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    Ufc 249

    Personally, I’m glad that the top virologists and public health experts in the world have had far more sway so far than the conspiracy theories you saw online.
  2. Katie

    Ufc 249

    If you love covering a private business’s costs, I suppose that’s your choice. Seems weird to me though.
  3. Katie

    Ufc 249

    The UFC made money on the event. Of course, the UFC only did so after shielding itself from COVID-related liability. How lovely of them to privatize profits and socialize COVID-related costs. So admirable.
  4. If you want to be a chiropractor, Life U appears to be a solid choice. So maybe the young man is looking out for the next 60 years of his life rather than just the next three.
  5. If freestylers are ranked based on number of gold medals, with silvers and bronzes serving as tiebreakers, I believe Smith would come in tied for #11. Nevertheless, six in a row is undoubtedly special.
  6. I think he said he was a local pastor.
  7. My apologies. I will re-exit the conversation.
  8. Is there any point in debating this dude? I think you can only take him as comic relief.
  9. And this is Mr. Pistis on evolution by natural selection:
  10. To sum up, this is Mr. Pistis, on religion and prayer in school:
  11. I guess you couldn't find a book that is on point. That's fine. I probably won't watch "Expelled" because it does not sound on point either. As for your third and final paragraph, I literally don't know what you're responding to. I can tell you're very passionate about your "Scripture understanding" and I wish you the best of luck.
  12. I'm actually more interested in your belief that the the theory of evolution by natural selection is a religion. Everything I've read has told me that's its a scientific theory. But you seem pretty confident that it is in fact a religion. Where can I learn more about your view?
  13. I'm not sure what you mean by "Scripture understanding," but rest assured I did not make any claims about what the Bible means.
  14. I guess I lost. And this whole time I thought the theory of evolution by natural selection was not a religion, but was instead a scientific theory that did the best job to date of explaining all the facts we have at our disposal. Can you recommend any books to me?
  15. Correct. If a coach wants to promote Satanism or something to his athletes, they should all sit down and accept it because it doesn't hurt anything. If an athlete thinks it's all hocus-pocus nonsense, he can silently pray to Darwin if he wants.
  16. I'm not making any claims about what the Bible means. Before I'd do that, I'd carefully research what experts like historians and archaeologists have to say about it. I'm merely saying that I think it would be fun to compare different claims -- such as a hypothetical claim that Christian God equals wrestling success -- based on results. My proposal, of course, would allow for other fun comparisons.
  17. Edit: bnwtg had a better response than me
  18. If Nolf gets by iMart and sees a rested Dake in the OTT semis, any losses to Dake won’t count in my book because Dake was rested.
  19. Personally, I’d like to see more religion (or lack thereof) in wrestling. I believe that prior to the start of every season, each wrestler should be required to fill out a form that indicates his belief system and how he sees his belief system relating to his wrestling hobby. Then, at the end of the season, fans should be able to access those forms in order to see what belief systems wrestlers adhere to; whether they made inaccurate predictions; and what they should have learned. That way, for instance, if a wrestler attributes his success to Buddha or Zoroaster at the end of the season, we can see if he altered his belief system on the fly in order to say that a religious figure is invested in his hobby. Or, we could see whether Jesus-supporting wrestlers are actually better than Darwin-supporting wrestlers. It would be great for the fans.
  20. So you think the 2013 version of Dake — who lost to the Russian backup 1-7 — was somehow equal in neutral to the 2011 version of Burroughs — who was the undefeated world champ? I’m not sure even Dake believes that.
  21. It pains me to say it, but I also favor current Dake over current JB. JB is super old for elite wrestling now, plus he has three kids. But 2011 JB and 2013 Dake is not close. JB would have had indisputable neutral superiority, and he would have exploited that.
  22. 2011 JB: Hodge Winner. 20-0 in freestyle. World Champ. 2013 Dake: Hodge Winner. 3-2 in freestyle. Fifth at the Golden Grand Prix. Conclusion: JB all day.
  23. Are there any parallels between East Asian martial arts and traditional Persian wrestling? I always wondered whether Iranians thought that wrestling had a deep significance beyond sports psychology.
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