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  1. The question that arises for me from this thread is what the hell happened to Gogaev?
  2. You have a talent for getting things wrong.
  3. I don’t see any evidence that he is the second best pound for pound on the planet. The weight class he has competed in is full of guys with zero achievements at the world level at Olympic weights. The guy that he beat to win his first world title was a complete joke, I think I could’ve give him a run in my prime not kidding. Makoev who beat him at worlds is also a joke at the international level. Karimi is decent but no world beater. Just Because you keep declaring your opinion as fact that he’s the second best p4p doesn’t make it true. It’s a pretty thin rational that would put him ahead of yazdani and numerous others. Where are all of his big international wins? Bradley is an also ran so I fail to see your point. Maybe he could take 3rd but he couldn’t touch gable.
  4. If by 125 you mean 125 lbs we’re in full agreement.
  5. Does he get fat, or is he just that big?
  6. Par for the course. Will there be any opportunity to watch matches after the fact?
  7. In 20 years this board I’ve never seen such an impressive group of jackasses. There are literally a half dozen village idiots running amok tonight.
  8. Almost zero chance we medal at 57 or 65. Look at our history at these weights it’s dismal. Gilman has an outside shot
  9. Exactly right. Snyder is 3rd best of the three.
  10. 118 is 125, it’s the difference between a 24 hour recovery from weighing in and one hour. I am always flabbergasted that people cannot grasp this. We cannot start a weight class just for Bobby Weaver and Tim Vanni.
  11. My question is how does one keep tearing ACLs when you’re spending 100 percent of time dominating people?
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