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  1. Is Yianni going to 149 next year? If he stays at 141, he’s probably the favorite over Lee.
  2. What’s wrong with looking awesome? Do you even lift, bro?
  3. Warner and Cassioppi had solid tournaments. BUT.... Spencer has no ACLs. I didn't see his usual smile on his face, either. DeSanto does not seem happy. Eierman looked crushed walking off the mat after his finals match. Murin was eliminated after two close losses. Young earned All American honors, which is a tremendous achievement. But he also got beat by two Big Ten athletes who placed below him at Big Tens. That has to be frustrating. Something happened with Marinelli and he defaulted out of the tournament. I hope he gets healthy soon. Kemerer suffered a tough loss in OT. Brands seemed surprised by Kane. I have to imagine that, as a group, the Nits -- nearly half of whom were sauntering about handing out hugs and wearing gold around their necks -- are a lot happier.
  4. Ferrari just won a 197 pound title as a true freshman, and he can still compete for four more years if he likes. He’s got charisma. He’s got a beach body. He loves life. If you’re not a fan now, you very well may be soon.
  5. Correct. Iowa should have won by a landslide.
  6. I 100% love Ferrari. His career should be glorious.
  7. I like Ferrari. And you will, too.
  8. We’re watching the birth of a star.
  9. 5x champ Ferrari. Get used to it.
  10. Griffith has nothing left to prove. He’s a national champ. The best thing he can do now is get that Stanford degree on a full scholarship, and continue dominating life.
  11. RBY is so tough. He was having difficulty finding an opening on Fix — which is understandable given how good he is — and he had the mental strength to not get desperate and make an unwise attack, even after Fix got a penalty point for “stalling.”
  12. Lee RBY Lee Sasso Carr Griffith Kemerer Brooks Ferrari Steveson
  13. He’s been at Iowa for five years, I think. If he graduates soon, maybe he can join another team as a graduate student. A fresh start might do him some good. He’s a very good wrestler, so I selfishly want to see him wrestle some more.
  14. I thought he was coming back for a sixth year after COVID shut down NCAAs last year.
  15. Sounds like the old “attack between the knees and waist” strategy.
  16. Seems like the right decision for his long-term health. Can he can still get three more seasons to compete (if he chooses to do so)?
  17. Kyle Snyder was an NCAA champion in 2016 with an overall record of 11-0.
  18. Everything about that band is 100% awful.
  19. Is punk even a thing anymore? I genuinely don’t know what the kids are into these days, aside from hip hop and pop.
  20. Let's look at the facts here. Not counting his RS year, he's only lost nine times. That's a single digit, folks. And all those losses have been to certified studs. We're talking about big dogs like iMart, Lewis, and Cenzo. Further, all but two of those losses were close. That's just plain incredible. When you look at his full body of work, he's been super good for a long time.
  21. What does the typical D1 wrestler study anyway?
  22. Does Marinelli have a bad draw?
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