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  1. come on, I really have no horse in this race and really hate the way Matt Brown normally wrestles but I would've had no problem with Wilps being dinged multiple times in the first 630 of this match. I just watched the match for the first time since returning from the "Lou" and Brown was not his normal self; he was far and away the aggressor taking multiple shots (some of them bad shots and all of them leaving the head with 2 arms extended) only to have Wilps retreat to edge and camp out only offering one reshot. Please tell me any other shot, committed or not, that Wilps took until 30 seconds left? I'm not even sure he ever moved forward. As far as the clasp goes, Shiels was looking right at it and didn't want to call it, didn't call it, but was forced to make the call once it was challenged. The second stall call should have been the 4th stall call and regardless if it was technically called correctly via the 5 count Wilps was stalling nonetheless. At no point did Brown ever force Wilps hands together, he covered them but WIlps made the mistake and put his hands together all on his own. After 7 minutes of being the aggressor, Brown asked that a clasp be called a clasp, what an azzhat! All that being said, I too wanted to see it go to OT. Congrats Matt Brown It will be great to have new blood at this weight
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