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  1. Does nevills still wrestle
  2. Brooks by far the best choice. I don’t think Deakin
  3. I think either finalist is going to be closer at 79 than you think.
  4. Sigh. It wasn’t a leap it was just a brutal cut
  5. Looking Forward to the first father-son ncaa final
  6. much trickier than it used to be
  7. I’m really not sure that Casser cracks the top eight in his own room
  8. Seems to me that the one time you really nailed it was when you picked your handle
  9. Lesnar has no chance against gable but was a lot better than people in this thread are acting. He pushed Neal hard and destroyed pretty much everyone else.
  10. Jordan Burroughs had a.500 season as a freshman
  11. A lot of people beat gable when he was still a teenager for god sake. coon crushed him one year, The following year that was very much a reversed.
  12. He needs to make a decision soon. I understand that with the new NCAA guidelines he only has four years of eligibility left.
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