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  1. Cradle1

    Bo Nickal

    Throw in ringer, who damn well could be a world champ by then. Now imagine that Dake decides to go 189... could be four world champs in one weight. Plus zahid, hall, and Nickal.
  2. Cradle1

    Zain's left knee?

    Presumably it means winning a world title without giving up a single point?
  3. Cradle1

    Yasar Dogu

    Thinking he’s a little long in the tooth these days for international wrestling. I recall when I am very young upstart named Logan Stieber upset a veteran Opan Sat and Logan is retired now so....
  4. Cradle1

    Dake Spain Results

    Two months is a lifetime when coming back from injury, in terms of whether he will be in peak form.
  5. Great summary, I’d also throw in better rules as a factor. Our guys always sucked at the clinches and in my opinion tended not to be very strong on the strategic aspects best of three period system. I also feel like the two point take down and push out tends to favor Americans. One famous example might be when Terry brands lost to Dabir. Brands wins that match with today’s scoring in place.
  6. Cradle1


    Ironically enough, water polo is one of the most brutal and difficult sports.
  7. I understand that passions run high sometimes but you might want to switch to decaf
  8. An un-scored upon defending champ who teched his way into the finals.
  9. Cradle1

    Could Ke-Shawn Hayes win a title in 2020?

    I think it’s all sort of speculation. I mean, how does being approximately #15 in the nation Wrestling up two weight classes compare to being 4th at your true weight? No idea.
  10. Cradle1

    Mt Rushmore for your state

    Well it’s all subjective, weighing coaching vs wrestling. Taylor beat Logan Which Has to count for something, won Ironman four times (first ever) reached the ncaa finals four times and was voted best wrestler in the world a year ago, he Certainly had a better international career then Logan had in my opinion. I know lee kemp has more hardware, but Google his record, he never dominated the way Taylor did and you could argue that in some ways he was never the consistent winner either. He took more losses, that’s a fact.
  11. Cradle1

    Mt Rushmore for your state

    Lee Kemp, David Taylor, Logan Stieber, and either Douglas or Milkovich for the final spot.
  12. Cradle1

    Could Ke-Shawn Hayes win a title in 2020?

    Olympic redshirts....
  13. Cradle1

    9 wrestlers can become 4 time AAs next season

    Solid point. Actually Molinaro was either the 8 or 9 seed. Hope you’re wrong about DT though! Has it ever been stated what his actual injury is?
  14. Cradle1

    9 wrestlers can become 4 time AAs next season

    Is it possible that Zahid is a bit more realistic about his Olympic chances this time around, especially given that he just got demolished by ringer, who will be in his weight class again when he moves up 15 pounds to take on the world champion who also demolished him in their last meeting? Either way I suppose 184 makes sense.
  15. Cradle1

    Downey vs. Yazdani

    I'll backpedal from saying that in light of looking at it more, but still think Downey has a decent chance despite his lack of track record. Let's look at 2019 Euros:First round, Makoev loses to the Georgian. Georgian is then eliminated the next round by Myles Amine of Michigan- a very tough NCAA Competitor at 174 lbs, but without much of a freestyle track record at 189 (or any other weight). Presumably Downey beats Amine in freestyle. 2018 Euros- Makoev shut out 4-0 first round and eliminated. Tough opponent in fairness. 2017 Euros- Makoev goes 0-2 at Euros. Are we sensing a theme here yet? lol. Again a pretty tough draw to be fair. 2018 Worlds- 1-2, eliminated by Korean in the repechage. You make solid points on his recent placements.... that said high places are international events aren't as impressive as they sound sometimes, as the depth at events other than Yarygin seems to vary wildly from year to year and weight to weight (not gonna google each of these lol). I actually googled Makoev after he beat J'Den because I thought it was a one in a million upset and all I could find was results of him losing, but apparently he's stepped it up since then. As I recall, the list of Americans to beat Mokaev includes Kyle Dake, Nick Marable, Moza Fay, David Taylor, and Richard Perry if memory serves me correctly.
  16. Cradle1

    Downey vs. Yazdani

    Terrible relative to the senior level of course. Literally the guy has a bunch of 0-2 finishes at euros and other major tournaments and like six different Americans have beaten him. Seriously he’s a contender for worst world finalist ever. I didn’t see the ukranian result so maybe he stepped it up a bit but his track record outside of 2017 worlds is rather dismal.
  17. Cradle1

    Downey vs. Yazdani

    Google his results. Other than his Cinderella run at worlds in 2017 this guy couldn’t bribe a Russian Official for a senior level win.
  18. Cradle1

    Downey vs. Yazdani

    Makoev is terrible. Downey Should beat him handily, but almost no chance he beats the Iranian, the Russian, the Cuban, or the Turk imo.
  19. Cradle1

    Thomas Gilman History

    Looks like exactly what happened to Gilman, and exactly how he handled it. Only presumably nobody will still be talking about it a year later as something that defines you lol.
  20. Cradle1

    Thomas Gilman History

    Well sir, I personally believe in good manners and don't want to say anything offensive to anyone, However, I don't feel the need to police the speech of others to show my own moral superiority. Moreover, I think we need to move past this "gotcha" culture where people are defined by their worst moment, especially if that moment is something they said. Is that too simplistic, obtuse, or child-like for you? We can all agree that Gilman isn't looking to crack cold fusion anytime soon. He's not my cup of tea, but on the other hand, at least he's original you gotta give him that.
  21. Cradle1

    Thomas Gilman History

    You’ve carefully memorized all the most popular ideas and adopted them as your own! Congratulations on your original thinking! It’s really important that nobody ever makes an innocent mistake and use a word that was often used in a derogatory sense 75 years ago when we we at war with a country that is now our friend! Please all powerful liberal master, tell me what words I am and I am not allowed to say! I just want to be a good person like you!
  22. Cradle1

    Worthwhile Stieber interview

    One thing to think about with Logan is that he was literally pretty much the nations best from the age of eight at Tulsa nationals thru going six for six at Fargo and four for four at ncaa, followed by three straight years representing the USA. Almost unprecedented as so many all time greats- John Smith, Baumgartner, JB, etc were total late bloomers. Yes I know those guys had better international careers than Logan did before someone points that out.
  23. Cradle1

    Pico TKO a few minutes ago

    Oversimplified. I don’t mean to diminish an Olympic gold, but cejudo came out of nowhere and certainly benefitted from the Japanese Wrestlers one in a million upset of the late kudhokov. Sometimes it’s as much about luck as being the best. I don’t know anyone who would say that cejudo or Jake Varner were better than Cary Kolat or Lincoln Mac.
  24. Cradle1

    Final X - Lincoln

    Maybe he just was a little flat today? Happens to everyone from time to time. I’m inclined to agree except that I don’t see a truly unbeatable competitor here, and not nearly the depth you have at say 65 kg where nobody’s safe from the first round on. I think this version of JB has as good a chance as anybody in the weight....
  25. Cradle1

    Final X - Lincoln

    wrestling is a young mans game, almost everybody starts to decline in their late 20s, for JB to still be on top in his 30s is beyond impressive.