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  1. Except the "haves" will include lots of schools that do not have wrestling.
  2. I'm not sure you're understanding the implications of having 64 "haves" and everyone else being a "have not." It's ok. Just think a little harder.
  3. We're moving to an era of four superconferences of likely 16 teams each. What that means for college wrestling and for schools not in those conferences is anyone's guess. Growing wrestling in the SEC would require rule changes (like the push out rule) and a charm offensive, but these are things college wrestling is very resistant to. The only think you can count on are rideouts and complaints about Title 9.
  4. During all the Pico hype I was thought people needed to relax. I never thought Pico would make the 2016 team, and I thought it was way to early to even consider whether he would be on track to compete for a spot on the 2020 team. But now that everyone is down on the kid, I'll be the contrarian again. Pico said he's focusing on wrestling until 2020. (http://www.fightline.com/bellator-mma-signs-top-prospect-aaron-pico/). He needs to improve a lot in order to contend for a world/Olympic medal. And the chances of anyone improving that much and winning a gold medal are slim to none, and that includes Pico. You can never tell how much someone will be able to improve. So if I were him I would go straight to MMA because he is basically guaranteed eventual paydays there. But it's his life. He wants a crack at the 2020 Olympics. So he's 18, and he has five shots at making a world/Olympic team before the 2020 Olympic trials begin. In the meantime, he'll develop from an 18 year old kid who is two years removed from high school wrestling practices to a 23 year old full-time wrestler with five-plus years of senior level freestyle international competition behind him. At this point, there's no reason to think he'll have less of a shot at the 2020 Olympic team than anyone else. If any other high-school-age wrestler wrestled a former Hodge winner and world team member that tough, we'd be blown away.
  5. I wasn't ranking the reasons. I was just numbering them. Like I explained, the benefit of making folk more like free is that we will be better prepared for international competitions that way. I see that as a benefit. I also value folk and I do not want to get rid of it. I just want to improve it. Many matches are unwatchable. Finally, what you are calling "consequences" of the push out rule are in no way related to the push out rule, and nobody who supports the push out rule actually supports any of the "consequences" you envision. So it's hard for me to understand why you think there's a connection there.
  6. But they didn't have to cut wrestling. They chose to. That's the issue.
  7. So now we see that wrestling can get cut and replaced with a different men's sport. Maybe its time to stop blaming Title 9 for all our woes, and consider what's wrong with the sport and with the sport's reputation.
  8. 1) Nobody is suggesting replacing folkstyle with freestyle. I actually like that we have folkstyle because it's a better base for MMA. But if we can improve folk, why not? 2) Why do you need to start each period from neutral in order to have pushouts? I don't get that logic. Pushouts are just another tool to prevent stalling and to encourage offense and scoring. It works perfectly well in the folkstyle format. 3) Nobody said high schoolers needed to have the push out rule. I don't know whether it would work for them, and frankly I don't care. 4) Why would we need to give coaches more challenges? The push out would be just another rule among many that referees have to make calls on.
  9. Your argument is "I'm against freestyle, and the push out rule comes from freestyle, so I am against the push out rule." The push out rule has been very effective at increasing offensiveness, decreasing defensiveness, and increasing scoring. It has made freestyle much better to watch. I see nothing wrong with adopting an effective freestyle rule. If a side effect of adopting the rule is our guys become better prepared for world and Olympic events, all the better. The attitude of being against freestyle (and anything that has to do with it) just because its freestyle seems ridiculous to me.
  10. All the opposition to the push-out rule is ridiculous. 1) It will make folkstyle more like freestyle. 2) It will reduce the number of stoppages. 3) It will increase scoring. 4) It will reward offensiveness and risk-taking much better than the current rules ever have. But none of that matters because: 1) Its so exciting to see whether this is that 1 time in 20 the one guy can pull the other guy pack into the circle. 2) It's creates so many random problem with easy fixes, but at the moment I am unable to comprehend any of the easy fixes. Really?! And you don't understand why this sport keeps getting cut?
  11. Pretend you are a school administrator who is not a wrestling fan, and pretend I give you two options. Option 1: A team full of short, starving working-class kids. They don't really do anything but wrestle. They definitely don't have the social skills or resources or opportunity to throw parties. And when they drink you're always afraid they'll rob somebody or get in a fight. They take like 6 years graduate (on top of their 8th grade redshirts) so they stick around campus until they're like 25. It's embarrassing. Wrestling is their only plan in life. Lots of Phys Ed and Exercise Science majors in the bunch. Can't really count on them for donations down the line. In order to give them the benefit of the doubt you watch a few dual meets. The crowd looks like they are fresh from a country Wal-Mart. You feel a little uneasy so you put your wallet in your front pocket. Most matches are 7 minutes of rolling around on a mat, with traded escapes and riding time, with the occasional takedown. Very low scoring, and you don't even understand how they scored in the first place. Most matches devolve into one guy trying to crawl out of bounds while the other guy tries to pull him back in. Doesn't look like a sport to you. All you know is your team keeps losing, and looking at the athletes and fans depresses you. Option 2: A team full of tall, cheery, beefy upper-middle-class kids. Lots of tans and perfect teeth and popped collars. Lacrosse is a fake a sport (the actual athletes play football) so these guys have a lot of time to study, throw parties, and network for jobs down the line. Mostly, lacrosse is a way for the winners in life to bond before they go on to much bigger and better things. These bros make the campus look like a fun, cheery place to be. Also, they're actually 18 when they start college and 22 when they graduate so looking at them fills you with hope. Most end up getting advanced degrees or getting placed at good-paying jobs using their family connections. They'll definitely be donating to the school within ten years. You go to a few lacrosse games, and you don't really understand the rules but you see a lot of goals being scored, lots of action, and lots of cheering and smiles. There are hot chicks everywhere, and rich-looking parents in polo shirts. You feel like you're at a country club, and you wonder if you should dress a little better next time. And you sort of hope one of those massively hot single moms looks at you. You order a few new shirts online. You can't wait for the next game. Which option would you pick?
  12. NLWC has Sigman and Varner. Not sure how big Wright is these days but he's there. Then there's Cael.
  13. You don't have to imagine what it would be like. You can watch videos of freestyle matches from before and after they had the push out rule. From what I can tell, the push out rule has resulted in more offense and fewer breaks in action. Compare to NCAA matches where you see a lot of guys crawling out of bounds, and another guy pulling him back in. What we have now is reverse sumo.
  14. Exactly. And the collateral effect of the push out rule is to keep the action on the mat more often.
  15. So you didn't see any issues with the Wilps-Kokesh match?
  16. Thinking about the push-out rule specifically, you could address the mat wrestling issue pretty easily. Don't call push outs there. Once there is an escape, you award a point and then start the match back in the center. Only then do you start awarding push-out points again. Using the out-of-bounds line to assist in mat wrestling is a separate issue, and could very well be addressed with more aggressive stalling calls.
  17. You can wipe it out with one push out.
  18. Burroughs and Tsargush have the same world-level medal count (three gold, one bronze). Burroughs has a better international winning percentage than Tsargush. Burroughs is 2-1 against Tsargush, with his loss coming when he was injured. I don't see how Tsargush is even the favorite. They are pretty evenly matched, but if anything Burroughs has a slight edge. That's especially so in Vegas.
  19. Neither subjective stalling calls nor a push-out rule will work perfectly. But we've had decades of experience with stalling calls, and it hasn't worked. It's time to try the push-out rule. On average, the push-out rule will reward the aggressor much more than the defensive wrestler. And it takes out a lot of subjectivity out of the game. The sport we have now rewards defensiveness, lack of offensive, and riding time, and it does not penalize crawling out of bounds multiple times to avoid being scored on. The push out rule would reward aggression, make riding time much less significant, and on average give more points to the superior neutral wrestler even if he can't convert a takedown. It's time to see who the best wrestler is, not who is the best at avoiding wrestling.
  20. I'm pretty sure Burroughs is 2-1 against Tsargush, and a healthy Burroughs is 2-0.
  21. "Folkstyle wrestling needs a push-out rule. Out of bounds refers to being outside the wrestling boundaries of the mat or “the circle.” Due to the chaotic nature of wrestling, it is normal for wrestlers to go out of bounds frequently during a match. In some cases, wrestlers may intentionally go out when it is to their advantage. Hmmm. In other words, use the line as a safety net to prevent being scored upon. I saw too many guys diving for the line when an opponent was in on their legs. NCAA wrestling needs to create a push-out rule, and force wrestlers to defend in-bounds or give up a point." -JB
  22. Why don't NCAA guys use the fireman's?
  23. If this is the lineup, what does that mean for 2016-17? Mega and Conaway will be gone. Gulibon will have one more year left. Is he supposed to stick around 141 or go back down? Who will fill the 125 and 133/141 spots? I'm hoping Red, Suriano, and Lee all choose PSU, but you never know.
  24. Tsargush is an incredible counter wrestler. Unless you can take him down with clean overpowering shots (like JB does), you're probably not going to take him down. If Tsargush can stop your momentum and turn it into a scramble, he'll probably win that. Tsargush can also take you down, and he peppers his defensive style with the occasional takedown. Very tough guy to wrestle.
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