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  1. Seems to me like this rule is a solution in search of a problem.
  2. Cradle1

    The OTHER big match in Rutgers-Okie State

    Ugh.... Why is it that so many wrestlers from New Jersey seem to have modeled themselves from characters on jersey shore?
  3. I think they have wrestled for like one hour at this point with only one take down being scored. Do I have that correct? I want to be excited about match number four at NCAA’s but I’m secretly dreading it.
  4. Solid logic for sure. I guess my thinking would be that as a 23 year old man four years from now, he's likely a sure fire AA, whereas I think he's two and bbq this year, best case scenario is one consolation round win so the possibility of a high finish four years from now is more enticing than what is essentially a "wash" between him and the other options, from an NCAA scoring standpoint at least. But that's a very close call in my mind and I'm guessing that Tom Ryan and J.Jaggers have a lot better handle on what his potential is for this season than I do lol.
  5. Lol well I think you kind of made my point for me, did you not? One guy in a 32 man bracket at 126 moved down to 125 the following year. And that comes with a major asterisk, as he had a teammate qualify at 118 (Steve Garland) who likely kept him out of the 118 spot either by beating him out (or they decided it was best for the team). By contrast, looking for just a minute I found two very key guys from 126 that moved all the way up to 141- NCAA Champion Doug Schwab and Carl Perry. This was more common than wrestling at the new class that was one lb. lighter than your previous class.
  6. My Ipad didn't quote correctly, leaving this to look like an off point rant. Someone previously made the remark that Malek would have been good if only they still had the 118 lb. class. The whole "why'd they get rid of 118?" is just stupidity on steroids so I can't help but correct it when I see it.
  7. Cradle1

    New Flo Rankings

    Why is Reenans resume better than Rasheed’s? Rasheed was an all-American wrestling up a weight. Reenan is still seeking his first NCAA win.
  8. Cradle1

    New Flo Rankings

    It's hard to know why they keep Stoll at #1 despite his inactivity and unfortunate decline. If he was the defending champion or something you could see it, but he's really just been a journeyman with a single 5th place finish his career. I mean, just of the returning guys Hemida beat him bad at NCAAs last year and Nevills beat him two of three matches, and he's a backup. Phillippi at #4 over with Fix at #6 was another puzzling choice. And I'm completely baffled by Rasheed remaining at #7.
  9. This is something that even knowledgeable wrestling fans can never get through their head. 125 with same day weigh ins is exactly the same as 118 with day before weigh ins. We used to drop 20 pounds of water weight and completely re-hydrate during the 24 hour window. I would know, I did it myself just to keep up. I literally competed at 167 while weighing close to 190 pounds on match day. When they change the way classes, there were literally zero 126s who went 125 the following year. You can look it up for yourself if you don’t believe me.
  10. I feel like I wouldn't give up on Kaleb Romero just yet. He's halfway through his first season of being exposed to high level competition for the first time ever. He's gonna take some lumps in the upcoming Big Ten wrestling schedule. But he's got incredible explosiveness and athletic ability, and that can't be taught. Once he learns to finish in tight positions, look out. Singletary is a complete wild card for me at this point. He could finish as a mid-level AA, he could go two and out at NCAA's. Malek needs to stay in redshirt and get bigger. Not sure why anyone think's he's going to have an impact this year.... was it the :46 pin he recently suffered in an early consolation match at Midlands, or the 11-10 win over the guy from Harvard with the losing record? Or his failure to win the Ohio Intercollegiate (won by a true frosh from John Carroll University)? The talent is there, but he needs a year of strength and maturity and I see no benefit to burning his shirt. Teshan Campbell dosen't get a lot of love on these forums but I thought he looked as good as I've seen him, and for the first time I was watching him thinking this was a guy who could get hot and get on the podium if everything fell right. As for Hayes looking off, yes that's what happens when you are wrestling the NCAA Runner-up. Still think he has a shot to AA. As always with Micah, he has the talent and the skills to beat anyone in any given match, but his bottom position wrestling is such a liability that it makes it difficult for me to see him winning the whole thing. McKenna and Martin are both looking insanely good. I feel like Martin is the heaviest favorite in the country other than Nolf and possibly Nickal.
  11. Cradle1

    Nickal , Nolf,Lee

    Excellent point. Getting teched in folk means you got completely outclassed. In freestyle it can mean a couple of close positions didn’t go your way.
  12. Cradle1

    Why can't there be another Zain?

    Micah Jordan also took Zane down multiple times in a match. I’m pretty sure that saying is the only guy I’ve ever seen who can give up multiple takedowns and win by technical fall
  13. Cradle1

    Let's Scuffle (brackets out)

    I really enjoyed the Southern Scuffle era.
  14. Cradle1

    Could Suriano take out Spencer Lee this year?

    If you can’t watch those matches and see that that’s not Spencer Lee I don’t know how to help you. And this comes from a buckeyes fan