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  1. Should be mentioned that the ncaa champ he torches is Heil typically
  2. Can you put in a good word for him with your manager there?
  3. A Civil War within the body huh? This is what is commonly referred to as “bro science”.
  4. Please explain the evidence or the science behind how creatine caused their deaths
  5. I think it’s very conceivable that Smith could have won ten straight through 1996. Man I’d love to have seen him go up against kolat.
  6. I’ve never heard the story. Please do share.
  7. The last time you “crushed a scrawny little guy” in public you picked up charges of indecent exposure.
  8. All fair points and I’d love to be wrong. He did show flashes of brilliance but wrestling will continue to be a seven minute match In the unlikely event we still have a sport and Mat wrestling will also continue to be important. The weight issues will only get worse it would seem as men tend to get bigger at the age of 19. If the matches consisted of one takedown he’d be an All-American hands-down.
  9. You’re definitely a glass is half full kinda guy lol. I feel like with lightweight wrestlers for the most part I don’t see them develop that much anymore... the guys who are gonna light it up do so right out of the gate like lee, tomasello and Steiber. Maybe you’re right and he progresses to the 13th seed this year.
  10. He was the 14th seed at the big ten tournament. Out of 14 wrestlers.
  11. Jden is awesome and a very worthy world champ anyone who says otherwise is crazy we can agree on that... I’m just addressing the weight class.
  12. If you look at the guys jden beat in 2018- They literally had zero credentials before that year (when the weight class started). Plus it’s just common sense with the bell curve… Why the heck would you need a weight class so close to 97 kg? I mean if we started weights at 98 and 99 kg one could reasonably assume them to be thin on talent. This is greatly magnified by the fact that wrestlers from Asian countries are much smaller physically on average so they are very unlikely to field a true world-class competitor here. So you’ve typically got the backup 86 kg from Russia and Iran and little else- Relatively speaking
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