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  1. True story- but at 149 he was basically the new and improved version of Adam.
  2. Really. One of the greatest wrestlers in American history can’t have a thread without you making it about Burroughs. What’s your deal? Seriously I’d really like to know why everything have to be such a constant pissing match with you.
  3. It did. Nemec was so piss poor at 149 you probably repressed the memory. Jaggers is definitely a solid counter to my point I grant you that... but one thing I’ve learned over the years is that elite wrestlers who move up a weight class almost always do better, but elite Wrestlers who cut to a weight below where they have competed in prior seasons virtually always perform worse. Most recent example would be Ben Darmstadt at 184.... just awful. Once he moved back up to 197 he was a potential finalist if not for co-vid.
  4. I’m a big supporter of Tom Ryan- but when is he going to figure out that cutting guys to an extreme weight class doesn’t work in college wrestling. Remember the year he cut sponseller and nemec down to 157 and 149? Colt stunk up the mat and Nemec couldn’t win a novice takedown tournament. Or we he cut Logan down to 125 and he took 6th at Vegas. Or his numerous debacles Cutting heavyweights to 197.
  5. That could happen to anyone. I recall oh to well my own false positive- when I accidentally took my wife’s Dianabol, winstrol, and anavar thinking that they were my vitamins- and mistakenly injected her testosterone thinking it was my b-12.
  6. Perhaps flo can Just broadcast his public execution- That would crash their bandwith for sure. btw- Just kidding please don’t ban me moderators!
  7. I think the thing is that pletcher was a 133 for Most of his career so the move to 141 Just give him the opportunity to fill out and not cut as much but 149 is Just a bridge too far
  8. Christ I forgot campolattano. Come on Tom, how many times can you make the same mistake? This will be the fourth time he’s cut a 220 down to 197. The first three times were a disaster (Disaster being a relative term in Snyder’s case) But maybe it’s gonna work out really well this time. Well I’d love to be wrong but the Track record of 220s and heavyweight at 197 speaks for itself. Agreed that koontz is a serviceable back up, But at this time I don’t think we have anybody below 141 who will score ncaa points behind maybe the first round consolation win. And I’m not sold on echemendia in folkstyle or any of our options at 157. Furthermore, it seems to me that we have four really good wrestlers whose true weight class is 174. Orndorff should do well but heavyweight is super stacked so low AA at best. Look for big seasons from sasso, kharchla, and Romero. Also think that Rocky Jordan has a lot of upside as he grows into 184. I’ve always liked Ethan Smith but I think he’s the odd man out.
  9. I don’t think so. I think the answer is it’s literally never happened But there’s always an exception to the rule. And what’s really interesting is I could list literally dozens of guys over the years that have gone from 197 to heavyweight and had dramatically improved results. The most obvious and recent being Anthony Cassar and Derek white.
  10. Not sure how you think you contradicted my point but everyone of those guys did much better at heavyweight than at 197, as did Kyle snyder. I didn’t say that they necessarily wrestled heavy weight first. Corey Morrison was like three and 15 at 197 but a serviceable heavyweight. I’m sure we all remember the performance of number one ranked 220 lb recruit Cody Gardner at 197.... yikes. Although Bergman was an all American twice at 197 he had a much better season at heavyweight. Kyle freaking Snyder lost to Nathan burak and kyven Garson at 197 a few months before winning worlds at 213... If that doesn’t make the point for you about Buckeye tweeners at 197 nothing will. You’re correct that one of the koontz brothers squeaked out a few wins over some guys that barely qualified for NCAA, But he also failed the place at two weak open tournaments taking very bad losses. If they were better than the current guys they would’ve been starting this year- so I don’t see what’s going to change. I’d love to be wrong.
  11. koontz is not the answer at 133, Look at his wins they are against smaller division guys and backups at opens. Singletary will flop at 197. Every single Heavyweight who has ever cut to 197 has flopped so it’s guaranteed. tOsu has already tried this with look four different tweeners in the Tom Ryan era and they all either outright bombed or had significantly worse results than at heavyweight.
  12. I’m truly stunned that you’re looking to help wrestling. I clicked on this thread expecting You to be bemoaning the lack of enforcement of title IX to bludgeon men’s sports.
  13. Not to nitpick but They competed at different weight classes the majority of years
  14. 52 kg; (I.e. 114.5.) Guys at that weight class with a 24 Hour weigh in weigh in walked at around 130 and rehydrated to every bit of it. Back in the day i used to rehydrate from 167 to 187 in a little over an hour... Then spent the rest of the evening feeling sorry for myself (but good to go the next day). Guys like yanni and Zane would be perfect sized 136.5’s, etc. belaglazov would die with a same day weigh in at 57 kg.
  15. Completely different weigh in rules- everyone would be competing a weight class higher. It honestly drives me crazy that seemingly nobody can comprehend this blatantly obvious fact regarding both college and international wrestling. When you had 24 hours to recover, your weight class was 5 to 10 pounds lower than when you have one or two hours to recover.
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