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  1. Parris is only overrated if they have changed the meaning of all the words in the English language (which isn't impossible the way things are going). His results this year have been outstanding- and I say this as a Buckeye fan- I'm guessing this result is what you might call an "aberration". He jammed himself down everyone's throats- not flo- but destroying everyone he wrestled I'd say.
  2. Cradle1

    Takuto Otoguro

    I think you're looking at "noteworthy wins" a bit wrong. 65 kg had four World Olympic champions, including two wrestlers who had a combined total of five titles and ten world/Olympic medals between them. None of these wrestlers made it far enough to face Otoguro. What does that tell you about the strength of the weight class? In other words, he won convincingly against the guys who beat these world champs. I'm just not quite on the Sidakov bandwagon yet I guess. From my perspective, he basically won four coin flips in a row. I feel like any of those results could flip next time, if he's even the guy a year from now, this is Russia after all you can be world champion one year and 3rd string the next. I like Dake to beat him when/if he drops. If we're talking best performance of the tournament, obviously that Sadulaev by a country mile. I'd argue that Dake and Taylor were the 2nd and 3rd best. Dake didn't allow a point and teched his way to the finals. I'd be willing to bet that not many wrestlers have gone un-scored upon at worlds in men's freestyle since the era of the push out began. if any. Taylor knocks off two time world/olympic champ, techs in the finals in a little over one period. In my view those are your top three wrestlers in the world right now.
  3. Cradle1

    What about Robles

    Well there goes your Gold Medal.
  4. Cradle1

    Takuto Otoguro

    I will take Otoguro because nearly every sadikov win was by criteria including over Tsabalov. Winning by being the last one to push the other guy out of bounds just doesn’t set my pulse racing I guess. So As far as I can tell from these posts Otoguro hasn’t lost since 2014....when he was 15.
  5. Cradle1

    Takuto Otoguro

    This raises more questions than answers. No results from 2016 or 2017, apparently worlds was his first major tournament at the senior level other than two duals at World Cup. Amazing. Wheres the evidence he was behind higuchi? Not doubting you just curious.
  6. Cradle1

    Takuto Otoguro

    Nothing was more impressive than the way this 19 year old blitzed a very tough field at Worlds this year. It got me curious to know more about this wrestler's results prior to worlds- to see if this is something we should have expected, a whole new level he just suddenly reached, or just the tournament of a lifetime. After doing a google search I feel like you can't find any results for the guy at all- he won cadet worlds in 2015 (a year after getting eliminated early in a weight that Spencer Lee teched his way through) but then it's as if he didn't wrestle anywhere in 2016 or 2017. Even this year, he split time on the Japanese team for World Cup. beating Logan in one of his two matches. Anyone seen other prior results from him for the past few years or this season? Is he currently unbeaten on the senior level? And who the hell did Japan take to Junior Worlds other than Otoguro the past two years? Lol
  7. Exactly. I've never seen a situation quite like heavyweight is currently. The Junior Class at the NCAA Level is literally non-existent, nobody has emerged as anything resembling an elite wrestler. You take a Senior who is ranked like 8th, and for the most part he's only ranked there because everyone else graduated, he's never cracked the top 20 until this year. I literally think that if you arranged some sort of dual between the six best 17-19 year old heavyweights in the country (i.e. high schoolers and the best true freshmen) against the six best 20-22 year olds in country, the younger guys might win and would definitely make it very competitive at the least. Historically, such a dual would be a complete massacre. In my opinion, there are as many as a half dozen between freshman and High School (think Kerkleviet and Schultz) who would AA this year. The battles to come will be incredible to say the least.
  8. Cradle1


    Attended Blubaugh's camp in the Mid 80s as well. There was a father who still competed on the Open circuit (i.e. he'd enter the Masters Division at AAU Nationals, not like Olympic level or anything). He was about the same size as Coach Blubaugh, maybe a little bigger but he was in his early 30s and in great shape and it was my understanding he did pretty well on the open circuit (though I have no idea what his credentials were if any). One day after all the youth kids were having matches, they decide to have this guy and Blubaugh have a match. Blubaugh was early 50s I think- and tbh looked even older than that. I'm thinking no way can this guy still go, he's looking old enough to be the other guy's father. The result was a Blubaugh pin in like 17 seconds lol.
  9. This is possibly the worst ncaa heavyweight field of the past 30 years- thus it makes zero sense for Parris, Steveson, or Elam to redshirt.
  10. Cradle1

    NWCA All Star Classic

    With all due respect, this is one of the single worst ideas I've ever heard. What would be the point of an All-Star match right after the national tournament?
  11. I’m inclined to agree regarding Steveson. I believe the reason that he failed to repeat May have been burn out as a result of competing at so many major events. Ditto fix and Kerleviet.... In addition to there in season schedule, they all are competing on multiple age group levels which typically have multiple teared qualification processes.... a list of the major events fix competed in over the last 12 months would be unprecedented.
  12. Dierenger likely to medal as well, he wrestled Dake tougher than anyone. 65 kg was loaded, I don’t see any of those guys medaling this year. Stevenson is a year or two away (recall he failed to medal at junior worlds) and I don’t see coon getting there based on his how gwiz outclassed him at final X. I could see fix getting hot and grabbing a bronze- ditto Spencer Lee.
  13. Cradle1

    Next Olympics

    Considering the weight class is basically about 7 pounds smaller with same day weigh ins that’s incredibly unlikely.
  14. We had a kid on my college team so funky that he made Askren look conventional- this was his go to move. We called it the "tree of woe" lol.
  15. I was looking at his Wiki page trying to figure out exactly how long he's been around, given that his brother who I thought was about the same age Won the Olympics in 2004. There I discovered that he was the Cadet World Silver Medalist back in 2004, and was born in January of 1985. According to my math, that would make him 19 1/2 years old at the Cadet World Championships- but hey who's counting? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adam_Batirov Props to this guy for his longevity- but obviously the jokes and rumors about Russians and other countries cheating on their ages in age group competition have been out there for as long as their's been age group competition, but this is the first documented evidence I've seen.