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  1. It sure was. Everyone pulled 15-20 lbs of water weight then and rehydrated every single lb. A 134 weighed around 150 lbs come match time.
  2. Basically true. Dave Schultz was world class in his mid 30s and I feel like Taylor relies on quickness less than some.... so maybe it's possible? I think he said he plans to compete until 2024.
  3. You just have no comprehension of difference between same day and day before weigh ins.
  4. Someone's got to say it..... J'Den not exactly lighting it up in his debut at 97 kg.... 5-3 over Salas Perez who literally wrestled in the 2008 Olympics (do these Cubans every retire?) and 4-0 over Kasper. A win is a win I guess.
  5. Idk Amine was pretty awesome at worlds last year, beating several world medalists and the German who then teched our rep, who may I remind you beat Martin on his way to making the team.
  6. Fake news. He'd be perfect for 143 with a same day weigh in, which is the exact equivalent to 136.5 with a day before weigh in. Who in your mind would beat him at such a weight?
  7. Well he did beat him like 11 to 4 in one match so that is some evidence that he could win. And he’s teched or pinned like four guys that have beaten Jden. But sure, no evidence at all. In my opinion the cut would’ve been too much for him and he never even would’ve made it to Taylor. Think James green 2016. Definitely making the right move going to 97 kg....
  8. He’s been walking far bigger than 200 I’d bet. Thinking 210 at the minimum.
  9. Yeah, because one unfortunate comment completely defines somebody! Based on this, I would say it takes one to know one
  10. Dumbest non-Cinnabon thread of the season
  11. Doubt Drexel recruits many dummies.
  12. Well it kind of seems like that’s 20/20 hindsight..... the lineup situation was complicated and 165 is where Smith Ended up choosing to wrestle off, and he won.
  13. Can you explain further? As I recall they had to wrestle off, And Rogers lost two straight matches decisively. Admittedly, he does seem to have been a better game day player.
  14. Maybe Heinselman just isn’t that good? You know this isn’t an easy level to succeed at and not every nationally ranked recruit is gonna become the next spencer lee.
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