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  1. Ahhh...the sweet sound of haters bawling!
  2. PSU will get zero at 133, 141, 197, and 285. Can't win situation.
  3. OSU academics are right up there with Harvard. Food is good too, and coaching is excellent according to Chance.
  4. You could care less makes no sense. Do they still teach English in school? Or is this a Millennial thing?
  5. It takes over 12 hours of airport and flying time to get to Iowa City from New Jersey or PA.
  6. There are zero NEB wrestling fans. ZERO.
  7. Mark Hall that painful?
  8. Purdue has better looking girls, and I spent years at both schools.
  9. It's always some freak accident when Iowa stiffs get beat.
  10. JB has the same career if he attends Pitt, Virginia, or Ryder.
  11. Spencer and his girlfriend wearing Iowa singlets at their wedding seems a bit bizarre. Sounds like there isn't much else going on in Iowa cept wrestling and deer.
  12. Mike Evans is a classic example of Brands coaching. Always burned out at Nationals.
  13. Cortez and Suriano in the same room. Awesome.
  14. Chicago in the Winter is a brutal trip. Scuffle or Vegas is the future.
  15. Liberals never, ever miss a chance to whine!
  16. Logan Massa will be a pinning machine at 174 and is a better wrestler than Valencia.
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