substitute for it. 

    For professions that do not require a graduate degree, you have two buckets.

    • First, there are professions like engineering, where your actual performance in college is what matters.  Again, your school's reputation will provide context to your college performance, but will not substitute for it. 
    • Second, there are professions which simply require a college degree of some type.  For those professions, a diploma from an elite university can get your foot in the door and may make it easier for you to market yourself moving forward. But -- ultimately -- how you do once you're there is all on you. 

    IMO, the Naval Academy can be a great choice. It is a well-known and high-quality school that will offer you a very respectable career afterwards.  Annapolis is also lovely, for what it's worth.

  7. 4 hours ago, uncle bernard said:

    He has a great mind for wrestling/combat sports/competition. If you've heard him try to comment on anything else, you know he's not very impressive. Classic case of a guy who is a genius at a specific thing thinking that qualifies him as a genius on everything.

    I used to like watching him wrestle. Then I checked his Twitter a few years ago and lost all interest in him.  

  8. According to news reports, Jim Jordan -- 2x NCAA champ and former assistant coach at Ohio State -- is set to join Dan Gable as a recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom.  This should absolutely draw more attention to wrestling. The story is here.

    Please no political discussion!

  9. 1 hour ago, GockeS said:

    now if you want to say they should stop charging students fees for sports... i might agree with that.

    sports are just as educational as school. maybe more so.

    tax money for some of that in my book is not a problem.

    i can see much more wasteful spending.


    I have a question for anyone who really wants to know what the problem with govt spending is.

    on a say 4 inch line, put million at one end and trillion at the other.

    Now, tell me, w/o google, where billion goes.


    The problem with government spending is that a trillion is a lot more than a billion? I’m officially no longer reading your posts.

  10. 3 minutes ago, 1032004 said:

    D3 water polo teams are being subsidized by the tuition dollars of the people on the team who probably wouldn’t be going there without that team.

    To that point, I guess I wouldn’t hate D1 nonrevenue sports getting rid of athletic scholarships, but getting rid of them seems excessive IMO.

    I’m pretty sure all students at D3 schools are forced to contribute to athletic budgets, as are taxpayers — one way or the other. If I’m wrong let me know. I’m often wrong. 

  11. 48 minutes ago, Plasmodium said:

    I disagree but I don't put a chip on my shoulder and get hyperbolic on a message board.  Why is your line in the sand 'fun'?  What does that have to do with public expenditures? 



    If you love being forced to subsidize D3 water polo teams and the like, that's your choice.

  12. 12 minutes ago, Plasmodium said:

    Of course i think that.  Giving a malcontent my debit card doesn't serve the greater good.  That is just my opinion of course, so you are welcome to go through the proper legislative channels and force it out of me.

    So if a legislature says a tax-funded expenditure is for the greater good, you would never ever disagree?  I guess some people need their hand held through life. 

  13. 28 minutes ago, Plasmodium said:

    Im ok with using the resources of society for the greater good of society. Development of young people is for the greater good, as are roads, health care, common defence, police and much more. Fun is part of living, so i don't know why that is your buzz word of the day. 

    If you really think that being forced to subsidize some random person’s hobby counts as contributing to the greater good, then please send me a picture of the front and back of your debit card.  I’ll make sure the greater good is super duper well funded. 

  14. 1 hour ago, Plasmodium said:

    Not meaningful if it's fun?  That sounds miserable. 

    Meaningful? I don't recall talking about something being meaningful.

    At any rate, I'm really surprised that everybody on this forum seems to think that the government should forcibly take money from Person A, and give that money to Person B so that Person B can fly around the country and have fun with his friends.

  15. 3 hours ago, Return of Aztec said:

    Do you extend the same thought to arts and academic departments? Do you extend the same thought to high schools? Schools are diverse environments. I think it's healthy when a school support arts, athletics, a variety of academic departments, and so on. The tuition or taxpayer money of a particular individual helps support all these things, even though they may not care for sports, arts, many academic departments, etc. That doesn't mean that every sport or art or subject should be in every school, but I think it is healthy when these things are part of a school culture. 

    You are literally saying you think the government should forcibly take my money to pay for other people to have fun.

  16. Colleges should only have sports that are supported by private donations and revenue. Or perhaps no sports at all.

    It’s absurd that colleges force students to borrow money in order to pay into athletic budgets that exist to provide other students with fun.  It’s also absurd that taxpayers are similarly forced to subsidize others’ fun. 

    At the end of the day, school should be about kids obtaining job skills, and not about forcing students and taxpayers to pay for others’ fun. 

    I thought Americans hated redistributing wealth like that.

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