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  1. One year older versus three years older seems like a pretty big difference to me. I do agree that there is nothing to be gained by personal attacks and who knows if he was even really 21. Plus I think Logan was held back in like the sixth grade or earlier So it’s not as though he had a lot of say. Held back one year is so common place these days that it’s sort of like saying you took performance-enhancing drugs to compete in bodybuilding or the Tour de France. So did everyone else. So it’s a level playing field as opposed to noteworthy.
  2. Stieber turned 19 in January of his senior year.... so he was 18 when he won Ironman.
  3. The switch to same day weighs hurts both jb and Dake imo, both are very big for the weight. Really hurts Kyle Snyder But that’s a different topic
  4. So he suffered a career ending injury
  5. Oops I saw that your first post and was so outraged I had to respond didn’t mean to pile on
  6. Your list of busts is terrible only the first two belong. Some of the others never wrestled international and if you made a world team you are not a bust much less if you made five of them
  7. Should be mentioned that the ncaa champ he torches is Heil typically
  8. Can you put in a good word for him with your manager there?
  9. A Civil War within the body huh? This is what is commonly referred to as “bro science”.
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