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  1. 92 is far weaker. Why is a weight that close to 97 kg needed?
  2. Can’t they find a respectable way to make a living, like dancing in a gay bar.
  3. He beat Romanov in an amazing match in late 2015….https://www.flowrestling.org/video/5552610-65kg-Logan-Stieber-USA-VS-Soslan-Ramonov-RUS
  4. A weight class like 61 kg isn’t capable of being weak. In this weight range most every country in the world has an elite competitor unlike the upper weights, where it is basically the USA, Russia, Iran and maybe one Russian ex-pat. If it was so weak how did bajrang make such a quick exit? And let’s remember that Logan actually beat Romanov that year…..
  5. Just one of the bring to your attention a really interesting podcast interview with a highly intriguing person. Many stories from the wrestling world and interesting perspectives. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/kickin-it-back/id1558391914?i=1000532253473.
  6. On what planet do you figure that jo would take bronze in what might be the toughest weight class ever assembled? He’s been on the international scene for a decade during which time nobody has come close to a medal for the USA, and this is the first time he ever made the team…. No shame in any of this the weight class is just beyond ridiculous.
  7. Especially considering that Gable is very young for his grade. He was 18 at NCAAs as a freshman. Half the time freshman today are 21.
  8. Probably a dumb question but what’s the difference between edt and est? Or when did the term change or something
  9. Valdes has a history of looking amazing for half the match then blowing it. I remember his match with Logan years ago among others.
  10. What time are we forecasting this match to take place?
  11. So how is it that nobody had this guy on their radar? Is he a young up and comer that is the future of the weight, or a journeyman Having the tournament of his life?
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