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  1. How did wrestling become so popular in Iran? My understanding is that there are traditional forms of wrestling throughout Iran. If that’s correct, do Greco and freestyle serve as a sort of common wrestling style for all Iranians? Do people watch the traditional styles?
  2. The current system incentivizes the best wrestlers to avoid each other for much of the year. Whatever reverses that incentive structure would have my support.
  3. I’d prefer to watch tournaments that matter over a ton of dual meets that don’t (in part because, as it stands, the best wrestlers regularly avoid each other).
  4. Perhaps the wrestling season should consist of half a dozen or so seeding tournaments (per team), and no duals. That would provide for a lot of meaningful in-season matches and cut down on travel costs (and the expense that goes with it). While we’re at it, I’d also like to see a step out rule.
  5. I think Smith and Burroughs are among the greatest NCAA wrestlers from neutral, ever. While they were still in college, they proved that no one in the world could stop them.
  6. I’ve seen the word insure used that way occasionally in old documents. Today it just looks misplaced and I would treat it that way.
  7. Absolutely. Iwrite’s posts are fantastic.
  8. I’d think the following deserve consideration by virtue of being world-champ caliber while in college: Uetake, Kemp, Smith, Neal, Burroughs, Snyder. Also, Askren has to be one of the best mat wrestlers.
  9. I can see that you apparently know how to supplement your bro psychology practice with Google. Good job. So let me help you out with your next research project. If you wanted to refute my speculation about multiple sports, you will want to find national statistics about those sports. Anecdotal observations about one sport in your low-income county doesn’t really do anything for me. If my speculation is wrong, it’s wrong. But you haven’t even come close to demonstrating that.
  10. Good point. If the daughters of your low-income friends play field hockey, it totally negates the national trends with regard to multiple sports.
  11. The factor I was trying to draw out is revenue, which I think should be obvious to anyone. As an aside, you are incredibly annoying to read. Welcome to my ignore list.
  12. I'm not sure you directly addressed my suspicion about the socioeconomic backgrounds of wrestlers versus golfers. It seems to me that in order to so, you'd have to look at what the wrestling and golf programs respectively brought in in terms of donations. You'd perhaps also have to look at associated soft factors like image and where athletes in those respective programs eventually find employment. (It seems like it would be much easier to get a white collar job when you've been around the culture your whole life, your parents trained you to get such a job, and your family has connections.) Of course, if golf is a conference sport while wrestling is not, that seems like it would be a huge factor.
  13. Public universities are subsidized by taxpayers and are generally nonprofits, but that of course does not mean they don’t pursue revenue. They obviously do. I’m not shocked by this decision as lacrosse has been eating wrestling’s lunch at the college level for years, as I’ve discussed elsewhere. Nevertheless, I’m allowed to have my hopes about how public universities see themselves.
  14. There was also no reason to put the phrase doing business in quotation marks. If the author thinks the term is too informal (it isn’t), he should find a better phrase. The only thing worse than empty corporate jargon is incompetently written corporate jargon.
  15. At the high school level, boy’s wrestling is more popular than boys’ cross country, tennis, golf, and swimming and diving, and sailing. Yet ODU continues to sponsor those sports. Sickening.
  16. I would hope not. Particularly In the case of public universities like ODU.
  17. Old Dominion sponsors men’s golf. Men’s and women’s sailing. And women’s rowing, field hockey, and lacrosse. It’s almost as if some of the sports that survive there cater to the children of the well-to-do.
  18. Frankly, I'll just go ahead and accept your opinion as to the Mt. Rushmore of college wrestling. As far as I'm concerned, your opinion is close to authoritative as we're likely to get on this forum. I'll try to read your work eventually. I have a ton of books on my docket already, but I'll try to throw at least one of yours in there too.
  19. In a season without the NCAA championships, you'd think they'd go with someone who had a tougher schedule. (Lee, of course, is amazing.)
  20. I have come across devoted MMA fans and MMA practitioners have more of an appreciation of folkstyle's early history than almost everybody on this board. It's interesting. But wrestling fans like Iwrite restore my hope.
  21. He had an incredible influence on the country. Whether you think that influence was good, bad, or in between is a separate question.
  22. I’d say that you have to consider those who created the rule set and popularized folkstyle to the point that it became a high school and college sponsored sport. It’s hard to imagine making a bigger impact than that. If you’re curious about who knew about wrestling before the 60s, you could begin by looking up which schools sponsored wrestling before then. Surely people at those schools knew. Finally, it would be difficult to put Paine in a list of most impactful presidents when he was never the President.
  23. Agree that Teddy Roosevelt doesn’t belong. I think Washington, Lincoln, and FDR absolutely belong in the top four. The last spot would go to one of Jefferson, Jackson, or Reagan. Without looking into it, my gut tells me Jefferson.
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