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  1. Keshawn Hayes at a very depleted 141 Could be that guy. Everyone is always down on him, but how many guys could wrestle up two weight classes and be top 20?
  2. I would say he doesn’t need an excuse. He’s a world champ who lost by a hair to two other world champions in The toughest weight class in the game. Could easily win gold next year. I personally thought he won the match against Rashidov who dominated otherwise.
  3. Honestly he might have made the finals if he’d come through the other side.
  4. Akgul and Geno are all time greats at heavyweight. No way is this a good move.
  5. It’s a timeless question really. How can we learn more about the training secrets of San Marino?
  6. It’s the new weigh in rules. He’s not the same as when he could rehydrate to a ripped 230 Lbs.
  7. Anyone have an official time the semis start? Running out of gas here like I’m musakaev
  8. Perhaps it’s time for “Silent H” to live up to his nickname.
  9. Tough call and tough loss for Green, on the other hand I really thought they were gonna reverse JB's win there at the end so win some lose some. Otoguro vs. Aliyev was incredible. Aliyev turns in easily the most impressive 1-2 performance in the history of the sport. Could easily see him wearing Olympic Gold next summer.
  10. Just wanted to start a discussion thread for those of you who are as insane as me and staying up to watch this!
  11. Thank you for your insights Captain obvious.
  12. From My recollection Jones gave it a year or two with horrible results and is the single best answer to this question.
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